Devon ke Dev Mahadev 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with mata kaali battle with shankchur and whole world effected with it. Mata prithvi says, please mata, be calm, i cannot tolerate your anger. rohitang says, guru dev, i cannot see that kaali is teasing my mother. Dev kampan says, you have taken oath to shankchur so you cannot participate. Everybody worships to mata kali. Nandi pray to mahadev. Mahadev says to mata kali, remember you oath kali, mata remember his oath. Mata kali stops her anger and comes into mata parvati face. Shankchur says, what happened mata parvati, you come into your actual face for not harming the world. Nandi says, no shannkchur dont angry to mata. Everybody says to shankchur, dont angry to mata otherwise it will be so bad. Shankchur proudly says, you cannot kill me instead you can destroy world. Accept it that i am more powerful than your anger. Leave kailash for me or go somewhere else. Mahadev arise. Rohitang gets his sword. Dev kampan says, no rohitang, shankchur has already has mala of tulsi. Bhram dev says to narayan, narayan now mahadev will kill against the boon. you have to arise soon. Narayan stops mahadev. Shankchur thinks what kind of thinks is this. Shankchur says, i will not attack you because i dont want to hurt my wife. Naryan says, so i cannot allow you to war with my God. Everybody tries to understand. Rohtiang says, please allow me to enter into war. Shankchur stops him and says, this is my war and i will fight my war. THen he says to narayan, i hate devta but i dont know why will i didnt hate you. So please i urge you that dont interrupt in war. Naryan says, i am also saying you that please cease fire. Shankchur says, i will fight with you. Narayan traps with his wordings and says, you only saved due to this mala. you will soon get the truth but i know you are not powerful to do this. you know that if you will reject this mala then you cannot stand in front of mahadev.
Rohitang stops him but shankchur rejects mala. Mahadev says to narayan, you know the decision that you have taken. Narayan says, yes mahadev.
Shankchur leave his mala and moves towards narayan to give it. tulsi worhsips narayan. Shankchur says, take it. Narayan says, have you bring out this mala by own. Rohitang says, please leave me with this oath, i will help you. Tulsi will see dream and ordered to get information of battle field.
Narad ji says, this mala is not only for saving shankchur but this is of tulsi satitva. It means narayan has taken out satitva. Bhram dev says, narayan will accept his decision and everybody will remember previous incident.

Precap:- Shankchur scolded mahadev then mahadev attacks on shankchur and kills him.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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