Ishqbaaz 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Guru ji asks Anika to tell her parents name. Shivaye says I can handle this. Anika says I have no gotra, no name, blood or family. Some time before, Anika comes to Shivaye. He says I know you want to copy me and drink espresso, don’t worry I will add sugar. He makes coffee for her. She stops him and asks are you worried. He says no. She says you are worried, tell me what happened. He recalls Pinky’s words and asks her to have coffee. She keeps the mug and sees his broken phone. She asks did phone break or did you break it, so much anger after many days, tell me what’s the matter. He hugs her. She asks him to say. He says nothing will happen, I will make everything fine, don’t worry, I was asking you, where did you go without saying me, you did not answer my call. She says I went to good luck chawl. He says you got mad, you took superwoman tag seriously, you know that man is dangerous.

She says I don’t think Mahi is such a bad man. He asks Mahi. She says yes, its his name. He says you went to meet him, you know its dangerous to meet him. She asks him to think how his face matches exactly with him. He asks what’s the big deal, 7 people in the world have same face. She says maybe, but there would be some difference. He says there is a difference, he does not have Kanji eyes, medical science is advanced, a person can be given someone’s face, maybe this happened with him, the people who can hijack private jet can do anything. She says I want to know why Mahi did this. He says you always create problems, stay away from this problem, let experts and police handle this. He goes. She says I did not tell you as I knew you won’t let me go and you won’t understand, why do I feel there is some connection between you and Mahi, there is some reason why he saved your life, I will find the reason.

Its morning, Shivaye says its Kulgotra puja today, I hope there is no problem and Anika gets what she deserves. Anika asks why are you taking so many medicines. He says I have some cold, I don’t want it to turn into fever. She says you are having medicines even when there is no disease. He asks her not to get in between him and his medicines. She asks will you have 5 tablets, I will get ginger juice and black pepper. He says I don’t want home remedies. She sees the bottle and recalls. She asks what’s this medicine bottle. He says its for my heart condition, which I have since childhood, shall I say more or is this detail enough. She goes. He asks what happened to her. She thinks and says same medicine bottle was in Mahi’s house, it means Mahi has same disease, how can this happen, same face and same disease.

She recalls the man’s words, Shivaye, Rudra and Mahi’s words. She says two people of same face, disease same, voice same, Mahi came in this house as Shivaye and did not take advantage, he saved Shivaye’s life, are they twins, I got mad to think anything, this can’t happen, but if this happens then, it means Mahi is Shivaye’s brother. She gets shocked.

She goes to laundry room and says maybe I m wrong, but I have to get to the roots of this. She gets Shivaye’s shirt and says I m sure its Mahi’s blood, I can know if Shivaye and Mahi have blood relations. She turns and sees Pinky. Pinky asks did you not get ready. Anika hides shirt and asks why. Pinky asks did Shivaye not say, its Kulgotra puja, go. Anika goes. Pinky says get ready well, everyone will see you today.

Guru ji asks Shivaye about Anika’s gotra. Pinky says Shivaye, have patience, let Anika come and give introduction. Shivaye says I can say. Shakti says Pinky is right. Anika comes there. Khanna says I have given that shirt for DNA test. Anika says thanks, its our secret. He asks should I not tell Shivaye. She says no, till reports come, we won’t tell anyone, once reports come, we will tell everyone. He goes. Pinky asks her to come. Anika sits with Shivaye.

Dadi says its our kulgotra puja, your gotra will be written, our bahus of Oberoi family have to keep this tradition. Guru ji asks Anika to tell her parents name. Pinky asks Anika to say. Shivaye says Anika’s dad name is Kulbhushan Chaturvedi. She says he is …. He says don’t worry, I m there. Guru ji asks what was his profession. Shivaye says he was in sales. Pinky asks him to say in detail.

Anika says Shivaye… He says he used to manufacture soaps and also distribution. Anika says no, its not like that. He says I can handle this, he used to do direct home marketing, Guru ji did you get name and gotra, write in patri. Guru ji says girl is Chaturvedi, so gotra is… Anika says don’t write anything, I have no gotra. Shivaye says I can handle this, there will be gotra if there is surname. She says there is a problem. He says there is no problem, I know everything, Sahil told me about your parents, they are no more. Sahil worries. Anika says wait Shivaye, they are not my parents, they are Sahil’s parents. He says so, Sahil and you are siblings. She says yes, but we are not blood related, Sahil’s parents adopted me, I don’t know my real parents, I m just Anika. They all get shocked. She says I have no gotra, no identity, no name, blood or family. Shivaye looks at her. She cries and says I don’t know my family, I have no house and identity, I m just Anika.

Pinky says name, blood and family, you don’t know anything, are you saying truth Anika, how can this happen, Shivaye, these things value a lot for you, whose name will we write in gotra patri, we get dog home by seeing his breed and background, we got our bahu like this, what will happen now Shivaye. Shivaye sees Anika. He gets up and says puja can’t happen. He leaves. Anika gets shocked.

Shivaye recalls Anika’s words. Anika calls him. He gets angry and does not answer. Anika leaves him a voice message. She says I can’t change this truth that I m an orphan, I m sorry Shivaye, I should have told this to you before, but you never asked, I never said, you came in my life and proudly said in front of everyone that I m your wife, I forgot I m an orphan, I did not miss family ever, I know name, blood and family are everything for you, just tell me once, is these important than that what’s between us, does person not have his own identity, I want to know from you, what’s my place in your life, without knowing whose blood I have in my veins, do you still regard me your wife. She cries. Shivaye comes to her and says you don’t look good when you cry. She runs to him and hugs.

Shivaye reaches some house and knocks door. He introduces himself to some girl. He says I came to take Anika. Anika says tell him Anika is not at home. Anika throws water on his face.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. @rajjo dear congrats. Go rajjo go. Yaa I was also thinking the same. I have really doubt about 2nd hug don’t know why I am ferling that it is just my didi ‘ s dream.

    @archu dear, loved your dp.

    @ mouni dear,congrats my blushing queen go mouni goo?

    And yes pinky will regret for this .i want Sso accept didi without NKK but I really want that didi will come from a big family and it will be bigger than oberoi. Shout for pinky’s mouth. It is really intolerable for me ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Mouni

      thank you arpita dear

    2. Nivedita

      Aaj Arpita ke gusse ki bari hai.. I am with u today.. cause Pinky was really obnoxious today and was the indirect cause of her hurt. I am mad at SSO too..But just want to be patient with his processing things out about Annika.

    3. Archiya

      Thanks dear 🙂

  2. Awesome epi…….??
    Luv u shivika…..?
    But why r they making rudra , prinku n sumo side actors .give some space for those ones .they deserve a lot .

  3. What an episode? I had such mixed emotions today!! Happy, sad,anger,confusion etc etc etc!
    Anika’s acting was beautiful today…especially when she was crying talking to the phone…I could totally feel her emotion…she got into her character completely! Go Surbhi go!!
    And Shivaay’s scene at the beginning, when he hugged Anika and he had tears in his eyes..oh what can I say?? SO beautiful!
    I really hope he realises his feelings for Anika and accepts her. And I also hope that the last hug was real and not a figment of Anika’s imagination!!
    Shivaay…rise above ur NKK ideology and pls convince Anika!

  4. whats the big deal gautra person past who is your family lol
    even rich powerful families have rubbish kids OUr culture is so sad they always have to bring stupid cast system Move on India we are in the 21st century

  5. Pixie

    This pinky is very irritating! ? Why does she have to come in between them! Seriously!
    I want some scenes of rumya!? It’s been very long…. After all he’s also one of the main characters…it’s really not fair that he doesn’t get any importance now…I hope mahi’s truth comes out quickly…please… And looks like the makers forgot about prinku!?
    It was very sad the way anika expressed her reality… It was emotional…?? I feel so bad for her…
    Precap seems interesting!??

  6. Pinky just compared Oberoi bahus to dogs, there was an episode months ago about havong more respect for the women of the house, where did that sentiment go?
    Maybe Mahi and Shivaye are twins and Shakti’s ex kidnapped Mahi before the news could be told and that’s why he thinks she’s his mom and why she treats him so poorly.
    I hope Shivaye gets it together before Mahi starts making a move on Anika.
    Also, what’s happening with Prinku and Ranveer since she’s pregnant?

    1. Nivedita

      Yeah when Pinky said that dogs comment, I was like she is K’mini part 2..Grr!??

  7. Sanchi

    Ok so I had almost left watching this show as it was getting on my nerves with that Kamini and later on insecure mother track. I can’t help but notice the huge contrast between Janvi and Pinky (Don’t even get me started on dil bole Oberoi, I dislike it. That show is like a circus robbed off it’s magic).
    However today’s episode actually made lot of sense, atleast we could see some progress for our Shivika. Finally Shivay ko sach pata chal gaya but I have a serious doubt: are they going to start a new track for Mahi or are they going to end it??
    If someone knows please answer me.

    1. Nivedita

      Circus robbed off its magic! Lol! Yesterday the costumes and cage certainly added to that circus gone wrong experience in DBO! ??

      Maybe we should all comment on DBO for its unintentionally hilarious factor — rather than taking that series seriously.. ?

      Idk about Mahi– they don’t have much material about him except that he will help break NKK.. after that i would love to see more of him, but only if they have an interesting story lined up from him.. one trouble in keeping him, will make Nakuul’s work load too much..
      Occasional guest appearance by Mahi would b great..

    2. Circus robbed off its magic! Lol ??

  8. Dear Ms.Annika,
    This is with reference to the letter that you had received from Oberoi family dated Mar 11th 2017, where you had been rewarded promotion as the wife of Shivaay Song Oberoi under the fast track scheme. In order to retain your grade W(ife), please fill up your self assessment on the below goals set for first quarter appraisal.

    The goals have been divided into TECHNICAL and BEHAVIOURAL categories.
    Post your self appraisal, you will be rated by your immediate supervisor (SSO), and our HR (Pinky). Do note that immediate supervisor’s does have the authority to override the HR’s rating, and hence ensure to have a detailed 1 on 1 session with your immediate supervisor.
    On completion of this, post normalisation (where you will be compared with other Oberoi bahus of your grade), it will be decided on whether this Grade ‘W’ife is still retained.

    All the best one your first assessment.

    Please rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 4
    4-SME(Subject Matter Expert)

    Listed below are your goals –
    1… Productivity – No of problems solved for Oberoi family per episode (in your case the stats look above benchmark)
    2… Certifications done – Any certificate obtained by an authorised body, Preferably produce ur horoscope containing birth details, along with any other worthless meaningless documents that can add value to your “Surname” (in your case you seem to have failed to produce one)
    3… Contributions towards improvements/innovations – Please list any Out of the box improvements ideas contributed towards the vision and mission statement of Oberoi Family (Guessing on Mahi’s intentions can be considered notable out of box contribution)
    4… Remarkable achievement – List details of any issue that you had resolved out of the way that brought project from Red zone to Green (Taking a bullet for sso can be listed in here)

    1… Communication – Rapport with others in OF (u seem to be doing exceedingly well in this area, other than ur rapport with ur HR)
    2… Team work – contributions made along with your other team members (your kalavathy stunt can be mentioned here, your collaboration with khannaji can also be listed)
    3… Mentoring – Providing guidance and support other junior OF bahus (as DBO is out of sync, and interaction with Gauri aka Chulbul isn’t possible due to infrastructure issues, you can mark this point out of scope)
    4… Additional responsibilities – list your role as a Bhabhi to OmRUPri apart from being a wife to sso.. (convincing Om during Om Tej fight, even older contributions like helping Priyanka during the ‘dev chabbras’ saga, can be listed here)

    Please note that despite doing exceedingly well in most of the goals, if the goal weightage for Technical Goal #2 Certifications done is high, then you have heavy chances of losing your grade W(ife).

    If at any point, you feel your 1 on 1 discussion isn’t fair, please feel free to tear the goal sheet and throw it across your immediate supervisor SSO’s face and walk out!!

    For additional support, please contact [email protected]

    1. Btw.. Surbhi nailed it today!! The way she was kinda emotionally breaking during the puja.. the way she was shuddering in emotional turmoil.. Wah!! She deserves every possible award!!
      And the last phone me baat scene.. she just made me cry!

    2. Anu….

      With immense pleasure the AIIBFA (All India Ishabaaz Fans Association) is glad to announce that the award for the Best Innovative Comment is won by Anu from Singapore……a huge round of applause……????????????????????????

      As prize money you will receive a PKJ signed certificate (which is given for printing), a credit card ??, the famous pen of VIRUS ??, and the original sunglasses used by Thalaivaa ??

      With lotzzz of love, hugs and kisses,
      The Treasurer of PKJ

    3. Here goes my award winning speech ?
      I take great pleasure in thanking AIIBFA, and it’s treasurer for considering me worthy of this award and presenting me with the same. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all my co-ishquies who’s appreciations for my previous comments motivated me to write this.
      I would also like to dedicate this award to all HR in the companies I have worked through so far, who tirelessly sent such constant reminders that helped write this!

      I am just totally flattered to have received Thalaivas sunglasses.. cannot express my joy in words..

      I once again thank the entire PKJ for this award and promise to do justice to the same by diving such comments! Thank you ?

    4. Anu……award winning speech is superb!! But I feel you forgot to thank some important persons without whom all this would not have been possible…..
      1. Gul ma’am – “I consider her as the godmother of this whole IB fandom…..without her nothing would have been possible…..some tears…..thank you God….thank you Gul”
      2. Lalit sir – “This would not have happened without his creative thinking…..he is THE MAN behind all this good things in my life…..this award truly belongs to you Sir…..
      3. Harneet ji – “What to say…..whatever I say will be less…..she’s the breath and soul who has been my inspiration to write……”


    5. Anu
      You are quite a pro in this. Cracked me up dearie.!! ?????
      Annika- I prefer to quit the 2rupee job of your esteemed organisation..!! (Slamming the door)
      HR Pinky- aaaaaghhh…!! GETS OUTS…!!

    6. Thanks lax!! ?
      2₹ job!! Yeah that’s how she wud call it!! ?

    7. Nivedita

      Lol! ?????? Too good..???? apke charan kahan hai Anu! Looks like yesterday’s gussa by you had led to today’s masterpiece Annika rating at OM..

      Best was out of sync DBO comment about Chulbul.. would like to add Saumya in that out of scope part– since she also seems to be so traumatized by her kidnapping that she has apparently run away from OM..?

    8. Lol nivi.. U r looking for my Charan! Am flattered ?

      Even today after he walked out of Pooja I was a lil angry on him, and the later when he came back to hug her I felt better.. still I felt like he shudn have even given this change for her to cry.. I just cant forgive him u see..
      So I decided, instead of anger.. I chose sarcasm..
      and abt the Chulbul part.. I led it too mainly coz marking things as N/A or out of scope.. is real pleasure!! ??

    9. Mouni

      bravo anu dear , just bravo
      anika has helped this family and saved sso many times ,she deserves better than being rejected for some nonsense ideology , l hope he will correct his mistakes and declare to everyone that he loves anika and does’nt care where she comes from and make pinky shut her mouth about anika

    10. thanks mouni ? Ya mouni am waiting for the moment too.. where he declares in front of every that he just doesn’t care.. looks like it is gonna take quite sometime.. but hope the episodes till then are not “over dramatic”

    11. Akriti

      what a letter….
      you are very talented and have such a great writting skills…
      I salute you….
      and your letter correctly defined the situation of oberois…
      and according to lijince you really deserves the best innovative comment award from all india ishqbaaz fans association…..
      congrats for your achievement….

    12. Thanks for the taarif akriti! And salute! oMg that’s too big word.. I don deserve all that!
      But again thanks anyways!! ?

    13. Haha such a unique cmnt today…….. this one totally cracked me up. -……this is so funny………now annika also got some work to do this she cn carry on at chanda’s house……..m sure she’ll get bored there

    14. Lol ? Thanks Shree..!

    15. Anu akka hope tumhaara gussa kam hogaya honga….
      great analysis…
      And good mrning

    16. Yea anika dear.. I have calmed down relatively?
      Thank you and good morning!!

    17. wow anu….impressive award announcement ….and the award goes to surbhi the actress & the creator of this remarkable award Ms Anu…

    18. Thanks Pushpa.. ?
      but the award announcement is by Liji? And surbhic! She definitely deserves a possible awards!

    19. Archiya

      what an comment… totally loved it..superbly written
      If at any point, you feel your 1 on 1 discussion isn’t fair, please feel free to tear the goal sheet and throw it across your immediate supervisor SSO’s face and walk out!!
      i just loved loved this..
      i so wish i could this in my one on one discussion.. just throw the laptop on my manger an walk out…
      an ur goals remined me that i have to set mine 🙂

    20. Thanks archu!
      Walking out of a 1 to 1.. yes archu.. I have felt that too!! Many a times!

      Lol go ahead and set ur goals! All the best on that!! ??

    21. Ranilya

      Kitne letters mile hain tume HR se?? ????
      Kya letter likha hain…
      Very impressive….
      The technical goal 2 is the culprit…
      But as you said the immediate supervisor does have authority to override the HR so everything depends on SSO…

      By the way the award is well deserved…
      As member of the AIIBFA I heartily congratulate you…
      May you win many more…

    22. Thank you Ranu?
      Letter tho will be one.. but mails ko ignore karne me reminder to bar bar aathi rehthi hai na..! ?

    23. Anu
      You totally deserve that award…!!
      Your winning speech…!! Lol…!! ??

      @Archu- All the best with your appraisal

      @Liji- fyi, there are other posts like President n Secretary, but u preferred Treasurer..!! Not bad..!!

    24. Thanks lax!! ?

      Haan yaar… Liji smart huh! She chose treasurer so true!

  9. Akriti

    and one more things friends today first time I think that pinky pinkys statement is true that “if oberois will bring a dog then also they will check his bread and family but here they brought bahu”…
    actually you know this statement of pinky is absolutely right because dadi also brought pinky as high breed ka no mentality no loyality shamelesss selfish kutta….

    1. Akriti! Well said dear!! Dadi also brought pinky as high breed, she doesn’t behave like one though.. but no brains n shameless! True!

    2. Archiya

      very well put

    3. Ranilya

      Well said akriti…
      Pinky’s words apply to her own self only

  10. Love is to CHANGE ur thoughts….
    Love is to ACCEPT the way he/she is……
    Love is to LOSE ur heart to someone….
    Love is to WIN someone’s heart…..
    Love is to SACRIFE ur happiness for someone……
    Love is to GAIN someone’s trust…..
    Love is the MASTER of thoughts….
    Love is the STRENGTH of heart…..
    Love is the SYMBOL of soul…..

    TO ALL THE SHIVIKA fans…. hope u all like it…

    Omg bolu ya Omm(o my mata), pinky calling a baba to get done a puja in order to insult Anika but in result got babaji ka thullu…
    If I speak in pinkys english-hindi mix bolu then it will be something like this…
    What happens pinky… The whole water got drencheds on your plans…. Your plans ki toh Os mys matas ho gayi… you were goings to insults anika then whats happens… in results you receiveds babajis ka thullus as an ashirwad… keeps goings like this… your idiotics plans will keeps shivika comes closers…. ur are reallys a fools ladys… you are likes a bones in delicious kabaabs…. jab bhi khaao necks mein atak jata hai…. I hates yous…
    @asth-very well said by u… pinky is shaktis donkeys… anywheres and times any moments starts her dhachus dhachus….
    @rajjo all the very best for ur exams….
    @archiya welcome back….
    @vivkhta thanks for reading my shayaris/poems….
    A big wala sry to u all as couldn’t reply u guys on ur previous comments…..

    1. i luv you maahi…… all your lines about love simply owsm…..i hate pinky for what she’s doing now of course she gets backfired as always…

    2. Love u too Pushpa….
      That pinky is a chameleon… always changing colours according to the situation and her mood…

    3. Amayaa

      We don’t like it
      Love it di ???
      U too need more Labour
      Nd now a days u r missing ur exams too ……………not good ha
      Third student of milkha singh

    4. Thanks amu (can I call u that)…
      Don’t worry I will work hard…
      Just wait and watch…..????.

    5. Amayaa

      Absolutely u can call me that
      Even my Nick name is Ammu ……………..???

    6. Archiya

      thanks dear… lovely lines, so u have taken my advice an started copyrights.. tats good

    7. Thanks archiya….
      Well thanks to u give me this idea of copyright… lets be unique ….

    8. Look it’s our O!
      Ur lines are awesome as usual??
      Love is the symbol of soul!

      You are like bones in delicious kababs.. jab bhi Khao necks main Atak Jatha hain! Lol ??

    9. Ranilya

      Maahi…lovey lines..
      And your comment in Pinky style is awesome.. .

  11. Hai guys back after exams,
    I luv towards episode
    Can’t wait for tomorrow


    Look janvi when she came to know that gauri was her daughter in law, she accepted her very genuinely even she doesn’t know about her family or anything,she just wanted to know that whether gauri luv her son sincerely(that’s why janvi and booma often test her with a juice game) when she came to know that gauri will die for her son ,janvi accept her as daughter in law and even gave her jewelleries as she thinks that now these belongs to gauri also

    A very nice mother —- how lucky gauri was !!!!

    On the other hand see’the great pinky’
    Even she knows that Anika will die for her son ,she can’t accept her, WHY???
    She just say sorry for anika in front of shivaay , but her heart can’t accept anika and she really hate be her WHY??????


    And why shivaay consider it
    All the reason is pinky as she made shivaay to think all things in that sense,or she made him to hate poor people
    While janvi teaches their sons to give importance to people feelings and luv good people inspite of whether they r rich or not

    How greedy pinky is

    But u don’t know one thing PINKY , time can change one’s thought ,here ANIKA OCCURRED IN THAT TIME to change him

    I will support u , continue ur drama pinky, keep doing , but BEWARE ,one day every one comes to know the truth ,that day nobody will with u and shivaay will angry towards u —still waiting for that

    That Time u will realize that U WILL NEVER GET SUCH A LUCKY daughter-in-law AGAIN

    Now Anika enjoy luv from her husband her brother’s her Dadi her sister’s but a motherly love—she lacks it always

    But not worry Anika ,one day u will say that I am most luckiest person in the world hoping PINKY would luv her sincerely)

    But pinky ,if in any aspect u will make our shivika separate,then u will cause a great suffer in ur life

    Anyway if u doesn’t get a motherly love, don’t worry becoz. ,U get “the most loving husband in the world ”

    That is just enough for u Anika
    U meant for him

    Now these same ‘time that had made u together can’t separate u even if ‘time’ changes

    2gether for one —-SHIVIKA ( story of hidden feelings)

    1. Archiya

      the punjabi kudi .. correct?
      i liked ur comment.. so true, anika will always have a lack of motherly love an i feel so bad abt it

    2. True diya… OmRu’s ideologies are a reflection of jhanvi while shivaays’s is as Pinky’s.
      She has made him blind with NKK and is now using it against annika.. no unknowingly using it against her own heera beta! Even am waiting to watch the day Shivaay just shuts her mouth!

    3. Ranilya

      Diya well written dear.
      I have many time felt Anika too should have got Jhanvi as her MIL.

      But do wish one day Pinky will shower love to Anika as much as for Shivay….
      Anika does deserve motherly love.

    4. Diya
      Beautifully put…!! ???
      Gauri has just saved Oms life once n Jhanvi accepted her. Gauri is also not so modern, yet whereas Annikas hobby is to save Shivays life n look how Pinky treats her.

  12. Today shivaye’s ideologies broke into several more pieces……..
    he was still trying to cope up with d fct tat annika Is d daughter of Kulbhushan Chaturvedi till now was trying every possible ways to fit annika in his frame of ideologies…..or i shld say was trying to convince himself saying d job of manufacturing soaps n distributing them is actually fantastic job now got one more shock n d biggest shock of his lyf tat his annika completely differ frm his beliefs.
    The whole night he prepared fr different set of questions n so doesn’t hd d courage to face d questions which wld hv came out of syllabus fr him………so he chose to jst walk off…….
    Sso showed various shades today
    strting frm d fear of losing ani to a jealous shivaye Singh oberoi to a caring husband tat she cn put herself in danger again if she keep following maahi then a protective sso frm his family especially frm his mom then a complete broken sso n lastly to an understanding hubby who undrstood tat ani needs him d most
    Annika unaware of d whole upcoming drama till then was busy in proving maahi innocent in front of sso bt nvr thought tat d vry nxt day she’ll hv to plead fr herself…….she is all set to dig out d real existence of maahi n almost reached there bt didn’t knew tat someone here is busy in digging her identity bt nt with d pure intention as hers………..d independent girl who is nvr ashamed of louding out her truth in front of d world without gving a second thought to d circumstances Was hell scared today while saying d bitter truth of her lyf………it was lyk d biggest nightmare of d day when sso will finally come to know her truth was waving hands in front of her…… she hd d fear of losing someone who is now of equal importance to her lyk sahil he is her extended family now whom she loves d most n this fear in her voice was well portrayed by SC…….d modulations in her voice during revealing d truth was really nice……
    Khannaji is now on another mission n got a chance to show his loyalty fr his annika madam by keeping d secret to himself
    Nothing to say fr pinky hope she gets enough strength to face her defeat n also she hv to join d pieces of d unsolved puzzle of her lyf so today rescuing her frm my bashings which wld hv been harder fr her……
    precap – will again be a dhamakedar comeback of our shivika………………. N hope to see sso trying hard to take ani back om tat’ll be fun
    Will sso whole heartedly accept ani above his ideologies Or he is only bringing her back bcz he can’t live without her????
    P.s. after watching today’s epi i think later they’ll disclose tat ani n gauri ( if she’s her sis) belong to a richer family having a proper NKK……

    1. hi shree..owsm epi yesterday..shivika was in great form in totally in love with both shivaye&anika..and shivaye’s NKK breaking slowly…great all for good

    2. Archiya

      wow.. i totally loved ur comment, each an every word.. i hope they give few episodes of shivay tryin to bring back anika..

    3. Shree u nailed ur analysis today! Awesome analysis for an awesome episode!
      I loved it where u said, Shivaay prepared himself an entire night for something else and walked off when he had to face out of syllabus question! Lol!

    4. Ranilya

      Hi sree.
      Lovely analysis here…well said about Shivay and his preparation to face the puja n his family (mom)
      But poor chap all his efforts went down the drain….Question was out of syllabus!!
      And yes our khannu is on another task now! A crucial one too

    5. Shree
      Very well put..!! ??
      Out of syllabus waali baath pe lol..!!! ??
      How I wish to see what you wrote in the P.S.. but before revealing that Shivay should confess his love to Annika.

  13. Today’s epi was good and better than the few.
    I love anika’s 6th senses.. I mean dude she is pretty fast and has a cunning mind, she got to know about the connections and even has started searching for proofs, when in Ishqbaaz truth usually takes months to come out. I am pretty sure she will deffinately unite the brothers.

    Shivaay bhaiyya today u gave a cute performance the last scene was epic.. but I have that gut feeling its just anika’s imagination. Glad that shivaay got to know everything and now there are no secrets between(except mahi ofcourse).

    Yaar no Mahi scenes today. I really missed him. Hope u too have a whole different story in ishqbaaz and is also accepted as a lead. Mahi is like the ideal man.. in short cute. I love his character the best.

    No rumya and prinyanku. I don’t know why but my hopes are getting low day by day. I don’t think there will be any rumya scenes in the next epi’s too. Their story is left incompleted in the middle.

    Pinky’s fake mother love will loose. Seeing the precap, I feel like there will be no separation. But it may happen too cause it’s ishqbaaz and anything can happen here (my favourite

    I think shivaay bhaiyya will choose anika bhabhi only. He looks quite confident in the precap about his desicion. The precap somehow gives the feeling that it would be in anika’s favour.
    Paaanika!!! Throwed water on him but she didn’t look that angry so that’s a thing too.

    All in all I missed my mahiiiii!!!! A lot… without him ishqbaaz looks incomplete.
    Plz CVs add some more mahi scenes in the umcomimg epiosdes.

    Shakti is taking Pinky’s stand In everything, hope everything is alright.

    Hey ishquiesss….
    Nivedita, rajjo, amaya, archiya, aastha di, anu, lijince, lax, riddhima, nilash, shekhar , shree, raniliya(hope the spelling is right), shab (and I am 13 so if u feel u can call me di.. lol) and everyone…
    Hola. Bòñjóùŕ. Namaste. Salam.

    Hope u all are fine.

    Keep smiling

    1. so mein teri badi behan lol dont call me like taht call me shab ok

    2. Oksss!!!! Deary
      Loads of love.

    3. Amayaa

      Hllo Sara
      I m fine. ………..
      How r u dr ??????
      Very less comments. ………why??????????

    4. I earlier used to read your somments and somehow got motivated to share my views too.
      I am great more like super happy with today’s epi

    5. Archiya

      Hello Sara
      how r u doing.. m gud dear

    6. Archiya

      An ur 13.. so i think ur the youngest on this page

    7. Yaa maybe dear.
      So I should call I di or let be archu only?

    8. Archiya

      Let it b Sara only dear

    9. Whoa Sara.. u r 13!!
      We have quite some kiddos in here..!
      We better be watchful of what we speak and the words we use..!

    10. Ranilya

      Hi Sara dear (di)

    11. Hey rani…
      Nice dp

    12. Hi Sara..!!
      Am good . How r u??
      13?? So young..!! Cool ??

  14. Gayathri.visu

    Hi ishqies…. Anu, Riddhi, Astha di, Shabs, Rajjo, Amayaa, Maahi, Archu, Mouni, Lax, Nivi, Shiv…..and all ishqies. How r u guys?? I went to my grandma’s house. So no starplus, no wifi, no tab, no comment bcz no IB.
    Pinky! She is too much.. I can’t see her insecurity n jealousy dramas… Because of her karmas my Mahi is suffering a lot. You stupid Pinky ponky!!
    I don’t know what to say about Shivaay. I m also confused for I m angry or sad for him! And today he is trying to become good husband for Anika. He also cries hugging Anika! I know its very difficult to change our childhood thought. But its high time he must choose one between his nonsense ideology and his love!!
    Anika…! Again Today Surbhi nailed it…. And the voice message dialogues are awesome! Finally she has a doubt about Mahi-Shivaay connection… And Shivika’s last scene hug…hope its not a dream! Precap! Waiting to see Shivaay breaks his ideology and that stupid Pinky’s heart for his love…… More than that I want to Stupid pinky’s reaction when Shivaay comes Om along with Anika!!!
    No Mahi scene….. My dear Mahimaan fans give me a hug!! I am very sad…..

    1. Hii gayathri… sending u a warm hug…. Even we also want shivaay to break his ideology on NKK…
      pinky is not just annoying but intolerable as well… Pinky pinky monkey donkey….

      Every time when Mahu is shown I am either emotional becoz of his emotional talks or very happy coz of his super dialogues and language……

    2. Gayathri.visu

      Hi Maahi. Thank u soo much.
      Its true whenever I am watching Mahi’s I am getting emotional!
      By the I didn’t like ur comment………….

      But I just loved it!!! I love Each n every word, TU’s Omkaraji…….

    3. Mouni

      hi gayathri , l hope you are fine dear
      l hope pinky will regret it a lot after she knows the truth
      shivika’s last scene is confusing it could be real , but cvs deceived us a lot in the past

    4. Gayathri.visu

      Hi Mouni. Yes I m fine.
      And I wish Anika didn’t forgive Pinky easily. She intentionally hurts Anika because of her stupid insecurity. But we all know Anika forgives Pinky easily.

    5. Amayaa

      Hllo visu di
      I m fine nd hope u r also

    6. hi gayathri….hope pinky will come to her senses soon or not she’s gone regret big time…..
      well shivyae’s ideology is breaking slowlyyyyyyyyyy..

    7. Archiya

      m dng fine dear.. how r u doing?
      Grandma home ha.. it must b super fun.. i always love my grandma home, but now she is no more so dont even visit that home, used to love her dearly

      Even though i m not a mahi fan.. i can still give u a hug.. a big bear hug from me:)

    8. Hello gayu!
      Paati veeda.. enjoy enjoy.. I used to love my stay at my paatis place when I was a kid..
      Forget abt wifi.. have a good time there..!
      But will miss u too! See u soon!! ?
      And a hug as a mahimaniac? We will see him soon.. it ok if he didn’t come.. but when he comes the entire fandom should talk abt him! So let’s give him the time..!

    9. Ranilya

      Hi Gayathri…
      Hope you r feeling better..

    10. Gaya
      Am good..!! How r u?? Hope u had fun at your grandma’s place…!!

  15. SurbhiC yet again gives an unparalleled performance in the emotional scenes. That running out of breath n stuttering while crying proves that you are an ace in the field. We are vicariously living Annika thru you, Surbhi.
    Annika- You ve left me speechless darling. You proved that bold is beautiful. Loved how u honestly clarified Shivays misunderstanding even in such a crucial situation. Love you to moon n back..!! ???

    I expected the episode to open with Shivay yelling at Annika for not picking his call. Glad it did not happen n that itself kinda reinforced my feeling that Shivay is a changed man. Ya, eventually he was angry but thats ok. It’s Shivay after all.

    Both the emotional hugs were just out of the world. The hugs were a calm balm to me as well. Only Shivika can make a hug look so good even when it has no romantic angle.

    Yesterday when Annika found that bottle at Mahis house, I actually thot the scene had some relevance wanted to put it in my comment also, but was lazy. Annika, now that you ve connected the dots, make it fast, go for it. May be the big revelation happens on Shiv-Mahis birthday. Woh bandan hain, pyar ka bandan hain…!!
    And Khanna is back, Liji must be so happy.

    Disappointed that Shivay gets to know Annikas truth this way. I thot he ll b super impressed by Annika when he gets to know that she loved Sahil more than a sibling, she married him to save the life of a boy who is not her saga bhai. Thanx CVs for destroying that much wanted scene.
    If I remember Dadi knows this right??

    Shivay leaving the Pooja was more in the heat of the moment I feel. I mean he somehow adjusted to the fact that Annika atleast has name n blood if not khandaan, so when that also was shattered, Banda could not take it. But again the hug does not mean it’s the end. What’s in your mind Shivay?? Btw did Annika sound a little desperate in the phone convo ?? I want Annika to give the same importance to the relation as Shivay gives, not more than that.

    Pinky, Chup baithne ke liye kya loge ??? This woman is crazy…!!

    Precap- What provoked Annika to leave the mansion?? Why is Annika so annoyed?? Ab kya Kiya tune Shivay??

    P.S.- Guys..!! Felt so bad for Leenesh today, he was literally used as a set prop . Even Khanna had a lengthier scene than him.
    Btw were there any new video spoilers??

    1. Mouni

      lax , l enjoyed your comment dear , true that bold is beautiful and she probably saved herself bcz pinky would’ve exposed her in an ugly way if she lied
      the last scene and the precap dont match , either its a dream or sso will say something that will make anika mad at him
      as for the spoilers it seems they are not daily and do not show scenes of many episodes like in the past but more like scenes from the same ep so that they keep suspense so maybe tomorrow they will show us some spoilers ( hope so )

    2. Mouni
      Thanx dear ??
      I don’t think it’s a dream sequence, am guessing he may say something which ll provoke her to leave the house.
      Spoiler thing is weekly I feel. Last spoiler was out on Thursday. It’s almost a week now.

    3. Today somehow both d hugs were unexpected to me d first one i thought sso will jst ignore saying nothing happened bt tat hug n tat lone tear in his eyes told everything tat he was in no more pf hurting or leaving annika
      Don’t worry ani will nt act despo tat’s why she left OM now we may get a despo shivaye oh no he is sso can’t be despo he cn be tadibaaz so now he’ll forcefully carry her to OM 😛
      N even i thought tat d b’day will hv a dhamaka frm ani’s side n sso getting his gift in form of maahi frm annika

    4. Shree
      Ya a despo Shivay ll be treat to watch.
      Waiting for the birthday celebrations. Or May be Annika finds that Mahi celebrates his birthday on the same day as Shivay and that’s how she confirms her doubt.

      Both the hugs were phenomenal ??

    5. lax hw r u?
      thts our lady james bond anika..soon she’s going to reveal the identity of shivaye&mahi….waiting to c pinky’s reaction towards this..#$#$%^
      dun know why anika left OB mansion maybe thats her plan to teach pinky a lesson & easier to find out more about Mahi…

    6. Pushpa
      Yes dear, may be Annika left the mansion coz she wants to comfortably find who Mahi is..!! If she is in the mansion, she ll ve to face 100 questions from Shivay.

    7. Archiya

      Lax dear
      tat bottle thing even i had thght, but again my comment was already lengthy did not want to add more to it

      the big revelation happens on Shiv-Mahis birthday. Woh bandan hain, pyar ka bandan hain…!! .. lolzzz

      I want Annika to give the same importance to the relation as Shivay gives, not more than that…. dear we give only what we have, an anika is much more good at heart than shivay.. so she will give much more to their relation.. an moreover for shivay there r many who love him but for r anika its only shivay, she does not know us na so

    8. Haan Archu.!!
      Annika is too good..!! That’s her problem. She shows all the Tadi but when it comes to love, she falls weak. Shivay is so lucky to ve Annika, when ll he understand that??

    9. Archiya

      looks like shiavay need some more spinning to realise the love of anika.. come v will put him on a roller coaster (just hope shivay fans dont bash me now)

    10. Lax.. I absolutely have no words abt surbhiC either.. especially the puja scene.. wow! My god she was such a pro.. not pro.. it felt like she was the goddess of small screen! Wow!! Simply wow!!

      I too felt she sounded a lil needy in the end.. but she made me cry there..
      what to do lax.. she has become too
      vulnerable coz of love! But don worry, like Shekhar said yesterday she is the stronger
      one! Not worry…
      We will see her Panika tashaan today

      And abt y she left.. am wondering on that
      I somehow feel she might have some hidden intentions.. you know like may be keeping an eye on mahi is easier from outside OF probably..
      But Shivaay might assume it is NKK..
      I dunno we just have to wait to watch!

    11. And I missed to mention.. Bold I see beautiful.. yes lax.. so true..
      Annika is that statement personified!

    12. Anu
      I know she is strong most of the time but whenever I see her weak, I feel so bad. Shivay in spite of his bad deeds in the past has a better life than Annika.

    13. Ranilya

      Surbhi is a gem…
      Nakul n Surbhi r the best talent match.

      Disappointed that Shivay gets to know Annikas truth this way. I thot he ll b super impressed by Annika when he gets to know that she loved Sahil more than a sibling, she married him to save the life of a boy who is not her saga bhai
      Don’t get disappointed dear, give Shivay some time he is at present fighting another battle…. his mind can’t think of anything rlse.
      But definitely he will acknowledge Anika’s unconditional love towards Sahil.

    14. Rani
      I hope he acknowledges Annikas unconditional love for Sahil. They are sibling goal.

    15. Shekhar

      I had a same thought when I found the focus of ANNIKA at that bottle, but while writing that could not blinked out!!

      SHIVAAY when left the POOJA , it was more his annoyance, why ANNIKA did not let him handle the situation and came up with fact which he himself was avoiding? This can be justified at the moment when he said, YOU ARE NOT LOOKING GOOD WHILE CRYING!

      May be, other angle it may have, but this suit most as of now!

  16. Shekhar


    Shivaye comes to her and says “you don’t look good when you cry!!!”


    After forced marriage, when he told her once during the phase of STRONG FEELINGS for her



    These were his words delivered to her, and by all means he does mean it at all the rough spot of life of SHIVIKA, and we keep seeing him stood stand by her at all the odd times and save her from humiliation and insults many a times. Even though, in the back ground of his IDEOLOGY, she was never found me having enough confident over how long he will stand by her during such humiliations and insults, but most of time she found him backing her like the STONE WALL.

    He is the man of the words, and we never found him deviating from the words once delivered from his mouth, and that’s why, even though he is being egoist, proud, rude and arrogant , ANNIKA found a soft and kind by heart SHIVAAY behind the mask of SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROY and falls for him from the depth of her heart.

    It is his RESPONSIBILITY ahead, along with backing of his undefined suppressed LOVE, forced him to loud out


    He is a simple man and straight in nature and never used to play with fancy wordings , and he rightly told once TIA


    So its all, let it be SHORT and let the precap say anything, but ANNIKA catched the ALL THE SWEETNESS lying behind his these short and simple saying!

    In my POV, for SSO, with referring to ANNIKA, NKK is over at last.

    THE RESPONSIBILITY of SSO provide enough breathing to the LOVE of SHIVIKA!

    I know, many of this TU may not agree over this my RESPONSIBILITY angle, let them, but it is what I believe with respect.

    1. First of all great analysis Shekhar bhaiyya……..
      Now sso is in such a situation tat he’s stuck in between his own words……….. Once he used to say nkk is d only thing tat matters fr him a lot………then annika became his responsibility n deep inside his heart she also matters fr him a lot became important fr him can’t see a single tear in her eyes in short loves her a lot bt once he cn ignore these feelings bt shivaay singh oberoi nvr step backs frm d words once already out frm his mouth………
      And yesterday his lst line told d fct tat now watever he hs in his mind whether he’s out of his ideologies or nt bt will nvr hurt annika anymore

    2. Shekhar

      Yes, LOVE COULD HAVE BEEN SACRIFICED IN THE NAME OF MOTHERLY, FAMILY LOVE, but a committed man just can not step back from his saying! It is a committed SSO to responsibility, and not SHIVAAY in LOVE focus of our thought process!

    3. Archiya

      r u actually implying that still shivay still sees anika only as his responsibility..

    4. Shekhar

      Read me again, it has been told, responsibility with the backing of undefined strong feelings!

      If it was only love, he might have opted to sacrifice, but when he was committed to fullfill his voiced out responsibility, he just could not stepped back. So why I made this title!

    5. I have this question too..
      I guess Shekhar is trying to say, sso considers it as a responsibility to love her..
      is that what you are saying Shekhar.. I din quite u I guess..

    6. Ranilya

      Hi shekar.
      As usual good analysis…
      The responsibilty angle what you say is correct…backed with love…
      But when love is in the forefront everything else backs up by itself….
      If Anika gets unconditional love from Shivay all other things are just mere betn them…

  17. Akriti

    great analysis shekhar bhaiya…
    the love can change a person and his beliefs also…
    anika has to travel a lot to become his wife from his responsibility….

    and that soft side of shivay in the shivaay Singh oberoi is only found by anikaa no other can touch the core of his heart it’s only anika….

    she didn’t know whether he will be with her always but always she found him as a great wall who protects her from every single problem …..

    and slowly Slowy his ideology is getting demolished day by day it’s only because of anika….

  18. Akriti

    @lax @mahi @shree @gayatri @diya I love all off your comment and all reply you tomorrow because I am feeling sleepy…

    and @ archu dear what a coincidence same to same dp……
    our choices are same…
    it’s great…

    and gudni8 everyone

    1. Archiya

      yeah same to same DP, but honestly speaking i wanted the first hug as my DP, but did not find it,.. so had to settle for this one

    2. Thanx Akriti…!! ???

  19. Hi guys my first time commenting i am a silent reader but today i had to say something.
    My idea: in the end when anika was crying shivaay never came back and she was just imagining then next day pinky says something and shivaay still not back so anika leaves OF with sahil and then in precap it is some time later and shivaay comes as SSO and old anika is back and throws water on him as she is angry
    Just my thoughts though, what do you think?

    1. Amayaa

      Sanah welcome
      Join pkj group nd SSO KI bahensssssss club

    2. Archiya

      wc Sanah.. did u actually watch the episode which is to be telecast today???

    3. Hi Sanah welcome to PKJ…?
      What u said could be possible, but when spoilers were released, surbhic said Shivaay consoled her saying it is ok.. after the Pooja.. so I was hoping the hug was not her imagination.. so let’s see!

    4. Hey Sanah. Welocome dear.

    5. Ranilya

      Hi Sarah
      Welcome to pkj

    6. Ranilya

      Oops this autocorrect…
      It’s sanah

  20. Ranilya

    Hieee .. .
    Kya kamaal thi Anika…. love her
    Sach mein…she is so strong mentally…
    Imagine anyone else in her place, they would have tried to hide or tell some lie to escape from the situation n be happy..
    But darling Anika boldly spoke up the truth about herself n her family bg. Even though she knew Shivay may not accept her due to his (stupid) ideology…
    Anika I just want to hug you today dear….any word would be insufficient in your praise today…

    Shivay was lost…fighting a war within himself. The look in his eyes when Anika enquired about his problem n anger…the broken phone (I think it’s the first time shivay has kept the broken phone with him?).
    Oh my heart went out to him… he knew abt Anika’s childhood n bg but just dint wanto accept it…is scared to lose Anika, he just can’t live without her… what a battle this is… it’s not all that easy to forgo ones beliefs..but shivay you will have to do it this time…
    The way he hugged her…the consoling words.. he was actually pacifying himself….not Anika..
    The concern n anger when he got know Anika wento the chawl chase to meet Mahi… Anika beta Shivay can’t see you hurt again samjha karo.. . So antha hain ki tum jhansi no rain ho, super woman ho…phir bhi he is worried for you…he loves you..

    Aaj kulgothra ke puja mein Anika ko koi prb nahi ho…use wo izzat mile jo wo deserve karthi hain

    He just wants to make sure Anika will not b hurt… thats y he enquired about sahil’s parents do that he take over the situation n handle everything.. .like a shield to protect his wife/love.

    At the puja too Shivay tried to set things by telling Anika’s father’s name n profession…
    He just dint want Anika to tell anything n spoil things…he just wanted the puja to get over n Anika’s name to to b written along with his ….and shut everyone’s mouth
    (Pinky here)
    But Anika will b Anika…??
    She just can’t accept her relation to b built on fake notions. She was never guilty of her by not will ever be…she wants everyone to accept her with her TRUTH and that is MEIN SIRF ANIKA HUN, MERA KOI SURNAME YA GOTHRA NAHI HAIN!
    Anyone in her place would have either kept quite or agreed to what Shivay said…

    Y did Shivay give that shocked expression??
    Cos he heard it from Anika’s own mouth??

    Loved surbhi’s acting.. .

    The way Anika controlled her tears and spoke…the sorrow within her…the fear of losing Shivay… But still stuck on to the truth of her life.

    Shivay’s turmoil….but still he came back to Anika cos he knew she would b in soŕrow and he can’t bear it.
    Anika made me cry today during her voice msg to Shivay…..
    But gòod Shivay came back to her…
    Loved their hug….
    No words required for communication…

    Sahil- loved his fearful expressions during puja.
    Pinky- I just want to ignore her…but good she is helping Shivay to get out of his stupid ideology.
    Dadi- waiting for you to put some gyan into Shivay’s head n also Pinky’s. To console Anika…she also needs motherly love if he than Shivay’s.

    Precap- Paanika mode!?

    1. Ranilya

      Hey the registered member..pls help me…im not able to change my dp…whats the Procedure??
      Do you do it in mobile or computer??
      Y can’t I change??

    2. Amayaa

      Ranilya di
      Follow de below mentioned steps

      1. Press de ghanta ( uuppppsss I mean bell type icon ) which shows no. Of notifications
      2. Click on setting icon
      Ur account of TU PAGE will be open
      3. Press on ” VIEW PROFILE ”
      Ur profile of TU PAGE will be open
      4. Again click on a setting icon
      Options will come
      5. Opt change profile photo
      6. Ur present dp will be shown 2 u
      7. Click on that nd options will come like remove pic , change pic etc…..
      8. From that choose de pic from document or gallery
      9. Click on upload
      10.ur dp will be changed

      This procedure is not so long actually I eloborate de steps
      That’s why
      It becomes too long

      I usually do it in my tab or lappie
      U will be able 2 change now

      My God
      My comment again becomes too long ?????

    3. Archiya

      click on ur name here… u can see a settings icon->click on that->edit profile->on ur prev dp u can see a camera icon click on tat->change photo->upload->select the photo->apply->after the new photo comes u can see a tick mark at the side of it-> click on tat

      an ur done…

    4. Ranilya

      Thanks amaaya n Archu…will do it..

    5. Archiya

      Rani dear
      loved ur comment.. u put shivika emotions so very well.. an i so agree anika needs some motherly love, i wished pinky was not like this

    6. Ranilya

      Thanks Archu…

    7. Aaah.. loved ur entire analysis Ranu!
      The first hug especially was highlight..
      as u said when he was scolding annika there was so much concern in that…
      Unlike yesterday I felt a lil pity on him too..
      Yes, he is fighting an internal war..
      Hoping to see a better clearer sso during the Parnika stunt today!

    8. Ranilya

      Yes Anu I too want SSO to b very clear by today…
      Can’t wait long…

    9. Rani
      Such a lengthy comment. That’s quite unlike u…!! Seems u had some free time in the tight schedule.!!
      Description of Shivays battle is very well put Rani..!! ???

    10. Amayaa

      Wow rani di wow
      Today u rocked nd archu akki nd we all shocked
      What a dp ??? u prove today u r de mega nd royal dp mother ( I mean raj mata ) she is de top most powerful lady in an empire nd u r that in pkj group …………….. @ archu get ready …………..u have a tough competition now ……………..first Akriti nd now rani di …………….best of luck dr…………….. @ rani di don’t say me u r not a part of royal dp members. ………………because u r ………………Nd this picture is sufficient to show this ………………okksssss……………….now bye …………..
      We will again meet ( I mean chat after few hours on today ‘s episode update ………………….???

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