Lust Love and Revenge – Raglak (intro)

Laksh maheshwari-kolkata’s no. 1 bussines man very rude,mannerless loves his famil n going marry with ragini

Ragini gadodiya-no. 1 doctor childspeclist she hates marrige n love she doen’t want marry in her whole life

Dp,ap & shemish- they r friend shemish parents of ragini n dp n ap parents of laksh dp n ap likes ragini 4 laksh so shemish send ragini to live in mm so that raglak likes eo they marride

Aadarsh maherhwari (dead)-elder bro of laksh n best friend of laksh

So enough of intro many charcter will reveled soon who r villain i told u later they will enter in my story when raglak marrige start my story have simple step

1-Raglak meet they know eo(how told u later)
2-laksh blackmail ragini
3-ragini tried to stop marrige n laksh fail he all attempts n laksh forcefuly romance with ragini
4-villain entry raglak marrige
5-revenge take palace many truth reveled
6-revenge complete raglak love confession

Story end

Note-my mobile give me limited word only 1024 word so i just write small update sorry 4 this

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