Swasan SS- You have to live without me (episode-6)

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Hii, I think you all forgotten it well it’s my fault only. Not worry I’ll finish it as soon as possible.
No proof reading, sry I became tired after writing two stories so don’t able to edit.
He managed himself and moved from there. With each passing second his heart was paining badly, he even not felt these kinds of pain when he got news of swara’s death but today it’s paining. He reached at a cave where many girls were lying unconscious but his eyes were trying to locate a single face which can relief him. His eyes became tired but he not even get single relief.
Karthik(Swara’s brother) came there and started to check every girl but all were unconscious. At last his eyes went on a girl whose lips were shivering… “ Sanskar, I think this girl can help us.” A hope raise up which was enough for lighting his dead eyes, it glittered with hope he went and sat on knee before her. Karthik make that girl drink water.
“ do..” before he could ask anything the girl herself spoke.

“ Are you sanskar?” she asked with difficulty
Karthik stood up and sanskar nods in yes.
“ She used to take your name, today also she was taking your name” she said
His happiness were no bound his heart was ready to come out at her this word but he also doesn’t want again heart break.
“ How you know me? And about whom you are saying?” He asked mentally his fingers were crossed just hoping that she only take his heartbeat name.
“ Swara, Sanskar save her. All are torturing her too much neither let her nor live” she said, with passing second her voice was becoming weak.

“ Where is she now?” he just managed to ask as he can’t hear from which torture she is going because if he came to know about her pain he doesn’t able to live even for single second.
“ I don’t know but when they were talking here I heard they’re going to do something in 4 hours means 2 hours before” she said
With she finally stopped breathing and went in peaceful sleep as she just waiting for him so she can make two love birds unite who don’t want anything except each other.
He broke down and started to slap himself, karthik just seeing because today he loose but happy that his sister is alive which sanskar love, his belief were not wrong.

“ It’s all due to me, If that day I picked her phone she must be with me. Don’t know what torture they’re doing on her.” He about to bang his head on near wall but karthik came and put his hand.
“ Sanskar come in sense, she’s alive which means we have to save her. It’s not time to think about whose mistake just remember we have to 2 hours. I can’t lose my baby again, if anything happen to her neither I can forgive you nor myself.” He said
Sanskar came in sense and wipe his tears… “ You’re right we can’t loose hope, my heart is saying we’ll soon reach her.”
They sat in jeep and drove away, some of karthik men came and took all from there as per their order.
“ Sanskar but where we go?” karthik asked while driving
“ Now I know where we will get our answers (he said some places name, listening it karthik give him confuse look.) You just drive” he said

“ Jann finally I’ll get your glimpse”
His trances broken by a sweet voice.
“ Sanskar, you have to strong for us” his love tried to guide him and given a clue it’ll not easy for him.
“Last time I am coming sanskar as your imagination after today I’ll be not with you. Just our love will be with which will help you through out life.”
Saying it she closed his eyes and he remembered about that day which was first step in changing his destiny.


3rd day, Evening
He was in room and trying to concentrate on his work but again and again her teary eyes and her words were disturbing him.
“ Sanskar, concentrate now everything is good she’ll hate you whole life and never come to you” he tried to make his understand but failed to do as his heart already betray him saying he just needs her.

His trances broken by phone call, he picked it.
“ Sanskar Bhai, We kidnap that girl. Now what should we do? Boss told to ask you and come once that girl is troubling us lot” caller informed
As his mood was upset, he not given any heeds to know who’s that girl… “ do whatever you want to do but yes remember don’t do that which I hate most. And send her pic to that inspector who’s handling our case.” He said with heavy heart as he also doesn’t able to figure out why his heart saying not do it.

But as usual he follows his brain and cut the call after giving order. He took breath and closed eyes but again her teary face came. He opened eyes with jerk and thought to check her once. He went to her room but not found her. After asking hotel staff he got to know since morning there’s no news of her. Tension run down his vein and heart mocked him by saying now he should celebrate.
“ Where is she? Did she do some thing wrong but as far I know her she’s not that type of girl.” His trances again broken by phone call who informed that girl is troubling them lot without thinking anything he told kill her as this moment he just wanted to know about swara’s whereabouts.

Saying it he cut call and started to search her at every possible places but only failure came in his hand. At last he fell on ground and shouted her name, every moment which they spent together it came up in his eyes.
“ Swara, where are you? Please come back I love you. I promise I’ll accept your love and also make myself according to you. I realised I am nothing without you.” he said but it seems now it’s late no one came just his heart ached and tears fall down.
His phone beeped, he angrily about to throw it but message flashes and a pic started to loading. Just eyes shown…

“ Swara” He muttered and remembered how he said send girl pic on his mobile.
“ No, this can’t be true, she can’t be my swara” he tried to make understand himself.
But nothing to work, finally full pic downloaded which make his world come to down. Today first time he gets to know that what is pain of fear.
He immediately tried to call them but phone coming engaged, he threw his phone and remembered how he said kill that girl.
“ Nothing will happen to you, I am coming. I will save you swara.”
At cliff,
Some men pointing gun at a girl, she just shouting at them and trying to free herself from their clutches.
“ Call your brother and tell him to back out from case or else we’ll kill you” one of them said and held her hair.

She angrily glared them and said “Even if today I’ll day then also I’ll not call him.”
One man come near them and told boss had said to kill her.
“ but before killing her let’s enjoy” some of them said
“ but sir clearly said us not to do th…” Someone tried to said
“ Who’ll tell him” Saying it he tried to touch her and torn sleeve
“ Don’t dare to touch me.” She said and pushed

He moved more closer to her and tried to kiss her, she pushed him with all force and slap him. He angrily saw her and pull her close to him and started to bite her neck. She again pushed him and slap him repeatedly.
“ Don’t dare to come close to me or else I’ll kill you. And trust me no one able to save you then.” Her voice was something different which makes him shiver.
He again tried to held her but this time her one glare forced him to back off.
“ You have two options enjoy with us or die” Raghav ( who was forcing her)
He pointed gun at her, she moved backwards.
“ I’ll prefer to die”

Saying it she about to jumped but someone held her hand and pulled her.
“ Are you mad? What was you going to do?” someone angrily asked
“Sanskar Bhai, he said kill her now why he’s here? Someone said which listened by her, she teary eyed saw him as she never imagined he can be such heartless.
“Ohh so Mr sanskar Maheswari is behind all this” Girl snapped at him and pushed him…. “ But Mr Maheswari I think you’re doing wrong, let me die or I’ll cause destructions for you and your dogs” she angrily said
“Swara I agree I am involved in these things but I didn’t know that you’re that girl” he tried to clarify himself and come closer to her.
She tried to push him again, he noticed marks and boil in anger. He forcibly held her and touched mark at arms and neck. His one touch make her feel like her every pain washed away.
“ Who did it?” he angrily asked
She looked away and kept silent.

He angrily dragged her and make her stand in front of his men.
“ I asked who did it?” Listening his high pitch all shivered and try to escape from there but his one gaze was enough for freezing them while it’s not at all effecting swara.
He again asked her but seeing no response from her anger reached at high level.
“ Last time asking who tried to touch you, if you’ll not answer me I’ll kill all of them and myself too.” He said while he was still holding her hand
His eyes were blood red and just finding his prey, one of them tried to speak but he angrily shouts “I asked her it means she has to answer”
She just looking down, he finally took his gun and aim at someone. He about to press trigger but she held his hand and point towards Raghav. He dropped gun and moved ahead, seeing him coming closer Raghav moved back and reach at other end of cliff.

All were afraid seeing him like that, swara trying to understand why he’s reacting like that as he should be happy seeing her like it. Her trances broken by his loud voice.
“ How dare you touch her? I already said not do such which I hate most” He said and punch him
Her mind just registered one thing ‘I hate most’ she not able to figure what, what is his reality, what should she believe? His words or his actions. His words hurt her while his actions soothing her pain.
While he was busy in beating him, no one had guts to do anything at this moment. He picked his gun and point at forehead.
“Stop behaving like animals” She shouted
It not effected him, he about to press trigger but listening her next words he frozen at that place. Seeking this opportunity Raghav run away.
“ If you’ll do anything then I’ll kill myself and you know how much I am adamant.” He turned and angrily marched towards her.

“ Just shut up Swara” he said
“ Don’t act Mr Maheswari I well know your reality, You only save me because you want to save yourself from police. Am I right? Of course I am right, because I am key to for you now. Really I ever not imagined that you’ll fall so low.” She
He never imagined that her words will affect him so much, now he realised what might be her condition after listening his harsh words. He cursed that moment and touched her cheek.
“ Swara…” he tried to speak but she slapped him.
“ Don’t dare to take my name from your mouth, listen Mr Maheswari I hate you from core of my heart and remember you can’t escape for long time. One day police will catch you.”
“Swara, I am ready to hand myself to police but please listen me.” He said but it not at all effected her. She thought it must be his new plan.
“ Please swara one chance, I promise you’ll not regret.(She turned her face) okay then you yourself call police and make me arrest I promise I’ll not do anything.” He said
“Hope I could but I can’t”

Saying it she went from there, this time he finally broke down… “ My love hate me nothing can be worse than it, she’s thinking I am trying to take her advantage. Seriously I that much bad more than it” he asked himself but only silence was there.
“ Why?” he shouted
“ I want to change myself for her, I want her. I can’t live without her, please god give me one chance I really love her.” He again shouted and began to walk.
After 2 days
He many times tried to talk her but every time she used to hurt him by her words.
Last time he decided to meet her, he went in her room. She was busy in packing, sensing some presence she turned and found him looking at her with love filled eyes.
“ Please one chance” he sat on knees
She angrily lifted her luggage and began to move.
“ It’s okay swara if you don’t wants to listen me but please let me hug you once. I promise after it I’ll never bother you. I’ll be alive thinking that you’re happy without me” he held her hand and tried to stop her well he was still on knees.

“Leave my hand” She tried to maintain rude tone but only her heart knows what pain she was going through. She wants to hug him but her self respect not let her do it. She yet not able to forget his words which makes her like stone.
He left her hand but next moment itself he pulled her in hug and started to kiss all over her face, he lovingly touched her neck and kissed at her marks. She closed her eyes and felt his touch.
“ Mr Maheswari….” she tried to speak but his touch not let her do.
“ I love you swara but I’ll not force myself or my love on you. I’ll be happy with thinking about you and this moment. Please not hate me and always love me” he said and freed her
Without saying anything she went, yeah she went leaving him and shattered his all hope. She herself ended all hope for her love story, his love loose in front of that pain which he given her.
But destiny already planned something for him like a beautiful chance was waiting for him which will bliss him.

Kolkata, After 2 days
Swara return back but her face was pale and gloomy. Her eyes were puffed and voice was filled with sadness.
Her brother happily entered and hug her.
“ Swara, You can’t even imagine what news I have?” karthik
She tried to hide her sadness and plastered smile on her face which definitely not reached in her eyes.
“ Hmm tell” She wanted to match his excitement but pain of love not allowed her.
“ Are you fine?” he worriedly asked
“ Yeah just little headache, you leave it, tell me why are you so much happy” she
“ Swara, you remember I told you about some drug dealer.” He
How can she forget it, it again reminded her those moments which she spent with sanskar.
She nodded in yes…

“ We caught them, surprisingly one of them only help us. He told us everything about their locations and work. I am still surprised why he did that? Well maybe due to he realised his mistakes.” He said with happiness filled voice
She finally matched his eyes and managed to ask “Who”
“Umm some Sanskar….” before he could complete she spoke in between.. “Where is he? (Karthik not able to understand why she’s worried about some unknown) Bhai please tell where is my sanskar, I want to meet him.”
“ How you know him and what is my sanskar? Listen swara he’s”
“ Please bhai, I’ll tell you everything later” she joined her hand which makes him agree as she never asked anything most importantly the spark which he was finding since two days now he able to see it.
At police station,
She entered there with mix emotions. Her heart raised up sensing his presence, his heart also sensed his heartbeat is near him. His eyes started to shine and start searching for her.
“My swara is here..” he just managed to say this
With passing second their heart were fluttering and waiting for that moment for which they’re waiting from long.

Finally, they met eyes expressed emotions, hearts danced happily.
“Sanskar” listening his name from her mouth washed his every pain which was killing him inside.
He touched her face, both closed eyes and feel each other touch. No one was saying anything just living this moment and this silence also speaking their love which change them too much.
“ Why you did it?” she knew answer but still wants to listen from him.
“Swara….” he tried to speak further but his voice betray him.
She waited for him so he could complete but before he can gather courage, her brother came and bombard questions on her.
“ How you know him?” karthik asked

She was just silent, Sanskar observed her eyes as he always does but this time he failed to notice to true feeling and unsaid words. He took her silence wrong and thought she must be ashamed that she loved criminal. She must came her thinking he’s again playing games her, now he doesn’t had any courage to prove himself.

Precap: Most probably last part ( remaining part of teaser)

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