Ishqbaaz ff by nans(part 8)

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So finally our Shivay realises what he feels for anika.all ta family supports him.and its evening now
Shivay wants it to be a memorable day to his he had made all arrangements. But still nervous thinking abt what will he say? Will she forgive? No she won’t.she will shivay.she is anika she thinks through heart not like u stone Singh oberoy.
He reminisces all those names anika kept for him
“calculator Singh oberoy “
“Stone Singh oberoy”
“kanji ankhon wala Baghadh billa”
“Billu ji”
And ta recent one “ akhdu Singh oberoy” he smiles widely.

Evryone come to him with beautiful attires.
Shivay: y u all are ready this much?
Pinky: after Anika says yes.u will make her wear ring will be ur engagement then and u want us to look like patients?
Shivay: mom seriously ? I don’t know even she will apologise me or not.I even don’t know what to say and u all na impossible
All giggle.
Shivay: now what? Guys just stop embarrassing me
He looks at arrangements all done.
Shivay: om n rudra u will bring her na?
Rudra: y fear? When rudra is follow me
Shivay looks at om like he is only hope left for him
Omru leave

Omru reach anikas house
Anika opens ta dpor
Om: hi ani
Rudra: hi bha… pinches him. Hi didi.
Anika: u both here .
Rudra: hi r u? All well? What did u cook for dinner?
Anika gives a confusing look
Om bangs his leg on rudra leg
Rudra: ouch
Anika: what happened?
Rudra: everything happened. Dadi is crying vigorously. She just taking ur name.she didn’t ate since mrng.she is not listening to anyone.pls come home dadi once
Anika: om what rudra is saying?
Rudra in.mind: we r out now.this long hair creature can’t what to do???
Om: come home plss
Anika sees both of them and says OK.

And they reach mansion in 15 min.
Hearing car sound evryone wish Shivay all ta best.
Pinky: don’t worrys anika can’t say no to my Hera betas.
Shivay: this theory doesn’t applies on anika mom. U all just go.
They all go to dining area and r watching from there curiously.shivay was nervous but his heart which came to this world ta mrng assuring him tat everything will ok.
Omru ani enters.the living area is dim lighted.
Omru go to dining area asap before anika questions them.
Anika: om what is …..and turns to see omru vanishing.
She calls om…..rudra….and slowly walks forward prinku…..dadi…and suddenly her feet hits the floor of centre round stage. She slowly takes ta step and is now on ta stage.
All lights are on now.she looks around there are beautiful lightings mostly stars n moons decors and ta stage she is standing is sorrounded by classy cuttons.shivay enters from behind ta cuttons.
He comes n stands in front of her and looks into her eyes with guilty.anika sees him without emotions.after 30 seconds pause anika looks away and turns to leave.
Shivay holds her hand and kneels down on one leg.anika turns to him.he looks at her with pleading eyes.
Shivay: anika i…..i…

Anika tries to take her hand back
Shivay holds her hand tightly and says” i am sry anika.i know I hurt u a lot.I didn’t trusted u.but plzz forgive me one more time.plzz I am so sorry…..”
Anika again tries to take her hand but shivay grip is so tight. His eyes are totally wet.anika looks at him
A: its ok
Shivay surprised n felt like he is alive again.and stood up n come close to her.all family members watching this are also this is anika only na?
Anika takes her hand back and says “ its OK Mr.oberoy.”
Shivay smile faded away.
Anika: actually u don’t need to be sry.anyone in ur place would have done same. One side is ur fiancee and another side ur employee, its obvious tat a person will trust his fiancee only.
Saying this she tries to leave.Shivay holds her elbow and lightly pulls her towards his side.
Shivay: anika I know i hurt u a lot.u slap me 1000 times, throw me litres of water do whatever u want.I will accept Ur punishment.but plz forgive me
Anika: punishment? What right I have tat I will punish u ?
Shivay: only u have right to punish me all my lifetime anika

These words surprised her but she didn’t show it n just looking at him
Shivay: u know what Anika mallika said right tat if i make tat person far from me knowing she is the one who can make me smile then I am biggest donkey.its totally true.I am a donkey n stupid.from day 1 u r ta one who bravely stood in front of me, fought with me, challenged me, defeated me for good
You r the one who always surprised me made me smile ,laugh ,dream ,feel jealous and i…….
Anika: and u r saying all this bcoz u r guilty tat u didn’t trust me..
Shivay looks deeply into her eyes “ do u really think like tat anika? U just see guilty eyes? U always understands me without my saying. And now? Are you not seeing my feelings fr u?
Anika: feelings? For me? Now ur opinion changed abt me?
Shivay: not now from long back and u too know tat.truth is tat which I said in pool party truth is tat which I said when I took painkillers.but I was stupid to deny that.I believe in surname. Blood line ,status and I believe it now too.but u r unique.u r such a soulful person in this world who is good, beautiful by her heart , by her thoughts, by her deeds.and no one exists in this world like u.
Now anika eyes are wet totally.
Shivay takes out ring from his pocket “ anika will u be with me forever to change me, to make this stupid believe real emotions tat exist in this world? Will u be my great wall who protects me always? Will u marry me? Anika !!!!!!
Tear escapes from anikas eyes.she looks away for a second then she looks back at him
“just answer my one question honestly. If tia truth is not known to u will u ever would have asked me for marriage? “
Shivay: anika….I..
Anika: just say yes or no
Shivay is silent.

Anika: wipes her tears. I got answer Mr.oberoy.truth is tat u would have never accepted ur feelings.its not just abt tia , did u ever trusted me??? Don’t I have emotions Mr.oberoy? I don’t cry in front of u it doesn’t mean I am not hurt. It hurts me Mr.oberoy ….always……
U said a lot of things at first also when I am not in this house but I didn’t care.but after u know me also u hurted me always.u say I am family then u say I am Bl** y outsider, u say I am a girl who does every thing with motive , u say I am a gold digger. Tats what u think abt me?
Shivay with teary eyes : anika i was just running away from myself. I didn’t mean single word of that.plz forgive me.I just didn’t want anyone come near my heart anika….
Anika: then do same now also……u r talking abt marriage na,Any relation basis is trust.but u never trusted me at least did u ever tried to hear me out???
Shivay has no answer.

Anika: the anika in front of u is not real anika life .my world is totally different.u couldn’t accept my thoughts, how will u accept my whole world?? We can never be together.never… And she leaves running from there before Shivay could stop her.
As soon as she steps out every one come to hall.shivay sadly looks at omru
Om: what? What r u seeing at us? Don’t tell me u accepted her no.just go shivay go.
Shivay runs out but stops at door and comes to omru hugs them tightly
Rudra: ja simran jeele apni jindagi.

Om pats rudra head.shivay gives them a confident smile.and runs out.
In lawn:
He comes out and sees anika crying holding tree vigorously facing opposite to shivay.shivay goes to her.anika senses him n turns to him n tries to leave.shivay stops her holding her hand abv elbow and comes closer to her.she is in btw tree n shivay. Cold breeze is through them.
Shivay: anika i accept tat I gave u lot of pain, but just don’t go. U can taunt me whole life on this but just stay in my life forever. I will never hurt u again.I will not just accept ur world I will love it coz wanna be part of it forever.plz say yes
Anika couldn’t take it more and tries to leave again but this shivay pulls her even more closer n tightens his grip around her waist with his left hand.
Anika: leave me plzzzzz
Shivay: just say me tat u feel nothing when I touch u
Anika is having butterflies in her stomach already , how can she say no being so close to him.
Shivay: just say me u feel nothing when I am this much closer
Saying this he tightens his grip more and now their lips are just air gap.
Anika is struggling to free herself from his grip before she could loose her to her billu
Shivay: just say me u feel nothing when i………..saying this he kisses her cheek
Anika closes her eyes tightly .

Shivay then comes closer to her lips.anika is pushing him with her right hand.and her left hand is
fighting with shivays right shivay forces his lips on to hers.anika is trying hard to resist with her both hands.but shivay is not making ta moment stop.for a second she too reciprocates ta kiss with this shivays looses his grip of anika and is enjoying their passionate kiss.but suddenly anika pushes him with teary eyes
Anika: I hate u billu ji , I just hate u

And she leaves from there.Shivay watches her leaving n smiles and does his signature step.
He comes inside the house.everyone are eagerly waiting for him.all see him smiling
Pinky: oh my mata! Anika says yes na
Rudra and pinky dances
Rudra: by the way bhayya y r u blushing so much ? U did something naughty na naughty boy!!
Shivay: what?….( he tries to control his blush) stop it rudra. Anika didn’t say yes
Om: she again said no?
Shivay: she didn’t said no also
Evryone: then?
Shivay: ha….she said I hate you.
Pinky: mummyji my son got into trauma with anika rejection.he is smiling for ‘ I hate u’ .my son gones mad.
Shivay: mom!!! I am perfectly alright actually I am happy. She said I hate you billuji.” Billuji”
Evryone understands what he is trying to say.shivay just silently goes to his room

Anika in her place:
She is sitting with folded legs near to her with her hands on her knees.reminiscing all shivay words n tat magical kiss.she just breathes out heavily and sleeps holding pillow.

Shivay standing near window reminiscing ta kiss and then all questions anika asked him
“ I have no answers anika bcoz I was wrong with u all ta time.I can sense ur pain bcoz I am in same pain.I will make evrything fine and will win ur trust again.I know u too have same strong feelings tat I have for u”
After sometime omru enters his room.rudra goes n hugs him.
Rudra: bhayya bring anika bhabi fast to this tat I can make team with her against u both.
Shivom: seriously?
And they pat him on his head playfully.
Rudra: if ur showering love is over ,can we sleep? When anika bhabi comes we can’t sleep together na? How will chotima grandchildren wish gets complete? And does logic wala sign
Shivay:shut up rudra
Om: he has point Shivay. And gives HiFi to rudra.
Shivay runs after them ,after a long chase they three fall on bed and go to sleep.

Precap: shivika tight hug.

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