Gods Most Beautiful Gift SIBLINGS-episode 7

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Abhay:[Abhay took the file from Amaya and handed it to Ranveer while saying]this is everything I have got so far on the case but this is not enough I need more evidences and for that I need you to give me an inside eye in the investigation[Ranveer was going through the file Abhay handed him and he was impressed with Abhay’s work]

Ranveer:[Ranveer closed the kept it on table and said] I wish I could have helped you but I can’t help you[Abhay was confused]look Abhay you took this case that is completely your decision which also happens to be suicidal but this single decision of yours affects not just yours but also your sister and Oberoi family’s life as well [Ranveer paused for a moment] Vrijesh Rawat is not just a politician he does have criminal background and I am sure that for his only son he won’t hesitate to kill anyone from your family or you and top of that Khurrana is vulture he will leave no stone unturned just to make sure that he wins the case irrespective of who the culprit is[Abhay lets Ranveer complete]

Abhay:[Abhay says in desperate voice]safety of Amu or Oberoi’s won’t be any issue [Amaya interrupts Abhay in between and says]

Amaya:[leaning little bit forward towards Ranveer]If I were you I wouldn’t have trusted my brother with his own security let alone of entire Oberoi family[Abhay was angry but at same time scared because he knew what Amaya said was true]

Ranveer:[Ranveer looks at Amaya and then at Abhay and then says] well I might have solution for your problem[Abhay asks excitedly]

Abhay:what solution?

Ranveer:[Ranveer has broad grin on his face and says]You want an insiders eye on the Kapadia case you can have it but only on one condition you will accept Shivaay’s offer and you will stay in Oberoi mansion until the case is over you will get best security over Oberoi Mansion[Abhay was shocked at the condition Ranveer stands up to leave]you tell me your decision,tomorrow,I am gonna take Priyanka to Oberoi mansion for lunch and I will wait for you[Ranveer leaves from there]

Abhay:[Ranveer was gone and Amaya was going to leave for her room but Abhay stopped her]Amu[Amaya turned back]pack your stuff we are going to Oberoi mansion tomorrow

Amaya:[Amaya interrupts Abhay in between and says in stubborn manner]well you are the one who wants to fight the case so why do I need to follow the stupid condition

Abhay:[Abhay keeps his hands on Amaya’s cheeks and says]Amu please try to understand if this wasn’t life and death kind important for me I would have never asked you to live in that house but please I promise it’ll be just matter of weeks that’s it[Amaya interrupted Abhay]

Amaya:[Amaya said in playful voice]Okay that’s enough buttering for me you might need to save that up for ACP Ranveer he requires a lot more than I do[Abhay and Amaya have light laugh]


[Abhay and Amaya came to Oberoi house and told everyone why they will be living in Oberoi house]

Dadi:[Dadi was happy that Abhay and Amaya were in Oberoi house]whatever the reason be I am just glad that you both are here

Shivaay:[Shivaay was happy that Amaya will finally get know her family but also didn’t wanted Abhay to stay with them and his unhappiness about Abhay staying in Oberoi mansion was clear to Abhay from his voice]Abhay your arrangements will be done in guest room and Amaya can use Priyanka’s room[Dadi interrupted Shivaay]

Dadi:[Dadi ordered Shivaay more than asking]make a room ready for Abhay as well as Amaya according to their choice they will not live in guest room they will have their own rooms here[Dadi turned to Amaya and asked her]beta do you know everyone here?

Amaya:[Amaya said pointing out to people]Dadi,Tej uncle,Shakti uncle,Jhanvi aunty,Pinky aunty,Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi[Amaya looked at Bhavya and Gauri and said]I don’t know who they are

Omkara:[Omkara went near Gauri put an arm around her shoulder and said]this Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi

Rudra:[Rudra went near Bhavya and put an arm around her and said]ACP Bhavya Rudra Singh Oberoi

Tej:[Tej came near Amaya and caressed her with fatherly affection and said]our family is lucky to have a daughter like you smart and beautiful Shivaay mentioned it yesterday when he talked about you that you are a psychiatrist[Amaya interrupted Tej]

Amaya:[Amaya said in stern voice]I don’t know if you people are gonna like it are or not but I can’t be at comfort with everyone in this family maybe sometime in future I will be comfortable with most of you people but right now the only people I feel comfortable talking about my life and me is Veerji and Dev.I am sorry but I have to leave for hospital now just keep luggage in my room I will adjust it afterwards[Amaya is about to leave from their but she turns back when she hears out everyone calling out Anika’s name Anika was lying unconscious on the ground Shivaay rushed to her and so did Amaya]excuse me can have look if you wouldn’t mind[Shivaay let her have a look Amaya checks Anika’s pulse]get her in a room please I will get my blood pressure monitor[Amaya rushes outside and get blood pressure monitor from her car she rushes to room where Anika was taken she asks everyone one to leave she checks Anika’s blood pressure she checks it twice to be sure Anika was conscious now]

Anika:[Anika asks Amaya when the check up was complete and Amaya was preparing to go out]Amaya is something wrong with me

Amaya:[Amaya says in usual doctor tone]No nothing’s wrong with you at all I want to know when was the last time you checked your blood[Anika didn’t have any answer to that question she just nodded in negative Amaya walks out of the room and goes to Shivaay and says]Shivaay get her blood test done and after the reports arrive consult with Dr.Anju Mehra

Shivaay:[Shivaay asks with concerns as well as fear in his voice]Is she alright?has something serious happened to her

Amaya:[Amaya says in joyful voice as this was the first time she had seen Shivaay in such a state]relax Shivaay she is fine I am psychiatrist I can’t tell much about blood pressure conditions so just do as I said[saying that Amaya leaves from their for hospital Abhay assures Shivaay to be positive but Shivaay was worried about Anika]


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  1. Elina

    I really hope its a goodnews for Anika.. And i request you to choose a face for Amaya and Dev so that we can imagini
    Love you lots.. waiting for the next one egarly

    1. Mansi.P

      I am sorry I can’t suggest faces for Devansh and Amaya as I don’t know much tv stars but you can suggest if you want to

  2. Niriha


  3. ItsmePrabha

    Amazing ..Amaya and Abhay in O M, interesting…Will be waiting for the next..

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

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