Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me – Chapter-1

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Chapter: 01

A girl was brought to a room by five guards more like dragged her into the room by force.

She screamed for help.

Then her screams turned into threatens of what she will do to them.

Then her threatening turned into pleading of letting her go.

The girl was so confused. She didn’t do anything wrong.

She was just speaking with some of her followers/fans of her in her house and suddenly. Everyone was pushed aside by twenty and more guards then she opened her mouth to scream at them but she was given some sort of thing to black out.

Then all she remembered in bits was that she was in a car surrounded with five or more men in a car which is travelling in some abandon road.

Finally after gaining consciousness completely she saw her dragging to a room of some abandon place. The room is more like some hall which only has a dim light and the door to this hall was slightly open.

She yelled for help and pleaded with them to let her go. At least asked what did she do wrong.. Her hands were tied when the five men didn’t show so much of an emotion in their blank face.

She couldn’t run, she isn’t foolish enough to believe she can outrun these people. Even if she somehow did outran them then they will shoot her with the guns they had. Then her legs too were tied.

She was kidnapped from her house itself which had cctv camera. Surely someone must have noticed it by now and they’ll be coming here.

Who are these people? What did she do? These men did nothing to her. It seems as if they’re waiting for someone.

Maybe their boss who ordered them to kidnap her.

What do they want?

Money maybe? Lacks, she can give. If they asked cores? She’s not that rich.

Well she will give whatever they want if they let her go.

And why are her hands and legs tied so tightly.? It’s only few minutes of being tied and her skin was already bruised.

No matter what she said or yelled, these five men remained still and not the least bit paid any attention to her.

Just after she stopped screaming and pleading to let her go, she could hear a whimper.

A whimper?

What’s happening?

She squinted her eyes in the dim light and looked at the surrounding.

There was a man on the opposite side of the room where she was.

He too was tied down and she could see they had beaten him up because she could clearly see the blood even if she can’t see his face clearly.

Oh God! What kind of people are they? Will they beat her too?

Just then he heard sound of some sort of vehicle probably a car.

She couldn’t see the person got out of the car because the five men guarding her surrounded him and they entered the room.

He must be the boss who kidnapped us, she thought.

She shut her mouth when they went towards the man on the other side, ignoring her.

She kept her silent because that man gave an aura that she shuddered in fear.

She just knew it this man was dangerous and she expected him to be menacing and uneducated one. But his clothes looked fine and he seemed to be rich from what he stood.

He radiated arrogance and a shiver raked through her body in fear.

“It’s crime you know. I will go to police and have you arrest for this.” The other tied up man screamed at the boss and she just want to bang that stupid person’s head.

Will they even let him go alive?

She expected a dramatic laugh or some dialogues from the boss but to her surprise she was met with silence and her fear increased realising the fact the boss is a level headed person who didn’t rise for baits.

Just then he spoke. His voice was threatening even without rising his voice,

“Do you know why you’re here?”

“I..” The tied up man flattered and gulped which was loud in this ever so silent room.

“What.? Why would you have a reason.? You want money, right?”

“Look at me and tell me.. Do i look like a person who would want money?”

The man too reached the same conclusion she had already reached. He seemed rich and he looked, dressed, walked and did everything which screamed rich.

“You are here because last week you betrayed someone and stole their idol along with statues he worked hard to make them. Did you not?”

She looked at the guy like he was crazy. Is he kind of like superman who punishes other people mistakes.? If so she did not do anything extreme to get herself kidnapped.

The other man didn’t speak up for few minutes and asked after a while,

“What’s that got to do with you?”

The boss then grabbed the tied up man by collar,

“What’s that got to do with me? It has got everything to do with me.. If you value your life then you will return everything you stole discreetly with an apology note. Do I make myself clear.?”

The man albeit lately understood the threat he posed.

He turned in the direction of her and glanced at the tied up man in ground as if he’s the dirt and spoke,

“Oh.. And I have brought your shop and the lands you own. There was a fire accident which burnt your shop. All you have left now is a house which too I own. Return them to him if you want to keep the last thing you have, your life..

If you want to go to police, go by all means but. you have to explain the thievery and illegal stuffs you sell in your shop first.”

He walked towards her and she could see the face only in blurred manner because her eyes filled with tears in fear of the upcoming assault.

“Why?” The tied up man asked in a defeated tone. She felt slight pity for him.. After all now all his wealth, shop and house gone. He’s nothing now.

He stopped in mid way and answered.

“If you have messed with me I wouldn’t even bat an eye glance to a such low class person like you but you have messed with my brother. And whoever messes with my brothers I will destroy them inch by inch until all they have left is their life and nothing. Pride, Self respect, Self esteem, wealth, Whatever you value of. I will destroy it all. I am letting you go this time easily but If you mess with him again..”

He walked towards her and stood before her. She couldn’t look up.

“Romi, the self proclaimed Devi?”

Her face snapped up to meet him. But all she could see with her blurred eyes is that he had sunglasses on and had a slight beard.

She just nodded.

“You’ll leave Rudra alone if you value your life and your Devi role?”

“Never. He’s my dev.”

“Listen here carefully because.. I will say it once. You’re a girl that’s why you didn’t get the same treatment as the tied up man there. But don’t push me, You’ll see I can hire lady bodyguards too.”

Romi couldn’t just understand it. But she knew this person here will go with the threats he had just uttered.. Rudra is just a cute little boy she played with. She can always find a new boy to play with but she valued her life.

“Oh. You will find the followers who appeared today in your house will clear up the cctv and I have an evidence of your Psycho Devi avatar and your mind games with many boys. You can do whatever you want.. But Leave Rudra alone else your Devi role will completely destroyed and I can make you stay behind the bars throughout your life time.”

Romi felt like a prey in front of him. She played everyone but she too know when to give up someone and when to step down. Who is he? Why care alone for Rudra. Are they related?

She nodded and the five men untied her and other man. They followed him.. Just then he reached the door, she asked him,

“Who are you? Are you some sort of superman?”

He turned side wards and looked at her direction with a smirk.

“No, I am Rudra’s superman.. Shivaay Singh Oberoi”

The other man in the room let out a gasp along with her. They knew whom they’re messing with.

Romi saw him leaving and visibly relaxed.. His proximity was like standing near a dangerous predator.

She heard and know about him.. Honestly who wouldn’t.?

The business tycoon.. The richest person in India and the smartest in business. She thought Rudra was dumb and why didn’t anyone fool him but now she knew who’s behind Rudra.

She will stay away from Rudra. She already got bored with him but deep down she knew it’s because she valued her life more.

(A/N: You can see it in Facebook too. Ishqbaaz Fan Fiction by Nandhu. Hope you all liked it. See you soon with next update.)

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