SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 18

Hai guys this is Mariya back with a new episode. Before starting I want to clear something . In the previous episode I had giv POV’s of sanskar and sharmista. I was not trying to justify them. I just give it to show the present situation in MM & GM. please don’t mistake me.
Now let’s go to the episode.

In college hostel

Swara was standing near her room window. (From there she could watch almost 3/4th of the campus). Just then she noticed a shadow down in the garden. As it was almost 11 at night no one was allowed to be there now. Without a second thought she went towards the garden through a secret path which she had already discovered for her investigation. When she reached there she saw one of the inmates with Abhinav. They both seemed to be lovers so she went back to her room.

Sara’s POV

This Abhinav is in love with rashi?????? Don’t know why I’m feeling something wrong. What would it be???(remembering her times with sanskar) we too used to have late night talks like this, then why am I feeling something wrong?? Swara relax go and get a sound sleep you’ll feel better. (Saying this to herself she went to sleep, not being aware of what is going to happen the next day)

Swara’s sleep was disturbed by the noises from outside her room.

Swara: what’s happening here?? Everyone hardly wakes at this time then what is this noise????

Swara got fresh and went outside. There she saw some students and went near them.

Swara: hai what happened??? Why u all are standing here???

Student 1: rashi is missing.

Swara: what!!!??????

Student 2 : aashi there is nothing to get this much shocked. We expect this earlier.

Swara: Kya???? What nonsense r u talking.

Student 3: there’s nothing nonsense in this aashi, u r new here so u don’t know.

Swara: what

Student 1: u will come to know by yourself, we don’t want to get into trouble. Come-on guys let’s go.

They went from there leaving a confused as behind.
She immediately went to her room and contact ramnath.

Ramnath: Swara r u OK u called me this much early in the morning.

Swara: sir another girl is missing.

Ramnath: what?? When??

Swara: yesterday night I saw her with Abhinav and today she is missing.

Ramnath: that means……….

Swara: idk sir it mean something or not. But I’m pretty sure that everyone over here knows something or other. But they are not ready to open their mouth. As if they r afraid of something.

Ramnath: now what r you going to do?

Swara: first let me talk about this with my gang, after that I will call u sir.

Ramnath: OK Swara. And please be careful. U r alone there.

Swara: I will be fine don’t worry

She went to college. Her friends were waiting for her.

Kaira: hai Aashi good morning

Aashi: (sadly) morning guys

Vishesh: seems like someone’s morning is not good today.

Aashi: how can it be good yaar when one of our inmates is missing.

Sam: aashi u r new here that’s why u feel like this, we all r used to this.

Nikhil: Sam stop it. Come guys it’s time for the classes.

They drag Swara from there.

In the evening ramnath called Swara and give her information about Abhinav and boban. And as per his information their families r high class & well reputed in the society.

Swara was scrutinizing the information and came to a conclusion and took a decision

Swara: Mr. Abhinav shukla be ready to face hell.

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