Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki giving a holy thread to Vasu asking her to tie it on Bihaan’s hand. Vasu says okay and goes. She sees Bihaan cleaning the house nameplate, and asks what is he doing? Bihaan says he was cleaning the name plate and it will get its rightful place once he wins the competition. Vasu says you will win surely and asks him to forward his hand. She ties thread on his hand. Bihaan asks Thapki if she is coming and says he has lost right. Thapki says I have to come to see my husband and love winning. Preeti says we shall also go. Balwinder asks Bihaan to come and win the competition. Vasu asks them to go and says she will be coming in sometime. Kabir calls organizer and asks if my work is done. Organizer says it seems to be difficult. Kabir says I have already paid crores of Rs. not to hear no, and asks him to do his work. Organizer says he will try. Kabir thinks Bihaan will not win now and will not get Thapki’s love also.

Thapki is about to go, but suddenly she feels her legs jammed. Vasu asks Thapki if she is ready. Thapki says she couldn’t walk and that her legs are jammed. Vasu asks her to show her legs. Thapki writhles in pain and says she couldn’t walk. Neha says you can’t walk and can’t understand, as I have put your chain ghungroo in the water. Thapki asks Vasu to go and be with Bihaan, says she will call the doctor. Once Vasu goes, Thapki thinks to go there somehow. Sankara says how you will reach there when we couldn’t let you go.

Everyone sits to watch and play the game show. Announcement is made for the 5 crores prize show and asks the participants to answer right fastly to get a chance to sit on hotseat. Thapki says she will go to Bihaan, but she falls down on the floor. Neha smirks and says you can’t walk unless I let you. Sankara says I will go to my Bihaan and asks Neha to come. Thapki asks God to help her and be with Bihaan.

Vasu comes to the place and cheers for Bihaan. Bihaan thinks Thapki haven’t come till now. Host asks all participant to get ready and see the question flashing on their screen. Shraddha asks God to give some intelligence to illiterate Bihaan, else she has to stay in hut with family. Host asks who invented telephone. Shraddha tells Dhruv that Bihaan can’t answer this question. Bihaan wonders who invented telephone. A fb is shown, Bihaan and Thapki are romancing…phone rings. Bihaan asks who made this telephone. Thapki says Graham bell invented it. Bihaan asks what to do knowing this invention. Thapki says info is always useful. She asks him to say who invented it. Bihaan says Graham bell. Host gives options. Bihaan presses the button. Suman says he pressed some button. Host says time is up and checks who have answer rightly fast. He says Bihaan Pandey is the one who have answered first.

Bihaan gets happy. All the family members are happy and claps for him. Bihaan sits on the hot seat, and thinks I am here because of you…thapki, but where are you? He thinks I can’t win without you, where are you…He says you have to come. Sankara tells Neha that they have to reach Bihaan fast, else they will doubt her. Thapki removes her chain and throws it. She starts walking. Sankara is shocked and asks neha how can Thapki walk. Neha says I don’t know how? Sankara asks Neha to kill Thapki. Neha nods. Thapki sits in car and goes.

Host tells that new host and business Kabir Katyal will question Bihaan. Kabir smiles. Bihaan is shocked. Both of them stare each other.

Sankara and Neha are in other car. Sankara asks Neha to kill Thapki fast. Neha says now see what happens with Thapki and her car. She moves the fish bowl, making Thapki’s car to drive unevenly and moving. Thapki is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Interesting episode…I am sure Thapki will reached the place…all the best Bihaan.

  2. I heard the news that bihan is going to win the show? finally some positive thing happen in this super natural show ?

  3. Omg today kabir looked so so so hot and handsome man.o god very nice dressing sense ,he is the new host of game also ,trully gentleman avatar.MIB kabir

    And the hot seat contestant gawaar bihaan is also in suit and boot alas but he is nowhere infront of kabir’s style and education and manners.

    Dressing sense is the mirror of personality so it goes well with kabir but bihaan in suit????covering up his gunda mawali avatar or illiteracy.

    1. Its Graham Bell not Gram Bell LOL

      Absolutely idiotic he got the answer wrong

    2. If you watched the show you’ll know it’s Graham Bell. I think it’s just a typing error by h. Hasan

    3. Nope watching the show they pronounced it Grahm too so whoever wrote this written update got confused which i dont blame him/her for.

    4. To be fair i live in England and most Asian names are difficult for non Asians to pronounce so I actually enjoyed the fact that Asians had trouble pronouncing an English name but least it was spelt correctly on the multiple choice it was just the pronounciation, even though here we usually say Alexander Graham Bell

  4. That stupid kabir is a full, little that he knows that it was his sister who killed her own family. I just hope that nothing happens to thaapki. And those 2 kutties should die, hate them. I just hope that bihan wins and throw the money on that clueless kabir’s face and I also want those 2 psycos to get exposed soon.

  5. Just finish this track……so weird….

  6. CVs pls make Thahaan reunite asap !!

  7. thahaan forever guys i read the Toi spoiler that biHu will win 3 round coz of thapki and soON THAPKI WILL reach the game show

  8. Thahaan will never seperate I’m sure

  9. Manish ki deewani

    Bihu u r selected with the help of ur thapki.but this kabir definitely do something to insult bihaan or he is a cheater ..but still hope that Bihaan u won with thapki ….thahaan complete each other ….thahaan part is sooooo cute.
    This idiot sankra know he to drive a car ….and neha so called mad have everything she also have a toy car
    Kabir one day when u know about all this what should u do that time go away from my bihaan life

  10. Manish ki deewani

    Hello pooja garima vino anu shruti santhosh Bhai Ritz di he r u guys
    Hello kudrat hw r u ….my name is reshal.
    Yr I think suhana di is really busy so don’t worry or enjoying other ff

  11. Vinolin.d

    so stupid precap.rubbish story.totally its illogical evil nonsense part.I hate Sankara and neha.I am so worried.I am thinking to stop reading episode and quiting this show.CVS doesn’t have heart.that’s why they are giving so much pain for thapki.cvs are becoming evil.they doesn’t know about love,family and happyness.tpk is becoming worst story day by day.I am getting scared about leap.

  12. oh my God… I really hate Sankar & Neha.. ??
    I wonder what will Kabir do if he gets to know about Neha’s…??

    I hope Thapki can reach the competition place & support Bihan..

  13. Die for manyasa

    Hey guys me shruti how are u all thahaanians today our bihaan was looking so awesome cutie pie in his black coat and dont worry about precap i read TOI spoilers bihaan will win this show guys type “thapki pyar ki TOI spoilers”on google and u will get upcoming synopsis and my frnds pooja garima rinka ritz vino anu manish ki divani leena lucy shuva sulbi vinni sandy santhosh bhai and all plz read the spoiler and search on google whatever i had written to type and u also get relief so last mein thahaan rocks and i dont want to say but cvs ki jai ho and guys comment plz and yes rinka ur ff is awesome and all ff and os writer u all are fabulos

    1. Hi shruti… yes i’ve read it. I’ve also read the spoiler of telly, it said bihaan will win the game and get the house back. Happy for that.

    2. thank you dear so much….Thahaan_forever

    3. Hi there shruti
      How are you? Yes I’ve read the news. I just hope that all the supernatural track ends soon its getting on my nerves.

  14. I want someone replace fish bowl’s water with new fresh water unknowingly.. so Neha’s black magic stop working.. ?

  15. Stupid movie with no common sense. Writer is stupid and thinks we are too or is trying to make us stupid.

    Show something that will teach people common sense. I don’t understand how people vote for such serials.

  16. I loved today episode from the beginning to the end I felt like Bihaan and thapki never spirit from the beginning ??and thahaan sense ?And when Bihaan answer the question and the family cheer him I was sooo happy ? ?Hoppppping Bihaan win and let kabir get out of the house ?Neha and sanker no word I never see people like them in my life ?
    ❤️Thahaan FOREVER ❤️

    1. Hello pooja, sulbi ,kudrat, Manish ki deewani,NaiTan,Rifa,lee_na,aun,and all thahaan fans I misss u soo much ?? , how are you? And what do you think will happen next in thapki show ?? ?

    2. Hi Sandy sweetheart, miss u soo much. I’ve just read the toi spoiler, bihaan will win the game, but then thapki’s being kidnapped by shankar and neha. But at the end of spoiler it said thapki will hit shankar. Maybe she will get free

  17. Hi…sruti,how are you dear?I hope you feel good.thanks for sharing this happy news for us.I know you are busy but if you can pls share your comments…because when I read my friends comments I can get a happy feeling.
    Hi…reshal,garima,vino,Jo,rinks,santhosh Bhai and all are you???Its time for Thahaanians…let’s enjoy…

  18. Omg guys you need to read this am happy Bihaan will win ??but poor thapki and I hate neha and sanker and big head of evilness kabir ?

    Show Synopsis
    Thapki, a lively and intelligent girl, faces certain problems that affect her life. She decides to move to a city in order to find a job and meets all challenges in a positive way.
    Episode Synopsis
    Episode – 564
    03:30 AM – 04:00 AM, 24 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Bihaan leaves for the game show and makes up his mind to win and get the house back from Kabir. During the game show, he remembers the answers of the questions while reminiscing about Thapki.
    Episode – 565
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 24 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Everyone is surprised to see Kabir as the host of the game show. Subsequently, Thapki reaches the venue of the game show despite the plans of Neha and Shankar to stop her.
    Episode – 566
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 25 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Thapki helps Bihaan clear the third round of the game show, which aggravates Shankar. However, everyone is happy with Bihaan’s performance.
    Episode – 567
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 26 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Thapki helps Bihaan win another round of the game show. Subsequently, Kabir humiliates Bihaan by asking him some personal questions in the next round.
    Episode – 568
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 27 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Bihaan clears the final round of the game show and wins INR 5 crore. Later, he is unable to meet Thapki as a crowd swarms around him, and she gets kidnapped by Shankar and Neha.
    Episode – 569
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 28 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Bihaan and Kabir blame each other for the disappearance of Thapki. Later, Shankar and Neha tie Thapki up and tell her that she would not get a quick death.
    Episode – 570
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 29 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Kabir challenges Bihaan for a dangerous game of Russian roulette. Later, Thapki hits Shankar, knocking her unconscious.


    1. hi how are you dear??? yes I already posted the news in IF… Bihaan will win and thapki will get kidnapped…I think this time thapki will be saved but something will happen to our bihaan ?


  20. yeah guys biHu will win bt gd and neha will kidnap thapki and kaBir and bihu will fight then kabir chalLenge biHan for russian roulette here thapki hits sankar with stick after regaining consciousness

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