Addicted to love (Part:17)

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Addicted to love

Hey guys hasini here so back with another part i know iam making you all wait so much but iam helpless i had got two many stories that i thought to complete one first and successfully completed writing mmg so now will come to the part


After engagement all completed their dinner and went to their rooms to rest as they decided to spend two days in farm house

Sleep was far away from swara eyes she is rolling on bed remembering her moments with sanskar suddenly her smile fades away remembering the convo some time before in dadi room

Flashback: 3rd person pov

After dinner swara was going to her room when suddenly stops near dadi room listening some men voice

Voice: Maam do you really think that sanskar love swara

Dadi: Seeing his care towards her anyone can say his unconditional love

Swara smiles listening it but next moment her eyes get widen

Voice: But i my self listened him talking to himself that he doesnt love her

Dadi: What r you saying

Voice: Yes maam i myself listened sir saying that he just wanna satisfy his inner lust by using swara

Swara eyes becomes teary listening their convo

Dadi: I know he satisfy himself using girls but swara no i seen his care towards her he love her

Voice: If he love her why does he want to marry her with out an outsider eye just because he wanna use her satisfy his lust and throw her out of his life its not the first time na maam he was like this from college days only

Dadi: No he cant do that i cant allow him to spoil swara life she is soo small and innocent

Voice: And young and of cource a virgin girl and this is the reason she fell in sanskar sir’s eyes

Swara was crying listening all she runs from their dadi and the (voice) turn and checks out and starts laughingly loudly

Voice: Maam really your plan was awesome but maam if sir gets to know about this he will kill me

Dadi: Of course neil its my plan and yoir boss will not get to know because swara didn’t see you now leave

While swara goes running in her room and closes it with a thud she runs inside washroom and stands before the mirror she splashes water on her face nd looks at herself

Swara: No its not truth sanskar loves me this is not truth he is not like that

She closes her eyes and opens it trying to forget everything and lies on bed she takes her mobile and starts seeing sanskar pics and remenses all their sweet moments

Flash back ends

Her trance gets break when she listens door opening sound and turnns to find sanskar leaning on the door closing it her life she immediately wakes up and runs to him

Swara: Sanku wt are you doing here goo plzzz with a great difficulty dadi accepted me if she gets to know this she will again hate meeee

While she is blubbering Sanskar pecks her lips and pulls her while she was in shock she vomes to her sense when she feels sanskar hands cressing her bare waist she feels his breath near her ear

Sanskar: How can some one hate my honey darling (says huskily kissing her earlobe sensuously she mourns in pleasure holding his shirt in her fist)

Sanskar: I want to you somewhere

Before swara could realise sanskar picks her in his arms her thoughts are still at dadi’s room sanskar walks out of the house and places her in car

After a drive of 10min they reach inside the forest sanskar stops the car nd looks at swara who was lost in her thoughts he holds her hand nd jerks her on him her hair stranges falls on her face he removes them sensuously while she shivers he looks in her eyes nd pecks her cheek romantically

Sanskar: Wt happen honey where r u lost

Swara nods no and looks around and gets scared seeing forest

Swara: Why did you brought me here

Sanskar: Come ill show

He gets down and holds her hand she looks surrounding which is completely dark her leg gets slip while walking sanskar picks her up and moves in the forest after 10min they reach near a river

Sanskar makes swara stand at end while she gets scared she turns towards him and hugs him getting scared and says

Swara: Sanku plzz plzzz take me from here iam scared

Sanskar: Shhhh honey look ntg happened see once look

Swara: Noo plzzz

Sanskar turns swara forcefully and and whispers in her ear

Sanskar: Do u trust mee (swara remember the things happened in dadi room but remember all their moments nd nods yes) Do u love me (she nods yes even without thinking) so now slowly open your eyes and see

Swara opens her eyes ad gets mesmarized seing the view moon and starts reflected images are on layer of water twinkling making the vision soo beautiful they both stays in eachother embrace

Suddenly their transe broke by call on sanskar phone swara keeps a pout face while he pecks her cheek side ways and whisper

Sanskar: Take care babe will come in few minutes

Saying this Sanskar moves little back he moves forward while talking swara opens her arms enjoying the weather suddenly someone ties her mouth with a cloth swara tries to remove it but gets a slap on her neck point which made her unconcious she was pushed in to the river (?????????)

Precap: ?????????

Soooooo thats it enjoy guys i know you might be cursing me soo keep all the sharp items away from you because if you kill me??????? how will complete my ffs sooo stop ideas of killing mee tata will come back with next part after ???????? a month hopefully ??????? till then be in suspense ???????

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    Very nice…. Last scene is scary!! This is not fair….1 month…No, please post next soon.

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