a love to last a lifetime (kaira and swadarsh) (intro)

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Hello all , i am varshini , i have written many ffs , this is my new ff on my favourite couples kaira and swadarsh , i will try to give importance to both because both are my favourite

Here is the intro

Singhania family
Naira singhania : naitik and akshara’s daughter . very loving and caring , is soon gonna get married to india’s richest business man’s son karthik goenka . loves karthik a lot . loves her parents and siblings a lot . . is 22 years old .
Swadheentha singhania : akshara and naitik’s adopted daughter . does not know that she is actually naitik’s sister rashmi’s daughter who passed away when she was a baby . is a oncologist(doctor for cancer ) . loves her siblings and her parents akshara and naitik a lot . is 26 years old
Naksh singhania (played by rohan mehra): naira’s brother . loves his family . can do anything for his sisters . married to gayathri (played by kanchi singh ). 27 years old
Gayathri naksh singhania : naksh’s wife , very caring
Raj shekar singhania and devyani singhania : naitik’s parents

Goenka family
Karthik goenka : naira’s fiance , loves her a lot . very caring , handles his fathers business . 24 years old
Suvarna goenka : karthik’s step mom , loves him like his own son , karthik also loves hr like his own mom
Manish goenka :karthik’s father , his son is his life
Dadi : she is karthiks dadi , very traditional and religious . very strict too
Ishana goenka (played by reem sheikh ). Very lovely young girl . suvarna’s own daughter . her brother is her world . loves her brother the most . 15 years old
Only these many characters r there in singhania and goenka family , more characters will be introduced in these families later

Sinha family
Sinhas are family friends of goenkas
Adarsh sinha : ias officer , loves honest people , is very honest
Manohar sinha and suhasini sinha : adarsh’s parents
Riya sinha (played by dikshita sehgal): she is the daughter of adarsh’s late bro and sis . adarsh is her world . has cancer
Guys this was the intro of characters , more characters will be added when the story goes on . please leave ur valuable comments

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  1. Riyasmiles

    wow.. this was awesome.. looking forward to this…
    keep doing good work..
    stay blezzed dr

    1. thanks a ton dr

  2. Vedanshidwivedi

    Nice amazing sooo good

    1. thanks a ton

  3. Arni

    Amazing keep going

    1. thank u , will update soon

  4. Fenil

    Swadhrash also mine favourite one.
    Hope to see u with first chapter soon.

    1. thanks a lot , will update soon . keep reading and commenting .

  5. Vinni05

    Amazing part just loved it
    Eagerly waiting for next one
    Pls upload asap

    1. thanks a lot , will update soon . keep reading and commenting

  6. Jasminerahul

    I am surprised that you started a new ff. though I haven’t watched these shows I have seen a few kaira scenes and seen swadarsh in the promos.both pairs are romantic.so I will enjoy this.nice cs. surprised to see naksh gayatri as a couple.
    why are you not updating your old ffs?I am waiting for your raglak ff..yrkkh..dabh..rivanya ishra one
    I have started a new ss on rivanya raina called kuch katti.please have a look

    1. thanks a lot di . yes i am writing all the old ffs right now , i will post it soon . wow new ff on raina and rivanya , awesome , will surely read and comment

    1. thank u

  7. Soumya85

    Wow yar amazing story looking forward to it post the next part soon

    1. thanks a lot soumya di , will update next one soon

  8. thanks a lot tharu di , even i like swadarsh a lot , please do try to follow and how can u think i can forget u ? u r my favourite di , missing u a lot . do come back wid a new account or atlease keep in touch . love u loads

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