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Good Morning My Lovely Readers 

OK so first of all A very Happy New Year to each one of u n ur families

May 2019 bring lots of success happiness, peace n good health for eachone of u.

Secondly sorry for delayed update

As I had mentioned earlier I was occupied supporting my favourite Bigg boss 12 contestant Deepak Thakur

N guys good news He entered top 3 n became second runner up though he didn’t win the show He took home lots of love n 20lacs which means alot to him

So thanks for all ur blessings n good wishes

Thanks dear sia anuva anu n jasmine

Thanks alot dear silent readers

Recap- Pari n zoya join hands they make a plan to help adi gain confidence n to start walking without support

Which they execute successfully

Adi Sakshi pari Zoya are seated on dinning table zoya is making pari eat food with her hands

While adi smiles looking at them

Doorbell rings

Sakshi goes to check

She is shocked to see Arjun there

Arjun greets her

Pari gets euphoric n runs towards Arjun

She hugs Arjun

Arjun too kissed her

Zoya is shocked to see Arjun

She gives adi a puzzled look

Arjun  gives gifts and chocolates to pari

She gets glad

Adi-Arjun is everything fine??

Arjun-jii bhai

He gestures Sakshi to take pari from there

Sakshi-pari beta lets go to ur room n keep gifts

Pari agrees readily

As Sakshi n pari leave

Arjun approaches zoya

He is unable to meet her eyes

His eyes  are filled with guilt

He folds his hands

Arjun (lump in throat )-Iam sorry bhabhi I knew everything still did not tell u anything Iam extremely sorry.

Zoya holds his hands

Adi looks on

Zoya-Its ok Arjun I can understand ur situation

Arjun hugs her

Adi feels guilty

Arjun composes himself

Arjun-Bhabhi ma n papa are getting very tensed for u n bhai since 15days u both are here They were insisting to come here

I some how convinced them that I will go n handle everything n get u both back to Mumbai

Bhai Bhabhi we need to return to Mumbai soon

Noise of a ball is heard

Pari has overheard them

She gets upset ball falls from her hand

She leaves with tears in her eyes

Adi tries to walk slowly n go behind her

Sakshi gestures him that she will handle

Adi-no Arjun no I am not going anywhere pari needs me I will not leave her

Arjun-Bhai pls try to understand I cannot control ma n papa what should I tell them They will come here n come to know the truth

Adi (frustrated)-so let them make out the truth but Iam not leaving pari n going anywhere

Adi walks towards his room in anger

Arjun looks at zoya helplessly

Zoya goes behind adi

Adi-pls zoya I cannot agree to this Pls

Zoya-so where am I asking u to agree but Aditya how about if we take pari with us to Mumbai

Adi is stunned n puzzled

Adi-zoya we cannot do that I dnt know how ma n papa  will treat her I dnt think they will accept her.Ma hates pooja n zoya if anybody does anything wrong with my pari I will not be able to tolerate

Tears fall from his eyes

Zoya-But Aditya if we Dnt tell anyone who pari is

Why will they Ill treat her

Infact she would stay nicely all would love her

Adi is even more puzzled

Adi-How will that happen

Zoya murmurs something

Adi smiles

Adi gets excited

In excitement he hugs zoya very tight

Adi-u are an angel zoya u have solution to my every problem today Iam able to walk only because of u n my pari will stay with us only because of u

Thank u thank u thank u

Tears fall from zoya’s eyes

Zoya is still in adi’s arms

Dard Diloo ke kam ho jaate mein aur tum agar hum ho Jate Plays in Bg

Adi realizes he is hugging zoya

He leaves her slowly

They look Deep inside eachother’s eyes

Breeze blows

Adi is lost in her eyes

Scene shifts

In pari’s room

Zoya-so pari darling have u understood the game have u understood all rules

So what will u call papa from now

Pari  (with smile)-Adi uncle

Zoya-Good very good

We need to win this game ok

Pari gives her hi fi

Arjun adi n Sakshi look on with smile

Pari is excited

Zoya helps pari in packing

Sakshi-Adi u are very lucky beta zoya is a gem

Adi nods

Pari hugs Sakshi

Both are teareyed

Pari-I will miss u nani

Sakshi -nani will also miss pari but beta remember the game n play well n win this game

She kisses pari

Zoya touches her feet

Sakshi hugs her

Sakshi -my pari will be very happy I know because u are there to look after her.Beta u are very good. GoD bless u

They hug eachother

All sit in car n leave

Sakshi waves at them

Pari cries looking at Sakshi

Zoya hugs pari

Adi flight is shown taking off

Pari is sitting between zoya n adi n fear she holding their hands

Precap-Anjana looks at pari

Pari(innocently )-can I call u dadi

Anjana nods

Anjana hugs her

Anjana’s pov-Y do I feel I have some deep relationship with this girl Why am I feeling so related n attached n connected to her

Anjana notices

Zoya n adi playing with pari

Anjana’s pov-pari is a real pari n I think God has sent her to bring adi n zoya close.

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  1. It was a nice update..adi hugging zoya was so romantic…and zoya taking care off pari was lovely..As u said sissy Deepak became the second runner up.may his dreams be fulfilled..eagerly waiting for the next …post soon

  2. Wish you a happy new year dear

  3. Anuva

    Happy new year…I loved zoya sets all right… Pari is a cute little angel… she understoods everything… Anjana is also nice tp pari… but she should accept Pari after she knows the truth also…

  4. Tanshi

    Wowwwww finally adi starts to fall for Zoya
    Loved it!!!!Very emotional yaar!!!!

  5. Happy new year ???? and yeah the chapter was good , ahh

  6. Happy new year , and yeah the chapter read good and that adiya high was so good , but to really want some adiya romantic scenes ??? post soon

  7. Jasminerahul

    Zoya feeding pari n adi smiling seeing it was cute.arjun apologizing to zoya was nice.Zoya is right,they shud take pari along with them.loved adi hugging zoya n their eye lock.

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