Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kabir and nisha tell cousins and sourabh that sumit must have hide the jwellery in virajs house,sourabh says but its risky,kabir says we have to take a chance,suku says and how will u go to virajs house and find it,kabir shares a plan.
Jwala says nisha bro I think dolly di is in big trouble,nisha says I know come lets go meet her,kabir sourabh suku leave for plan, jwala says sumit jiju has taken her mobile and he doesn’t leave her for a minute alone,nisha says come lets go.
Ramesh is upset abt nisha hiding everything, laxmi says don’t doubt her just support her at this moment, ramesh says but what abt three month marriage, laxmi says I have seen in their eyes both love eachother and abt kabir we know kabir didn’t do the robbery,ramesh says I know but the marriage thing,laxmi says agreed they are at fault but we have to be with them instead of against them, see nisha is in problem and she needs us and so I am going to her.
Nisha jwala go to meet dolly,they see her in market with sumit, sumit is holding dollys hand,viraj is working out in his house,viraj sees that electricity has gone in his house.suku gives money to a guy and says the light shd come after one hour,viraj complaints that his lights aren’t working theres no electricity,kabir disguises as electrician and goes to virajs house.
Viraj shows kabir the fuse box,kabir goes there and acts as if he is working on that,viraj asks how long will it take,kabir says sir I have to check other connections as well, viraj says ok go check,kabir goes upstairs to virajs room and starts searching everywhere for jwellery,he gets a call from sourabh that in 10 mins lights will be on,viraj starts climbing stairs to go upstairs and kabir opens the drawer where there is virajs childhood pic but kabir doesn’t look at it as he is diverted by nishas picture.
Laxmi goes to nishas house,seeing it locked she calls nisha,but nisha doesn’t pick it up so calls kabir but even he doesn’t pick,laxmi keeps trying both of them and is worried,nisha picks call,laxmi asks nisha are u ok,nisha says yes we are fine I will call u later,nisha and jwala are spying on sumit and dolly,sumit gets a call and goes away,nisha and jwala run to dolly,dolly says nisha I am sorry,nisha says I know its fine not now just tell what did sumit jiju do,before dolly could say something sumit comes.
Kabir hears footstep and acts as if checking the box and seeing viraj says ur work is done the light will be there soon,viraj checks that lights are working,viraj says thanku,kabir abt to leave,viraj stops him,and gives him money, kabir leaves.sumit says oh nisha and jwala any work or spying on me and starts laughing,nisha says dolly di plz tell we all are with u don’t worry don’t be scared, sumit says ok dolly u chat with cousins I will meet ur dad and show him important pics,dolly says enough nisha don’t u understand I have nothing to say and abt yesterday I know nothing, and now plz leave us alone,just go,nisha says ok I shall leave and sumit jiju listen to my story few years back two friends where going on exam and the younger friend fell of the bike and the elder one wrote the younger ones paper,the elder one failed but was happy for the younger one and listen we cousins are always together and will prove u over strength we are strong together and nothing alone and dolly di we all are with u and will always stand by u may what come and fight with anyone anyone,sumit says nisha if ur speech is over we shall go and u better concentrate on ur time and ur 3 month husband,sumit gets a call and he says yes its with me see u in evening,jwala and nisha hear that.
Kabir and sourabh at home,kabir says I found nothing, sourabh says its fine,kabir says but it was my only chance,nisha comes and asks did u get anything,kabir says no,kabir says we have no time what are we gonna do god knows ,nisha says kabir u wont be jailed,sourabh says nisha u talk I will get u water,nisha says I heard sumit jiju saying he has everything with him and meet in evening.

PRECAP:dolly says nisha sumit did the evening meeting call purposely to confuse and trap kabir,nisha says but kabir left,dolly says call him back soon.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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