Expressions Unfettered -Chapter 12-By Diyaa

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Chapter 12

Priyanka and Shikhar looked at each other for a few seconds and reluctantly dragged their gazes away. Both stood rooted to their spot waiting for the headiness of the moment to pass. The rush of blood in their system made them a little oblivious to their surroundings for a few moments, and as a result they did not realize that Aashi had finished talking to the technician and was now walking towards them. Aashi was just a couple feet away when Priyanka realized that Shikhar’s hand was still in status quo.

” Done bhabhi? What did he say? Will they be able to install all the units today?” Priyanka spoke in an unnaturally high pitch and hastily too, hoping that Shikhar would remove his hand seeing Aashi approaching them. She felt his hand pulling away and was about to sigh with relief when her breath got caught again. Shikhar had slid his hand back where it had been earlier and held her firmly. Her entire face felt hot and she was certain that it was as red as a tomato. This was a very big deal to her in spite of all the progress she had made over the years. She had learned to manage her shyness but it still existed deep within her. It was part of her DNA after all.

Aashi noticed everything and said nothing about it. “They will finish all the installations today. That’s good. Then we can focus on the furnishings of the girls’ accommodation. Priyanka, are you going to visit the workshop now to see the clothes?” she said with a perfectly casual expression.

Priyanka nodded hastily. ” Yes. Then I have to go home. Choti ma’s friend and her daughter are arriving today. Choti ma wants me to give company to the girl.”

“Oh yeah.” Aashi said. ” I’ll wrap up and come home earlier too.”

As they began to leave Shikhar finally removed his hand from its resting place. His heart was beating very fast now. He had really liked the feeling and it had filled him with a craving that demanded much more. “As soon as that boutique is inaugurated…” he thought to himself.

In spite of Soumya’s protestations, Jhanvi had sent a car to pick her up from her office. Now, as Soumya sat quietly in the back seat, the events of the morning went past her mind. How her heart had leaped when Rudra had said “to you too big angel.” What had she expected? He had just meant good morning! Their ride to her office that morning had been cheerful and replete with Rudra’s usual jokes. “And now he must be with Pinky Aunty’s guests. The beauty queen like Simmi.” Soumya thought a little wretchedly. She felt a sense of unknown gloom shroud her and she walked into Oberoi Mansion with that cloud hovering over her head.

Soumya wanted something soothing to calm her agitation. There were only two things in that moment, that could have calmed her down. Rudra or food. Since she did not want to acknowledge the first , she went after the second. Fortunately, living away from home in a foreign country and completely dependent on herself had given her the habit of turning to healthy options for the fear of being sick. She walked over to the kitchen, opened the fridge, found some oranges, took them back to the dining room, and sat at the table to peel them.

After she had finished eating her second orange she quickly disposed the peels in the nearby trash can and started walking towards the living room to see if anyone was there. Just as she reached there, she was arrested by the sight that met her. As if in slow motion, Rudra walked into the living room side by side the most striking woman she had ever seen in her life. The girl was barely half an inch shorter than Rudra and looked like a model in her black jeans and white kurti. There was an aura about her and the expression on her face oozed self-assurance and confidence. Soumya gulped and stared at them walk in towards her.

“You are back Soumya? Good. This is Simran. Simran, this is Soumya.” Rudra said doing a quick introduction.

“Hi…Simm..ran” Soumya said a little confused.

“Hi Soumya. Nice to meet you. You have probably heard of me as Simmi, that’s why you look confused. I prefer Simran, the name my papa gave me. Are you Rudra’s relative?” she asked

Soumya was completely dumbfounded. “I…no…just a family fr…”

“member.” Rudra completed the sentence. “She is a family member so in a way yes, she is a relative. Soumya, this is Pammi Aunty, Simran’s mummy. You talk to them; I’ll go and inform everyone that they are here.”

“Oye I am not Simran’s mummy, Simran is MY daughter. Pammi’s daughter.” Pammi said smiling at Soumya.

“Namaste Pammi Aunty.” Soumya said nervously and looked sideways to find that Rudra had disappeared.
“Err…please, come and sit.” she said beckoning them to the sofa.

“Are you also visiting for Priyanka’s boutique opening?” Pammi asked looking at Soumya with veiled curiosity.

“How is that any of your business mummy?Rudra said she is a family member. And we are temporary guests. So please don’t ask such ridiculous questions.” Simran said in a perfectly calm and low voice as she sat comfortably on the sofa.

Pammi gave her a scathing look which Simran ignored completely. “Sit Soumya.” she said pleasantly.

Soumya looked a little baffled as she sat next to Simran and looked hastily at the mother and daughter duo. Clearly, they had some kind of a power-struggle going on and the mother was the sore loser in it. Feeling the need to say something, Soumya spoke up, ” How was your journey? I have heard you are a fashion designer too.”

Simran smiled at Soumya’s hasty questions. ” The journey was very comfortable. No complaints. Except that I missed my Papa. And yes, I am a fashion designer. I design mostly western and some Indo-western. Completed my course last year and am working as an intern at a small place in Chandigarh. How about you?”

“I just graduated from a biotechnology program and am set to join the research and development department of a healthcare company.”

Simran’s eyes widened. “Whoa! You are the intelligent kind. Wow! I already liked you at introduction and now my respect for you has gone up a couple notches! Man! Anyone who can study THAT much is a deity for me.”

Soumya couldn’t help laughing. “Being able to study for long hours without getting bored, some cleverness here and there, and memorization skills, that is diligence. Being able to create new things from your imagination, that, in my opinion is intelligence. Like what you,Priyanka, and a few other members of this family do.”

Simran gave a long look to Soumya. ” Beautiful, smart, and humble. Complete package, aren’t you! Well, getting to know you will now become my second reason for appreciating my visit here.”

“So where will you live when you do your job?” Pammi interjected getting a little irritated with Simran’s praise of Soumya.

“She will live in her home. Where else? This is her home.” Jhanvi said with an
unusual chill in her tone.

All three women got up and turned around. Pinky came forward to heartily hug Pammi. “So long after I am seeing you, Oh my Mata Pammi, you are vaisi ki vaisi.”

Pammi beamed at her friend and introduced Simran. ” My younger daughter…”

“Simran.” Simran completed her mother’s sentence and joined her hands together to greet everyone which included Pinky, Jhanvi, Ranjana, Daadi, and Anika besides Rudra. She spotted Saahil who was looking at her with gaping mouth and Anya who was bobbing in her place with excitement.

“Hi there. Who are you guys?”

Rudra saw Saahil’s condition and gently pushed his mouth shut. “This is Saahil, Shivaay bhaiya’s son and…”

“Saahil Baaya” Anya nodded giving complete information.

Rudra grinned, “and that is Anya, boss of this household.”

Simran laughed. “Hi Saahil, hi Anya”

Saahil simply smiled inanely while Anya came forward to hug Simran’s leg. ” Hi Sim…Run” she said looking up at her.
Then she looked at Pammi, thought for a moment and said, “Hi Pammisimmi.” and grinned widely while Anika closed her eyes in embarrassment. Anya had been expecting Pammi Simmi. Since one had been introduced as Simran, she had assumed that the other person was Pammisimmi.

By the end of dinner several things had been​ established. Pammi had revealed herself as being twice as loud as Pinky, Simran had revealed herself to have the looks of a babe and the disposition of a dude, Pinky was convinced that Rudra and Simran were a perfect match and was imagining her dresses for various functions of Rudra and Simran’s wedding, Dadi and Jhanvi were a little thunderstruck at Simran’s looks and personality, the younger Oberoi ladies were a little amused at the younger generation of Oberoi men and boys gawking awkwardly at Simran every now and then, and Soumya felt a sense of depression consuming her like a black hole

“Nice evening huh!” Shivaay said later that night as he combed his hair obsessively. Anya was fast asleep in her little toddler bed in a small nook that Aashi had designed near the big bed to create a little open room within a room.

Anika sat on the bed looking at Shivaay with narrowed eyes. “Of course, fabulous evening! How are your eyes feeling? Well nourished?”

Shivaay stopped combing his hair. ” What? What do you mean?” he asked walking back to the bed.

“Nothing. Quite a looker that Simran is. Isn’t she?”

A light bulb lit up in Shivaay’s head. He switched off the dim light in the room so that only Anya’s soft starry night light threw night sky projections on the ceiling. Sliding in next to Anika and putting his arms around her he said as genuinely as he could, “Is she? I was busy talking to Bade papa about an upcoming business deal.”

Anika turned to look at the silhouette​ of his face and suppressed her smile. “Really?! God! What’s wrong with you? Such a hot girl and you did not even notice? Age is catching up with you and you know, you might be getting old.”

Shivaay was about to flare up at that when he realized that she was throwing a bait. “You know what? You may be right. There is only one way to figure out whether I am functioning well or getting old.” he said pulling her against himself and holding her tightly. “Hmm, so far everything seems to be normal. But why take a chance with such serious matters.Let me make sure.” he said kissing her briefly. “What do you think?” he asked her as he ran his fingers through her hair.

“I don’t know about you…” Anika said in a raspy voice, “… but all of me is functioning perfectly well…”

Shivaay had to laugh at that as he hugged her.

In his bed, Rudra tried hard to sleep.The events of the entire day played in his mind. “What a day it has been! Got so busy that I did not even get to ask Soumya if all was set for her first day on Monday.” He turned to look at the time. “Not that late. I bet she is sitting with a book either reading or over analysing something​.” Feeling restless he walked over to Soumya’s room and gently pushed the door. It gave way and opened. Rudra peeked in and looked around. Ranjana was sleeping and the night light was on, but Soumya’s side of the bed was empty. He walked over to the bathroom. Its door was open too. He knocked gently and realized it was vacant as well. “Bhatakti aatma again.” he thought and went out of the room.

Once downstairs he went to the balcony where he had found her sitting a few times the previous week, but that place was also empty. Now his heart started to beat fast. “Where is she? At this time of the night! Kitchen?” Rudra ran over to the dining room and the kitchen but he didn’t find her in any of those places.

He paced back to the living room with his heart beating rapidly and painfully. He thought hard about all possibilities. Then he went towards the little covered sitting area overlooking a small lawn at the back of the mansion. It was a little place that was open air but walled for privacy. As he entered the longish verandah he found Soumya walking in the lawn , surely enough, with a book in her hand. Rudra sighed with relief and stood quietly for a couple​ of minutes gathering his composure. “What the hell are you doing here at this time of the night!” he said walking over to stand beside her.

Soumya turned around startled and bumped into him. Before she could stumble, Rudra held her around her shoulders. ” It isn’t that late. I couldn’t sleep so I thought I would read for a while.”

“And you are so intelligent that you read by holding a book in your hand and walking to and fro in a dimly lit lawn.” Rudra said sliding his hand down her back to encircle her waist.

” No, I was sitting there.” she said pointing at a deep chair on the verandah. It had a reading floor lamp right behind it. “Then I decided to walk for some time. The breeze is pleasant.”

“Yes it is ” Rudra said feeling a little intoxicated. Her angelic face framed by her soft hair looked even more appealing in that setting with the mild breeze making her hair flutter. On an impulse he raised one hand to push back her hair from her forehead. ” How was your day at your office? All smooth?” he asked feeling himself drowning in some warm waves.

Soumya simply nodded as she looked at the expressions on his face. She was completely unaware of the fact that her own expressions mirrored his. Rudra slowly pulled her closer in a complete embrace and softly pushed her head towards his left shoulder so that her face landed up being right above where his heart was beating. In the still of the night, Soumya heard the sounds of his rapidly drumming heartbeat and his heavy breathing. After that as she slipped into a trance she forgot all count of time.

They stood like that for some time, Soumya in a trance and Rudra letting a thousand sensations fire him up. All of the major and minor events of their four year old past swam past his closed eyes. He slowly pulled back a little, bent his head down, and kissed her deeply. Soumya thought of resisting but her body shocked her by its total rebellion and having no choice she gave in and kissed him back. All of the pain, loneliness, and longing the two had experienced in the past couple of years started to melt away letting loose the expression of their need for each other.

Thanks for reading Everyone . Please do comment if you can ☺

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  1. Tanz

    Fabulous . It is always a treat to read your ff . Till now Simran’s character is good . Smart and confident . Aanoo as always—just love her . Bhatakti Aatma mode was on again . I loved the Rumya and Prikhar part . Now, I’m eagerly waiting for Priyanka’s boutique opening…

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks Tanz. Really appreciate it. Yes, the boutique opening is the next big event in this FF. Will update soon ☺

  2. Spellbound

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks Charitha ☺

  3. Whoa….Diya di……
    U always leave me speechless don’t u?
    OMG ! So today was the first kiss!
    I loved it. And u know what, I am actually pretty excited for Sir an ‘ s character. She seems to b a bold and friendly girl to me, in fact I guess if dad and jani tell her their intentions she might actually help bring Rumya closer intentionally. I mean unintentional help was already established from her side.
    And I can’t imagine how the Oberois will manage with p am mismatch!
    Twice as loud as pinky?
    I had rather go to hell! And the icing on the cake was the shivika moment.I totally get it that the Earth is round. I just can’t help but Laav them. Like some readers, I agree that this one doesn’t have a passion like serendipity (no hard feelings), I feel it’s not because of the way u have written it, it’s because of the characters. I mean om ‘ s love story is supposed to b passionate because he is an idealistic believer of love. The same way shivika ‘ s story is supposed to b kinda emotional. And on the same note, Prikhar ‘ s and Rumya ‘ s Laav story is supposed to be light hearted and pleasant, u know a bit…….normal.
    And u have nailed oall of it perfectly.
    Anyways I just couldn’t help writing my long and boring comment.
    Lots of Laav to u, Diya deeyar.

    1. Samm

      not their first kiss, i think. rumya’s first kiss was in the kitchen, i think. and if we count saumya’s dream kiss, that was the second, so this was the third. am i right, diyaa?

    2. Samm

      not their first kiss, i think. rumya’s first kiss was in the kitchen, i think. and if we count saumya’s dream kiss, that was the second, so this was the third. am i right, diyaa? 🙂

      1. Diyaa

        Yess, you’re right Samm! I had forgotten all about the dream kiss.? This is in effect the third kiss but a second one at the very least. The first real life one where there is no negativity involved. Oh my! ? Thanks for responding here Samm.

    3. Diyaa

      Hi Vivikhta. Thanks so much for your comment deeyar 🙂 not boring at all. In fact you summarized all three of my FF s so well. Really appreciate having a thoughtful and observant reader like you. ?

  4. Sanskriti120

    Diya dii you are just awesome. This part was really a great one. Priyanka was nervous as hell,shikhar controlling himself,simran is quite confident,I really loved the shivika part and shivaay???,I just had a doubt on Pammi’s character I think you are gonna show it as grey one( just a guess) on whole again I fell in love with your writing????????

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks so much Sanskriti. I am happy that my writing is pleasing and entertaining. You are right; Pammi is a grey character. It will unfold in the next couple of updates I think. Thanks again ☺

  5. *pls read sir an as Simran, pa mismatch as pammisimmi
    And jani as Jhanvi.
    PS As always love my sweet Aanoo dear???????

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks Vivikhta ☺

  6. Ria

    Okay, looks like someone is trying hard to replace the position of Serendipity with Expressions Unfettered in my heart. True, ain’t it?
    Well, well, this was absolutely an amazing update. The fact that Shikhar is drawn towards Priyanka, sort of the same way in which she is, is ENCHANTING.
    About Simmi, I love her character. A presentable, smart and confident girl! Appreciate the way the character has been shaped. ?
    Anika and Shivaay, I love how they still have the fire and chemistry between them ignited. The dialogues were absolutely fabulous and I couldn’t help, but visualise the scene. ?
    Soumya and Rudra, I’ve absolutely nothing to tell. The slow, yet correct pace at which their relationship is developing and moulding shapely is commendable! Soumya’s depression, Rudra’s worry and RuMya’s Kiss ? at the end just submitted all their feeling for each other and I shall be looking forward for the clarifications and apologies between them rather soon.? Lastly, not to forget about Anya’s names. ?

    – Ria

    1. Diyaa

      Hi Ria. Thanks for your comment. Yeah, I am trying to take the relationship at a pace that goes with the characters and their background. Glad that it makes sense. I like Simran too? I will give some background of that character in the upcoming updates and the reason why she is such a bro? keeping my fingers crossed for the remainder of this FF. Thanks so much for your support.

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    1. Diyaa

      Thanks so much Arthi for appreciating. Glad you are liking the progress. Will post next one soon ☺

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    I’m spellbound….
    Priyanka and Shikhar scene was good…
    Shivika & Anya are adorable…
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    1. Diyaa

      Thanks Shivika ☺ Glad you liked the moments in this update. Will update soon ?

  9. Shikhar at last took a good decision
    Soumya needs to surrender herself to her feelings,letting her heart to lead her
    Prinku needs to be the man of her relationship
    Rudra and Soumya need to have a “husband-wife” talk expressing themseleves without being judgmental or having the fear of prejudices
    Shivika scene brought livliness
    Aashi being the dear she is has a soft and comforting presence
    Probably Prinku should have some1 in life to perk Shikhar towards their relationships

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks Aashi for your observations and appreciation. Yes, each main character is just a step away from the realization of their destiny. Soon that will be accomplished too.?Will update soon.

  10. Samm

    what a blush-gasp-breathlessness-thundering-heartbeat fest this chapter was! diyaa, you are the queen of romance for me!!! honestly speaking, i’m not really into romance as much as action thrillers and at the most cute, adorable, fluffy stuff. but i read your chapters like a hungry person enjoying a feast, complete with wide eyes and loud gasps and everything. the way you build up the story is also commendable, but that is easily overpowered by the romantic, light and heavy moments! no complaints though. about simmi, i think it’s still to early to judge her character but it seems like she’s a very practical, career oriented person. so it’s probably safe to assume she won’t get in our puppy couple’s way, for which i’ll be really happy 😀 as for anya, she was as adorable as ever, with her pammisimmi 🙂 in a way, it also shows her intelligence and it was so refreshing to see a kid not being the reason for some fuss. as for shivika… shivaay is the perfect husband material and anika is a very lucky girl, even if they’re both just characters! all of rudra’s moves that he pulls on saumya, i think he learned them from his eldest brother! 😀 even janvi’s defensive declaration that saumya will be staying in her home was worth applauding. janvi has always been shown as an oppressed character in the Oberoi family. but it was nice to see her stand up for her son and daughter(in-law)’s sake. prinku and shikhar’s relationship progress with aashi was also a big milestone for them, and i loved it. i’m always so happy after reading your ff, my roommates often wonder why i’m smiling at my lappy like an idiot! 😀
    i think this is one of my longest comment on tu till date, so i’ll just stop here. waiting for the next eagerly. post next soon 🙂
    -diyaa fan forever! <3

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks so much Samm. Yeah by now the pattern in my writing is clear I guess. Women have to be strong and men non chauvinistic to be fit for relationships? I guess that is what I find appealing. It really means a lot to me that you find my writing appealing. You pretty much know why? You know, I love action and thrillers too, they are my favorite. But I guess occasional romantic stories are my guilty pleasure​? Thanks so much for your support.Will update soon.

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    1. Diyaa

      Thanks Anu for such glowing appreciation. Really glad that I could give something for most of my readers. Yeah, overdose of romance in this one ? The Rumya kiss scene just happened as I was writing ; I guess the dreaminess of the setting got to me? Thanks again dear.

  12. Shubhadra

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    1. Diyaa

      Aapka comment parh ke Mera mood bhi ekdum first class ho jaata hai? Thanks so much Shubhadra. I am​ a learner of story writing and such encouragement means a lot ? I have always loved the word “sadela” for some odd reason ? so your comment made my day.

  13. Gayathri.visu

    OMG!!! No words di….. Samm is right, really u r Queen of Romance!! Prikhar story….another step but this time its not baby step…. In Prikhar’s scene, it remembers me Om-Aashi scene! Perfect progress di…..
    Shivika….best husband n wife! Their chemistry is always awesome…. Shivaay is perfect husband n Anika is perfect for Shivaay!!
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    Cutepie Anya and her Pammisammi moment….just hilarious!
    Rumyaaa…… I didn’t expect this kiss! Sumo’s depression…Rudra’s restlessness….clearly tells that their feelings for each other!
    Just fantastic di….. Take care… Bye di.

    1. Diyaa

      Hey Gayathri, thanks for your lovely comments. I am happy that you enjoyed the update. Yeah, even I hadn’t expected Rumya kiss?, but it just happened. Aanoo is the boss of names like mother like daughter ? Thanks again dear. Will update soon.

  14. Sanjanagarg

    It is lovely….plz update soon diyaa

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks Sanjana☺ will update soon

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    1. Diyaa

      Thanks Sanjukta ? Sorry for the disappointment at the end ? but the wait will be fun right? These FF s are basically my frustrations with the poor quality of tv programming these days as compared to some older dramas that I have seen. Much more focus on costumes, make up and contrived romance lands up making the story suffer and is unfair to such talented actors. Anyhow, glad that my stories are entertaining a few other people. Haan, Om has been silent for a couple episodes. Maybe we will get some action from him in the next one? will update soon ☺

      1. Ya the wait would definitely be of worth since you are the writer. 😉 I totally agree with your pov . I’ve been missing some episodes of dbo as the story was stagnant and due to that awful costume of Om( I guess the worst one he has worn in this show or any other show ever) That forehead touching scene was so irritating that I badly wished Rudra to interrupt it. Ishqbaaaz is out of my sight since ages since they wouldn’t show any o bros moment now or Anika would interrupt it. The list is unending.
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      Thanks for reading and commenting Ankita. Really appreciate it ☺

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    1. Diyaa

      Thanks so much Nikita. Really appreciate it. I am glad you liked this update ☺

  19. Khushilovesroumya

    What can I say? Actually I comment here so much that I ran out of words.but you leave my with my mouth hanging open with shocks and surprises.This one is perfection.priveer were amazing.As you might know how much I adore rumya.Your story for rumya Is way better than the professor writer.They are just showing Gaukara and Shivika.They got no time for rumya and priveer.But when are u updating? ???

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks Khushi ?If all goes well, I’ll be updating tomorrow I guess.

  20. This is Supefantabulous update. Loved RumYa and PriKhar scenes. Aashi and ShivIka were fantastic. Anya as usual was sooooo cute…
    Her pammisimmi made my day. Like Road to redemption and serendipity I am in love with this ff.
    Please update next part soon deeyar.

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks Fffan. Glad you liked the update. I’ll post in a day I think. ☺

  21. Neha_Pheonix

    Great…awesome..really usual..beyond verbal description..I am always the late commentor..haha..Post next one soon! LOve ya! TC

    1. Diyaa

      Hey Thanks Neha. Feedback is welcome anytime? and as they say, better late than never. Will update soon ☺

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    P.S: Another reason I love your writing is because of the mellifluous and crisp language with absolutely no grammar errors (bit of a grammar nazi myself.. :P)

    1. Diyaa

      Hi, Reader! First of all, thank you for reading my work so regularly. I feel honored. Second, thanks for such kind words of praise. To say I appreciate it would be an understatement ? I did not I had a fiction writer in me although I was always a crazy imaginative person ? The story of the Oberoi bris and sis will end with Expressions… I don’t think it would be within the scope of an FF to write more about it. But I am thinking that with time, I might write another story through another medium. Either through a medium like Wattpad or through developing a story telling web page of my own. I’ll keep my readers here informed if that idea ever materializes. Thanks again for your comment and support.?

    2. Diyaa

      Typos: * I did not know I had a fiction writer in me

      * Oberoi bros and sis

  23. Simran is different from what I thought she would be….
    Just as things were heating up between RuMya, the epi ended
    Do update soon & take care 🙂

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks Shona. Next update is almost ready for posting. Really appreciate your comment?

  24. Jerry_36

    Hey Diyaa di !! Really sorry for late comment. As usual it was amazing with a your unusual ideas. Rumya kiss? I loved every description of yours. Do update soon❤

    1. Diyaa

      Hey, thanks Jerry. As long as I hear from my readers, it’s all good ? Glad you liked the update. Next one is almost ready for posting. Will be here soon. Thanks again dear for taking the time to comment ?

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