Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav reaches hotel with inspector and asks manager to open Pavan’s room. Manager says he cannot, but inspector insists him to open room via master key. Manager takes them towards room.

Soniya gets dressed as bride and comes down. Neighbours think that Rathi did not want to marry and eloped, so Soniya to save family’s dignity is marrying instead of Rathi. They ask Soniya how can she marry instead of Rathi and asks if Rathi did not want to marr, why did she agree and say Soniya got engaged to someone else and now ditched him and marrying Rathi’s would be groom. Raghav reaches there with Rathi and police and asks to stop talking rubbish about Soniya and her sisters. All sisters see Rathi and happily hug her. Raghav says Rathi was kidnapped by Pavan so that he can marry Soniya. Neighbour asks why should he believe him when he saw Soniya asking him to keep away from her. Deepu says Soniya had told his under influence of Pavan and now everyone of us know Pavan’s truth, but soniya agreed to marry him as he had kidnapped Rathi. Chintu hands over his mobile to inspector and says he has recorded proof against Pavan in his mobile.

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Inspector checks recording. Raghav asks negihbours to stop alleging anyone before knowing the truth. He says these girls are an example of unity between sisters and says these are orphan girls, but Soniya bought them up well and whoever wants to badmouth about them will have to face him first. Pavan snatches inspector’s gun and holds it against Soniya. He says he will marry Soniya at any cost. His mother asks him to not ruin his own life. Pavan say if Soniya is not hers, he will not let her marry anyone else and points gun at Raghav. Raghav says he will show him how made he is in love and pushes him on floor. Police arrests him. His mom slaps him and says he insulted her motherhood and asks police to take him from here.

Soniya worriedly slaps Pavan and asks why did he risk his life. She apologizes him and asks what would have happened if bullet would have hit him. He says so what, a majnu would have become martyr for his laila. She stops him and asks him not to tell this even in joke. Fruity thanks Raghav. He says he does like them crying and asks her to smile. Soniya says he is like an angel to her and says she scolded him many times, but he helped her in every difficult time. She says she also loves him a lot, but her belief was not as strong as his. She says now her belief is as pure as kundan/gem. She says it is not her mistake. Sisters thank him. He says they should thank Pavan instead as Soniya forgave him because of Pavan. Fruity says Soniya fell in love with jiju again. Deepu asks how did he find where Pavan had hostaged Rathi. He says he will tell everything at home and says now he does not have to enter their house as thief. Everyone laugh.

At Soniya’s home, Khan says all is well that ends well. Fruity asks how did he save Rathi. He tells them whole incident happened in detail and how Chintu helped him in his plan and even recorded proof against Pavan. He thanks him for his help.

Precap: Raghav reaches Soniya’s house and sees a letter and rose and all sisters missing. He thinks if he knew with just one fight, love increases, he would have fought long back.

Update Credit to: MA

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