Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini comes and apologizes to Manik and says that this will be the first and last time. Manik says that for this mistake one apology is enough but to what happened last night and all those mistakes which you did sorry are not enough for that. Nandini gets scared and asks him of what she did last night while Manik says that when I was dropping you last night we were in our car in the back seat and you…. Nandini stops him and says that by drinking for one day someone’s memory does not get erased. She says that she remembers that nothing happened in the car’s backseat.
Manik says that you would remember to what you did at the stairs when you were feeling hot, and what you did in the canteen when talking about the punch and when we were lying on the top of the car and watching the stars. Manik says that he has been thinking about that since last night and can’t get over it. Nandini says that she doesn’t remembers anything and decides to leave when Manik holds her and says that if you don’t remember anything than how can you say that nothing happened between us.
He asks her to tell of how she can tell that nothing happened. Nandini replies saying that she trusts him that’s why. Manik let’s go and just looks at her with a stare of disbelief. Nandini is leaving again when Manik says that now we’ll according to my time as you came late, 7 pm at my house. She says that she agrees and Manik asks her that who had given her the drink she drank last night. Nandini says that she can’t remember and agrees to tell him as quick as she knows.
Dhruv is about to leave when Aliya comes in and brings new clothes for Dhruv as a test number two. Dhruv says that he doesn’t feels right about this as if she wants to select him than she can do it like this as well. Aliya says that I am not telling you to change yourself as all I am telling is for you to change your clothes. Dhruv puts on different clothes and when one comes to Aliya’s choice she decides to give Dhruv a haircut though he tried to escape from it.
Muktii is asking Cabir of why Manik was dancing with Nandini. Cabir tells her to chill as it could be a crazy idea of Rose. Aliya comes in introducing Dhruv and Muktii and Cabir are shocked to see him. Muktii says that what have done and asks Aliya of the reason. Aliya says that musicana is coming and she is starting to give everyone a makeover. Cabir proposes that Muktii should also get a haircut when she gets into a conversation with Cabir. Manik comes in and looks at Cabir and says that what happened to you. Muktii explains the story but Manik is still in doubt and the start to discuss about musicana.
The Fab5 starts to practice when Manik comes and asks Dhruv if all of this is about musicana. Dhruv says that Aliya has a lot of free time so she is torturing me. Nandini is trying to remember of who gave her the drink and succeeds. Navya comes to the college but is hesitant she remembers how everyone laughed at her and says that everyone would laugh at her. She decides to leave when Harshad comes and holds her hands and asks her of why she isn’t going inside. He drags her inside and confirms to her that no one will laugh. He says that he’ll do anything for her when she starts to smile and the go inside.
Two girls in the cafeteria are talking about Harshad and says that why doesn’t Navya understand that Harshad won’t fall for her. When suddenly Harshad and Navya come inside holding hands and walk away while looking for someone. Navya waves at one of the girls sitting there who is her roommate. Dhruv comes and talks to Nandini and she asks him of who gave him the drink last night without noticing any change in him. He asks her of what happened when Nandini lies saying that the drink was very tasty and is just curious. Dhruv remembers and says that the drink belonged to Cabir and says that he’ll ask him. Nandini says that there is no need as he won’t tell anything she would want to know. Nandini leaves saying that she has some work while Dhruv looks at his clothes in disappointment.
Nandini prays to the lord of asking why she even tries to lie. She then turns around and realizes the change in Dhruv and says that this looks nice on you. Dhruv smiles and Nandini asks him of who it is. Dhruv is confused and Nandini explains that guys only dress up like this when there is a new story in their life. Dhruv says that do you think that any girl would fall for me; Nandini says that you are the nicest guy and if she doesn’t fall for you then she is retarded. Just before leaving she says that if you go in front of a girl like this, then she will definitely fall for you leaving Dhruv in smiles.
The Fab5 stops their practice and Manik says that he is going to the canteen and if anyone wants anything. Muktii says that she is very hungry and will have anything while Cabir says that he’ll have a strawberry milkshake. Manik says to him that why don’t I bring something else like a cheese cake as well. Cabir replies saying that he is not that hungry but would like a cheese cake. He then realizes that he won’t bring all those and Manik tells him to come with him.
When they leave Cabir starts to talk about gender equality. Manik mocks him and says that someone spiked a drink last night and says that you would have to be care full from now on. Cabir says that he was fine as nothing happened while Manik says that you are lucky as you didn’t drink it. Manik tells him that this could be done by Harshad only. Cabir says that we’ll have to do something of that man while Manik says that if we do than his doubt will turn into a confirmation. He tells Cabir to be extra care full and says that I have your back as well.
Nandini is still wondering that why would Cabir spike Dhruv’s drink and wonders of what she will do of telling Cabir or Manik. Raghav comes and says to Cabir that meeting like this is dangerous while Cabir explains him of the tale. Raghav says that this is not a big deal and it wasn’t a big deal. The get into a fight while Cabir calms him down and tells him to think radically and says that I have an idea. He says that we should tell everyone about our relationship and their friends will fright for them. Nanidni hears this conversation and is completely amazed.

Precap: Nandini tells Manik as she knows about Cabir and Manik just looses it and warns her not to say a word about it and take it to her grave.s

Update Credit to: Sona

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