who is big con ? by anah OS

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hi this is anah ,
this episode is omkara and ishana shot ,
let’s start ,
police station,
ishana in lock up, lady constable beat her mercilessly…
l c:bolo where did u hide it ?
and beat more….
ishana didn’t bear more she shout out of pain….blood flow her wounds
ish:i didn’t stole anythings…
one man(politician) who is complaint against ishana and he says,
lair u stole that diamonds mam beat her till she say the diamonds where ?
just the omkara enters,
he is acp ,
Om:what’s going on? who is that girl ?
ins:sir,she is con girl…

Om surprised and see ishana….
Om:con girl ? Show me her records….
Om:haan… Con girl hai…. Many cases hoga…usski kilaf….FIR bhi
Ins: sorry sir ,she is very smart ,so we didn’t not have any clue against her,she stole so many black moneys….so FIR bhi nahi hai….
Om:what a professional thief…
I’m very impressed…
Politician:sir,she stole our diamonds u r praising her ?
Om:diamonds price ?
Pol :120 cores ,
Om:so all r black money…

Politician stands silent….
Om:sorry we can’t take this case,
Release her….
Ins:this is minister order sir,

He said case file nahi karna hai sirf investigate…
Om in anger,
Om:this is investigation…. U guys beat her more… She is girl or any animal…..?
All r stands silent…..
Politician taunt her with unbearable words….
He went stub too low and use so many bitter words ,
Om stands super anger and shout
Om:shut uppppp…. Yeh kya thamasha….. Respect se baath karo ….
Pol: iski kya respect..blo*dy con girl…..
he did not finish…suddenly Om give him hard slap ..
Om:i said talk with respect….
get out ….
politician is hell shock and also fumes ,

Pol: i go but i want diamonds….
he leaves
ins:sir,what r u doing ? he is current MLA… u r new… plz sir his gang is very danger…
Om:but this is my station ,take her my place ….
lady police :ji sir,
in Om cabin,
ishana enter with lady constable ,
Om tells l c,
Om:wait outside ,
she leaves,
Om sign ishana to sit,and take first aid and go near her and sit next her,
she ask angry tone,

ish:what u want ?
Om understand her meaning of the question and smile,
Om:u r misunderstood me i just clean ur wounds and dressing…
ish:i know u guys very well ,so plz don’t act sweet…. whatever u r question my answer is i don’t know…
Om:but i didn’t ask any question.
i just …
ishana interprets ,
ish:i don’t want ur so called sympathy…
Om clean her wounds ,she shout.
Om:oh sorry its pain…
ishana slowly melt his caring ,
Om orders two coffees ,
coffees come ,

Om take these and give one to ishana….ishana takes,
Om:so tell what is ur problem…
all r tell u r con girl but i don’t think so…. who r u ?…..
ishana tell her story….
ish:i am ishana ,an orphan,but before i am very rich ,mom nahi hai,my dad is very successful business man,when my age is 16,my dad’s share partners killed my dad bcoz of his wealth in front of me…they also want to kill me but i am runaway from there…. bcoz of society slowly i become con girl but i stole only rich….
Om: ho….. principle of theft….
so no one give complaint against u…. smart.. don’t u left any evidence but how did u catch this theft….
ish:no…i didn’t stole this diamonds…. i only stole money..
any one give fake information
who is the real thief…

Om:u mean that MLA…
ish:maybe minister …
Om:but why they accuse u…
the diamonds r theirs…
ish: i think diamonds r not theirs ,they want it so they do fake theft drama…
Om:i will find the real their soon,
u go..
ish:thank u….
Om:where is ur house ?
Om:i mean…any information if i want for case then i need ur house help that’s why… where r u living…?
Ish:i don’t know…
Ish:I’m living ladies hospital after that case i think they didn’t allow there….
Om:then come with me….

Ish:ji matlab….
Om:u can stay with us….
Ish:us ?
Om:ji….me ,my sister and ram bhaiya (cook and house keeping )
Ish:thank u but…
Om:no but…. U stay with us that’s final…

Guys i try something new and only 2 or 3 shots more can i continue… Plz tell me if i continue or not…

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    Anah I have a doubt ……… Is Omkara long haired in this osp

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    thank u so much guys

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    Om as inspector and Ishana as accused….wow…superb Anah…keep going!!

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    Superb OS dear.

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