Twin Love (Abhigya) SS Part 1

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Hello friends, this is FF is based on one movie. Hope you all will like it. Sissy Jasminerahul asked me to write this. So i am dedicating it to her and all Abhigya fans.

This story starts in L.A. Busy airport is shown. There one old lady is engaged in argument with guard.

Old lady:  give me that amulets.

Guard: amulets? It looks different. We won’t allow it in our country.

Old lady: you paagal.

Guard: sorry. I can’t understand your language. What did you say?

Suddenly her potee interrupts.

She: excuse me officer. I am Prgya Arora, from India. These amulets are like your cross. Those are god centimental for my Dadi. Sorry, for my grand mother. If you have any suspicion you can check it.

Guard: ok. Wait for sometime.

They nod.

Pragya: i told you first itself na Dadi not to bring those stuffs.

Dadi: hello, because of those stuffs only we land in London safely.

Pragya: otherwise what? Whether flight  would fall into sea?

Voice: or else it might be crashed while flying. Tgen beautiful red flames would fall from flight.

Pragya: Purab where did you went?

Purab: Nature call didi.

Pragya: How many times i have to tell this to you. You should use the word rest room.

Purab: Didi nature by birth won’t change. So my manner of speaking also never change.

Pragya shook her head in didbelief. Meanwhile guard came and give the amulets. Dadi grabs it.

Dadi: thank god.let’s go.

Pragya: how we will go dadi? Your nephew not yet come.

Dadi(irritatingly): he never maintains punctuality. Call him Pragya.

She make a call to him. A man picks the call.

Man: sorry Pragya dear, I am struvk up with work.

Pragya: what chaacha?

Her chaacha: you do one thing. I will send you address. If you tell the adress to cab driver, he will drop you in our guest house.

Pragya: if he knows that we are new to this city means, he may kidnap us na.

Man: you are over thinking Pragya. Let’s do another thing. Give the mobile to the person near to you who seems believable to you.

Pragya take a glance and went near to one person.

Pragya: excuse me.

Person: yes.

Pragya: my name is Pragya Arora. She is my grand mother. He is my brother Purab. We are coming from India.Actually we are in trouble. Will you help us?

Person: oh! Wow. Even my native too India. How can i help you?

Pragya(give her mobile to him): thanks.

He: Hello.

Her uncle: sorry to disturb you. I am Ajay Mishra. They are my aunt and her grand children. Actually i am struck up with work. I can’t come to pick up them.

He: no issues. How can i help them?

Ajay: i will send address to her. You just act infront of Cab driver as you are well known to them and you are the one who is sending them to your him. Because they are afraid to go in cab in this new city.

He: just to act. I will send them safely uncle. Just send a address.

Ajay: thank you so much.

He gives the mobile to Pragya.

Dadi: by the way what is your good name young man?

He: i am Abhishek Mehra young lady.

Dadi: sweet name.

Abhishek: thank you. Wait a minute. I will be back in 5 minutes.

Purab: for how many years i was with you? Atleast one day did you say my name as sweet?

Dadi: i am the one who named you. Then it would be sweet only na. Then why to say this daily? That’s why to say it daily.

Purab: you are dealing everyone nicely.

Meanwhile Abhishek comes.

Abhishek: excuse me miss.

Pragya: Pragya.

Abhishek: yeah. Whether your uncle send you address.

She shows him mobile.

Abhishek: this address is near to our hotel only. If you all are comfortable with me means, i will drop you in your house.

Dadi: wow you are running restaurant. What kind of restaurant it is?

Pragya: dadiii.

Abhishek(laughs): Indian restaurant only.

Dadi: Pragya we will go with Abhishek.

Pragya look at her dadi and nods.

Abhishek drops them in their home.

Dadi: thank you Abhishek dear.

Abhishek: no mention young lady.

Dadi: come and have a cup of coffee.

Abhishek: my dad and brother will be  waiting for me. I will come  someother day. Take care. Bye.

– to be continued…


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  1. Jasminerahul

    first of all thanks a lot for accepting my request n writing this.I can’t tell you how excited I am.Dadi pragya scene was very funny.good that you took pragya’s dadi from the show itself.surprised to see purab as pragya’s brother.I think in the movie he had no love interest.can you give him a love interest in this ff? nice introduction of sweet of abhi to help them.dadi purab part was cute n funny.perfect pics.even in the modern pic of pragya the facial expression is so apt for the scene

    1. Anuva

      Thank you sissy. I will try my level best.

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