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Chapter 41

Ragini was lost in her own thoughts while just moving the spoon in the plate rather than eating. “Ragu” Vikram who was eating his food looked at her. “Um” she moved her eyes and looked around. “Pause your thoughts and have food bacha” he said pressing his finger on her forehead.

She weakly smiled at him and looked at her plate. “I’m not hungry” she pushed the plate away. Vikram placed the glass he was drinking water with and looked at her.

“Ragu. You should not leave the food like this” he looked at her plate where the food was untouched. “I’m not hungry bhai” she said pouting. “Is it?” he asked taking the plate and spoon in his hands. “Now let me see how will you say you are not hungry” he forwarded the morsel to her.

“Please” she cutely asked him. “Please” he gave her the same expression. “Please” Sumi held Vikram’s hand and looked at Ragini who smiled giving up. They both fed her and she finished the food.

“Maa… maa… park time” Ansh ran to her while she was wiping her mouth and hugged her stomach. She was surprised initially but smiled finding him. “Haa Baby will go to park. Tell me you came with Yohan chachu na. Because your Sadu dad will never get you on week days” she said bending to him.

“Actually” she heard a voice which was not Yohan’s or Sahil’s. As her eyes moved to the door she found him and instantly that cool breeze felt and she smiled widely.

Kyu ithno me hardam tujhko chunta hu har pal
Kyu tere hi khwab abb bunta hu harpal
Tune mujhe jeene ka hunar diya
Khamoshi se sehene ka sabar diya
Tu hi bharosa zindagi ka tu mera hausala
Mujhe jeena sikha diya marna sikha diya
Teri wafavo ne insaan bana diya

“Sanskar” she stood up and walked to him with that bright smile on her face. It felt like she was waiting for him.

It felt like she was missing his presence in her life from a long time. His eyes fixed to her face and he was struggling to control his emotions. He wanted to fill her face in his heart each second he was around her.

She gulped in sorely like some unknown emotion wanted to flow out of her eyes. Tears were trapped in her eyes and pain trapped in her heart.

There was this short pause which felt like lifetime as they continued to gaze at each other.

His facial muscles struggled to form that formal smile where as her smile was not leaving her face. It is hard when you don’t know what are you longing for. Her situation was same.

“Um” he took a deep breath which she heard and moved her gaze. “Yohan said you don’t have shifts on Wednesdays” he felt the reason silly. Her eye brows knitted as she was not understanding what was he trying to say.

“And Ansh wanted to go to park. He told he never goes to park without you” he said and took a deep breath to control his pain. His pain not to love her.

She smiled with those sparkling eyes and he smiled shyly.

Vikram side hugged Sumi who was watching them with her moist eyes. Finally her daughter’s life was falling in place and she had not asked anything else in these three years.

“Just a second” she turned to Vikram with a question on her face. He smiled nodding his head approving her request to go with Sanskar. He smiled at his baby sister who always needed his approving nod to move. She chirped happy and hugged her brother jumping towards him.

“No running over the road and…” Vikram stopped looking at her pout. “Okay one chocolate ice cream no more chocolates” he said and Ragini hugged her dear brother lovingly.

“Seriously mamu. I get complex that am I not the one who is supposed to get all these warnings” Ansh looked at him in disbelief. “You are way smarter than your mom and dad both champ” Vikram lifted Ansh in his arms and he chuckled. Sanskar smiled looking at them.


Ansh ran inside the park and started playing withdrawing his hand from Ragini’s hold. “Ansh” she tried stopping but he was already gone. She nodded her head smiling looking at him when he sat on the swing and giggled happily.

“He is so dear to you isn’t it?” Sanskar stood burying his hands inside the pockets and looking in Ansh’s direction. She nodded her head smiling looking at Ansh. “Some relations can’t be given reason. I don’t know why I feel that motherhood even though I have not given him birth” she said lost.

Sanskar turned his gaze to Ragini. ‘You forgot everything but not your promise Ragini’ She felt him calling her name and turned. He immediately moved his gaze.

“Come” he signed towards the bench and Ragini walked behind him. They sat on it looking at Ansh. There was this pleasing silence which had the sound of only their heartbeats. And that calmness to be in each other’s life.

“Maa. I want juice” Asnsh ran to Ragini after sometime. It was summer and it was obvious that his energy drained in that hot sun. “Let me get it” Sanskar walked to the vendor and bought the juice. He handed a can to Ragini and one to Ansh.

“And for you?” asked Ragini when she was about to drink the juice. “No I’m fine” he said. She nodded her head looking at him. “Take this” she handed him the can and walked to the vendor and bought one more and sat drinking it.

Sanskar looked at her and then moved his eyes to the straw which had light lipstick mark. He stared her for once and placed the straw in his mouth smiling.

“You know you should not drink one particular juice” said Ragini and Sanskar looked at her. “Kanjuse” she laughed and he stared her for a moment to register what she said and then smiled nodding his head.

“You have tooth problem?” asked Ragini and Sanskar nodded his head negatively. “Or do you have cross teeth?” asked she and he nodded his head again. “Then what is your problem to laugh Mr. Dumbledore?” asked she and he chuckled. Ansh ran back to the swing.

“So formal you are” Ragini placed the can aside and walked to him and started tickling him. He started laughing when she touched that weak point. “Stop… stop” he said in between his laughs and tried saving himself.

She smirked and continued tickling him. At last he got hold of her wrists and pinned them behind her. She sat looking at him taking deep breaths when his body was dangerously near to her. Her thumping heart was the evidence for her state right now. He gazed in her deep eyes wanting to drown himself in those orbs.

She struggled to get her wrist out of his hold but he tightened his hold and blood rushed to her cheek. She lowered her eyes not able to stare into his intense eyes. Few hair strands flew and fell over her face.

Sanskar leaned and blew air which moved the hair strands and she closed her eyes when his hot breath hit her face. He moved more and more close to her face and her heart beat just went on galloping finding him so close to her.

He left her wrist and moved the hair strand behind her ear and in the process his sensuous touch made her shudder. He leaned to her face and she could feel his hot breath all over her face. Though he had left her wrist she was not able to move her limbs so stayed stationed.

She left a deep breath when his subtle touched her cheek while he leaned to her ear. “Ms. Dumbo” he whispered and her control over herself broke and she buried her head in his chest holding his both shoulders.

He smiled looking at her. “Are you blushing Ragini” she tightened her grip on his shoulders. He looked at her hand and then his gaze moved to her. “I guess you are” he whispered and she lost herself in that moment.

Suddenly her concise brought her out of the situation and she sat dragging herself away. As she tucked her hair strand blushing he bit his lower lip smiling.

He took the juice can and placed the straw near his lips trying to hide his shyness. No doubt he was the cutest creature on planet earth when he blushed.

Ansh ran back to drink the remaining juice in his can. “So you take your kids out to park? All five of them?” her question made Sanskar choke as the juice entered the wrong throat pipe. “What?” Ansh looked at Ragini confused. She moved to Sanskar to pat his head.

“Chachu you got married and in three years how did you got five babies?” Ansh’s innocence had no bound with that question.

“Ansh” Ragini dragged him to close his mouth when Sanskar relaxed. Ansh moved her hand. “But Maa. How can someone have five kids in three years?” he asked innocently. “I know okay one baby needs one year. That either means Chachu had twins twice and then a single baby or twins once and then triplets or once triplets and then one baby each year” Ansh was looking at Ragini with questions and she was embarrassed due to his questions.

“He has learned this continuous speaking talent from you?” Sanskar asked looking at her. She rolled her eyes. “First of all it was you who created that doubt in his mind alright and his question was just a mathematics question okay. You should be proud that your nephew is so fast in calculation. But no. You are Sadu Sahil’s cousin right. You have to find faults in me only. Like Sadu Sahil like his cousin Mr. Dumbledore. Both of you have one job in your life that is to taunt me that I blabber a lot. But you never realize whatever I talk I talk very straight to the point” she crossed her arms across her chest.

“Yeah very straight to the point. Just like Jalebi” Sanskar nodded his head in disbelief. “Whatever” she flipped her hair back.

“Now anyone will mind to answer my question?” Ansh stood in front of them. They both looked at him.

“When did you get married and how do you have five kids in three years” Ansh crossed his arms. “Your chachu must be very powerful” Ragini closed her eyes when she realized what she blurted out but it was already too late as the words left from her mouth had fallen on Ansh’s innocent ears.

“I was just playing a prank on your Maa champ.” Sanskar dragged Ansh’s attention and Ragini sighed in relief. “What?” she turned to him horrified when she realized what Sanskar told.

“Why do you scream so much Maa. He means he is not married” said Ansh closing his ears. “Then those kids?” she asked one more stupid question and Sanskar nodded his head feeling helpless not able to get out the situation Ragini was putting him in.

“Ohho maa. Common sense. No marriage no kids. What maa? You don’t know that much also? And you call yourself pediatrician. Laksh chachu shouldn’t have given you the degree” Ansh facepalmed with his little hand.

Ragini’s heart was jumping with joy and she was not understanding why Sanskar’s marital status made her happy. She hardly knows him. But her face was depicting her happiness.

“Oh” she said biting her lower lip and her eye brows knitted in embarrassment. Sanskar controlled his laugh looking at her flushed face.

“But why were you trying to trick me?” she asked when Ansh ran out of Sanskar’s arms to play again. “Just felt like. Why? Does it matter to you?” he leaned to her making her blush more. She controlled her facial expression.

“Why will it matter to me Mr. Dumbledore? I was just curious you see like people get interested in celebrity life” she shrugged her shoulders.

“So I’m celebrity?” he asked biting his cheeks inside. “Huh look at you male chudail. You think you are celebrity?” she gave him an annoyed look.

He held her wrist and dragged her near to him. She stood looking into his eyes as he pinned her wrist to his chest. His intense gaze sent the butterflies inside her stomach to a flight and she swallowed hard as she was not able to move her gaze.

“But I’m something to you. Am I not?” he asked and she nodded her head positively like she was bound to some magic.

“Who am I to you?” he leaned to her height. “You” she felt loss of words.

“I?” his voice was hoarse and deep. “You” she said again. “I?” he leaned dragging her near to himself. “You are Dumbledore” she pushed him and ran from there.

He smiled blushing and ran behind her all over the park.

The sun was at the horizon and the time for their departure neared . Sanskar stopped the car outside Asthana house. Ragini sat lost in her thoughts. “Ragini” Sanskar shook her and she landed back to the present.

“Um” she gulped and got down from the car. She placed sleeping Ansh on the seat and Sanskar held the door away so that she doesn’t get hurt again. She smiled at his care.

“Bye” she leaned to the window after closing the door. “Bye” Sanskar stretched his lips weakly smiling at her. He did not wanted to let her go so soon but he had no other way.

“Thanks” Ragini again leaned to the window when Sanskar was straightening himself. “Mention not” he said and she smiled and stood.

“Good night” she again leaned to the window. Sanskar nodded his head and got out of the car and walked to her.

“Now tell me everything what you want to say. Because in the process of leaning to the window you will hurt yourself” he said looking her.

“Um” she looked around thinking. “Sweet dreams” she said. “And?” he waited for her further words like he knew that she had not finished yet.

She bit her lower lip as she tried hard to control herself finding his cute smolder. “And” she said and looked at him with puppy eyes. “And?” he asked bending his head.

She leaned and kissed his cheek holding his chin. His eyes went wide and before he could react she ran from there giggling.

“What was that?” he stood leaning to the car door placing his hand on his fast beating heart. “That’s called a peck on the cheek” Ansh who was not sleeping spoke and Sanskar looked back at his nephew flushed. “You have to stop talking like your maa” Sanskar sat in the car.

“Oye Chachu. Apun ke maa ke bare kuch nai bolne ka kya” Ansh spoke like a tapori. Sanskar chuckled through his tears remembering Kumud.

“Bhayyu” Laskh stopped hearing her voice and turned. The last patient of his wife was awake and she was breathing heavily. Laksh walked back to her quickly.

“Hey are you okay?” he asked concerned. She nodded her head positively and removed the oxygen mask. “Bhayyu” she said taking deep breaths.

“Bhayyu?” Ragini made Vikram drink the water in the glass when he choked on his food. “Haaye kisne yaad kiya apko iss time pe? As far as I know Sriti Bhabi doesn’t have such bad timing” said Ragini patting his head.

“What?” Sumi who was sitting beside Vikram looked at Ragini. Vikram who was relaxing again choked and looked at  his sister like what she did. She apologized to him.

“What is going on?” Sumi glared them both.

“Oh no” both Ragini and Vikram said in chorus looking at Sumi with puppy eyes.

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