Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv saying I got cheated by two women, whom I loved, who were my world, one is my mother, who got me to this house which made me helpless, and other woman is that who did not have belief on my love to wait for some time, who got married to Ramakant’s son. Vividha asks him to listen. He asks what will happen now, you both have killed me, what is left now. He cries out his pain. Vividha and Sujata cry. He goes out of the house. Vividha asks him to stop. Atharv leaves on the bike. Vividha says where did he go. Ravish comes home. Vividha tells him that Atharv left and asks him to get him. Ravish rushes in his car and follows Atharv.

Atharv recalls Sujata and Ramakant’s words. Atharv drives in high speed. He hits a stone and falls down the bike. Ravish comes to him and calls out Atharv. Atharv stays angry. Ravish asks are you fine Atharv, I know its tough for you to listen and understand, just once listen to me, atleast being a brother, please. Atharv turns and angrily hits Ravish. Ravish bleeds and cries.

Ravish asks Atharv to listen. Atharv punches his face again. Ravish does not defend and gets beaten up by his elder brother. Atharv kicks him down. Ravish falls on the ground. He gets up. Atharv beats him badly. Ravish sees his bleeding. He says if you are done, will you listen to me now. Atharv hits him more. Suraj tera gardish mein hai…..plays……… Atharv gets tired of beating him, and sits down crying. Ravish looks at him. Vividha, Suman and Sujata come there. Suman sees Ravish’s injured state and gets angry on Atharv. Ravish says no Maa, this matter is between two brothers, none will come between us, even I would have done this if I was in his place. Atharv asks Vividha to go and manage her husband, he needs her more.

Ravish says this wound, pain and blood are nothing compared to the pain that’s in Atharv’s eyes now, the pain to hate the one whom you loved, the pain to misunderstand Sujata and Vividha, you have to know complete truth, its important. Atharv refuses to listen to him. Vividha says you have to listen, the day of our marriage, I came running to temple. FB shows the old moments. Atharv recalls.

Suman cries and says Vividha is saying right. She tells what Kailash did. She says we felt Ramakant decided this proposal, so we accepted it. Sujata tells what Ramakant told her. She says Kailash told everyone that Ramakant wanted Vividha to marry Ravish. Vividha says I could not refuse, as Kailash said you will be alive till our Ravish-Vividha’s relation stays alive. Atharv holds his head. Suman says we made Vividha marry Ravish, we all did not know truth.

Ravish says I got to know your condition, to take care of you and to make you get your rights, I got you and Sujata to Delhi. Vividha says when you came in front of me…. She tells him everything that happened after they met again. She says when we came face to face, I told all the truth to Ravish. Atharv looks at Ravish. Vividha says after knowing all this, Ravish wanted to unite you and me. Suman says its true, our relations are complicated, we had hatred between us, I have hated you and Sujata, but we went through such phase in life that the strength of relations overpowered the hatred, you have entered out hearts, Ravish’s Dada ji has hatred for him in his heart, he did not wish you to stay with us, he tried to kill you and Vividha too. Atharv recalls the moments and gets mentally tired.

Vividha says its not Ravish and Suman’s mistake, they did a lot for you, especially Ravish, he is your step brother, but loves you more than an own brother, I have seen him becoming a kid along you, he has fed you, he made you sleep. FB shows Ravish and Atharv’s moments. Gae jaa…..plays………. Vividha says Ravish gave respect to Sujata like his mum, situation was bad, it was not their mistake, we can’t hurt any of them Atharv. Atharv sits crying.

Its morning, Atharv and Sujata come with bags. Suman asks where are they going. Atharv says we are going to our home, the land is calling us, you all did many favors on us which we can’t repay. Dadi says this is also your house. Atharv says this is not our house, situation got us here, our real house is one which is made by Sujata’s hardwork, my house is one where cows are regarded family, not animals, the city where hard earned food is regarded everything, we are leaving. Adaa stops him and asks him not to go. Atharv says Ajmer is not much far from Delhi, you can come to my house anytime, I will make you meet my cows. Adaa asks really. He says yes, you are my friend, you should come there. Sujata hugs Dadi Bua and Suman. Kalindi turns away. Ravish comes and stops Atharv. He says you can go, but not by leaving Vividha here.

Ravish says you are going without Vividha. Suman says marriage is not a joke. Vividha says fine this marriage is a problem, so I will end the problem right away. He wipes Vividha’s sindoor, shocking everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. feeling sad for both ravish and our beloved arthav .the scene I liked and was crying when arthav was hitting ravish when and he didn’t raised hand on his bro attu. I love their bromance .arthav today he nailed it OMG his expression when he was crying and made us cry. wow superb no words to say for attu . .guys I have a question when ravish kidnapped where was vithav I mean Ajmer or dehli. sorry for long comments I can’t control my self when it comes to arthav. sorry but pliz answer do

  2. I hate u atharv . U have beaten ravish even though he kept his cool . That is the difference between u and ravish. U jump into conclusions. Precap seems interesting but I do not want that to happen . But ravish u deserve a better girl. After all vividha is not faithful. Waiting for tom episode

    1. Latha don’t be so hyper and don’t dare to use abusive language towards atharv.i know u r a mad fan of ravish but it doesn’t mean u can say anything towards atharv.
      And ur personal God ravish also slapped atharv unnessassirly before on that way ravish must deserves the tight slap from atharv.so by regarding ravish fault towards atharv when atharv was in ill stage atharv is absoltly right atharv.well done atharv???

    2. @sparkle oh really u hate atharv .no problem keep continuing.bcz atharv has no need of ur love.there are lakh of people to love atharv so actually here is no more spaces to accommodate u for loving atharv.it is good u leave willingly.
      And don’t forget to love ravish God. Kk

  3. Hiii…. Fans today’s episod was wow!!
    Dear fans ek baat kahungi yhan plz don’t mind..
    Jo sab vitharv ko support karte hai they r real fans of vitharv & i really respect them from my heart ❤ but who r scolding vividha or ravish with out understanding their situation they guys are really fool. & they have to learn from ravish that what is real or true love.
    And there is no doubt that they r not true fans of vitharv they r just a good friends of vikram.
    Star plus ki nayi sochch to hume samajh ata hai ki ….
    Step brothers main itna pyar
    Or sautan ko behn banadia lekin viewers ke sochch nehi badal paya.
    Jo humesa ravish character ke bare main ulta bolte hai unko mere ek request hai ki plz apne sochch ko naya karo i mean unchcha karo.
    Ravish i have no words to explain ur mahanata ??

    1. Hai pinky I think this is also one of the naye sochh ( step brothers kind) but I thing writers will tell something new sochh later. I don’t know that how? That is we may understand in upcoming episodes. Buy good night

  4. Sweetuishkara

    now I am sure that atharva will sacrifice vividha for ravish because he told in today’s episode he can’t repay the favours of them

  5. Ravish u r really ultimate .

  6. After seeing today episode I think writers want to portray Atharv negatively….first when he talk rudely with vivdha den beating ravish ..in new spoiler it is written in kidnapping drma Atharv will help ravish unwillingly due to vivdha insitances and he will feel vivdha inclinations towrd ravish ……..i think makers are try to make ravish main lead therefore det are spoiling Atharv character…………If its us true make ravish main lead bt plz don’t spoil atahrv character.

  7. May be kk will be back in few episodes..?

  8. O god…atharv will nt accept vividha..ye news true hai kya?:-(@xyz and renu..u both hv given nice comments..Bt yes dey would hv shwn others way of justifying ravishs lv fr his brother..felt bed fr ravish nd ofcourse wonderfull acting by both of dem.Vikku

  9. Itzz kk guyzz i think this triangle love story will continue…for a while itz the story of love Through empowerment now the story will end by union of vivi with ravish and atharv living unmarried with the memories of good times of his life with vivi…it conveys us a good message that if v sincierly love one person their happiness,sorrow and everything will be ours if vivi loves ravish atharv will definitely move on for vivis happiness that is real heroism…

  10. I’m happy today eps is very nice ,I’m not from indian I’m kurdish bout I like indian drama the best I don’t andrustand very good in Indian lunguge I jast read written updates ,I’m vithra fan and ravish is good brother but I don’t like his brother beat him like that but I understand atharv because he think that ravish have evry think dads love and know hi has vivi I know his misunderstand the stations but for ever vithra I love them

  11. Disgusting girl this vividha…the show will nw show that vividha had started luvng ravish…wow..!b4 3 months she use 2 luv atharv like anything n jst in 3months she 4got atharv…well done…it’s nw conform that vividha had only sympathy towards atharv

  12. Eva1

    My opinion is that Vitharv belong to each other and they wil be together anyhow so for that reason I’m not going to comment on this matter. But I want to know when somebody is going to tell the police and Atharv who hit him with a hammer and also want to see what Vividha is going to do when she faces kk and Atharv also. Guys remember the scene when kk acted and wanted Atharv to smear his face with the cow’s dunk and Atharv was seriously going to but I think he didn’t because of Vividha so kk did it himself… Now is the time for them both to do it together when they see him .

  13. All r seeing ravish mahanatha…but atharav ko kithne baar maaratha ravish ne…blame kiyatha….u people didnt notice dat…he blamed on guddis murder…also who ravish ko support karare …u should know dis…and vividha u stick with ravish only…..our atharav dnt want u….writers aur ek ache female lead ko leke ayiye atharv ke liye …plz

  14. we know ravish is so grtt..
    but we don’t understand what do you people wanna prove after we accepted ravish is a grt personality??
    what do you wanna tell us you people can tell directly…

  15. Guys are you listen this news.
    ravish will kidnapped by terrerists.
    atharv and vividha will save the ravish.
    In that period vividha will fall for ravish????????????

  16. ravish also beaten atharv but ravish is a gentleman so they don’t consider that…
    atharv is a normal human and he has beaten ravish willingly right that’s why they all are scolding atharv..

  17. todayz epi roking atharv powerful action his anger everything was super but i felt sad for ravish..some people talking abt atharvs character wat he did wrong he was in so much anger ravish also beaten atharv for 2 times without any atharvs mistake.. atharv return all his things wat he did for atharv..atharv also leaves vivi for ravish..both are good..so plz dont blame atharv..

  18. Hlooooooo
    Cn I also join ?
    I’m a huge fan of vitharv?

    1. Welcome dear @Anuj

  19. Hloooo
    Cn I also join????

    I’m a huge fan of vitharv

    I ws a slnt reader…bt I decided to cmnt…

    Today’s episode was nice…
    Atharv’s pain??
    Hope vitharv will be the end game??

    1. Dimpurose11234

      Hiii welcome

      1. Thnku


    Kal to atharva ko pakka vividha ko apne sath hamesha ke liye le jane dijiye writter jee. Aur hamesha ke liye atharva ko vividha ki bana dijiye. Ravish ke life me koi aur ladki la dijiyega. Plz. Samajhiye meri feelings.

  21. Eswari ji nd pinky ji aap dono ke soch se meri soch milti h bht..Eswari ji aap jo bolte h ravish ke liye hm bhi wahi bolna chahte h yr just thinking the way mine…..

    1. Thanks @khusi 4 understand our thoughts… ??

    2. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  22. @suman

    1. S vividha used hum for ravish also but as a family. She never used hum wn atharv is der. Again don’t misunderstand my opinion, saying how mean vividha is. N after atharv funeral, she declared her as atharv widow. Because she feels her self dead from inside. How can she stay with ravish. So she want to move out of ravishs life. N she closed her eyes wn ravish wiped her sindoor but she didn’t object. She couldn’t see directly into ravishs eyes, it proves her guilt for ravish as she is reason behind his pain. I can only say d feeling what vividha having for ravish is respect, guilt n ehsaan he did for baby atharv.

      1. I can’t explain much. But wt I am saying is vividhas feelings for ravish n atharv r entirely different. Their roles r not interchangeable in vividhas life. She can’t give atharvs place to anyone in her life. Staying together won’t effect their feelings. Ramakant is example here. Sujatha was not in his life anymore. Even though he couldn’t forget her. Y. Den how can vividha. As vividha is woman she need to be soo flexible so dat whenever society, family n situation demands she need to forget her feelings for atharv n move on with ravish. How is dis justified. According to u marriage is greatest thing even if it is forced, den y Suman always accuses ramakant. Y u want ravish to stand in place of Suman. How can it be justified. I feel ramakant n vividha standing in same place n situation. But ramakant is coward so he made triangle along with kids to suffer. Vividha is not coward. As a woman she may feel guilt but she never takes ramakants place.

      2. Very clear explanation suman ji. Totally agreed with u . I have seen some pics that vitharva at thabela . Vividha without sindhoor and Ms.The end game is VITHARVA only..?

  23. Atharv is good and he is the best he believed everyone blindly that was his mistake. But acter seeing that dance scene of vivi with ravish i felt like beating ravish the gr8 mahn but my hero atharv did it luv u atharv ravish is the main villian he is spoiler as before i said ravish is trying to act like mahn for getting love and sympathy of vivi..

    1. @puja u r rt…i thk ravish is acting to get vividha sympathy… this stupid vividha dnt knw who is rt or who is wrng…bewakoof ladki…i didnt see such a stupid female mainlead till nw in any serial…she didnt even analyse his father…how can find ravish?

      1. Do you know anyone who is worth praising in this serial (except atharv)??
        U are even insulting his lady love nd life.. I thnk ure too good to watch this serial..

    2. @Pooja ji wow!!!!!!!!
      Yaar kahan ravish mahan hai???
      Aap or aap ki sochch ke samne ravish to kuch bhi nehi… Great ho aap jo aab bhi ravish ko villian mante ho.. ??

  24. Only vivi and atharv … Love ur jodi rab ne bana di jodi.. ravish plzz go and find some othr girl…

  25. Vivi plzz be vividha atharv sujatha don’t be vividha ravish vashist dont hurt atharv dont do this to him.. Atharv is real hero for u vivi..

  26. Today’s episode was a bit much and jarring to say the least.

    What was Suman on about today.
    Today Arthav Sujata showed Vashtish family that he is a very hardworking, self-sufficient person. Someone who don’t take advantage of people’s hospitality.
    He showed them he has a heart and he was not born with a golden spoon in his mouth.
    He made them to realise he was content and happy with the little has.

    Having Said that, writers need to get a grip of these characters! A bit of too much is very detrimental. Again the beating of Ravish today was a bit excessive.

  27. Vividha fall for ravish…is it true? But what abt atharav… he did many things for vividha…what abt the promises..and what abt the ramakanth last wish….vividha always said meri zindagi atharv se shuru hui aur atharav se hi katham hojayegi…. if she fall for ravish ..there is no meaning of those proMises and powerful dialogues..vasisht family have to fulfill the ramakanth last wish ..athav aur vividha ka shadi

    1. No dear. Vividha not falling for ravish. Always vitharv only

  28. Only vitharva…plz unite atharv and vividha..they r soulmates

  29. Eswari and Pinki I am with u friends. Captain ravish…bas aur kuch nai.

    1. @shruti thanks

    2. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  30. She does nt have a practice of standing on promises.do nt worry .she will break any promise if she wants.

  31. Lovely episode. Great moments of Athava and Ravish – brought tears to my ey.

  32. No hope for Vitharv . If Vividha likes Ravish than y she is doing drama tht she luves only Atharv and y she is crying when Ravish wipes off her sindoor . Atharv vl sacrifice her love . Y Atharv is back if Vitharv don’t unite ?????? Director ji Vitharv fans vl nt watch this show if Ravidha unites . Y always Atharv hs to suffer ???? Feeling very bad for Atharv I cnt see his pain ????????????.

  33. Ravish is such a cool person. I’d rather be with someone who is soft hearted as Ravish as opposed to someone as angry and dangerous as his brother

    1. Yeah..ravish is cool person…And Our Atharv was an angry young man.
      But what about..Ravish words,he said if he is in Atharv’s place he would have done same…
      so ur loved Ravish understood Atharv’s Angry But u didn’t???????????????????

  34. amitabh bacchan

    Actuall this is thw wrst serial of str pls. If vivi chooses atha rv, thn i would be a apman to indian culture, indian narriage system. If she chooses ravish, it would be a great apman to love, true love. Moreover, the bad will win over the good. Kailash’s plan will succed.
    N if vivi unites with ravish, then what will be the significance of thecname jaaana na dil se door. Makers, it would be better if you chanfe the name to ” dil se door jaona,plz”
    Plz unite vitharv. If ravish is the problem then, kill him. Just unite the hero and heroine of the serial.

  35. Dragging director

  36. Hi friends how are you all ? Good morning ?

    My college has started so I can’t comment but if I find time I will surely comment ?

    1. Hi..good morning.
      Have a gr8t day..

    2. Good morning Nazneen,fine dear.

    3. Gd mrng njoy in u r clg

    4. Hi nazneen, All d best dear. Definitely we r going to miss u

  37. @suman…Are u sure suman ji….vividha and atharav only

    1. Ha ha. I am not story writer. But I am confident enough vitharv is end game. Because we can clearly observe CVS took utmost care in portraying vitharv relationship. They don’t even dare to spoil wt they created. But ra……….. Vidha case they never showed romantic angle. Some of us assumed dat too as romance. But fact is vividha never accepted her relationship with ravish. She didn’t allow him to touch her. In some situations she might have been allowed like dance in party but dat too she was feeling awkward.

      1. Agree with u @suman….

        Insaan zindagi main doo cheese kabhi nahi bul saktha hai ek ehsaan aur dosra pyar….ehsaan ko tho hum chuka sakthe hai lekin pyar kabhi nahi bhool sakte….chahe pyar koyi galth insaan se bhi hoo hum use nahi bhool sakthe hai magar shaadi agar galth insaan se ho gayi tho hum use thodne/bhoolne ki koshish karenge….aur iss mein ravish galth nahi hey lekin…kya vividha atharv ko bhool sakthe hai…kisiko atharv ki jaga de sakthe hey???

      2. Yeah.. i agree with u suman. all the things(vitharv love track and after marriage) track…till now ..Atharv and vividha roles..proved by making clear view For Vitharv unite.

  38. Enter new female lead for atharv

  39. Guys good morning…. Why u ppl are saying dt atharv will leave vivi… D end game will be Vitharv only… In instagram only Vivi is back in her old avtar.. Without ms, sindoor and she is wearing churidar…so chill… Vitharva will be united fr sure….. @NazneenS Wat r u studying????

  40. Ohh..Come on guys…i too feel bad while Atharv beaten Ravish to hard..But its ok yarrrrr…its just because of angry. that he lost every thing..so the volcano blasted out..
    Anyways…its noting..if we recall How ravish has beaten Atharv many times for all his innocence acts happened in his ill state………..so its the time came for Ravish by his elder bro’s Angry on him…
    these two incidences are just misunderstanding’s.. Here Atharv was not wrong…and Ravish also not wrong that time..
    so stop badmouthing…Atharv,Ravish and Vividha.

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