Friendship or Love- Episode 3

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Episode 3

Laksh’s elder brother is seen taking out the car. Laksh comes out of his house wearing a navy blue full sleeve t-shirt with black jeans. His black jacket is clinging on his hands. His cousin Priyank comes out carrying a picnic lunch box. Laksh’s mother taunts Laksh that Priyank could prove out to be a better son as he took lunch box from her and helped her. Laksh out of love took the lock and key from his mother’s hand and locks the house. He then hugs her mother. She smiles her usual smile. It is revealed that they are going to Mussourie to relax after the November tests. They all sit in the car.

Preet’s house is shown where she is shown coming out of the house. She’s wearing a yellow hoodie with blue jeans. Her hair are tied into a neat high pony tail. She is wearing cute yellow earings selected by her mother. Her family sits in the car to start their journey.

They reach Mussourie. Preet’s father drops the rest at Maal Road to roam around and enjoy while he completes his work. Laksh’s family is shown walking at the Maal Road somewhere near but far from Preet’s.

They cross their ways. Both of them are surprised. Preet turns shy while Laksh introduces her to his family. Preet introduces him to her family. Song plays:

Dekho kareeb se…Mile hai naseeb se

Aayega pal ye phir kaha

Ajj achanak tumse mile hum ye to nhi hai bewjah

Poocho zara iss dil se hum hai mile mushqil se

Kal phir na ho jo yahan

Gazab ka hai din socho zara

Ye deewanapan dekho zara

While the mothers talked kids stood sincerely. Prabha said that she would love to take a photo of all the kids. Preet got embarrassed on such a small issue. Afterall, she was a studious girl who could hardly imagine a situation like this. Prabha clicked a photograph. Laksh’s brother and cousin laughed a silly laugh to tease him. Soon they departed.

Next scene was shown where Preet was shown writing her personal diary. She mentioned every single moment of the trip. She packed her bag for tomorrow.

Preet’s father copied all te photos in the pen driveto show to their grandparents. So as usual after any trip the family gathered in the loby to see the photographs at the dinner time. Preet was keen to see his and Laksh’s photo. One after the other the photos went but there was no sign for the special photo. Preet managed to see in her mother’s mobile. Guess What ? The photo was deleted. God knows how but the photo was deleted.

It is too easy today to click a selfie with your family, friends, best friend or boyfriend. You may still manage to click one with your crush but its near to impossible to get a photo clicked with a person who is more than a best friend but less than a crush and that to by your mother.  Preet lost that special photo.

Precap: A beautifully decorated card stating “LAKSH weds PREET” is seen kept on a table.

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