Is there love in my life?? Episode – 7 (decisions)

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Anika stops, looking at the gun.

“don’t you dare to move!! Your dad is in my watch” Deepak Roy said in his bold voice

“What!?? But why chachaji?!!”

“Now you have to do as I say!” Deepak said

Everyone  were present there
Shivay! We need to talk to you! Shakti said

“What happened dad??” Shivay asked confused

“We want you to get married” tej said

“What!!!??? from who?” Shivay asked

“To India’s biggest business man’s daughter.” Tej said

“Oh great!! When is the wedding!?” shivay said calmly.

“What!?!? shivay are you serious your gonna marry a person whom you didn’t even met once whom you don’t love. ” Om said

“Om… For me the word love. Makes no sense…. It’s just I m gonna marry India’s top business man’s daughter which will be great for our business” shivay said

“But are you sure putter you wanna get married” dadi asked

“Yes dadi…. Everyone has to marry one day I am also gonna do the same.” shivay said

“Are you sure beta??” pinky asked

“Off course mom!” Shivay replied.

“And BTW I am very hungry can we have our dinner now….. I just change and come…” He went like happened and as if It was a very small thing to him.

“See I told you he’s gonna be  fine” tej said

“No dad.. He’s acting that he’s fine because of our business” om said

“Why don’t you understand its important for both the families.” Tej said

Shivay comes down they all had their dinner together. He then went to his Room. Silently

Om follows him till his room
He stands at the door and said “shivay don’t you have any dreams for your wedding, for your family??”

“Om… Why are you taking so much tension?? I am fine…. And my family will not remain me and my wife you all are my real family and wedding is like a deal….. there is no difference between a wedding and a business deal.” Shivay said.

“You’re wrong shivay!! I am shocked your funda is soo wrong for the wedding and love” om said frustrated

“Om… We’ll talk about this later I’m so sleepy let me sleep and you too have a good sleep.” Shivay said yawning

Om left the room


“Now, do as I say I want you to get married. To India’s 2nd richest man” Deepak commanded

“What are you saying??” Anika said just then she heard a voice

“Anika…” His dad said

“Dad….” She shouted and ran towards him but stopped by some goons

“Chachaji leave him. please…..I’ll do as you say” Anika said

“Okk so then get married because it will help in our business” Deepak said

“Why are you doing this you know that I want to stand on my own feet and you were always like my father to me” Anika said

“That’s what I’m saying do as father’s order because I also take you as my daughter” Deepak said and smiles evily

“And if I not…. then” Anika said

Then…. Deepak signs the goons
And all the goons together point out gun at her father
“I don’t think so….. I need to say more”

“No!! Anika… Don’t listen to him do what your heart says you always followed your dreams” her dad said

“I know dad… And my heart says I’ll get married to save you… Chachaji you prepare for my wedding. But please let my dad go” Anika said calmly.

“That’s like a good girl” Deepak said

Anika runs to her room
And sat near the window

Anika’s POV
I don’t know why God play these games with me we say jo hota hai acchee k liye hota hai…but I don’t know what God has planned for me I just know that my dad was only the one who taught me the meaning of love… Though I wish to marry my love but the question remains the same
Is there love in my life??

Shivay was in deep thoughts when shakti came there.
“Dear once again think about it marriage is a very big decision it’s all about your life think of it” shakti sounds Concerned.

“Dad I have taken the final decision already…. I’ll get married and I don’t  want to think about it again and again.” Shivay said
“As your wish dear…” shakti said

“By the way dad what’s the name of the girl.” shivay asked

Shakti replied “She’s the the daughter of the India’s richest business man

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Kya kya kya billuji aur anudi ka shadi.. Isse toh billuji ko Pata chal jayega ki anudi rich hai.. Oh no??.. So much suspense.. Can’t wait for the next.. Post it asap.. Till then take care..

    1. Ananyagour

      Working on next chapter almost finished will post it very soon…thanks for commenting ?

  2. Kajal kamleshbhai desai

    I think u should watch tra barb see chompoo web series it’s best story for shivika please watch it in dailymotion

    1. Ananyagour

      Will surely watch it dear but can you clarify the name once…

  3. JeevithaTK

    Hi dear..
    Wish u NEW YEAR DEAR Wishing each day of your life to be filled with success, happiness and prosperity….
    Sry for being late dear.. ??? they r going to marry.. I don’t wt say just waiting for next episode plz post it asap please. Tc

    1. Ananyagour

      Happy new year ? it’s okk no need to say sorry… Thanks for commenting stay tuned take care dear..

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one

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