Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Radha giving an interview to the media and says Kabir takes good care of her and has always treated her like friend. Kabir holds Radha and poses for pics. LD gets angry, but controls his anger. Radha senses his displeasure. Kabir tells Radha that this is for our chemistry. He holds her closer. LD is jealous and pulls Radha towards him. Just then a photo frame falls near Radha. LD says he saw the frame falling and rescue her. Kabir cancels the conference and apologizes to the media.

Jayshree comes to Dada ji’s room and says just do it. She holds the knife and says you are gone now. Dada ji sees her holding knife and eyeing him angrily. Chameli informs Sadhna to come fast. Sadhna is shocked. Dada ji try to speak. Jayshree asks him to shut up and says I will end your life today. Dada ji gets shocked and tries to shout. Kabir says you would have signed me to save Radha, as I was never her. Now I get the point, you wanted to touch my heroine. LD says he saved her because of humanity. Kabir says good job. You did the right thing, thank you. He holds Radha’s hand and says you did a big favor on me. You don’t know what she means to me. LD says he gets money for this work and it is his job. Kabir hugs him and says well said. He says I will get you write dialogues for my next film. He says lets’ go for dinner together. LD refuses. Kabir says you can’t refuse my heroine.

Radha asks LD to join them for dinner and also asks him to bring his girl friend. She says I know there must be someone special in your life. Jayshree is about to stab Dada ji. Chameli calls everyone. Dada ji is shocked. Everyone rushed there. Jayshree scolds Chameli for ruining her plan, says she wanted to shock Dada ji and make him fine. Sadhna is shocked and asks Dada ji to get well soon for everyone else their family will be shattered.

Kabir asks LD not to refuse his heroine’s demand. He asks him not to show footage and says you are getting a chance to dine with me and my super hot heroine. LD refuses and says he has some rules. Kabir asks do you know what you are saying? LD says I am refusing your heroine. She is nothing to me. Kabir says you are crossing limits now. Someone said right, that servants should be treated like a servant only. He says he will terminate his security company contract. LD asks him to do it. Shivani says why you both are fighting. Radha stops LD and says only he will take care of my security. LD looks on.

Radha says how can you fire someone who has saved my life. She says we can’t fire him, as it will be wrong. Kabir agrees to let LD do the job. He kisses Radha on her forehead and hugs her, keeping his hand on her shoulder. LD fumes, but controls his anger. Kabir says LD is with us, with my Radha. LD leaves from the place. Kabir asks Radha to pack her bags and leave for Mumbai. He says it is an order. Radha says but….Kabir says I can’t afford to lose you. Shivani thinks whatever happened is good, she can now concentrate on her career.

Jayshree and Neha are working in the kitchen. Jayshree asks Neha to help her as something has fallen in her eyes. Neha smiles and says she is enjoying the drama. She says I did a mistake by trusting you. Jayshree says why you are blaming me. I dream about money even after sleeping. Neha says she made plan to get the plan and it is not for weak heart’s people. She says we will make everyone sleep and then go away with the money. Jayshree asks do you think Radha is a donkey. She says she is the owner and won’t give us anything, if we get caught. Neha thinks Radha won’t give us anything. Jayshree thinks Neha is very clever.

Radha is packing her stuff and recalls Kabir and LD’s fight. She thinks whenever she is in problem, LD comes to her rescue. She gets sad thinking about LD’s girlfriend. LD is reminiscing Kabir holding Radha and thinks why he gets tensed whenever she is in problem. He thinks he won’t let her play with his feelings. He comes to his room and looks at Radha.

Radha tells Shivani that she will hide the money in safe place. Neha hears them and steals the money. She gets happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I love LD

  2. I am in love with this show. I miss it due to working crazy hours. LD & Radha belong with each other. I am upset that Shivani lied to Radha.

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