Do you like DD’s love-past track in Jamai Raja?

Durga Devi/DD is on her way to home when a man meets with an accident against her car. At the same time, Siddharth reaches the spot and attends to the man. He fills a little bit of courage in DD’s heart as he tells her that that the man is alive. DD recognizes the man as her estranged husband Shiv, who left her about 23 years ago. Siddharth also explains to DD to take the man to her house, otherwise this accident can lead to a police case. The man is then shifted to DD’s house and a doctor is called by Siddharth.

The stranger is at DD’s home, where he is seen spoiling the salad that was decorated for the party. DD spots the stranger and starts scolding him. DD throws a party at her home and invites all her friends and acquaintances over for a good time. Simran Khurana stops Sid from visiting DD’s party to meet Roshni but in vain. She then commands the stranger to get back in his room and not to show up at the party. Later, Siddharth too shows up at the party and is questioned by DD about his appearance at the party.

Siddharth and Roshni dance and flirt with each other. After their dance, DD and Shiv too dance with each other. While on the other hand, Raj is on his way to DD’s home along with DD’s mother. When DD’s mother reaches home, she finds DD dancing with Shiv. She immediately takes DD aside, where she asks her as to why did she bring Shiv to the house. She further asks DD as to how would she hide this matter from Roshni, but are left shocked when they find Roshni hearing their conversation. DD gives up her efforts to keep the secret and informs Roshni that the man is her father. Roshni reacts angrily at DD’s silence and asks her why she lied to her that her father was dead. Roshni packs her bag and starts walking out of the house to live with her father. Sid stops Roshni and pacifies her. DD then reveals Shiv’s flashback to Roshni and the reason why she left him. She tells Roshni that she and Shiv had fallen in love with each other and had ran way and got married. They had a son followed by daughter (Roshni). Shiv was a lecturer at a college and had indulged in a strike for himself and his colleagues. He had stopped earning, which led his family to starve. Do you like DD’s love track in Jamai Raja? Let us know in this poll.

  1. I think it’s SHIV PATEL not SHIVPATHI!!!!!☺

  2. ★♥★kanisha★♥★

    yessss of course …its great to see DD’s love track … and by the way nice jodi…. durga-shiv …..after all she is our jamai raja’s saasu-mom…. but sad for sid bcoz now again he has to unite roshni&her dad…..
    just love this show…..
    but where is bablu Chachu now …. my whole family is missing him yaar…. now bablu Chachu come back like kesar Chachu OK…. fast…..

  3. ★♥★kanisha★♥★

    😉 🙂 😮 -_-

  4. Of course it will be great to watch DD’s love track

  5. i love this track !!! it shows that DD is a real real woman and not a monster 🙂

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  7. […] Also check ‘Do you like DD’s love-past track in Jamai Raja?’ […]

  8. […] Also check ‘Do you like DD’s love-past track in Jamai Raja?’ […]

  9. Yes, I like this track. It was nice to see DD dancing and still seemingly comfortable with her husband.

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