kriyam – u r my strength Episode 120

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In this episode u will feel some timing problems… Plz be kind enough to ignore them… Enjoy…n don’t forget to comment…

Episode 120

5 days Later
Finally it’s the day for which everyone especially krishna was waiting for.. today sayyam is gonna come back from delhi after achieving the most dangerous n most important project of his business career… krishna was in her room..
Krishna : ( smiles ) ( in mind ) so my dear husband ( sits on bed n hugs sayyam’s pillow ) u r coming back haa..u come.. i will show u hw much i missed u…i was really missing u alot..anyways i need to do soo many preparations for u..n waise i ( shy n blushes ) have a good news also to tell u…so plzz come soon..m waiting fr u eagerly n want to tell u this big news..n m sure u will super duper happy to listen this news…
soon krishna went to washroom to get freshen up n got busy in preparations to welcome her sayyam in a most special way

Royal Delhi Hotel Room no: 123 Time 2PM
Sayyam:(in mind)Finally the Day has Come to Meet My Princess after a 5 Long Days,Here i’m Coming My dear to Meet U again n to Hold U in My Tight n Warm Embrace,Be Ready jaan
He had 2 reasons to get happy 1st one is that after long n tiring struggle he had finally achieved the most important, most dangerous n his biggest dream project was in his hands today n 2nd one is that at last today he will be meeting his life his wife his krishna today in just few hours… sayyam was the most happiest person today…he was totally lost in his own thoughts which was filled with full of excitement n happiness.

sayyam after a deep thought of his mind which was filled with happiness n excitement started packing his packed clothes n as he packed his stuffs he took a big n a long gift pack in his hands n smiles excitedly while caressing the gift by his hands n was lost in his own deep thoughts.
sayyam : ( excited ) ( in mind,to himself ) so krishna as i told u.. i have a surprise fr here it is..m sure u will like it..just few hours more den i will give u this surprise to u with my hands…. ( kisses da gift excitedly )

soon sayyam kept the gift in the bag carefully n finished his packing n started getting ready to leave fr airport as it was almost time for sayyam to leave for kolkata.

Krishna : ( Excited ) everything ready na… Mera matlab the Ingredients which I asked to bring….today i wanna make all the favourite dishes of sayyam..specially that kheer… Maa… U have to make it..becoz he likes to eat the kheer made by u….
Suhani: Ha beta.. Everything is ready…itna excitement is not good will Affect your Health.. U no need to do much work… U just tell me I’ll do..
Krishna: Ok..we both prepare these dishes…

Then suhani n Krishna starts to make different dishes.. Soon they finish the work n suhani send Krishna to her room to freshen up…As Soon as She Reached Her Room She took sayyam’s Photo which was Kept on Her Bedside Table…
Krishna : ( Holds sayyam’s Photo ) ( Smiles ) Kaha ho app sayyam ?? Ur Mrs Sayyam is waiting for u..n wants to tell a special News also..Plzz Come back Soon… ( Hugs sayyam’s photo Tightly )
On the other hand sayyam was about to leave for airport… He look at the time..
Sayyam:(to himself) aree yaar.. Tum bi na.. U r ready to go but u have time still… Hmm..ab mein kya karu… Car is also not here.. Let’s call n see how much my wife is excited to see me..
Sayyam calls krishna…

Phone conversation
Sayyam : ( Happy ) halo krishna..hw r u ? missing me ryt?
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Yes i’m missing U..Plzz come back soon..u told u will be here soon..but abhi tak nahi aaye..
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Offo Krishna.. I will come wen my flight is ready to take off…I still have time….but don’t worry i will be there soon in front of ur eyes…
Krishna : ( Blushes ) Haa aao..i’m waiting… waise i have Very special news fr U Mr sayyam…i’m sure u will Like in fact Love that surprise..
Sayyam : ( Thinking ) Hmm.ohh I see..then tell me na..what news..i can’t Wait till i come there..
Krishna : ( Shy ) No No..Mr sayyam..not on Phone..i can’t tell this News on Phone..U come here First then i will tell u the surprise..

Sayyam : ( Agrees ) Hmm Accha.. Fine…waise anything special Today as i’m Returning.. (Naughtily Smiles )
Krishna : ( Understood n Blushes ) sayyam !! Still u r in delhi bt ur Romantic Mood started from here itself ..Control Urself Mr Birla. ( Giggles )
Sayyam : ( Laughs ) ok..ok I will lekin when i’m there na in front of u..that time i can’t Control..m telling before only..Understood ?? ( Smiles Teasingly )
Krishna : ( Blushes ) sayyam Bas..accha come n maa have Prepared all ur Fav Dishes for U..So plzz Come back Soon.. U have so may things to eat..
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Accha Meri Maa… have patience my dear wifey..i’m coming in Some Hours..n wait karna Mera..

Krishna: Ok
As krishna n sayyam was talking happily n were Sharing their Eagerness to Meet each other Krishna Heard a Frightened Voice from other Side which made Her Scared n Frightened…
Sayyam : ( Shocked ) Aahhh !!

Krishna : ( Shocked ) sayyam..Hello sayyam..what happened.?? Aisa kyoun chilaya tumne ?? Sayyam plzz tell me something..
as krishna was screaming n was scared for sayyam after hearing a voice from sayyam’s side,..on the other hand sayyam felt a strong hit on his back side which made him scream in pain n wen he turned back to see who has hitted him he was shocked to see some goons with a bloodful stick.he touched his head backside n felt blood bleeding from his backside of head.this made sayyam to drop the phone on floor n as a result his phone when it fell down da speaker button of the phone was pressed n phone was on speaker.before sayyam could do anything he got a shock of his life.he saw his biggest enemy raj sinha standing in front of his sayyam was is his room no one cud even guess wat was happening inside with sayyam.the pain of head injury made sayyam scream in pain but he was in equal anger too seeing raj.

Sayyam : ( Angry ) RAJ !! Hw dare U ??
On the Other Side Krishna who was Scared Hearing sayyam’s Scream was in Even More Shock Hearing Raj’s Name from sayyam’s Mouth.This made Krishna Shout in Fear . Unaware the Phone is On Speaker sayyam on the Other Side Kept Shouting Raj’s Name.
Sayyam : ( Angry ) raj..leave me..u lost raj..i got the project..nw u can’t do anything..even if i die nw my company got the in my absence my papa n bhai n wife will handle this project..u lost raj sinha..u lost ( Laughs in Pain )

Krishna : ( Heard n Shocked ) sayyam. Kya hua ?? Raj hai kya waha ?? Plzz tell me..ur silence n ur Scream is killing Me ..sayyam Plzz speak something.. ( Crying )
Sayyam n Raj on the Other Side Heard Krishna’s Voice as the Phone was on Speaker . Krishna’s Painful Voice Made sayyam more Scared n Tensed but He somehow Managed to Compose His Sacredness.
Sayyam : ( Composed Himself n Pretended in Pain ) Krishna..a.aisa..kuch nhi hai..tension mat lo.. Mein mazak kar raha taa ( Diverts da Topic ) Accha Krishna.i need to Keep the Phone haa.Bye ( Teary Eyes n Tries to Reach the Phone..) Love U..take care ..

Krishna who noticed sayyam’s painful voice understood something scary n frightening is happening on the other side n got more scared.she was out of senses n was not able understand what to do to safe her life her sayyam.
Krishna : ( Scared ) sayyam..u r lying na. I know something is happening there..plzz tell kya horaha hai waha ?? I’m dying here Sayyam..for god sake Plzz Tell Me the truth. .Meri Jaan nikal rahi hai yaha ..

Sayyam who heard krishna’s painful voice was heart broken n helpless n by now he was weak too as some goons of raj were holding him tightly n before Sayyam could do anything to free Himself Raj Had already stabbed Him badly with a sharp knife which made sayyam scream in even more Pain.
Sayyam : ( Shocked n Helpless ) Aaahhh ..Krishnaaa !!
Raj who saw sayyam trying to Reach the Phone stamped the Phone by his legs n crashed his phone into Pieces..Whereas Raj before Stamping the Phone Krishna Heard sayyam’s scream became blank n speechless.She felt Like Her World was Snatched from Her n after sometime when Response was Stopped from Otherside Krishna too Fainted n Fell on Ground in Semi Unconsciousness.
Krishna : ( Blank ) sayyam…

both krishna n sayyam were on ground in semi conscious state at their respective places..sayyam in hotel room was lying on ground in semi conscious state pooled with blood all over his body in serious n critical condition n krishna on the other side in bm krishna too was in semi conscious state.both were only taking each other’s name in such condition too..
Sayyam : ( Painful Voice ) kkraaishnaa.
Krishna : ( Semi Conscious ) sayyaam….
Raj who saw sayyam in Such State was Laugh n Enjoying n Felt Relieved Seeing sayyam in Such State n was Relaxed.

Raj : ( Laughs Evilly ) sayyam Birla..U r Finished Nw..n Ur Project is also Myn nw.. ( Sits Near sayyam in Evil Manner n Laughed ) Kya hua ?? What r u thinking ?? ( Laughs ) I know what r u thinking ?? U r thinking na ki I won’t Win becoz ur family members won’t allow me to snatch the Project..but my dear Rival..I have already snatched the Project from U ( Angry n Gritted ) By killing U..coz u were my Hurdle Me n this Project..all others ur n Ur bhai r nothing in Front of Me..n ( Smirk Evilly ) tumhari BEAUTIFUL WIFE Krishna ki Baath toh i know hw to Handle Her..main kuch asa karunga na uske saath ki apni Respect n Dignity bachane k liye woh she will herself come to me n she herself will handover this Project to me ..becoz uss Waqt U won’t be there na to protect iss baath ka Faida toh uthana hoga na mujhe..Ur wife will spend some special time with me.. ( Laughs Evilly ) n Dat too without Her Concern..she won’t be even understand what is happening with her ( Smirks Evilly )

Sayyam who was in semi conscious state hearing all these became angry n spitted on raj’s face as his entire body parts were weak n was not able to do anything.all he cud was only spit.
Sayyam : ( Spits on Raj’s Face in Anger ) RAJ .Hw dare U ?? Don’t even dare to Touch Her..I will Kill U..

Raj : ( Angry ) WTH !! ( Touches da Spit on His Face ) U Spitted on Me ?? Hw Dare U ?? Nw Look Mr Sayyam. .what will i do woth Ur Wife..u love ur wife main usse bhi Maardunga..u wait n watch..( Laughs ) n what did u say U will Kill Me ?? ( Laughs More Evilly ) Pehle khud toh bachalo Mr Sayyam then afterwards kill me…
before sayyam could say anything more raj had already stabbed sayyam once more hence making sayyam fully unconscious this time..

Raj : ( Laughs Evilly ) Good Bye Mr Sayyam Birla… If u have obeyed me before this won’t happen.. Lekin kya karu….nw u its turn fr ur beautiful wife.. ( Smirks Evilly )
Krishna on the other Side too Went Unconscious at the Same time sayyam got Unconscious.
Sayyam : ( Unconscious ) Krishna..
Krishna : ( Unconscious ) sayyam …
Hamari aduri kahani plays from background

Screen split into 2 both sayyam n krish lying on the floor is show…
Chapter ends…

Is this the end…?
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  1. Awesome episode dear
    Fabulous writer u r
    Eagerly waiting for next
    Plz update asap

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much… I have submitted a teaser today… If I finish the next part today… I’ll upload it today itself.. Otherwise I’ll upload 2mrw..

  2. ahhhh shani im crying?plz dont make him die?its a request??ahhh poor sayyam?shani yeh kya kardia???

    1. Shaani

      Heheii… Don’t get disheartened zani… I’m sorry drlng…. What to do this raj is someone very powerful…
      Actually will someone be safe…after get stabbed like this…?
      I have uploaded a teaser… Read n comment on it also..

  3. Dinu

    OMG!!!???wht a epi.?Sry dr.I told before dat I cnt comment thereafter. Bt dis epi made me comment. U won’t believe me bt trust me I had goosebumps all over my body while reading dis.n dis raj??ugh!!!!??????I want 2 kill dare he stab our sayyam. Poor Krishna??I tnk she’s pregnant. She couldn’t even tell her hubby about their baby??☹☹I feel like crying??????? i can imagine whole scene playing in front of me.I didn’t feel dat I was reading. I felt as I was watching a film. Really job.hats off 2 u.?????????? I don’t know when i’ll be able 2 read nxt epi as I’ll be busy in p6 clz till 2mrrw evening. Bt i’m desperately waiting 2 know wht happens nxt.??bye dr tc????

    1. Shaani

      I have uploaded another article… Something like a teaser… U can read it n get an idea what is gonna happen next… I’m still working on it… I have submitted this part in the mrng…. At about 7am… But now only they have uploaded it… Soo I’m sorry about the delay… I’ll try my best to upload today as I won’t be upload 2mrw… Let’s see… If I get time I will definitely upload… Thankx for reading n commenting ?
      Thankx for ur love towards my ff…❤? ❤ ? ? ?

    2. Ap writers hai amezing writing skill next part uplod fast plz exited kab uplod hoga

  4. RAOne

    nicely protrayed yes i support villian but ek do punches to bantay h…….
    you did a great job…….. just read your teaser to but i fell rather than keeping him in coma he should….. ahve act like kid…… then getting some flashes….. of krishna….. and raj hitting him…. to much fun……. but as i say its your game, play as you want……. all the best you are great writter…… sorry yr those were my views to see a story……. ROCK ON!!!!!!!!

    1. Shaani

      It’s ok no problem… Anyone can give ideas… ?
      Actually now I have written it Na.. So I won’t be able to change.. When u said that act as child part..i remembered about atharv… He also acted like a child na…
      Thankx for reading n commenting..???

  5. kriyyam fan no1

    Awesome episode?????

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much??

  6. Fanficwriter518

    Omg what an intense episode! Amazing x

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much??

  7. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    Nice update…. But one small request pls don’t make sayyam die??pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls……..???

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much…? I will not make him die… I promise… Let’s see what will happen..keep reading ?

  8. Saiyyamlover_17

    Nooooooo????? saiyyaaaaaam?? My babyyyyy❤️?

  9. AnahitaAnnie

    Woooow…now thats a suspense and some action..i felt like i was watching a action movie..really the episode was mind blowing…well I am not that scared as I don’t think a hero can die but he can be comatised …. I read ur teaser and its great..i won’t mind another fabulous track… If Kriyam is together… I loved today’s episodes and I think it was one of the best episodes… As I am an action lover..i have no words after reading ur beautiful writting…keep going..and can’t wait for the next one..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Annie..??❤
      Yeah they will be together…. If not this birth… Then thy will be together in next birth for sure…

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  11. ???very emotional epi di..I cried I wish I could kill raj..

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