Swaragini (His Love for her and Her love for him) Episode 9

Recap:Swara got pregnant.

Swara hugs Ragini and apologizes to her for being wrong.They go downstairs.

Its night, Ragini comes to room.She sees its raining.She goes to balcony and smiles while getting drenched.Sanskaar comes there and Ragini falls on him.They have an eyelock.Music plays….He holds her and they kiss in the rain.

Its 5 months later,Swara is shown heavily pregnant.Its night, Swara wakes up and feels hungry.She wakes up Laksh and says she wants to have pani puri.She goes in the hall and switches the lights on.She calls everyone.Everyone come there and get worried for her.Swara smiles and asks them not to worry,says she is hungry and wants to have pani puri and
golgappa.Everyone laugh and Annapurna says she will make it.Ragini,Sujata and Parineeta go to help her.

Annapurna brings the food for her.She happily eats them and enjoys it.Everyone smile.She thanks them.
Its morning, arrangements for Swara’s godh bharai is done.Swara comes downstairs.
Ragini makes her sit.
Ragini:Shona I told u naa that u will call me whenever u will come downstair!
Swara:Sorry,actually i was feeling hungry.
Ragini:What do u want to eat? I made some besan laddoo for u.Will u have it.
Swara smiles like a child and nods Ragini gives her the laddoo and goes to do some work.

Uttara is getting ready to go in Swara’s godh bharai.She turns and her hand gets cut by a glass.She faints.Nirbhay comes there and gets shocked seeing her like this.He comes to her and asks her to get up.He apologizes to her and says I love u.Get up.He checks her breath and gets shocked on finding it stopped.He gives her mouth to mouth respiration.She comes in her senses.She looks at him.He hugs her and bandanges her hand.He says sorry.She smiles and hugs him.

Its night, Ragini is getting ready.Sanskaar comes and gets mesmerized seeing her.He romances with her.She also flirts with him.They smile.He makes her wear a kamarbhan.She hugs him.

Swara is getting ready.Laksh helps her get ready and bring her downstairs.Swara sits down and her godh barai starts.Sumi gives her gifts and blesses her.Annapurna and Sujata do the same.Uttara also come there and gifts her.She informs everyone that Nirbhay and her relation got fine.Everyone get glad and hug her.Sujata tries to hug her but Uttara stops her.

Swara dresses up in a nightie and goes to sleep.Laksh comes there and hugs her.She scolds him to change his clothes first.
Laksh:Whats wrong with u? Why r u overeacting?
Swara:I am overeacting? Wow so now i am becoming irritating right? I just asked u to change ur clothes and u became angry.Why dont u ask me to go from here huh?
Laksh:Stop Swara,no need to increase this matter I am going to change ok.Shut up now.
Swara:even I know how to shout ok.
He angrily goes to change his clothes.
He comes back and stays annoyed with her.She looks at him and cries silently.He picks his pillow and goes from there.She runs after him to stop him.She stops him in the staircase.
Swara:Laksh!!! Why r u here? Come to room.
Laksh:Go to room.I will sleep here ok.Its my house not urs that u can boss on me.
She comes in his way and refuses to let him go.She scolds him which angers him more.She is at the end of the staircase.He sees that and pulls her from there to stop her from falling but in the process she slips due to the carpet and falls off the stairs.She rolls and screams in pain.She faints.Laksh is shocked and shouts Swara.Everyone come there and gets shocked seeing her.Laksh hurriedly calls a doctor.
Doctor:Dont worry she is fine.
They all get relieved and Laksh asks about the baby.Doctor apologizes and says we couldnt save the baby.Everyone is shocked.Doctor leaves.Laksh gets in a shock and sits.He cries loudly.Sanskaar and Adarsh console him.He looks at Swara.

Everyone cry and go out except Laksh.Swara wakes up.Laksh cups her face.
Laksh:I am sorry Swara.
Swara understands and gets shocked.She shouts no and cries badly.She also gets in a shock and collapses on the floor.She cries badly and shouts.Laksh keeps his hand on her shoulder.She brushes it off and goes downstairs.Ragini sees Swara and hugs her.They both cry.Sumi is also present there with Shekhar.Laksh comes to Swara and asks her to listen.
Swara:Today u will listen Mr Laksh Maheshwari.U killed my baby!!! U r a blo*dy murderer.And I cant stay even a minute with a murderer.
Everyone is shocked.
Laksh:But Swara, i tried to save u from falling.
Swara:What kind of husband r u? U took seven promises with me right but couldnt even save a baby who hadnt even come into this world.
She cries:u know how many dreams i had regarding this child! That it will be a girl.I will name her a good name.
She breaks down and says u broke all that dreams Laksh.She wipes her tears and gets up.
Swara:With the baby gone, even our relation ended Laksh.I break my relation right now with u.
Everyone is shocked.Sumi scolds Swara but she ignores her.She goes and comes back with her bags.She takes elder’s blessings.Ragini holds her hand.They emotionally look at each other.They hug Swaragini plays….everyone cry.Ragini asks her not to leave her lado alone.Swara shushes her and runs from there.Laksh shouts stop Swara.She stops at the doorway.
Laksh:if u have decided to end our relation then end the proof also.Swara comes to him and asks him to tell.He lights a fire with some papers and asks her to burn the sindoor and mangalsutra it it.He smiles thinking she will not do it.Everyone is shocked and so is crying Swara.Annapurna shouts Laksh have u gone mad and scolds him.Laksh asks her not to interfere.Swara cries and says okay Laksh if by burning this our relation will end then let it be.She takes the sindoor box out of her baggage and open it.Om Mangalam….plays….Ragini says no Swara.Swara pours all the sindoor in the fire.She wipes the sindoor on her forehead.She takes out her mangalsutra.She looks at it and cries.She throws it in the fire.She takes her bags and runs from there.Laksh is in shock and disbelief.Ragini cries and looks on.

Precap:Swara clashes with Laksh in the market.He insults her.She answers him back.Later,Swara is still in the market,a guy come and drags her to the temple.He shows her sindoor and mangalsutra and is about to make her wear it.Swara is shocked and looks on teary eyes.

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    awesome dear…feeling bad for swalak…don’t separate them….and plz give more ragsan scenes…tkcr dear…

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    fab feel bad 4 lakshya as he tried to save her and wonder who dragged her to temple hope t was lakshya and not anyone else,,,loved it so post soon.xx

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