Champion Writer OS COMPETITION !!

Hello everyone. I’m Priya. There will be an OS competition named “Champion Writer OS COMPETITION”. This competition will be held on 1st of May to 15th of May from today onward to 5th May. As you all know only registered members can submit articles so only registered members can participate in this. Rules will be as below.

1. One member can write only one OS.
2. The OS has to be only written in English.
3. Grammar should be atleast understandable.
4. You should not write in your OS that it is written for a competition.
5. Winners are not selected from how many comments they get.
6. The OS has to be published between 1st May to 15th May between today to 5th May.
7. Participants have to send the links of their OS to judges according to the serial.
8. Winners will be selected from each serial and from those OSes last winners will be chosen.
9. Marks are given for each OS out of 100
10. Judges only consider writer’s creativeness , ability in expressing ideas clearly , interest, ability in gaining readers attention etc.


1. Ronumowl – Ishqbaaz, mahek, dil bole obroi, tashan e ishq
2. Soumya85 – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Piya Albela, Chandra Nandini
3. Nikkita0194 – Swargini, Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi
4. Priyaa – Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Naagin, Hindi Songs
5. Varshini – udaan, siya ki raam, saathi nibana saathiya,manmarziaan, suhani si ek ladki
6. Jasmin – jaana dil se dhoor, tashan e ishq

All the members who wish to participate have to comment below (name and the serial of the OS you are going to write)

Special thanks goes to TU admin for giving support to conduct the competition.

If the serial you going to write is not mentioned above or if you have any questions , please comment below

  1. Kitkat

    i m KitKat, going to write a raglak OS from swaragini……

    1. ok. send the link to Nikkita from pm

    2. Nikkita0194

      ask them nikkita0194

    3. Astra

      all the best kitkat dear…

    4. Deadlines have changed. Please note

  2. Fatima Shahzad

    Just wondering if the winners will get any prize or something????
    If yes then I too will register and submit an OS..?

    1. Yeahhh u will get ticket to switzerland

    2. Vaishalijha

      Dear are you serious?? Ticket to Switzerland? …

    3. Now that’s a load of crap?

    4. Shipra

      No we will just be given marks and the winner will be announced. No price as such

    5. Vaishalijha

      I get it.. Sufiya must have joked with Fatima.. Thanks Shipra dear for clearing out the confusion 🙂

    6. Where we have to share the link of our os….should we post the way we post regular ff and os??

    7. submit ur os as usual and send the link via pm

    8. Oh sorry to say that we dont give any price or something like that. From this competition we are going to choose the best OS writers..

    9. Arni

      For winners i will write a os on their favourite couple as i am the organizer of the competetion

    10. u r the organizer??

  3. Sanjana24

    Sanjana Thakur
    Username Sanjana2412
    Show:- Ishqbaaaz

    1. ok. send link to Ronumowl from pm dear

    2. Abhija17

      pm me the link dear

    3. Sanjana24

      Ohh so you have changed the date. Well when I read it before the date was from 1st to 15th may. But don’t worry I shall write upload and then pm you the link by Saturday as I am busy right now. Why the hurry. Don’t tell me if you change the date once again

    4. no we wont change it again.

  4. Nive

    My name is nivedha…I choose swaragini serial for os..
    1. Is the theme is up to us???
    2. Is from the serial or our own story???
    3. How to send the link to the judges through personal message or on the walls???

    Please clear my doubts…

    1. Nive

      Can I choose one in Swasan or raglak?? Or you want both should be in….

    2. Fenil

      hey Swasan pls

    3. Choose only one serial.

    4. Soumya85

      Hi nive the theme is up to u and the story can be urs…u can send the links to judges in pm or wall anything but pm will be better…pairs u can choose but write only 1…all the best

    5. 1. You can use any theme you like.
      2.Write your own story using the characters of the serial
      3. personal message
      Send your link to Nikkita dear

    6. Nive

      Dear 3 nikkita is there…so you just tell her full username please..

    7. Nive

      What From today!!!!!!

    8. Nikkita0194

      i mean u have 2 send me the link in between 1 may to 15may

    9. yes from today

  5. Heshine

    Hey ..! I would like to join in this competition…
    Heshine – kuch rang pyar ke aide bhi

    1. ok. send the link to Nikkita.

    2. Deadlines have changed. Please note

  6. OS name: Dil to pagal hai
    Serial: Zindagi ki mehek
    My Name: Shree Nanda
    Email id: [email protected]

    1. Nikkita0194

      dear plz register ur self only registered members are allowed

    2. You have to register to participate because only they can submit articles

    3. Crazy_diva

      Yes, yes!! When i commented here i wasn’t logged in!! Sorry plzz… add my details too!!

    4. ok dear

  7. i take manmarzian , udaan , suhani si ek ladki and sath nibhana sathiya . is it ok di ?

    1. i will take siya ke ram , it is a finished serial , is it ok priyaa di

    2. It’s ok

  8. Manasvi

    Hey dii..
    Its me Manasvi..
    I m going to participate..
    Serial:- Swaragini..
    But i had a doubt if there is any theme or genre for it??

    1. Soumya85

      No manasvi there is no theme or genre it’s up to u only…all the best

    2. Manasvi

      Thnks Somu dii..??

    3. ok send the link to Nikkita dear

    4. Manasvi

      Okay dii..
      Btw can I post it on 10th May..
      Will it be okay??

    5. sry…too late..actually deadline changed

    6. Manasvi

      Dont do this..
      Actually I kept my scgedule in such a way that I will write the os from 7th to 9th and then post it on 10th..
      But okay.. I will try to write by 4th..

    7. oh please dont cry…i know but siddhi is having problems that’s why dates changed

    8. Manasvi

      Ohk.. I will try to post it soon!!?

    9. Mahavir

      choti….!! kaise ho…!! long time no see…!! and yeah ALL THE BEST DO WELL…!!

    10. Manasvi

      Hey dii.. How are you??
      Howz Laa dii??
      I m fine..

    11. Seebu_s

      all the best dear

  9. Aditi.Ayansh

    Hi I’m Aditi.Ayansh i would also lyk to participate well i’m gonna write OS on Swaragini 🙂

    1. ok send the link to Nikkita0194

    2. Deadlines have changed. Please note

  10. Rithik

    I want to join in this competition
    Show – ishqbaaz

    1. ok send link to Ronumowl

    2. Deadlines have changed. Please note

  11. Rakhi

    OS name : The music of my silence
    Serial : Swaragini

    1. ok send the link to Nikkita0194

    2. Deadlines have changed. Please note

  12. Aqua

    I want to write for udaan ?

    1. Send the link to Varshini …

  13. haiza raazi parwin


    1. Nikkita0194

      plz register first

  14. Sowji

    Nice competition…can I send my details in this page…

    1. You have to say the serial you write

    2. Sowji

      Name :sowji
      Serial:kumkum bhagya… just say how to send this ff….we can write imaginary ff by using serial characters..or end of this week episode ..we will continue this story and say where to send this ff…send that link…..

    3. Nikkita0194

      send the link to priyaa on her pm n write a medium size os

  15. Pragyashree

    Can we write OS on serials which are finished?

    1. Soumya85

      Yes u can but do tell us the name of the serial

    2. Pragyashree

      Thank you for reply!! It will be Siya ke Ram.

    3. hi di , pm the the story’s link to me

  16. Raina

    i am going to post an one shot of the serial swaragini!!!
    how should we send the links to the judges? through private messages?
    if the one shot turns to be so much long, can it be posted like part 1 & part 2?
    or otherwise the one shots can be long???

    1. Raina

      and please can i get the proper usernames of the judges???

    2. Sumayyah

      all the very best to you my sweet se friend Raina you will win for sure ummuahh

    3. Nikkita0194

      jus 1 shot n medium size

    4. Raina

      ok!! you are the nikkita mentioned above, right?
      because when i typed nikkita, i saw that there were three nikkitas. that’s why i asked to mention the proper username!!

    5. send link via pm . to Nikkita0194 . Don’t submit it as part 1 and 2.

    6. Mahavir


    7. Raina

      thank you Maha!

    8. Seebu_s

      hey raina!!i know u will rock it..all the best?

    9. Raina

      aww!! thank you so much seebu!!

    10. CrazyGirlz

      All the best Raina

    11. Raina

      thank you crazygirlz

  17. Rena699

    Hey I am Rena I will post an is based on ishqbaaz

    1. ok send the link to Ronumowl

  18. Prajkta

    i am Prajkta and i am going to write os on Ishqbaaz
    but how do we have to send the os link to the judges
    actually i am new so please guide me

    1. Soumya85

      U can send the link in private messages here

    2. send link to Ronumowl

  19. Hi my name is Angel
    I’m gonna write an OS on ishqbaaz

    1. Nikkita0194

      register first

  20. Hi my name is Angel
    I’m gonna write an OS on ishqbaaz

    1. register first dear

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