Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv saying I got cheated by two women, whom I loved, who were my world, one is my mother, who got me to this house which made me helpless, and other woman is that who did not have belief on my love to wait for some time, who got married to Ramakant’s son. Vividha asks him to listen. He asks what will happen now, you both have killed me, what is left now. He cries out his pain. Vividha and Sujata cry. He goes out of the house. Vividha asks him to stop. Atharv leaves on the bike. Vividha says where did he go. Ravish comes home. Vividha tells him that Atharv left and asks him to get him. Ravish rushes in his car and follows Atharv.

Atharv recalls Sujata and Ramakant’s words. Atharv drives in high speed. He hits a stone and falls down the bike. Ravish comes to him and calls out Atharv. Atharv stays angry. Ravish asks are you fine Atharv, I know its tough for you to listen and understand, just once listen to me, atleast being a brother, please. Atharv turns and angrily hits Ravish. Ravish bleeds and cries.

Ravish asks Atharv to listen. Atharv punches his face again. Ravish does not defend and gets beaten up by his elder brother. Atharv kicks him down. Ravish falls on the ground. He gets up. Atharv beats him badly. Ravish sees his bleeding. He says if you are done, will you listen to me now. Atharv hits him more. Suraj tera gardish mein hai…..plays……… Atharv gets tired of beating him, and sits down crying. Ravish looks at him. Vividha, Suman and Sujata come there. Suman sees Ravish’s injured state and gets angry on Atharv. Ravish says no Maa, this matter is between two brothers, none will come between us, even I would have done this if I was in his place. Atharv asks Vividha to go and manage her husband, he needs her more.

Ravish says this wound, pain and blood are nothing compared to the pain that’s in Atharv’s eyes now, the pain to hate the one whom you loved, the pain to misunderstand Sujata and Vividha, you have to know complete truth, its important. Atharv refuses to listen to him. Vividha says you have to listen, the day of our marriage, I came running to temple. FB shows the old moments. Atharv recalls.

Suman cries and says Vividha is saying right. She tells what Kailash did. She says we felt Ramakant decided this proposal, so we accepted it. Sujata tells what Ramakant told her. She says Kailash told everyone that Ramakant wanted Vividha to marry Ravish. Vividha says I could not refuse, as Kailash said you will be alive till our Ravish-Vividha’s relation stays alive. Atharv holds his head. Suman says we made Vividha marry Ravish, we all did not know truth.

Ravish says I got to know your condition, to take care of you and to make you get your rights, I got you and Sujata to Delhi. Vividha says when you came in front of me…. She tells him everything that happened after they met again. She says when we came face to face, I told all the truth to Ravish. Atharv looks at Ravish. Vividha says after knowing all this, Ravish wanted to unite you and me. Suman says its true, our relations are complicated, we had hatred between us, I have hated you and Sujata, but we went through such phase in life that the strength of relations overpowered the hatred, you have entered out hearts, Ravish’s Dada ji has hatred for him in his heart, he did not wish you to stay with us, he tried to kill you and Vividha too. Atharv recalls the moments and gets mentally tired.

Vividha says its not Ravish and Suman’s mistake, they did a lot for you, especially Ravish, he is your step brother, but loves you more than an own brother, I have seen him becoming a kid along you, he has fed you, he made you sleep. FB shows Ravish and Atharv’s moments. Gae jaa…..plays………. Vividha says Ravish gave respect to Sujata like his mum, situation was bad, it was not their mistake, we can’t hurt any of them Atharv. Atharv sits crying.

Its morning, Atharv and Sujata come with bags. Suman asks where are they going. Atharv says we are going to our home, the land is calling us, you all did many favors on us which we can’t repay. Dadi says this is also your house. Atharv says this is not our house, situation got us here, our real house is one which is made by Sujata’s hardwork, my house is one where cows are regarded family, not animals, the city where hard earned food is regarded everything, we are leaving. Adaa stops him and asks him not to go. Atharv says Ajmer is not much far from Delhi, you can come to my house anytime, I will make you meet my cows. Adaa asks really. He says yes, you are my friend, you should come there. Sujata hugs Dadi Bua and Suman. Kalindi turns away. Ravish comes and stops Atharv. He says you can go, but not by leaving Vividha here.

Ravish says you are going without Vividha. Suman says marriage is not a joke. Vividha says fine this marriage is a problem, so I will end the problem right away. He wipes Vividha’s sindoor, shocking everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Yyy atharv beated ravish???
    Wt is his angry???
    Jaldi unite vithav????

    1. It’s like movie “Dharkan” where the lady falls in love with the one she is married to, and forgets her love , hahaha , this writers don’t have anything new but use movie story and add here and there and modify little bit so they can drag

  2. Same precaps . I hate them.

    But Atharv slayed the vashishts.

    THey are dragging the serial and draining us.

  3. Good episode ?.Thank god truth came out ?.
    After 3 months Ravish is going to border ???.
    I hate that Suman idiot ?.
    Atharv should not have beaten Ravish so badly ?.

  4. Ravish bared a lot today…
    Atharv’s anger is like volcano???
    What will happen in tomorrow’s episode..?

  5. Today’s episode was a little over the top!! The writers wanted to justify Ravish’s love for his brother, then I think it could have been done in a far better way.

    Nevertheless, there was a funny dialogue that Suman said to Atharva, that he had secured a soft corner is everyone’s heart ? Really ? SUMAN, we can note the lie there!!

    Well, hopefully nw that most of the crap is out, Ravish and Vividha will finally part ways only for the rightful to happen.

    Meanwhile we r still hoping to find Guddi’s killer.

    1. Again, no clue y my icon is changing ??

    2. Suman s statement is not a lie I guess 🙂 cause… Recall the episode where she saved atharva in the hospital… She too is a mum like sujatha…. Nd I too agree that she is not that social as sujatha ji but still she also had a soft corner for atharva…. ?

  6. This precap always misguided

  7. This precap always misguides..i was so eagerly waiting

  8. Tq ameena di….for the fast update

  9. heart touching scenes.atharva u r fabulous.thanks 4 fast updating.vikram u r wonderful.by the way hai frnds i am new 4 urs family.can i join with u plss…..

  10. Stupid atarav.why u r hit ravish.how dare atarv dirty atarav u have no mind and manners also stupid. Today u proved u are a villain. You have no sense that’s why today u behaves like dog.hello no need vivida.packup and go with vivida.atarav u hit ur father not ravish ok.stupid fellow. Go to hell.today I was cry because of u stupid.u can’t understand ravish because u have no mind.stupid.u have no trust ur love that’s why today u behaves like BIG STUPID. Chi thu

    1. Sweetuishkara

      ohhh we can see if you can’t tolerate stop watching

    2. Dimpurose11234

      Oo ravish is a mahan that’s y he always carried sympathy along with him. But Atharv is normal man that’s y he shows anger, action, eyes expressions. Ravish is good im not blaming him. If u like ravish u build one temple and do pooja kk. Don’t blame Atharv.

    3. Dont blame atharav….his anger is rt …ravish also beat atharav 2 times ok
      ..he blamed once atharav is acting lk baby atharav …but he is not acting….atharav iz not stupid and ravish also…but situation are lk dat…

    4. latha ji mind u r language plz ravish beaten atharv at 2 timez that time atharv ill patient so dont talk abt our atharv ok..

    5. Plz ji ravish hit atharva when he tried to hit sujatha ji unknowingly…. Not like to satisfy his grudge…

    6. @anonymous
      fst of all i have to clear you one thing that is not grudge there is a lot of difference between grudge and anger..
      atharv has extreme feelings and it is his anger and his pain he totally burst out on ravish..
      atharv is wrong in this case but consider correct words pls…

    7. If you are having so much problem then you can stop watching.
      Don’t you dare to use dirty word to Atharv ?

  11. Eva1

    Thanks for the fast update Amena, its appreciated
    At leat the updates are fast , not like the writers who are playing with us showing same pre caps every now and then

  12. Here we cannot blame anyone… Now its time to move out atharv has taken a good decision basically atharv is a good peson and ravish too.. But their relationship is complicated. For atharv everything revolved around his mom and vivi in Ajmer but for ravish he had his father’s mother’s and whole family support since childhood and moreover ravish is a forge.. Athar’s pain made him beat ravish how can atharv control that pain seeing vivi and ravish dancing together in Party.. Even though every truth is revealed in front of Atharv .. Atharv knows Ravish is lieing and he loves vivi and vivi too loves ravish but there are not expressing it openly because of thinking Atharv anyway for atharv he has his mom sujatha and he will forget everything and come back as atharv sujatha…

  13. i like atharv….but today what he had done ia totally wrong…he beats up ravishhhh who had taken care of him even hit by bullet fired by atharv..he has not even said a single word to atharv….and now….see whatt atharv had done….without listening to any one…he beats poor ravish…being an army officer…he didn’t defend himself as he feels that atharv is his brother …..which mean nothing for atharv

  14. Please Atharv take Vividha with u. She is only 4 u. Please reunite atharv and Vividha.

    But on other side I don’t think Atharv will take Vividha. Atharv knows how much Ravish loves her and how much is he sacrificing 4 her.Atharv is a loyal man. He values relationship and know the value of marriage. Then how can he take Vividha along with her.

    Waiting 4 tommorow’s episode. I too wish unity of Atharv and Vividha in their heaven in Ajmer along with Payal, Abhu chacha and all.

  15. chaloo come on start your anger on atharv for beating ravish..
    you got another chance.. and njy..

    1. Ha ha. But even ravish beaten atharv wn he was not in his senses.

    2. ya we know that but there are some mahans who only consider just some things to judge a person this is for them..

  16. vivida’s way of explaining about ravish to atharv is very nice…

  17. Aarthav and vividha I like Ur Jodi but I hate ravish (Mahan aatma)

  18. Plsssssss god unite them soon plssssssssss
    vividha atharva
    Vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  19. that’s my hero ravish.nice episode

  20. Sweetuishkara

    omg so emotional.episode loved it to the core

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