Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman thinking he ill treated Ishita, did she leave him. He calls out Ishita and goes out. He sees Ishita coming in the car with Mani. He is shocked again. He controls his tears and claps. Mani holds Ishita and asks her not to worry. Raman asks him to continue, why did he stop, he was finding his wife like mad man, and he forgot my wife has some old friend, old relation that is more imp than husband and wife relation, well done. The ambulance comes there. Raman is shocked seeing Romi on wheel chair. He asks what happened to you, you drunk again and created issue, do you have any shame. Ishita says Raman, cool down, he met with an accident.

Raman says I m talking to him and scolds Romi. Ishita says she will take him. Raman says no, he does not deserve it and sends Romi to service apartment 1. He asks Mani to explain how can their friendshop be so strong that Ishita can’t see anything than him, she did not ask Raman, but friend id here at night. Mani says he will go. Ishita holds his hand and says no Mani, stopping him. Raman looks at their hand ties. Ishita says why will you go, you helped me a lot, you found Romi, you got him to hospital, it means a lot, you are tired, come with me. Mani says no, this is not the time.

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Ishita says don’t feel awkward, when my husband was drunk, you came to help Romi, come with me, I will make coffee. Raman says yes, you both go and have coffee. He says why did you not hold his hand before, I won’t be quiet. He asks Mani to be as a friend and not enter his house, remember he is her friend, but he is her husband, he will kill him. Ishita says you will decide whom I will relate to, you lost that right when you behaved like an animal. Raman says who made me animal, you made. Mani says wait a second, you are misunderstanding. Raman says I m not done. Mani asks him to treat Ishita with respect. Raman says you will teach me now. Mani says exactly.

Raman says you should have not been with someone’s wife at night. Ishita says he does not deserve this. Raman says yes, the one I loved, always cheated me, last time, no cover-ups now, I understand everything, it took time. Mani says you are elongating, Ishita and I were just………..Ishita says don’t give explanation, he does not have right to get explanation from us, sorry Raman you lost the right today. She thanks Mani for helping her as a friend, and asks him to go home, as she will manage Raman. Mani says ok Ishu, and leaves. Ishita goes to the flat. Raman says Mani you are lucky….

Mani is on the way and says how did so many problems came in Raman and Ishita, else Ishita will be hurt, they love each other, why are they running from each other, Raman has issues, but Ishita likes him, why does she not tell him, that she loves him. He thinks of Raman and Ishita. He thinks of Raman’s words and says maybe he has Shagun still in his heart, I heard they had love in between them and right now Shagun is with Ashok, if Ashok breaks ties with her, Shagun can create problems between Ishu and Raman. He thinks of Ashok’s words. He says I have to keep Shagun away from their lives, and I have to meet Ashok.

Its morning, Mani meets Ashok and says he got this personal matters he is business man and see his benefit. He asks Ashok to marry Shagun, before signing the contract. He says it will hurt Ishu and Raman, they are my friends, you played game against Raman using Sarika, and I played game for Raman, as he was deserving, I have seen how you treat Shagun, I did not care before so I was quiet, but now I care, stop this games now, and stay away from Ishita, she is very imp in my life. Ashok looks on. Mani says I hope we have a deal. Ashok shakes hands and says yes, sure. Mani says I will wait for the wedding card, plan a grand wedding for Shagun. Ashok says yes, it will be like she and you want. Mani says I will prepare papers, you marry her. Mani leaves.

Ashok says Raman and Ishita made my life stressful, I want to run away from marriage and he is after me, I just hate this man. Mrs. Bhalla cries talking care of Romi and blames Sarika. Mr. Bhalla says what are you saying. Simmi asks her not to overreact. Mrs. Bhalla says ask pandit to find a girl for him soon. Romi says please, I don’t want to marry. Mrs. Bhalla says she will slap him, did she ask him whether he will marry or not. Simmi thinks she will show Sarika. She comes to meet Sarika and scolds her. She says she will not leave her, if she gets after Romi. She says be away from Romi. Sarika argues and says you got blind, you have always covered Parmeet and Romi, Ishita does so much for you, you all don’t deserve this, she is doing this for Romi, as Parmeet and Ashok made plan to use me and get Raman’s position. She says Ishita and Mani did this, only for Raman. Simmi cries being shocked.

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Raman asks Ishita who gave her right to decide for Romi, to give his name to Sarika’s child. She asks him to make himself right, then talk to her. Sarika tells Simmi that Parmeet is cheating her with Ashok’s help. Simmi leaves crying. She comes out and thinks of Parmeet’s words to make Romi run away from home. She thinks of Ishita’s words that Parmeet tried to molest her and Raman saying Parmeet is using her. She says they all have told the truth, Parmeet was making me do create a big trouble, he was involving me in Ashok’s bad plan. She cries and says no, Parmeet can’t cheat me, but…. He is having animosity for Raman and lied to me, he did not wish to save Romi, he wanted Romi to backout and Sarika make an issue there.

She says thanks to Ishita, she did this for him, I have to tell Bhai that Ishita did this for him. Simmi says I did not think Raman will be affected if Romi runs, and Parmeet lied to me, no he can’t do this, I will call him now. She calls Parmeet. She asks him to tell the truth, why did he advise her to make Romi run, so that Ashok makes issue using Sarika and blame Raman. He says no, you listen to anyone. She says yes, I m innocent to always believe you, tell the truth, swear on Ananya, you have taken money from Shagun and now joined hands with Ashok. Parmeet fools her and says I m helpless, so I m working here, I don’t know if Ashok planned this, I was just helping Romi, no you have changed.

She says no, I always trusted you, but if Raman got into problem, it would have been problem. He says if Ashok took my name, I will deal with him after coming back. She says come back soon. He says I m restless without you here, I love you Simmu. She ends the call. He says I got saved. She says its not always Parmeet is right, Lord don’t make my trust break, its good that Raman is fine, I have to apologize to him for Romi and tell him that Ashok did this. Shagun comes to meet Raman and Ishita, and taunts saying about her dream wedding with Ashok and she wants Ruhi to participate, and come on all functions. Raman looks on.

Simmi tells everything about Ashok’s plan to Raman. Raman says why did she not tell him before. She says Abhimanyu and Ishita made things fine, they saved your Asia’s head position. Raman is shocked. (Finally, something good happening)

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. mani u did a very good joa today by making ashok accept to shagun.its so nice of u.and today atleast simmi got half true .i hope she got to known full truth soon.and finally raman got to known wts cooking up btw ishu and mani.raman aap tum kya karoge boss.

  2. if a girl says she loves her husband she will never give importance to any other man.. however close she might b with that person.. this is going too far from a normal indian society!

  3. Awesome serial

  4. Nice and I hope coming episode in happiness between Raman Ishita .
    u r not a wrong person but u loves Ishita.plz say sorry to Ishita and u are my best wife in the world then your love relation will increase …
    Ishita Raman rating – infinite

  5. I think Ashok wont accept Shagun easily. He might be having some other plan to marry Mihika ASAP

  6. Hahaha… kya baat simmi tum 1st time achaa karnevalete

  7. Hahaha… kya baat hai simmi tum 1st time achaa karnevalete

  8. What an episode.raman tell her love to ishita then serial go superb

  9. Thank god atlast everything will be fine.thanks to simmi and sarika and not forgetting Mani.feeling happy

  10. Hope smethng nice vl happen 2morrw. raman ur actng is superb yar…Nice precap…

  11. Ap raman kya karega.bahut mazzaaaa ayega serial

  12. Yes.. somthing good happened
    Dhire dhire show ki gadi line pr aa rahi hai.
    Raman ne adha sach jan liya hai hope jaldi pura sach jan le aur sab confusion dur kr Ishu se mafi mang le
    And then unki cute lov story suru ho jay.
    Pls god Raman ki madad karna ishu ko lov conface karne me.

  13. Oohpss finally Raman will come to ishita with soooooooo much love…

  14. Mani that idiot did a good thing but now the fool needs to exit

  15. I hope Mani finds someone else to tail and hold hands with instead of chipkofying with ishu all the time. he is becoming naagmani as raman says.

  16. At last 50% ka Sach raman ke samne aya

  17. nothing good is going to happen… it is a dream thinking that something good is going to happen….

  18. Finally….. Very happy to see todays episode.. and yippeeee.. Raman is going to know the truth.. and his reaction at same time matters… and shagun entry again in bhalla house is going to trouble Mihika.. than Ishu & Raman.. But raman darling please yaar.. Do something good.. Ishu darling needs u.. and u have to save mihika also…

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