When I met you, my world changed – A Shivika ff by Tanz (Part 2)

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Hello everyone, this is Tanz back with part 2 of my ff .Thank you so much for your lovely comments. It really encourages me a lot. I hope that you keep giving me your support . So lets start this part. 

Recap: Shivaay and Annika reach Annika’s scooty .
Annika – “ Wo…..Wo….Mr. Oberoi….Wo…..”said she stammering.
Shivaay – “What wo wo ? Will you tell clearly what happened now ?”
Annika – “ Actually……….I think that I might have dropped my scooty’s keys in the water itself “ . Saying this Annika closed her eyes as if readying herself to hear scolding yet again. But this time instead of a scolding , she heard someone laughing . She opened one of her eyes to see who it was and to her surprise it was the same young gentleman who had saved her only sometime before.

Confused, Annika again opened her mouth,” Would you not scold me again?” . “ Scold you? But why would I scold you Miss Annika ?“ exclaimed Shivaay hardly able to suppress his laughter. This time even his practice for long was of no use . He wasn’t the usual ‘rude and arrogant’ Shivaay at the moment . This girl and her crazy behavior had certainly had a serious effect on him. This side of Shivaay was only known to his family but this girl definitely had some magic in her.
Annika replied ,”Wo….Wo….Actually I thought……” “ You thought that I was a typical businessman type of a man who always scolds people for their stupid acts . If this is what you have assumed Miss Annika, then you are absolutely correct . Also, I don’t talk with common people like you but as you’re a lady and also alone that too at midnight so, I want that you reach your home safely without performing any stunts as you were going to do just sometime before. “ Shivaay said cutting her in between. He ended his long speech with his signature step, his hair flick. It seems that Shivaay’s business mind was back again.

Annika was shocked beyond words to see his quick transformation. “ Come on , I’ll drop you to your house , wherever that is . See there is my car.” Shivaay said pointing towards his black Audi. But Annika was not the one who would keep quite and accept his orders so easily. “ Hey, take a break . I’m not going anywhere with you okay. Don’t think that I’m an Abla Naari . I know that you rich people trap innocent girls like this, first talk to them sweetly and then offer them a ride and after that what not. I’m not going to come in your trap. And please don’t show much tadi to me . Keep that for your employees.” Annika ended with a victorious expression on her face.
Shivaay – “Hey, watch your language. What’s that word….T…Ta…Tad…..”

“ You mean Tadi ?”Annika completed his sentence.”Ya whatever. What does that even mean? Leave it, I don’t want to know. Don’t use your weird language in front of me…..”Shivaay said in an irritated tone.”You are calling my language weird ? How dare you?” Annika was angry now. ”Yes, your language is weird. You yourself are weird. And please Don’t assume things . I’m not like those rich people about whom you told . I was just offering you help. If you don’t want it, no problem. Even I don’t want to waste my time on you.” Said Shivaay being more irritated.

“ As if I had begged you to save me and help me. Even I don’t want to waste my precious time. I’ll go on my own, without anyone’s help” Annika completed , stressing the last two lines. She was not used to lose a debate and neither was he. Shivaay spoke,”So go na . Why are you standing here and wasting your precious time…” Stressing on the word ‘ precious ‘ . “ Yes I’m going . I will not waste my precious time on you. You Bagad Billa. “ Annika said making sure the last line was not audible to him. Not because she was afraid of him, but because it was already late and she didn’t want to start another argument with him. She had to reach her home as soon as she could . This would not save her from the harsh words she was going to hear but this would definitely save her from some of the scoldings, even if it was a small amount. She had to wake up early the next morning to take care of the great problem she was going through.

So, without wasting another second , she stopped an auto and got into it. While she was telling the auto-driver where she had to go, Shivaay had reached his car and he knocked at the window to wake up Khannaji who had fallen asleep, oblivious of the fight that had just taken place . He shook his head and woke up with a jerk , seeing Shivaay standing next to the window. He opened the door of the car. “ Khanna you see that girl standing near the auto. Just make sure she reaches her destination safely. I’ll wait here till another car comes to pick me up” Shivaay ordered. “But Sir….”Khanna ji tried to speak but was cut by Shivaay”No buts Khanna. Just do as I say. Just make sure she reaches her home safely and take care she doesn’t see you following her.” “Ok Sir, I’ll follow her and I will arrange for a car to pick you up.”Khannaji said . “Okay”was the short reply from his boss,Shivaay.

Khannaji started the car and was soon out of sight. Shivaay had to wait there for ten long minutes till another car arrived to pick him up. It was just two minutes before reaching the Oberoi Mansion that Shivaay received Khannaji’s confirmative message that she had reached her home safely . He went to his room , changed into his night clothes and went straight to bed, trying to sleep but sleep was far away from him. He was thinking. Thinking about his encounter with the ‘weird’ girl.

So, it’s the end of part-2 of my ff. I hope you enjoyed it, if not feel free to tell me what’s missing.
Please do comment if you can.

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  1. Sam-99

    Yesss I enjoyed. ……nycccc one dr ???????????

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Sumitha.

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      Thank you so much for your comment Lisaaa

  3. Awesome update dear ?. Post soon ??..

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Sofiya.I’ll try to update soon.

  4. Akshaya

    Aww sooo cute sso

    1. Tanz

      thanks a lot Akshaya.

  5. It is fabulous dear…

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much nikitajai for your comment.

  6. Superbbbbbbbbbbb one…
    Loved it a lot… Eagerly waiting for the next.. Update asap!

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Bhavana. I’ll try to update soon.

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot for commenting Naira

  7. Superb

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      thank you so much fffan

  8. Awesome epi

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      Thanks for commenting Lilly

  9. Ahaana

    So cute….

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Ahaana.

  10. Hey Tanz,
    yaar, this was an awesome update.
    So now am getting a clearer picture of the characters and am so excited to know Anika’s problem and how shivika will meet next.
    But Iknow they will meet bbecause it’s destiny or should iIsay because of u? ?
    Read your reply to my comment -no worries , Iwwon’t call u di and yes now no sorry and thanks because we r friends k?

    1. Tanz

      thank you so much Vivikhta. I am glad that you’re liking this ff.At the moment even I don’t know how they’ll meet the next time.Don’t worry, I’ll figure out something for that. Yes we are friends so better keep that principle in your mind. 🙂

  11. Awesome….
    Waiting fr d nxt…. 🙂

    1. Tanz

      Thanks for your comment Shivika. I’ll try to update soon.

  12. Pooja26

    awsm one……
    post asap…..

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Pooja . I’ll try to update soon.

  13. Nice one dear post next part ASAP.

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      thanks a lot Arpita for your comment. i’ll update soon.

  14. Superb update..

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Ankita

    1. Tanz

      thanks a lot for reading and commenting Alekhika

  15. Tanz…, It’s was an awesome episode dear.Shivay is protective towards anika. he don’t know that she will become his lady love in future. I’m waiting for that moment when destiny make shivay and anika become shivika. I’m excited to know further story .I’m waiting for your next episode, update soon……

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Ahsana . I am glad that you’re so observant .

  16. Nyc one dear….can I know ur full name please??…

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Zaveesha and my full name is Tanisha.

      1. Ok…thanks..actually I was asking because Tanz is my short name…so I thought we r namesake….

  17. Gayathri.visu

    Fantastic Tanz…… I loved it!! Aww….SSO is sooo sweet! But this is very short dear. Next time make it bit longer please….

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Gayathri .

  18. Awesome epi Tanz….. Luv it… Waiting 4 nxt post ASAP…….

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Banita. The next part is already posted so, have a look at that too.

  19. Diyaa

    Lovely update! I really liked this Shivaay.Awesome work Tanz☺

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much deeyar Diyaa

  20. Jerry_36

    Hey Tanz this one is a fabulous chappy. Really excited to read the next one?

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Jerry.

  21. Neha_Pheonix

    Wow..Dear Tanz …Great update dear….loved it…

    1. Tanz

      Thanks again Neha?

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Shuklarashi

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