“…So we met like this….” part 5

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Days passed and I was careful regarding that criminal. I, sometimes feel he is good at heart. But no… He can’t. I didn’t met him after the day we became friends. He might be busy with his crime. My days are passing normally but can anyone tell why am I missing him? Sometimes I’m irritating for myself.

“Gajab!!” his smirk echoes within me. Where is he?? How’s he? I can’t ask even. Although I had called him but he just picked my call once. I was compelled not to ask about him anything. But he.. he used to ask me about my wellbeing. He teases me. He flirts too saying if I’m missing him. But I deny, ofcourse. “When will we meet?” I asked as this question was not restricted. But he didn’t replied anything. After I felt some unusual piercing silence, he cut the call.

Ouch… something hit my forehead. It’s a piece of chalk. “Hey you…” a groaning voice I heard. Oh oops… Professor is pointing at me. The class’s gazing over me. “Stand-up” he yelled. I did gulping my embarrassment. “What had I taught just??” professor asked. Gosh… I don’t know. I tugged my hair behind my ears with my trembling hands when “will you speak anything!” professor yelled again. I was scared as everyone was laughing at me. “Sor-ry Sir” I muttered and everyone bursted out on me. “You stammering girl..” his yelling voice made my tears visible. While tightening my eyelids I could all utter was “I’m sorry”. “Get out” he groaned and I moved out of the class, silently.

After my college I went to sit in Park. Where I usually used to spend some time. Whenever I feel alone. I need some place to weep. This is the best one. “I need that chocolate.” A kid is demanding from his mom. “It’ll spoil your teeth”. His mom horrified him and his twinkling eyes listens carefully to mom. I smiled after seeing his innocence. He saw me and started to walk with his tiny legs, towards the bench I was sitting over. “Mom says chocolate will damage my teeth.” he said and I made him sit over on my lap. “Please ask her for once” he hissed in my ears. I laughed on his innocence again. After controlling my laugh “You should always listen as your mom says” I hissed back in his ears. He made a sad face and was about to move away of my lap. “But I have one gift for you.” his eyes twinkled again when I handed him “aam papad”. “May god bless you my dear… May your wishes come true.” his mother blessed me when I handed him over to her. They left while tiny one waved me unless they vanished.

I saw something. Far at a bench. He’s bihaan I’m sure. But why’s he leaning his head on his palm. I felt a satisfaction within me after seeing him. At the second moment I found myself near him. He didn’t saw me yet. A diary with a pen is kept on his lap. I placed my hands on his shoulder. He reacted abruptly, scared, “no no no…” he screamed and threw my hands away. He calmed himself after realizing me.  “Why are you scared…it’s me not police.” I taunted but I think he took it seriously. Ofcourse he would!! After all he’s a criminal. “What are you doing here?”  we both again uttered at the same moment. And we both chose to be silent. I sat behind him and he kept his diary in the bag he was keeping on the bench.

“Where were you? And why didn’t you contacted me?” I fired him number of questions. But he was silent just continuously rubbing his fingers together with his head bent down. “I was busy” he replied still not looking at me. After some silence “What stuffs you destroyed within these days chuk chuk gadi!!”  he smirked like he used to. “Oh shut up I don’t destroy things.” I defended myself while he was busy with his laugh. I, then, got busy in explaining him every stuff I did these days. He was listening my chattering. We both shared laughs, high- fives, slight friendly slaps and many more. Sometimes I really forget who he is.

Suddenly I heard some laughing and smirking voices. Some men around us were laughing on my stammering. I kept quiet. Bihaan sees this and goes closer to them. To my surprise “not fair Bihaan bhai… This stammering girl doesn’t suits you.” one of them complained. Bihaan moved to him and slapped him hard without saying anything. I stood up abruptly. He holds his collar…. gnashing and murmuring something to him. I tried to hear them but can’t. The men left joining hands in front of me asking for forgiveness.

“Thapki” I don’t know when, but I found myself hugging him. My hands were around his chest gripping more and more. “You are my only friend Bihaan.” my shaking lips managed to utter while my tears wetting his t-shirt. I can hear his heartbeat, clearly. “Thapki..” he said tugging my hair behind my ears. My wet eyes gazed over his appreciating ones. His hard palms holding my cheeks, wiping my tears. “You are very strong Thapki” he assured and I again hide my face in his chest releasing all my tears on his t-shirt. I was unable to utter anything. “I missed you bihaan… every time when anyone laughed at me…. I missed you.” I don’t know what I’m saying… But my heart wasn’t listening to me anymore. He gripped his hands around my shoulders. I can feel his comforting coziness. “Please don’t cry Thapki.” he said caressing my hairs.

I noticed something. Some mark on his neck. I rolled my fingers over it, when “Ahh..” he moaned before I could ask anything. I broke the hug as soon as I recalled about him. “No.. You are not my friend”. My mind cried while I was silent.

“What is that bihaan?” I finally asked. “just a small wound… I don’t know when it happened” I’m sure he’s hiding something again. But he tried hard to carve a smile. “A criminal should get worst wound of his life!!” gosh… What I uttered!! He looked at me. But didn’t replied anything. Is that tears again? But why? Should I ask? Or am I again over thinking!! “chuk chuk gadi…” he was about to say something when his phone rang. He turned his back towards me to receive the call. His expression darkened more and more. After the call  “I’m leaving” he said and his tone cracked my heart in pain. “What happened bihaan? Is anything urgent?” asked I. “Hmm… urgent” he muttered and started to walk, slowly. My gaze followed him while I was stuck at the same position. He was walking towards his bike but after few steps he stopped and turned back to look at me. “Thapki stop me… Help me” I can read his eyes… his heart screamed I felt. And he vanished slowly.

This was our small meeting after such a long time. “Thapki.. call your papa dear. Whether he’s coming for dinner tonight or not.”  Maa asked me as she was busy with her kitchen stuffs. I did after downing the volume of television. “He will be home maa” I declared after disconnecting the call. Di came to sit on sofa, near me handing coffee over to me. Suddenly my gaze fell on his bag which he had forgotten at Park. “How was your day dear” Di asked and I told her everything about today but not about bihaan’s real face. “Oh nice!! So both of you shared such a beautiful day! Not bad” Di giggled again to irritate me. Oh my lovely sister. After keeping my coffee mug aside I ran behind her to chase her and as always she made me laugh hard by her dramas.
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  1. Anubhuti

    awesome loved it
    update soon love u

    park scene was gajab

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks dear ?

  2. Maine yeh v padha huya hai…. for next update on wattpad, text me ok…it’s me Rinka

    1. Vinni7

      Yeah I know ?

  3. Nice. Waiting for next part.

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks dear ?

  4. I liked the episode.I think so he is not a criminal.I can believe anyone as a criminal except tahaan.

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks dear ? let’s see what happens next ?

  5. Hey vinni your ff is superb i read all the next parts on wattpad its amaIng upldate fast on wattpad too eagerly waiting for next part

  6. I also read the last part you updated ots amazing

    1. Vinni7

      Thank you so much dear ? join me on wattpad and try to comment your suggestions and views there too ❤? waiting for you ❤


    So sorry , really sorry di for so late
    Plz forgive me…
    U can try plz
    Only for ur li’l sister

    Di episode was SUPERB
    Vo park wala scene bhot acha tha..
    To btaoo next kab…
    Kyoki aap k ff m bhot s raaj h ,
    Jiski vjeh s m humesa yahi sochti rhti hoon ki aage kya hoga…
    Thatswhy plz try to post as soon as possible…

    Love u
    Thank u
    Nd really miss u
    When u come Delhi
    To meet ur li’l sister…

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