Raglak she is my wife [shot 11]

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Hi everyone and thank u all for the lovely comments. So here is the next shot…

Ragini’s POV,
I know Laksh I am hurting u because u r compelling me to do it. I have no doubt in saying that u r my Laksh. I can easily say that u r my Laksh even if u r away from me and u burry me in the ground alive. I am hurting u to make u confess that u r my Laksh. Please accept it Laksh we can talk together and sort out the problems. But for that u have to cooperate. I can read ur eyes Laksh. It shows me how ur heart was hurt when I asked u to promise on our child. After all I love u Laksh. I know I am asking u to promise on our child is wrong but my love for u have done many things in our past. Then why can’t I do this simple thing? I know Laksh u can’t promise on our child.
Just then her thoughts were broken when Abhi stepped forward and about to place his hand on her stomach. Ragini’s eyes widened and were shocked. His hands were shaking. But still he proceeded forward. Everyone present there was shocked. They were frozen and their mind was blank even for Mansi the same condition. Mansi didn’t expect that much from Laksh. Slowly she smirked on his obsession over his promise than his love. Abhi’s hand was a inch away from her stomach. He was about to touch but Ragini jerked backward and pushed him hardly on his chest. Abhi didn’t expect that and he lost balance and fall down on a sofa behind him. Everyone was trying to understand what was happening. Abhi looked at Ragini with shocked expression. Ragini in turn was giving him a death glare. Her eyes had the expressions that she was hurt, angry, frustrated, disgusted, broken, pain, etc. Finally the silence was broken by Ragini’s cold voice which had only pain and angry.
Ragini breathing heavily like a beast in anger. She looked straight at Abhi and with cold tone: Mr. Abhimanyu Khanna. I am sorry for wasting ur time. Now everything was crystal clear that u r NOT MY LAKSH; u r NOT MY HUSBAND; and most importantly u r NOT THE FATHER OF OUR SORRY ‘MY’ CHILD. MY child’s father had went somewhere to stay away from me and my child. He didn’t love me. I am now dame sure of it. Once again I am sorry Mr. ABHIMANYU KHANNA. I now promise u that I won’t disturb u saying that u r my Laksh. At least u be happy with ur family. Once again sorry!
With that Ragini went from there followed by DP, AP and Sanskar who had no idea what was going on. Now Abhi could not control his tears. Yes he could not control any more. He started to cry silently. Ragini was about to go but Mishka came before her. She saw Ragini innocently. Ragini looked at her emotionlessly.
Mishka: Ragu teacher!
But Ragini interrupted: I am sorry Mishka Abhimanyu Khanna (Mishka was shocked because she had never called her full name). I won’t disturb UR FATHER from now. I won’t disturb UR FAMILY. Go and be happy with ur family.
With that Ragini went from there. Abhi didn’t even paid attention to Mishka and Mansi and went from there in his car. He was driving madly with all his memories revolving on Ragini.

Abhi’s POV,
What I have done? WHAT I HAVE DONE? Why I did like that? WHY? I have hurt no KILLED her heart once again. I myself had proved that I didn’t LOVE her. I just made her to believe that I am NOT in LOVE with her, my wife, my Ragini. I always had done to her like this. But this time, I have destroyed everything not only HER HEART, OUR love, MY love, MY life, HER belief, HER trust on me especially HER love on OUR child. Child. Baby. (He started to cry vigorously) I shouldn’t have done like that. I would have to accept that I am LAKSH. But… But… That PROMISE. How can I forget that? I am suffering now because of my impulsive mind. Not only me all were suffering because of me. How can I upto promise on MY CHILD, MY LITTLE CHAMP, JUNIOR LAKSH MAHESHWARI. (He smiled sarcastically then cried loudly) I love u Ragini. I love u so much. I love our child. I am only Laksh, Ragini. I am ur Laksh, Ragini. I am the father of our child, Ragini. He is not UR child and not MY child. He is OUR child Ragini. I want to shout and tell this loudly to all, everyone. But I couldn’t Ragini. I have only made u cry Ragini. I could not give happiness even in ur pregnancy period. What a husband I am? What a father I am? What a lover I am? What a son I am? What a brother I am? I am not good in any relation Ragini. But I am sure Ragini, MY LOVE FOR IS TRUE, and I WILL ALWAYS LOVE U ONLY RAGINI. I LOVE U RAGINI.
He stopped the car and cried loudly by keeping his head on the steering wheel.

At Baadi,
Ragini went to Dida’s house and locked it. Sanskar explains everyone about what happened. Everyone was crying but Ragini was not even shedding a single drop of tears. She was just blank and doesn’t know what to do. She could not recover back from that shock. Suddenly she heard outside sounding ‘Badi Maa’, ‘Purna’, ‘Kakisa’, ‘jiji’. Ragini panicked and rushed outside and found AP lying unconscious with her hands on her chest and her head was on the lap of DP who was crying. Everyone was shouting for help.
Swara: Sanskar. Take her inside.
Sanskar nodded and took her inside the house and Ragini immediately called doctor. After sometime, AP was lying unconscious on the bed and doctor was examining her. Everyone was tensed on looking her condition. Doctor stood up.
DP: doctor. How is she? Is she fine? Nothing had happened to her right? Please say anything.
Doctor: Mr. Maheshwari. Her condition was quiet serious. If she didn’t gain conscious within 3 hours then we had to admit her in the hospital and keep her under observation. Then her condition may get more critical. I have given her an injection. Please take care of her and try to make her conscious by speaking to her, especially her loved ones may help her to recover easily. I hope u understand. I will come after 1 hour.
Shekhar send off the doctor and DP could not take it anymore and started to cry. Ragini was standing there still with tears in her eyes. Swara looked at everyone’s face. Then she took a long breath and went outside of the room. Swara took her mobile and called Abhi. Abhi who was in the car found his phone ringing, he wanted to ignore it. But something inside him says to attend it.
Swara: Please Laksh. Don’t cut the call. (He was shocked to hear Swara and could feel that she was tensed). Badi Maa’s health was not good. (He was shocked more) Doctor asked us to speak to her especially her loved ones and it may help her to recover faster. (Before he could respond, Sanskar snatched the phone and glared at Swara)
Sanskar: What r u doing Swara? Why have u called him? Don’t u know he was now Abhimanyu Khanna (He could not control his tears and started crying). (He took the phone and started to speak). I am sorry on behalf of my wife Mr. Abhimanyu Khanna. We won’t disturb u. Sorry once again (Saying this he was about to cut the call but AP shouted ‘LAKSH’ while in unconscious. Abhi whispered ‘MAA’. But Sanskar cut the call and again glared at Swara. Ragini who was hearing this felt her heart ache in pain but covered herself as though she was not affected by his voice.)
Abhi drove the car to Baadi and Ragini and Sanskar were standing outside thinking on the further treatment for AP. Just then Ragini saw Abhi and he too saw her. He slow down his speed and walked very slowly looking at her but she turned away and Sanskar noticed Abhi. He became hell angry and went near him and as in serial tried to stop him by locking the door and they both started to fight. But Ragini did not even interfere between them and finally,
Abhi: Yes. I care about her because she is my maa. She needs me now. If u doesn’t allow me now then I will forget that I had a brother.
Sanskar became happy and said: U have already forgotten it and I just remembering it u now. (Saying this he wiped his tears and said) Go inside. Badi maa is waiting for u.
Ragini was standing emotionless but still she went near the door and opened it. Abhi, No! Laksh walked forward and was about to get in, he saw Ragini’s face that doesn’t even look at him.

Please guys don’t bash or curse at me for making the story like this. I just wanted to have a good reason for Ragini’s anger. So now I started Ragini’s anger track and later will be hard working of Laksh to get back Ragini’s love. So please tell me how this part was. According to ur thoughts I will try to modulate the story. Keep smiling and stay happy. Bye.

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