Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me (Prologue)

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My Brothers Are Everything To Me…



Omkara Singh Oberoi-

I am Omkara.. My brother Shivaay calls me om and Rudy, duffer calls me O… I believe in truth and I will not compromise with anyone or forgive anyone who lies to me.. I am a fine man and an artist.. I have a definite set of morals in which I live my life.. I don’t tolerate bad people and people who don’t have good morals…


But….. I will leave all these morals and I will even leave this truth I so proclaim my conscience as and will even cut my hair if it comes to… Shivaay, My brother Shivaay and Rudra… I will leave anything and do anything if it comes to them… Because My brothers… My brothers are everything to me… Without them I won’t be here speaking about morals and truth… Without them I am nothing….


Shivaay Singh Oberoi –

I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi.. Dadi calls me billu and my employees call me Mr.Oberoi.. But what really matters is my brother Om calls me Shivaay and Rudra calls me Bhai or Shivaay bhaiyya… I am well on my way to become No.1 businessman.. Oberoi business is a part of me.. The pride of my life.. I will never let down our family business nor our family.. Family is important… I believe in blood, lineage, name… I will not associate with people who doesn’t have them.. I know I am arrogant because I have every reason too.. I am rich, smart, handsome and have a name most people scared and awed of, lineage most people envy of…



I will leave all this arrogance and my belief in name, blood, lineage if it comes to my brother… I will leave even the Oberoi family business and all behind if my brothers wanted it.. I will never leave them even if they’re somehow an illegitimate children of bade papa (of course they’re not)…

My brother Om, so sensitive… And Rudra, my child…. I will do anything for them… Because… My brothers… My brothers are everything to me….


Rudra Singh Oberoi –

I am Rudra Singh Oberoi and I am cool… (*winks*).. My brother Shivaay calls me Rudra and O calls me duffer Rudra and I call myself super cool Rudy.. I have a body with six pack and you can find me in most of the college girls wet dreams… I am so hot… Uff.. I even sometimes envy myself… I am rich.. I am handsome and what more you want..?

I love parties… They’re so good… My friends call me party animal.. I change girlfriends and date them as often as Shivaay bhaiya breaks the phone. I care for my body and constantly present in gym… I eat only healthy foods and Did I mention, i love protein shake… And also facial packs for my million dollar face…



I will leave all these girls and even stop going to gym and even stop having protein shake if it comes to my brothers.. My superman bhai Shivaay… And my brother O… I will leave all this and even dump the hot girl Romi if My brothers wanted it… Because… My brothers… My brothers are everything to me…..


A/N: If you like this, I will continue..

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  1. Prajkta

    super start , eagerly waiting for the next part
    but i have one question if it will have their love story and if then who will be opposite Om – gauri or ishana
    i know i shud not ask like this directly but what to do my fantasy for Om is out of this world
    please post the next part soon

    1. Nandhu

      Om with Gauri..

    2. Nandhu

      Chapter-01 is updated

  2. Nycc start..

  3. Superb start jus superb and what a start dr and all their intro are superb jus awesome….. Will.the lady love of all the three will be there or only it is based on the story of om……….Jus post next part dr….

  4. It is nice

  5. MahiraKhan

    Wow!!! Awesome!!!
    Nice prologue….
    I love Obro moment!!!
    I like both Ishkara and RiKara…
    And Rumya & Shivika are good too…

  6. Gayathri.visu

    Excellent intro… I liked it! Eagerly waiting for part 1..

    1. Nandhu

      Part 1 is updated

  7. Alekhika20

    Nyc intro

    1. Nandhu

      Next chapter is updated

  8. Lasya


    1. Nandhu

      Updated the next part

  9. Lovely intro

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