Jamai Raja 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sid trying to console Roshni and asking her not to keep a grudge on her father. He asks her to think her parents were couple. Roshni says her father left them long ago when they needed him and did not return till now, so her opinion against him will never change and walks out from there. Sid thinks he will reunite her wit her dad.

Simran comes to Sid’s room, finds him missing and thinks he must have gone for jogging with Raj. She goes out, sees Raj coming back from jogging and asks him about sid. Raj does not speak to her and gets into his room asking servant to keep his juice in his room. Simran asks servant about Sid who says he did not return since yesterday.

Mona thanks Sid for controlling the issue so well and says naani is still upset, but she is happy everything is getting back to normal. She calls her brother Mr. Patel. Sid says Patel is her elder brother. Mona says he left them alone, but DD instead of kicking her, Kesar, and Bablu out took care of them and she respects DD more than her brother.

Kesar stops Roshni from entering her dad’s room. Roshni says she does not like that man in her house and wants him out right now. Sid interferes and asks her to calm down and says her dad will go out and complain against DD. Roshni says he has to confront his daughter before that. Sid asks him to be humanitarian and says he will not send uncle out. DD comes and says she has decided to send Shiv to rehab center. Sid calls her sasumom and asks how can she do that. DD asks till yesterday he was calling her ex-sasuma and asks her to keep away from her family matters.

Roshni goes to Biji’s room as a caretaker. Biji asks why is she upset. Simran enters with Biji’s clothes and says she has a personal caretaker who is charging more, so she should get work from her.

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DD packs Shiv’s bag for rehab center and says he may not need much. He says he does not need even those as he is not going to rehab and starts flirting with her. She shouts to stop. He says he will go back if she completes yesterday’s dance. She helplessly starts dancing with him. Sid enjoys their dance. Naani enters and asks Shiv to stay away from her daughter and takes Dd from there. Sid thinks naani spoils the show always, but he will reunite sasuma and sasurji.

Simran enters washroom to add clothes into washing machine, but Biji silents enters before her and switches it off. Biji tells Roshni she taught her saas a lesson. Roshni does not smile at all. Biji asks what happened. Roshni says her mom told that her papa is alive. Biji asks her not to get tensed as time will heal everything. Roshni says her dad was away from her for 23 years and not there when needed and she had to suffer and got divorced. Biji asks her to calm down.

Naani tells Sid that DD has spoken to doc and she wants this man out from this house. Shiv asks which man she is talking about and says everyone have names here and jokes. Naani walks out angrily. Roshni comes and Shiv tries to speak to her, but she does not. He says he will prepare tea for everyone and goes to kitchen. Sid asks Roshni to speak to her father before he goes to rehab.

Precap: Roshni sees her dad remembers everything and asks why did he lie. He tries to speak, but she shouts not to.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I really love this track !!!

  2. good episode but writers it is about time you deal with simran let raj divorce her for what she did to sid and roshini and as for ugly vamp kritika get rid of her too let simran see what she did doing her daughters bidding was soooooooooo wrong something is definitely wrong with kritika she needs to be admitted into a mental institution so that she can get the help she needs and then maybe she will be a normal person again

  3. Nice
    much interesting

  4. I really do not know what part of the human race Kritika belongs to.She does not look like she is a female.Her face always show evil in it.Further more she can be eliminated from the show as her husband.Sumran has shocked me so badly that I cannot stand her changed character,Roshni needs to calm down because at the end of the day ,he is her daddy.

  5. I think kritika de vamp is an alien is is from mars

  6. Well this will be hard for Sid to reunited them with shiv maybe while he try to do that he n roshni will reunited to slowly and the truth will be out every1 will know that simran n kriktia was behind sid divorcing roshni
    But love the way raj n sid treating simran but i think she desevre more raj shld divorce her n left her alone n go away sid he is big enough to take his own desicions so he can go n live by his self n left she n her so called daughter to suffer

  7. Raj ignoring Simran….lmao. Good for her!!!!

  8. Anybody from Guyana who do u guys think is going to win the election

  9. Roshini is playing her part well… dad is a person who is there for you when you are growing up. So Roshini being angery is expected and realistic. as a child, you would have so much pent up anger towards a father who didn’t care enough to come find them or provide for them.
    i’m sure the story will be one of self hate and how he could not come show his face after his son died, but he had another child… and he needs to feel and expect that wrath from both his wife and his daughter.

  10. Anybody from guyana who do u guys think is going to win the election please reply somebody any body

  11. Marie Raphael

    Its only natural, Roshani should be happy her dad is alive, and whatever he did he didn’t do it off his own will DD Expression from the flashback look like she wanted him to leave. And Roshani should love her father because and mother they give life to her. But its very sad and hurtful to grow up without a dad.. She should at least try to get to know her dad. I wish if I was her, because I wish my dad was alive. 🙁 even though he did wrong things to us we forgive him and loved him. Roshani should do the same.

  12. Alana williamson

    am from Trinidad

  13. I’m not from Guyana, but my co-worker is. She said that it seems that the Opposition party has won, but the government (outgoing party) is challenging and wants a re-count of the ballots.

  14. Raj should give both Simran and Kritika a hard slap, so hard that they’ll for to the ground with their face swollen. Raj should divorce Simran as giving her the silent treatment is not enough for what she did. Both mother and daughter should be kicked out from the house!!! They must suffer like hell for causing the split between Sid and Roshni.

    Roshni’s anger towards her dad is justified. He wasn’t there when the family needed him the most. He must suffer like hell before his family members can accept him back into the family. DD suffered so much for the family. Roshni should support her mother in this matter and as for Sid, he should back off!!

  15. ★♥★kanisha★♥★

    all r performing their act very welllllll…. but roshni kum se kum sid se achhe se baat karo na plz…..
    and sid well done in giving the name to your sasurpop, waahh Mr. X…. nice hah…
    and also raj , well done … ignore her…. every time what she(sim) thinks , is she a maalik of whole house…. every thing is earned by raj&sid not by u OK ……. and simran Ji aap apni saasumaa (biji) ki baat mana karo OK…..

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