Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv saying I got cheated by two women, whom I loved, who were my world, one is my mother, who got me to this house which made me helpless, and other woman is that who did not have belief on my love to wait for some time, who got married to Ramakant’s son. Vividha asks him to listen. He asks what will happen now, you both have killed me, what is left now. He cries out his pain. Vividha and Sujata cry. He goes out of the house. Vividha asks him to stop. Atharv leaves on the bike. Vividha says where did he go. Ravish comes home. Vividha tells him that Atharv left and asks him to get him. Ravish rushes in his car and follows Atharv.

Atharv recalls Sujata and Ramakant’s words. Atharv drives in high speed. He hits a stone and falls down the bike. Ravish comes to him and calls out Atharv. Atharv stays angry. Ravish asks are you fine Atharv, I know its tough for you to listen and understand, just once listen to me, atleast being a brother, please. Atharv turns and angrily hits Ravish. Ravish bleeds and cries.

Ravish asks Atharv to listen. Atharv punches his face again. Ravish does not defend and gets beaten up by his elder brother. Atharv kicks him down. Ravish falls on the ground. He gets up. Atharv beats him badly. Ravish sees his bleeding. He says if you are done, will you listen to me now. Atharv hits him more. Suraj tera gardish mein hai…..plays……… Atharv gets tired of beating him, and sits down crying. Ravish looks at him. Vividha, Suman and Sujata come there. Suman sees Ravish’s injured state and gets angry on Atharv. Ravish says no Maa, this matter is between two brothers, none will come between us, even I would have done this if I was in his place. Atharv asks Vividha to go and manage her husband, he needs her more.

Ravish says this wound, pain and blood are nothing compared to the pain that’s in Atharv’s eyes now, the pain to hate the one whom you loved, the pain to misunderstand Sujata and Vividha, you have to know complete truth, its important. Atharv refuses to listen to him. Vividha says you have to listen, the day of our marriage, I came running to temple. FB shows the old moments. Atharv recalls.

Suman cries and says Vividha is saying right. She tells what Kailash did. She says we felt Ramakant decided this proposal, so we accepted it. Sujata tells what Ramakant told her. She says Kailash told everyone that Ramakant wanted Vividha to marry Ravish. Vividha says I could not refuse, as Kailash said you will be alive till our Ravish-Vividha’s relation stays alive. Atharv holds his head. Suman says we made Vividha marry Ravish, we all did not know truth.

Ravish says I got to know your condition, to take care of you and to make you get your rights, I got you and Sujata to Delhi. Vividha says when you came in front of me…. She tells him everything that happened after they met again. She says when we came face to face, I told all the truth to Ravish. Atharv looks at Ravish. Vividha says after knowing all this, Ravish wanted to unite you and me. Suman says its true, our relations are complicated, we had hatred between us, I have hated you and Sujata, but we went through such phase in life that the strength of relations overpowered the hatred, you have entered out hearts, Ravish’s Dada ji has hatred for him in his heart, he did not wish you to stay with us, he tried to kill you and Vividha too. Atharv recalls the moments and gets mentally tired.

Vividha says its not Ravish and Suman’s mistake, they did a lot for you, especially Ravish, he is your step brother, but loves you more than an own brother, I have seen him becoming a kid along you, he has fed you, he made you sleep. FB shows Ravish and Atharv’s moments. Gae jaa…..plays………. Vividha says Ravish gave respect to Sujata like his mum, situation was bad, it was not their mistake, we can’t hurt any of them Atharv. Atharv sits crying.

Its morning, Atharv and Sujata come with bags. Suman asks where are they going. Atharv says we are going to our home, the land is calling us, you all did many favors on us which we can’t repay. Dadi says this is also your house. Atharv says this is not our house, situation got us here, our real house is one which is made by Sujata’s hardwork, my house is one where cows are regarded family, not animals, the city where hard earned food is regarded everything, we are leaving. Adaa stops him and asks him not to go. Atharv says Ajmer is not much far from Delhi, you can come to my house anytime, I will make you meet my cows. Adaa asks really. He says yes, you are my friend, you should come there. Sujata hugs Dadi Bua and Suman. Kalindi turns away. Ravish comes and stops Atharv. He says you can go, but not by leaving Vividha here.

Ravish says you are going without Vividha. Suman says marriage is not a joke. Vividha says fine this marriage is a problem, so I will end the problem right away. He wipes Vividha’s sindoor, shocking everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good morning Mallus and Vitharvians

    Definitely don’t know how to name the episode.
    It is not Atharv assaulting Ravish it is called Atharv settling score.
    He deserve it for chaining and slapping baby atharv and not only that there are many reasons why ravish deserved so many punches.
    1.For shouting at sujatha
    2.For slapping atharv in seturam’s matter being his elder brother and even when he was not in senses.
    3.For doubting vividha in suman’s matter.
    4.For calling Atharv murderer and danger in Guddi’s matter.
    5.For harming and destroying Atharv’s bike Julia.
    6.For eyeing his bhabhi and dancing with her.

    And everyone know that Atharv cannot tolerate lie
    7.For telling lies to atharv and making himself mahan
    By that atharv unknowingly praised vashisht family for their greatness and he bowed his head before them.
    For that family he hated for ages and never wanted to seek help from them.
    And then after knowing Vividha loves his brother,then also taking long time for legal divorce.
    At last no lover in the world will tolerate by seeing his lover with other guy.Here Atharv saw ravish with vividha dancing romantically.Who will tolerate by seeing like this.Oh I forgot to say for not beleiving atharv and also told he was acting for vividha.

    Above mentioned are points for them who
    are accusing atharv for what he have done.
    I think yours Mahan aatma Ravish is attention seeking crying baby.
    Our atharv ignored vashisht family like a boss.

    Atharv knows the whole truth and is broken.How will he react when he will go to Ajmer and discover guddi is no more?

    1. Aailya……….wow u hit the bullseye

      1. Thank you karan

    2. Yeah..correctly explained…
      But don’t start comparision again… both Atharv and Ravish are good in there way..after all both are brothers.. then
      y this Mahan comparision..??

      1. @143 Sorry dear, I got angry towards ravidha fans ,that is why I described him like that.

    3. Dear Aailya wonderful dear .well said .Actually ravish slapped his elder brother before. So truly ravish deserves 3 or 4 slapps from atharv as ravish raised hands on elder brother.

      1. Thank u chechi @xyz

    4. Aailya everything you said is correct but the Guddi situation is the one that bothers me the most!
      How can Vividha be so relaxed with the death of her sister? I thought she wanted to find the murderer?
      She’s just forgotten Guddi?
      Arthav will be even more upset with her when he finds out.

      Also Vividha of all people knew how Arthav felt about Vashtish family but yet still she continued to delay separating from Ravish.
      What a tangled web!

      I’m sure Arthav will reject Vividha today, as painful as it might be for him.

      1. Thank you dear @naveen

        May be atharv will find out Guddi’s murderer.He will not stay cool after knowing the truth.I think that atharv will scold vividha for showing irresponsibility. I also think that atharv will reject vividha in today’s episode .But Vividha will go with him asking forgiveness.

        I don’t what will happen further.But iam eagerly waiting for vitharv union.

        I believe that director’s will not unite ravidha.If they did so the the serial will be completely useless like other serial.

        I wish that a new girl should be introduced as atharv’s best friend.And their bonding should make vividha jealous.At that time vividha willrealise the pain of atharv

  2. Director ji if u think finally unite atarav with vivida.then why u enter the ravish character. Stupid director ji everything thing is spoil here because of u director ji.every body use to ravish that’s it very director ji.vivida go back Ajmer with atarav then ravish is crying so what r u think about him.director ji plz unite ravish with vivida other wise this serial stop. U give bad meg to society.

    1. Latha U had better to take a break from watching the serial.otherwise u will suffer very very bad messages from this serial.so pls if u don’t mind take ur ravish God with ur self then u have no need to see crying captain.
      And u said right .what is the need of director to bring ravish character as jndsd has no need of him.actually we are asking the same qn to director like u.what is the need of ravish to coming bw to lovebirds vitharv.?
      Good qn dear?????

  3. Vividha don’t deserv Atharv
    There is no quality in her which can match Atharv.

  4. All r asking vividha to leave ajmer with atharva. Any how definitely they will leave. But I think all ravish fans forgetting dat in which house ravish n family having fun is now belongs to atharv sujatha. Is it. Indirectly,knowingly or unknowingly Suman n ravish took away atharv childhood rights n made his life miserable. Now knowingly they r staying in atharvs house n his fans asking atharv to get lost from his house. Wow wt a judgment.

    1. One more thing Suman was ready to leave atharvs house. but all stopped her because of ramakants last wish is staying all under one roof. Wow they conveniently obeying dis. Den y they r hesitating to fulfill his last wish after knowing truth. How is dis justified. Sumans actions surprise me every time. Wn Sujatha giving send of to everyone one kalindi was showing such a attitude, I feel ashamed of dis women who taunts vividha for atharv, she her self involved in relationships with young boys. N she is living in atharvs house at d mercy of sujatha n showing attitude to sujatha. Shameless woman.

      1. Wonderfully explained suman

    2. suman di again vividha weared mangalsutra

      1. S even I saw dat. But need to wait. Wt else we can do.

  5. In the whole episode…. One dialogue. Made made painful laugh??????????????????
    That was after beating ravish…Atharv. Said vividha…go and take care of ur husband.. he needs you…so funny…

    1. S even I loved dat scene. Now vividhas turn. The look vividha gave to atharv was like ‘Ghar aavo phir dekelenge’. Be ready atharv sujatha to face my sherni.??.

  6. When i was thinking..abt the upcoming Ravish kidnap drama..,
    vividha and atharv goes to find him…in the mean while the come close like in previous days…

    And also getting an idea..of new partner for Ravish. but i get laugh on my thinking..it…becozzz i was thinking of…………………..shivani surve DUAL role..for ravish.new girl also same like vividha duplicate….How is it yarrrrrrrrr…..???

  7. Good ? 143 but I think ? everyone should tell atharve about his mental state so at least the 2 brothers won’t fight like they are and I feel sorry ? for ravish but I wonder what wil happen next ???????

  8. FRIENDS, I hv seen a pic where Ravish is in army uniform and VIVIDHA in saree with MS and sindhoor. WTH is going on ?

    1. I saw that pic..Wat heppened i don’t understand again she wears
      Mangalsutra nd sindoor

      1. that pic with vividha same red saree and ravish army unifor..i thinks its not again..its same day of shoot i think party day..

  9. I have seen it in Instagram in the post of suryawvanshi .

    I think RA…………………… and VIDA .I don’t know what the cvs are doing ?

  10. I think we have to wait some more time for VItharv . I don’t know. WHats going on ?

  11. Ravidha ultimate.

  12. Hello friends 2 nd semester start Hua hai aur voh bhi physics cycle hai subjects tough hai? 1st sem Mein chemistry cycle Tha thoda easy tha?.

    I felt very bad for Ravish ?.I hope when he goes to border he will find a girl & fall in love with each other & get married ? Hahahaha ?

  13. @Nikhat.
    I’m studying engineering 1 st year .Many times I have said ?.Don’t feel bad OK.

    1. r u mechanical student. B.Tech(Mech 1-2sem). which university?

  14. deepika verma

    ajtak maine vividha jaisi selfish ldki nhi dekhi… mana ki wo atharv ko like krti h but ek achhe insan ki isaniyat ka itna bhi fayda mat uthiye ki logo ka insaniyat par se visvas uth jaye…. aur vividha apne papa ka comparison ravish se kar rhi h btaiye kha kailash kashyap jo itna dusht insan aur kha ravish kitna gentleman

  15. today’s episode?

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