EK NAYI SHURUVAATH …..ZINDAGIKA (an ISHQBAAZ ff by phanikiran) Episode 3

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Hai writers as well as readers nd silent readers ..thank u for ur response….i already mentionfed for my language problem as I am poor in both hindi nd English…so I am sorry for that ..but I will try my level best to give dis ff in a mixing of two languages…I unable to give complete translations for d languages..plz understand my problem..for giving this output at its best…I didn’t forget my daughter’s help..so plz excuse my weakness…nd enjoy d reading.
Here is d Epi: 3

Episode: 3
After few rings , a person picked d phone …seeing d name on diplay….with an anxiety tone…
Person: Maam ..aap..iss waqt…sab teek haina maam.
Kaal: (with an ordering voice) Mukuljee..dont worry…ab waqt aagaya to leave for India….i don’t know how will u make arrangements but within 24 hrs I must be there…
Mukuljee: Maam …kya huva..suddenly aap …obhi itni raath ko…(he was cut by mid)
Kaal: Mukuljee…plz make arrangements for my departure as fast as possible… I will inform all the details later..

Mukuljee: ok Maam ..as ur wish….plz give me 1 hr mam…I will call u once I complete all d arrangements.
Kaal: gud..ok..she disconnected d call..
She made another call..after receiving her call from other side
Kaal: Rosy..get ready with in one hr…we hv to leave…and also inform our Indian Head-quarters about our visit and tell them to look after the arrangements.
Without giving any gap she ordered Rosy..her personal secretary..
Rosy: Lakin Maam..
Before completing her
Kaal: Rosy ….do wt I say…I will clear all ur doubts later…ok….

Rosy: yes Maam..mein sab tayyar karloongi..
She disconnected d call…she dialed another number
In India :
A man of nearly 45 yrs of age..working seriously on his laptop…..he was disturbed by ring tone of d phone….he was little irritated with d ringing as it disturbed his work…..but his irritation turned to happiness after seeing d display on d phone…without wasting a second..he answered d call ..
Man: how r u Maam?
Kaal: fine Mr. Khadir.
After hearing her authoritative voice…he understood her intention…without delay
Khadir: wt can I do for u Maam ..
Kaal: Mr Khadir ,I want d full details about Oberois. I need each nd every thing including d minor things, their related persons, wt happened in previous years nd wt happened recently in their lives etc, nd about their enemies…every thing ….with out fail..i need these details before my visit to Oberoi Mansion tomorrow.
Khadir: (with a surprise) maam….r u ..

Kaal: Yes Mr. Khadir…I will be there within 24 hrs…will u be able to give me d details wt I asked now….
Khadir: (with a confidence) Yes Maam…I will.
Kaal: one more thing Khadir…..i need one more information ..
Khadir: tell me Maam.
Kaal: (in muted mode)…………..she told something to him….
Khadir: but Maam ….how can I identify…..
Kaal: she gave some hints to him…

Khadir: well Maam…these hints r enough for me to find wt u want…..but may be it will take a little time…
Kaal: ok…I will give u only another 24 hrs ….i don’t know how many teams u r going to appoint for dis..but I need it as soon as possible….u know about me ..
Khadir: I know maam
Kaal: carry on with the work…required amount will be transferred to ur account with in one hr….but I want d genuine result..remember it
Khadir: yes Maam… I will meet u with details …..hv a nice journey Maam.

After hearing his words..she disconnected d call…got up from d bed…..went to wash room.
She got ready in half an hour..took some important things….she bend to take her phone…before she picked it up a msg appeared on d screen displaying Mukuljees name…she read d msg nd send back a msg as ok nd came down stairs where Rosy is waiting for her with baggage.
Security Head wished her….she nodded her head as a response to him….once she looked around as all d maids were present there….seeing this she looked at Rosy….she smilled nd with a naughtyness

Rosy: I didn’t say anything Maam…they all r knew that u r going to India ..so they want to give u send off Maam..thats it maam
Kaal: (with a little anger) really…I am not going to my in-laws house permanently…I am just going to settle some matters there..dont worry …ur devil will never leave u all..i will be back in few days…understand.
Head-maid: (to whom Kaalgjna gave more respect like how she give respect to her Naani) how can we tell that u r going to ur in-laws r not..nobody can know about destiny my dear child….how should we get to know about the arrangements that made by Jesus there for u…child..
Kaal: (with a pleading tone) bus meri Naani…don’t start ur teachings again about life nd life partner…plz

HM: my heart is telling that this time u r going to
Before she completing her words
Kaal: ( with a little angry) wt ur heart is telling ..haan.. wt do u think of me..u mean I am going to marry somebody there.. that too without informing to u all..no way
HM: (with a smile)ohho my dear angry bird…I didn’t mean that ..but after seeing ur angry..i think something is waiting for u there.

Kaal: (with the same angriness) enough…I am leaving …take care…if u want anything ask Mukuljee…I will inform him..bye
With this they all say bye to her with smile.
She left from there nd she reached the area where her private jet is waiting for her..

hey all thanku for reading…yaah wait for few episodes to know her relation with d Oberios…plz…nd sorry for not mentioning any precap bcz actually I don’t know wt I am going to write next so I am simply avoiding precap here…understand plz..

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  1. Superb and what is the relation waiting for the next part

  2. I like the fact that the story is revolving around a female protagonist… being shown as a strong character, who displays authority as well as a softer side of her personality!!
    Great going… Waiting to know what happens when she arrives in India…!!!

    1. Phanikiran

      thank you Firooza for ur comments which give more boost to my writing skills….i will try my level best in giving d perfect output….plz excuse me if in dis process uploading may take a little late.

  3. Awesome….

  4. Nikita_jai29

    Nice one dear….

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