Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik says to Nandini that you are now the part of Manik fan club. Nandini says that she is not a fan and so Manik stops her way and says that what are you then. After several seconds Nandini says that she is the leader of the Manik fan club. Nandini says that she is has no reason to join Fab5 as she is not like them. Manik says that this means that you think that I am like this. He asks her to tell him of what she thinks about him. Manik and Nandini come close to kissing Manik but pulls a hair from his neck and leaves smiling. Manik asks her to tell him something so that he can tell his friends but she leaves without saying anything.
As soon as she comes out Cabir is standing there and says thanks to her. She wants to leave but Cabir asks her to stop and says that he said thanks. Nandini says that she didn’t meant to be rude and thought that you were talking on the phone. Cabir says that it’s Okay as he came to thanks her of what she did this morning. Nanidni says that did Manik tell you everything about me and Cabir nods his head positively. She assures Cabir that she won’t tell anyone, Cabir says that if you want to use this information you can as this is the right time. Nandini says that she won’t and Cabir says that I know as Manik told me.

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Dhruv stops Aliya and says that he is ready for step 4. Shahid is nearby and thinks something else of it and says that he was right and Harshad was wrong and hides as Aliya and Dhruv look at him. Aliya tells Dhruv to wait as this has to be the most perfect night ever and the date has to be like so that she can see can’t say no. Dhruv says that she won’t say no, Aliya pats on him and says that she likes the confident and tells him to come and get ready for the night.
Nandini comes and argues with Manik of why he told Cabir. Manik says that I could have made an excuse but didn’t wanted to, Nandini turns around to leave but Manik pulls her and she falls on his lap. Manik tells her to say what she wanted to say to her tomorrow as he doesn’t have that much patience in him. Nandini says that she doesn’t go back on her words and leaves while Manik after hearing this.
Harshad says that this is mind blowing as Raghav and Cabir is a couple. He looks at Manik’s poster as this news is incredible and he is going to use to break Fab5 and before musicana. He tells himself to calm down as he is going to use this very wisely and carefully. Navya comes and taps on Harshad and asks him of what happened. He lifts her up and swings and says that he is very happy, Navya says that tell me so that I can be happy as well. Harshad says that I am going to tell you and the rest of the college. Muktii comes and sees them; she sees them and tells him to stop playing games with Navya as she is too innocent for this.
Harshad says tell me one thing are you on your anti-depressant pills again and asks her to answer him. Muktii says that why she should answer him as if he answered any of her questions. Harshad says that you don’t need to as I will know all of it myself on musicana. Muktii leaves and Navya is a little hesitant to leave with Harshad now.
Manik is lying in his friend and is thinking about Nandini and so is Nandini thinking about him and says that what should she tell him. Aliya is talking with someone on the phone while Dhruv prays and says that God where ever you are please stay with me tomorrow. Navya is also praying and asks for help from the goddess as well. She is confused and says that she gets confused on what to do and brings her hand forward. Her roommate comes in and a flower falls on her hand. She is flabbergasted and says that she is going to talk to Harshad now.
Harshad is doing exercise and says that he can’t believe that Raghav and Cabir are a couple. Cabir is sitting tensed in his bed when his mother comes and tries to calm him down. She tells him not to think that much and tells him to go to sleep. Muktii is very stressed and says that Harshad I won’t let you do this and Fab5 will not be harmed. She takes her pills and and says that she is going to do this while a lot of thoughts are going through her head.
The next day preparations are being done for musicana and the media is also there. The Fab5 comes full of confidence and says that they will retain the title this year as well. NH3 comes and Navya says that no one wants to lose, Nandini says that let the best one win while Harshad says that losing is not an option for him. Later the Fab5 and NH3 are being escorted to their positions when Manik stops Nandini, they argue and Manik drags her away. He holds her and says that are there any smart ideas now and goes to kiss her. Nandini leaves by saying that is this your smart idea, she comes back and says tonight Nandini will be there. She turns around and Manik holds her says that he will be waiting for tonight.

Precap: The Fab5 and NH3 are performing on the stage and in the dance Nandini and Manik become partners.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Plllzzzzz update today’s epi ..I’m waiting for the update….so na update it fast

  2. Plllzzzzz update today’s epi ..I’m waiting for the update….sonaa update it fast

  3. love manik and nandini together. i am curious to know about first promo

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