Is there love in my life?? Episode – 8 (shivika marriage Date Fixed?)

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Is there love in my life?? Episode – 7 (decisions)


Next morning shivay wakes up completed his morning chores and straight went to the office without having his breakfast


Shivay was sitting in car and he was thinking

Now, I’ll be married in some days and I need to focus on my to be wife not other people…. He was soo lost in his thoughts that he didn’t focused on his driving that his car almost hit by a tree when he realized he stopped it with a jerk.



Shivay entered his cabin and got stopped at the door only

As he noticed Anika was present there but her attention was in some files which she was checking her hairs were disturbing her and again and again Anika was removing them from her face.

Shivay was lost in her beauty

When reena entered there

“Sir Today you have a meeting with Mr gupta I hope you remember…” reena said


“OH! Ya I remember…” Shivay replied


Anika then looked at shivay and without uttering a word she just went from there


Today Anika wasn’t looking as fresh as she always looked no matter how much shivay used to yell on her she used just make fun of him and forget everything. But today she looked dull her eyes were swollen as she cried whole night


Shivay thought of stopping her and asking what’s the matter but the ego always comes between




“Offo! First let see the photograph of my to be daughter in law then you all start preparation…” pinky shouted on





“It doesn’t matter pinky the marriage is already fixed and to our shock we didn’t know how the bride actually look!” jhanvi said


“That’s what I am saying but the girl said yes for wedding our shivay also has no problem then what we can do even” pinky said


“But dont you think it’s really weird both said yes even though they never met each other” jhanvi said




“oh! Why do you make such mistakes Anika See you lost that file now

And  I don’t know where are you lost from the morning if you are not well why did you came to trouble me you would have stay at home I’ll not cut your salary for that, coz you don’t work in a small hotel or cafe you ah! You middle class people and you thinking!” shivay said all this in one go


“Sir, it’s kept on that table behind you..” Anika said


Shivay looked back picked up that file

“I.. It’s fine sometimes there are misunderstandings like this…. But why didn’t you say earlier” shivay said


Anika without replying left that cabin


It’s really weird  the girl who used to never accept her mistakes didn’t argue when it was not her mistake

Shivay thought




“Are… She looks so beautiful my daughter in law looks gorgeous..” Dadi said looking at Anika’so photo


“Show… Show are show na…” Pinky snatched the photo and jhanvi too comes there

“Yaa she looks amazing” jhanvi agrees

“Omg! She’s just perfect for shivay!” pinky exclaimed

“Anika Roy is very pretty” Jhanvi said

“By the way did you called Panditji? ” dad asked

“Ya mummyji” pinky replied


Panditji enters


“There he is” jhanvi said



Anika didn’t eat anything from last day she was feeling very week

Anika feels dizzy when shivay holds her


“Anika… Open your eyes Anika…. Are you okay?” shivay said in tension



“Panditji tell us the best date for marriage” punky asked getting excited


“There’s is the very shubh muhurat after three days the next date will be after 6 months” Panditji declared


“But three days will be very less time for preparations” jhanvi interrupted


“We’ll talk to shivay about this” dad said


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Loads of love❤

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Billu is so concerned for anudi.. Cute.. Omg?? 3din mein shadi.. Excited.. Will be waiting for the next.. Till then take care..

    1. Ananyagour

      Thank you soo much the next episode is ready it will be posted soon ?

  2. Aniriya

    Amazing yrr
    ?? 3 din me shadi and anika dizzy now what will happen fully excited waiting for… u know

    1. Ananyagour

      Thank you soo much stay tuned?

  3. Surbhifan

    Nice…. Eager for next?

    1. Ananyagour

      Thanks dear ??

  4. JeevithaTK

    Hi dear.. .
    Episode was good…. Anika is soo lost… Wt in 3 days marriage… Waiting to know shivay nd anika reaction to they both r pair…. Plz post next episode asap dear… Tc

    1. Ananyagour

      Thank you soo much dear ? and yes it will be posted soon

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice

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