kriyam – u r my strength Episode 121

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Episode 121

One fine day..
BM kitchen is shown… Pratima kushi n suhani is in the kitchen… They are preparing the breakfast…
Suhani:everything has changed in this past 3 months… krishna n sayyam r who were happily living together r suddenly living the most painful days of their life.. ( crying ) why haven’t they told about this project before.. if i knew about the risk i would have never allowed sayyam to do this project…. that’s why she used to be in tension when sayyam was leaving for delhi..kash mujhe pata hota toh… ( crying voice )
Kushi: Maa..plzz control urself..if u cry like this thwn who will control krishna…krishna is more attached to u now a days….she may show strong to us bt we all know how weak n emotional she is from inside….iss halaat main we need to take care of her..she needs more care at this time..she is taking soo much stress n work load..which is not at all good for her n for…( couldn’t complete )
Pratima:Haa Kushi tumne sahi kaha..we need to be Strong for Krishna..She is Trying Her Level Best to Control n Manage all the Responsibilities of sayyam..We should Support Her n Take Care of Her ..jaise woh sab Acche se Manage karrahi hai… One Day She is will make everything alright n She will bring Him Back…
Suhani:Chalo..Anyways its time for breakfast..Everyone might be coming for breakfast..come let’s finish Preparing the breakfast…
All the Three Ladies were busy in Discussing about The Future of Krishna n sayyam….while preparing the breakfast…

Screen shift to Sayyam n Krishna’s room
It’s early moring n a lady in a office dress comes out of washroom while drying her hair…she goes near a dressing table n starts getting ready for the office…as she gets ready she sees a man sleeping on a bed n smiles seeing dat man n starts talking to the man while getting ready…
“oh..good morning my prince..uttgaye aap ??..waise it’s good u woke up early today..i needed ur best wishes today becoz today is the most important day for u know what it is ?? no na..then let me tell there is a meeting conducted for ur dream project.the dream project for which u have worked day n night..and today u were supposed to handle it but u r sleeping peacefully since… ( takes a deep breath n compose herself ) chalo anyways jaan..i gotta go.. i’m ready now..
suhani comes in the room.. ” krishna beta”
krishna turns to door and smiles looking at suhani “ji maa..”
Suhani’s heart breaks seeing her smile.. she gets teary eyes.. but composes her emotions and manages to say.. “come beta.. breakfast is ready.. we are waiting for you..”
Krishna “ji maa.. coming.. just give me 2 minutes” and smiles brightly..
suhani tries to smile for krishna.. but couldn’t and she left hiding her pain..
Krishna gets ready completely and takes the files and was leaving the room .. but turns again and sits on bed near the sleeping man with teary eyes..
“aur kitna soge… u r sleeping since 3 months…plzz get up soon my hubby….u need to come back for ur family,for me n for … ( touches her belly with teary eyes but soon composes herself n takes a long n deep breath ) anyways chalo Mr Sayyam Birla wish me luck..i need ur best wishes the most..i’m handling ur dream project which is very important for u…so need ur best wishes..( caresses sayyam’s cheeks n pecks them lightly n leaves )…bye jaan..will be back soon…take care…
She gives a peck on sayyam’s cheeks n leaves for the office….

Krishna is at office…
Krishna Reached office… the meeting was a successful one . everyone in the office were really happy for the success of the meeting becoz even though it was sayyam’s dream to complete this project but post that painful incident it became everyone’s dream to complete this project…as everyone were busy celebrating for the success of the meeting here in cabin krishna was lost in her own world n was smiling looking at her happy staff members.
Krishna : ( Lost in her own thoughts n looked at sayyam’s photo n smiles ) dekha mr ur dream project became everyone’s dream project..see hw everyone r happy on the success of the meeting..everyone here is working day n night to complete ur dream project…i’m proud of u sayyam ki aapne apne staff members ko itna pyaar diya ki nw in ur absence n they r working hard to complete ur dreams..good..n nw its my duty to maintain ur reputation n to fill fill ur dream.. ( teary eyes ) i promise i will try to keep my promise till end of my life..3 mahine main sab kuch badal gaya sayyam..mera relationship, tumhare family se aur strong hogaya nw its my in fact our family sayyam…. After that dark evening everyone supported me like their own daughter…

As krishna was thinking about sayyam n everything that happened in past 3 months….a man enters in a well dressed office suit n greeted n congratulated krishna with a bright smile on his face n sat on a chair in a proud manner….
Man : ( Smiles Brightly ) Good Evening Mrs Krishna sayyam Birla n Congratulations on ur Success… i’m really proud of u..U Did it Krishna…. Congratulations once again meri choti behen…
Krishna : ( Smiles n Keeps sayyam’s Photo on Table ) Ohh..Good Evening yuvaan bhaiya…at last u came haan..n Congratulations to u too..becoz u also worked so hard for this na many many Congratulations to u too..
Yuvaan also started to help Krishna in Sayyam’s business… He also handle Birla company also… But yuvraaj instructed yuvaan to help sayyam’s company more… As Krishna is new n she won’t be able to handle a big thing alone…
Yuvaan: well i must say..u have changed alot.. u Became an Independent n a Confident Business Women..i’m Proud of u Krishna… I’m sure if Sayyam see u in this status… He would be damn happy n would be Really Proud of u… seriously..( Proud )
Krishna: Ha bhai… Kaash sayyam aaj mere saat hota.. I know he would be happy that finally he is close to his dream.. (Composed Herself) anyways leave about it.. Aur bhai I must thank u for looking after sayyam’s company also… He is very lucky to have a caring brother like u… U r also working hard to complete sayyam’s dream project… Idk how to thank u bhai… I’m speechless about ur contribution…its really a big thing bhaiya…Only one more month is left…. sayyam’s n Our Dream would be Fulfilled….( Teary Eyes )

Yuvaan: Haa Krishna..just one more month…but Krishna u need to be Careful..U know na Raj Sinha..3 Mahine Pehle He Crossed His Limits by hurting sayyam just for this One Project n now also his aim is only this project..He might also harm u also..n on that he has an bad eye on U be careful..In 3 Mahino main he had Tired to Harm n Force U Physically many times..but till nw u have taught him a good lesson but now He might Have loosed his control n patience nw becoz u once again u won against Him..n nw only one month is left he might harm u anytime….n his thirst might also be on higher level now…so be careful…
Krishna: Haa bhai..i know..he might be on Heights of Anger..n i know he might be Very nw I know hw to Handle such Ppl..accha anywyz leave all these..lets go Home.i need to tell Sayyam this Good News…
Yuvaan: Ji ha.. Tum jaao… I’ll come later… Ok..take care… I’ll drop u to the car..
Krishna goes to BM with the driver…
Krishna came home n tell everyone the news n heads towards her room… She goes to sayyam to tell him the amazing news which he was waiting for…
Krishna entered the room n saw sayyam in a deep sleep n kept the files on the side table n sat near him with a teary eyes n Held His Palm n weeped…

Krishna : ( weeped while holding his palm ) sayyam…till now u r sleeping….y ?? Plzz utho jaldi…. Today i have another good news for u..We crossed another hurdle of ur dream sayyam..We successfully completed another important meeting sayyam..( Pecks His Palm with Teary Eyes ) Sayyam… we r just only 1 meeting away from our dream to get completed.. ( Tears Falls from Her Eyes on sayyam’s Palm ) sayyam abb bas 1 month is left.. uske baad we will finally complete our dream..kash aaj tum hote humare saath us meeting main..toh i’m Sure u will be soo much happy…..aur U know yuvaan bhai also worked hard to make this meeting into a Successful One just for u sayyam..Plzz Come back .. ( Cries Miserably ) aur tumhe yaad hai jab tum 3 Mahine pehle when u was about to come from Delhi i told u na ki i have a Surprise for u..maine abhi tak nhi kaha tumse coz i wanted to tell u directly face to face n wanted yo see ur expressions but today i want to tell u thay Surprise coz aaj ke Good News k baath i feel ki i should tell u about this too..Shayad with the excitement of 2 good news u will come back to me. ( Hopefully Eyes )..soccha tha i will tell u when u will come here but jab hua nhi aisa..aur na aajtak bol payi tumhe bt nw i can’t Hide this any longer from u.. ( Take sayyam’s Palm n Makes sayyam’s Palm Touch Her Belly ) sayyam u r Soon going to be a Proud Father..Yes ur wife is 3 Months Pregnant..u don’t even have any idea hw much i was dying to tell this news to u thay day..but ( Sad ) couldn’t tell u..but now..i told u na..Toh Plzz come back soon for me..,for our child Plzz..u told na u ki u will fulfill all my my wish is that I need u at this this stage i need u sayyam..I badly need u…U also told ki tum jab yeh news main tumhe dungi toh tum meri Har mood swings ko tolerate karogi….toh plzz come bak n fulfill ur Promises ( Hugs sayyam Tightly n Cried Miserably ) dekho mere liye nhi but u can at least come back for this child na ( Comforts His Palm on Her Belly more Comfortably ) our child..Plzzz ( Cries even more Miserably n Tightens Her Grip on sayyam ) Plzz sayyam Plzzz..I need U… much will u sleep..its Enough sayyam plzz wake up…
Hamari aduri kahani plays from the background

Krishna who was crying n heart broken n was very badly pleading sleeping sayyam to come back by hugging him tightly as tight as she could weeped very badly n slept on his chest in sitting position making sayyam’s clothes wet indicating her love for her she weeped her each droplet fell on sayyam’s palms making him more overwhelmed n sad n Hence tears of helplessness fell from a lifeless Body too but inspite of Feeling the pain n tears of his beloved wife sayyam was helpless n was not able to react to her actions this makes him more sad n upset…tears continuously flowed from his eyes due his helplessness n fate..
All these helplessness was Pricking sayyam from inside the heart.He was just a lifeless body who was not even able to blink his eyes for few second also..All he can do was only flow his tears from His Eyes..Krishna was still crying on sayyam’s chest.. Slowly she sleep on that position itself…

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  1. What is this dear ye kya epi that confusion tha 3month pehle raj me b m mai kya kiya etc much nhi writing plz uplod next

    1. Ur so mean I told u like a hundred times if u don’t like something don’t read it.? That just makes u look dumb.

  2. Awesome episode as well as emotional…

  3. This was so heart touching u took my heart away loved it ???

  4. oh my god….shani….this one was superbbbb…no words to describe this amazingly written episode?im crying❤poor krishns?

  5. Haha loving it. This is the only ff I wait for ?❤ pls update next part soon ?

    1. Shaani

      Aww… So sweet of zehra… Glad to know that you like my ff…
      Actually I’m little busy today. .so I will be late to upload the next episode…sorry about that..

  6. If it could have happened actually in the shows itself. Then what must be trp of show. Superb episode writtern

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much shine??

  7. Hafsaaa

    Emotional? Man you made me cry,can’t wait for saiyyam to be better and healthy again.One question.does Saiyyam know what Krishna is saying?

    1. Shaani

      Yes.. He can… He can’t move n talk… Just like happened in 3idiots…
      Sayyam can hear everything… But can’t move n talk… Idk whether there is a something like that.. I just wrote it..?
      Anyways thankx..
      I’ll upload next part 2mrw…?

  8. Ema

    This was splendid … all the very best ????? keep updating new epi every day ❤❤❤❤

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ?? I will try to upload soon…i’m little busy today
      Keep reading ???

  9. Saiyyamlover_17

    Amazing epi todayyy ??❤️Absolutely loved it?✨ plz update soooon✨ And my poor babyyyy and poor krishhhhh?????

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much will try to upload soon… Keep reading ??

  10. Heart touching epi dr n it was amazng u made me cry n speechless really u r an amazng writer….waitng fr nxt part

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much means alot to me..? keep reading.. I’ll try to upload soon..

  11. AnahitaAnnie

    Ur epi was so emotional..and very well written..when will Saiyyam get up..? Come on man ur wife is pregnant.. Anyways fantastically written episode…loving this track…❤❤

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Annie… ?? yeah get up sayyam… But will he be able to get up soo soon… Or will he die…
      Keep reading… Thank for commenting ??

  12. Firstly I am really sorry for not commenting last 3 or 4 episodes Uththara. But I read them all. I was busy. Sorry dear. Ur lines killed me too when saiyyam was hit and getting killed by that bastard raj. Don’t make him too sleepy dear. Krishna faced him very well. But in the end saiyyam must give him reply to his acts. Plz consider thz. God bless you. Keep writing dr?

  13. Firstly I am really sorry for not commenting last 3 or 4 episodes Uththara. But I read them all. I was busy. Sorry dear. Ur lines killed me too when saiyyam was hit and getting killed by that bastard raj. Don’t make him too sleepy dear. Krishna faced him very well. But in the end saiyyam must
    Lgive him reply to his acts. Plz consider thz. God bless you. Keep writing dr?

  14. RAOne

    I would like u should include this song at this situation i.e.” migtrishna ka moha h kya” really beautiful song at this situation when protaganist show is first sign of improvement….. waise all the best……… for ur story you are really awesome…… agian all the best keep your work continue.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much… I haven’t heard that song before… Thankx for the suggestion…

  15. Next uplod plz kal ke updates mai adha adhura story kyi that mins ki raj be kya kiya kese kiya birla mansion mai 3month pehle kya huva that kuch nhi nhi that kal ke epi mai direct sayyam coma & Krishna sayyam s projects handles plz explain story kya today epi mai hoga vo part

    1. Shaani

      The things happened on these 3months will be revealed in upcoming episodes not next one..but after that..i’ll reveal them slowly… Have patience Richa… It’s a hard thing… I’ll try to upload soon… I’m busy these days.. Sorry about the delay..

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