Piya Albela 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Piya Albela 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pooja bringing Naren home from brothel. Supriya asks Naren if he realizes from where he returned and says I never scolded you as I thought you are matured enough. She asks Mayank to take him to room and says he hurt us a lot. Mayank takes him to room. Supriya cries. Pooja consoles her. She looks at Rahul and gets doubtful seeing him tensed. Harish calls Rakesh and asks him to shift to his house, and says he told everyone that their house will be getting redeveloped. Rakesh says what will happen if we shift there. Harish says it will be a big support for me if you stays here and asks Rakesh and Harsha to shift immediately.

Pooja comes to Rahul and says you can’t take advantage of Naren until I am here. She says I know you took Naren to Rang Gali and says before Harish comes to know about this, mend your ways, else you and I, both are here. Rahul asks will you stop me? He says everybody failed whoever tried to make him alright. Pooja says he is fine. Rahul asks who are you and why you are concerned about your boss. Pooja says you didn’t answer me the reason behind applying cake on my face, like wise I don’t think I shall answer you. She says my eyes will be on you. Rahul is tensed.

Pooja comes to Naren’s room and sees him sleeping. A song plays…..jogiya…Naren asks her to give warm water. Pooja asks him to get ready in 10 mins and says we are going. Naren asks where? Pooja shows him farm things, plough etc and asks him to wake up. He asks her to come to point. Pooja says you are resting here leaving your animals in NGO and asks him to get up. Mayank hears her and thinks she cares for him a lot, and thinks but why she is scolding him. She says she is talking about making shed. Naren says I have no savings to make shed again. Pooja says we have to earn the money and asks him to come, as she got all the stuff for organic stuff. Mayank thinks to check what pooja is doing in his room and tries to climb up to Naren’s room to hear them. The stairs fall down. Naren and Pooja come near balcony and see him hanging holding balcony. Naren and Pooja help him come up. Pooja says we shall find good work for him. Pooja and Naren are leaving for farm. Supriya gives them aarti and says she prays that they step on right path. Naren also takes aarti. Pooja asks him to come and says we have to earn money to build farm again. Rahul is shocked. Supriya asks Mayank to have food. Pooja says he is fasting today and says even Mayank will work for his brother today. She takes Naren and Mayank to farm.

pr*stitute Chandani thinks of Naren and is angry. Rahul calls her and provokes her against Naren. Chandani asks him to bring Naren again and says once he comes here, I won’t let him leave. Rahul says your aada shall become his habit. Chandani looks at her ghungroo. Rahul thinks once Naren gets trapped by chandani then…

Pooja tells Mishra ji that Naren will give him update. Naren talks to him. Mayank says bhai knows much about farming. He asks when we will bring animals from NGO. Pooja asks him to bring Shed’s insurance papers. Mayank asks Insurance. Pooja says Insurance will help us. Mayank tells Naren that Pooja is scolding him like a teacher. Naren laughs. Pooja asks him to work.

Later she serves food to Naren and Mayank. Naren asks if she haven’t brought sabodana. She asks him to have it at home and says if you don’t have this food then you will fall ill, have to work hard at home. He coughs. She pats on his back. Naren asks why she is hiding her hand and asks her to show to Doctor. Pooja says she is fine and asks him to ask Mayank.

Harish asks Supriya to clean the room for Harsha. Supriya says okay. She asks Servant to keep flowers in the room. Neelima talks rudely to her and says I use that room for my yoga. Supriya says it was Harsha’s room only. Neelima says before her marriage and says you don’t have courtesy to ask me, and asks her to give guest room to them. Supriya says we are giving guest room to Mayank and asks three people will adjust in one room. Neelima says that is not my problem.

Rahul is keeping eye on Naren’s farm from far through binoculars. Mayank tells Pooja that 25 kgs vegetables are grown in his farm. Naren says he don’t sell, some of vegetables are used in house and some, he gives to the needy. Pooja says she saw in Dehradun Mall, and says Organic items are sold at double prize. She tells that sometimes we have to think about ourselves. She asks him to think about his animals. Rahul thinks this naukrani is stuck with him, and thinks how to make her go far. Just then she hurts her injured hand and sees blood coming out. She hides her hand. Rahul smiles and thinks now Bhai will come out of Lakshman Rekha.

“Sahi Ghalat Ke Peeche Hi Toh
Sabhi Jung Hai Hote
Pyaar Aur Waar Me Phir
Kyun Sab Sahi Hote”

(Behind every right or wrong
All wars happens
Then in Love and war
Why is everything fair)

Naren comes to Rang Gali. Pooja and Mayank are in auto. She calls him and gets worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Roumya

    yaar now i feel sth else i think pooja will also dance to pull naren frm that chandni… chepo rahul and despo chandni… everything else super….. i still feel abt love triangle… they are giving equal space to mayank also.. i am pretty sure abt it… hi everyone… good to see so many comments and malanga family growing and i request new joiners to give a bit intro….

  2. Hi ,this show is really nice.even I think mayank will fall in love with pooja.but vyas family is always dull n fighting.except Mayan no one love likes fun in that family

  3. let me introduce myself… i remained a silent reader but not for long…. i watch PA whenever i get time nd if not i go for the updates…….. i actually was attracted by the fresh concept, the story of love bt a spiritual man and a normal girl. its so new nd im just so happy that it is doing well unlike other baseless nd vile serials running behind TRPs nd not behind people’s choice. BUT i wont be available for long but will surely try to be………. GOOD NIGHT………… நல்லிரவு??????????????

    1. Roumya

      Hi welcome to malanga family

  4. The last line meant “Why is everything fair?”
    It was something like “Kyun Sab sahi hote?”
    The episode was great. The best thing about this seriel is that they dont drag an issue. I hope they will keep that up.. I have been watching it since the day it started. Though it’s the first time I am commenting. Great seriel.. And hi to everyone over here..

    1. Roumya

      Hi welcome to malanga family

  5. guys couple name suggestion for – Pooja n Naren

    1- PoRen
    2- NarOja
    3- PooNar
    5- any other
    mine is NarOja . so what about u guys ??? plz say in your cmnts .

    1. Couples name short form not sounds good… Calling them as Malanga Jodi sounds good… Just telling abt my opinion…

    2. Roumya

      We already discussed a lot abt it in previous pages and concluded that pooja-naren don’t require a name… In the sense u can call according to us wish no objection but all the names sound so weird…

      1. S u r ryt..

  6. Yesterday episode achchaa thA..I enjoyed a lot….

  7. Yes yesterday episode was very nice…but that rahul is again taking naren to that brothel girl……mayanak and pooja scences was nice…..

  8. But whenevr I saw poojA nd Mayank together I feel like bhai behan having fun vth each other… If there is no love means it would be better

    1. Abisha stannis

      Yes u r right…

  9. Naanum tamil dan lakshana

    1. Me too tamil only lakshana and sam

  10. Hi.how are you all?
    superb episode.mujhe v aisa lgta hai ki ab naren ko brothel se wapas laane k lie puja ko menka ka rup lena hoga.i mean apna dance skill use krna hoga.
    Aanya maine aapke comment dekhe the 24april ka.you are right.
    kvi-kvi present hoti hu.
    Ooshi dear where are u?

  11. you are right catharin.i think it will better.
    i think mayank have not feelings for puja.he is very protective about naren so he is spying over puja.because he don’t want any other troublesome next for naren.

  12. Yes i agree with catherin that both mayank and pooja together like bhabhi and dever jaise vo uski haar baat manta hn sir hilakr sometime i feel that their pair is so nice ???.

    PLZ ?anyone tell me that how to download the most beautiful song MALANGA RE

    1. https://youtu.be/qm6JcPZ_M8A …full song link from YouTube….you can watch YouTube offline … Iam still searching for full audeo song yet not found.

    2. Devga


      In this page u can give link of YouTube and download mp3 ….

      If it’s not working out just give malanga song in Google search

    3. For mp3 format use the following link..
      http://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/success?id=d3f518d3b1g618c2c2 …. open that link and paste the previous YouTube link then s select mp3 format …download nd enjoy

  13. Nice episode, pooja is a brave and responsible, she will make family together.

  14. Devga

    Waiting for future episodes….. Confused about wat will happen next..,.

    Nice cast nd awesome back ground score…. Lovly show with lovly concept…. Hope they don’t spoil it for trps…..

    Hi Sri zoya mama ananya shristi and soon will remember others…

    @kiru hi welcome to this beautiful malanga Family…. Keep commenting

    @lakshana Hii welcome to beautiful malanga Family …. Keep commenting

  15. hello guys!
    I loved the episode bt don’t like rahul n rang gali bala girl scene.
    I agree vth u dears catharin n avneil that pooja n mayank nok jhok is like devar bhabi relation.
    Where r u ooshi n others who r not cmnting? Plz guys cmnt here,i am eagerly waiting.
    Abhisha dear i am also the fan of this serial.
    Someone asked that why harish vyas counting days? I forgot to answer n also the name of the guy. Bt i answer today.
    He is counting days bcz pooja will live there for 3 months n within this small period she has to change naren . N after that she will leave from there n go back to her family.

  16. Hi shristi ,devga,aanya,mama,anu and all others.
    epi was nce but promo is shocking.

  17. Helo malngas.devga mam my name is aany bt its ok u can call me anything wt u want.gys in this epi.i lov the location jhan teeno beth k lunch kr rahe the.nd y neelema was behaving like that.she doesn’t like hrsha or smthing else.y the y m from udan faimly.studing in b.a.2nd and from punjab.

    1. Devga

      Oops I dint chk it after typing …. It has auto corrected the name sorry @aanya

  18. I am finding Mayank more caring…. he is going to like Puja for sure. Moreso, his parents are very decent and civilized compared to useless Hardik and evil neelu, and silent supriya and arrogant Harish

  19. hi guys….this is my first serial I’ve ever liked…..!!
    I think ” pooren” or puren is better! just my opinion…!!??

  20. Dekha mai khudh hi apna naam bhul gai.its aanya not aany.

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