Bepannaah Si Mohabbat Ki Hai …Loved you intensely…AdiYa FS Part 4

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Aditya waited for Zoya in the college.But Noor came alone to college.
Aditya:Where is Zoya?
Noor:Abbu told Aapi not to go to college to stop you both from seeing each other.
Aditya became upset.

Noor:If Abbu comes to know about me and Arjun he will stop sending me also to college.
Arjun:Oh no.This is such a big problem.

Noor:The biggest problem is that Abbu is keeping an eye on Aapi’s phone too.He does’nt even want Aapi and Aditya to have contact over the phone.
Aditya was shocked:Then how will we contact each other?

Zara visited Zoya.
Zara:Zoya…Noor told me everything about you and Aditya.

Zoya was upset:Zara…what will I do?I can’t even phone or message Aditya.

Zara:There is another way to keep in touch.
Noor:Through my phone?Due to doubts Abbu is checking my phone too.
Zara:I am not talking about phones.Before all these modern technologies too lovers used to contact each other.Just because we are addicted to modern technologies we can’t ignore it.Right?
Noor:What do you mean?
Zara:Letters.Though no one prefers writing letters now for lovers it’s still the best way for lovers.
You write letters and give them to Noor.Noor can send them to Aditya and get his replies for Zoya.
Zoya became happy:Thank you so much Zara.
Zoya hugged Zara.
Noor:What a good idea!

Zoya and Aditya started writing letters for each other and they received letters happily through Noor.

Months passed…

Wassim allowed Zoya to go to college only to write exams.
Aditya and Zoya saw each other tearfully in the exam hall.

Bepannaah Si Mohabbat Ki Hai

Dil Ne Bhi Yehi Chahaat Ki Hai

They smiled at each other emotionally.

Tere Bina Mera Lage Na Jiya
Tere Liye Hi Dhadke Jiya

After the exams got over Aditya waited for Zoya in a vacant classroom.Zoya entered the room closing the door.

Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai
Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai

They embraced each other crying.

Main Tha Reh Guzar, Tu ne Thama Iss Qadar,
Ab rahi na koi bhi fikrr.

They both wiped each other’s tears.

Zoya:I miss you Aditya.I am not able to live without you.

Aditya:Even I can’t live without you.Life without you is like murdering me.But trust me Zoya.I will solve all the problems.

Main Tujh main Bannt lun, yun khud ko humsafar,

Reh Na Jaye koi Qasar.

Let the exams get over.I will start a small business.I want to be independent and earn on my own.So that i can ask your father’s hand proudly.
Zoya:But Abbu is not against our relationship because of your dependence on your father.It’s only because of the religion.

Aditya:I know.But still without having any job if I ask your hand ..if he asks me how I will look after you what answer will I give him?Please wait Zoya.I will make everything alright.

Zoya:I will wait for you till the end of my life Aditya.
Aditya:Don’t dare to say about the end of your life.Just talk about the beginning of the life.
Zoya nodded smiling.

Tere Bina Mera Lage Na Jiya
Tere Liye Hi Dhadke Jiya

Aditya:I only know that I need you..
Zoya:And I need you.
They smiled.

Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai

Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai(Bepannah).

After the exams Aditya and Arjun took Zoya and Noor to their house.
Zoya and Noor touched the feet of Harshwardhan and Anjana.
Anjana:I had accepted you both blindly when my sons told me about both of you.But now after seeing you it’s double yes from me.You both are the best for my sons.
Zoya Noor became very happy.
Harsh:Now onwards you both are our daughters.We were sad for not having daughters,but now God blessed us with two nice daughters.

They all smiled.

and Arjun -Noor smiled at each other.

Zoya went back home with Noor,
Wassim:How were the exams?
Wassim:How is Aditya?
Zoya was shocked by his question.
Wassim:I had kept spies in the college to make sure that you are safe as I don’t trust that lawyer family.Thus I came to know about your meetings with Aditya.
Zoya was shocked..Noor too.
Wassim:Enough.We are shifting to Delhi tomorrow.No more Mumbai.
They were shocked.
Zoya:But Abbu…
Wassim:Do what I say.
Noor:Abbu..please think again.
Wassim:Just obey me.
Noor:How will i meet Arjun?
Noor realized that by mistake she spilled about Arjun.
Roshnaq:Who is Arjun beta?
Noor was silent.
Wassim:Is he Arjun Hooda?
Noor nodded slowly with nervousness.
Zoya was also nervous.

Wassim and Roshnaq were shocked.
Wassim:Both of you seeing Hooda brothers?Why did’nt you both learn from the past life of Bani?

Noor:No Abbu..this time it won’t happen.We met…
Wassim:I don’t want to hear anything.If you both proceed with this so called love I will end my life.
All were shocked. can you talk like this?
Wassim:I am serious as I can’t bear one more tragedy in this family.I lost my Bani already.Now I can’t lose my other 2 daughters too.If you want to see me alive break up with Hooda brothers.
Zoya and Noor cried.

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  1. Fenil

    superb chappy .
    loved it.

  2. Anuva

    Wasim should understand. Love Adi is going to start business for Zoya. Happy to see Harsh told that God blessed them with beautiful daughters. Sad Wasim separating Noor and Zoya from their life.

  3. it’s a fact that past was a tragedy but now the hooda family is totally happy with the relation between adiya and arnoor and why wasim is behaving so sad to see zoya and noor in this condition.adiya communication through letters was nice.and scene at hooda mansion was also good.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you very much

  4. I hate this Wasim isn’t he being too rude ???

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