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GoodMorning My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear jasmine sia anuva anu n tanshi (I felt glad to know that u are reading n liking this ff)

Thanks alot dear silent readers

Recap-Arjun tells zoya n adi that it has become very difficult to hide things from Harsh n Anjana He requests them to return to Mumbai

Adi gets upset Zoya makes a plan n decides to take pari with them to Mumbai

Adiya with zoya leave for Mumbai

In flight

Pari has kept her head on zoya’s lap n she is sleeping

Zoya’s eyes are closed

She is caressing pari’s hair

Adi is admiringly looking at them

Adi’s pov-zoya how can u be so good i mean who can love her husband’s child from another woman I feel guilty I have ruined ur life.U are too good for me.You deserve better

Tears fall from his eyes

Zoya’s hair covers her eyes

She is getting disturbed

Adi notices

He gently tries to move it away

He is too close to zoya

He smiles looking at innocence on her face

He is admiring her

When she opens her eyes

They look Deep in eachother’s eyes

Adi realizes he breaks eyelock n sits on his seat

Zoya too turns her face to another side

(Scene especially put for sia darling I hope u enjoy it)

Adiya holding pari’s hand enter Mumbai airport Arjun moves luggage

Anjana is tensed

She is praying in temple

Door bell rings

She opens door

She is surprised to see Adiya n Arjun

Anjana excitedly hugs Adiya

She doesn’t notice pari who is looking at her

Harshvardan also comes

Anjana  (excitedly)-Adi Zoya Iam so glad u both are back i got so worried I was so scared

Harshvardan -Anjana calm down in ur excitement u didn’t notice one thing Our adi is standing on his own

Anjana notices tears fall from her eyes

She once again hugs Adiya

Harshvardan too hugs them

Arjun is smiling

Anjana -zoya u are the best I cannot thank u enough Adi u r blessed to have zoya in ur life

Anjana suddenly notices pari

Anjana is puzzled -who is this cute Lil girl

Pari (excitedly )-Iam pari

Anjana-pari??u are pari in real sense

She looks at adi n zoya in confusion

Adi-maa she is my little best friend I will tell u everything afterwards can we pls come in

Anjana welcomes them

Harshvardan Anjana n zoya are seated

Arjun-come pari I will show up a game in my room

He takes pari away

Zoya-Ma actually we met pari in hospital where Aditya’s treatment was going on

Actually pari had fever n somebody found her sleeping on a bench at midnight so admitted her to hospital

Pari became very friendly to us

N Infact ma she helped me in making Aditya walk

We tried alot to find about her parents but couldn’t find

We didn’t feel like leaving this little girl alone in Usa so we brought her with us

Sorry we didn’t inform u

Harshvardan -beta Pls dnt say sorry but I mean her parents they will get so worried u should have given her in police custody

Adi-Dad she is too small she would have panicked Dnt wry I will through my friends in usa try to find about her family I hope till then she can stay with us

Anjana -yes of course no problem she will stay with us.but u pls try to find about her family They too might be worried

Zoya n adi thank Anjana n Harshvardan n look at each other they smile


Anjana lights a diya in temple n thanks lord

Pari is observing standing far away

Anjana notices she calls her

Anjana -what happened beta u want something

Pari nods no

Pari-when my nani is happy with bhagwaan jii she too lights diya

Anjana hugs pari

Anjana prays that pari meets her family soon

Pari-bhagwaan jii pls let us win this game so that I can stay with my dadi dada papa chachu n zoya Aunty always


Pari (innocently )-Aunty can I pls call u dadi

Anjana smiles

Tears well up in her eyes-of course beta

She hugs her once again

Anjana -I dnt know y I feel related to pari Why I feel we share some relation some connection

Adiya are looking on

They happily give each other hi fi

Scene shifts

In Adiya ‘s room

Pari-Iam getting bored pls lets play hide n seek pls pls

Zoya-pari u are tired u should sleep now

Pari-pls for some time

Zoya agrees

They play hide n seek

First pari is blind folded she finds adi n gets happy then adi is blinded folded he tries to find pari

Anjana looks on from outside n smiles

Adi is looking out for pari he holds zoya’s hand N holds zoya excitedly

Zoya feels uncomfortable

Pari giggles

Adi removes his blind fold they have intense eyelock

Anjana -I feel God has send pari to make Aditya n zoya one Thanks God

Adiya are looking at each other N pari is clapping


Anjana calls some kids home

So that pari can enjoy with them

N make friends

Pari has good time

At night pari is sleeping in zoya’s lap

Pari-can I ask something

Adi-yes bachaa

Pari-papa everyone calls papa’s wife mumma so y do i call zoya Aunty she is my mumma right??then whose photo is in nani’s house If bhagwaan jii took my mumma away I think Iam good girl so he returned my mumma

Zoya is my mumma na??

Adiya are stunned   n speechless


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  1. Tanshi

    Wowww loved it a lot!!!!!!!
    I can’t express my feeling through words………I’m speechless u nailed this episode yaar

  2. First of all thank you for adding that scene ????? you are so good , and secondly the chapter was good and the precap made me too speechless ? wow pari good

  3. Anuva

    Starting itself i felt so happy. I loved it Adi admiring Zoya. Soon they should tell Pari’s secret to Anjana and Harsh. Pari is so cute. She asked Adi to call Zoya as mumma. It is very emotional and lovely. I am dumbstruck. Wow na.

  4. Wow pari accepting zoya as her mother I liked it very much and anjana too like pari.. it’s very nice…adiya eyelock was romantic.. waiting for the next… post soon..

  5. Jasminerahul

    loved adi’s monologue.adiya plane scene was so romantic. pari’s scene with hoodas especially with anjana was lovely.adiya hide n seek scene was so romantic. pari clapping for them n anjana saying that pari has been sent by God to make adiya one was nice

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