Udaan 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj and Chakor enjoy their stay in Kashmir

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Udaan 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor reaching Kashmir. They have a city tour. She says Kashmir is such a good place. He says yes, but I m feeling cold. She says you didn’t keep warm clothes. He asks her to come close and give him warmth. She asks what are you saying. He shouts I love my wife Chakor a lot. She says you are mad, but I love you a lot. She holds him. He says I love you too, someone is watching us, its not good. She asks who. He shows Saanvi. He says its not good that she watches our romance. She says you got scared. He says I m not scared of anyone. She says I like this about you. They say I love you and smile. Someone watches them. They go to buy Kashmiri clothes.

They get dressed in Kashmiri clothes and get a pic clicked. A man compliments Chakor. Suraj says you are right, my wife is very beautiful. The man goes. Chakor calls him jealous. She says you scared that man. Suraj says yes, else that old man would have proposed you, change the clothes now.

They come to a resort. Chakor and Suraj make plans to enjoy. A lady asks baby’s name. Suraj says she is Saanvi, she is our happiness. The lady blesses Saanvi and says I also wish…. The man says we have no child, so my wife got emotional. Suraj introduces himself and Chakor. The couple goes. Chakor says I have to go to workshop now, you and Saanvi have a great time ahead. Suraj asks her to go. He stops her and asks her to come back soon. Mahiya….plays…. She says yes, I will come soon.

Imli asks Karan to be quiet, she is talking on call. She asks the goon Nisar is he doing the work. Nisar says don’t worry, I don’t fail in my work. She says I know this well, just make sure to torture Suraj and Chakor. Karan hears her. Imli says just don’t let them unite, separate them forever. Nisar says don’t worry, my men are keeping a watch on them, it will happen as you want. Karan asks are you planning to kill Chakor.

Imli says no, I want to torture her, I want to give her a bad life, go and do your work, steal the idol, your role is over, let me focus on my plan. Chakor and Suraj enjoy a boat ride. She thanks him for getting her here for a talk. She says I m very tired after the workshop, but I m feeling relaxed now. Suraj says yes, this place is beautiful but…… leave it. She asks him to say, what is it. He says this place is beautiful, but not more than you, I planned a surprise for you. He gives her tea. She says you are best husband. He feeds her the tea. They romance. They come somewhere. She says the day has come, we will enjoy a lot, we will steal apples from trees. Suraj says I won’t enjoy, it will become a punishment for me, don’t forget we have Saanvi. She kisses him and says even Saanvi wants to enjoy. He says I m not any SRK. She says you are my hero. He says you are a naughty kid, pretty, beautiful. She says I have forgot water bottle for Saanvi, what to do now. He says I will get it. She says we will go cottage. He says its too far, we can’t see sunset then. She says I won’t let you go alone. He says I m not alone. He asks Saanvi why did she hold his hand, he will just come. He goes.

Karan sees Imli going to haveli in disguise. He says what is she doing here. Girja asks her to do work. Karan comes and asks Girja about Tejaswini. He asks for water. He catches Imli and says you have hidden this from me, you are working in Chakor’s house. She says you leave, you are playing with fire. He says you can’t scare me. She says I promise I will help you steal the idol, just go. He says fine, I will be watching you. He goes. She says you will have to pay if you come in my way. Chakor asks Saanvi to see Suraj coming. A car reaches close. Goons kidnap Suraj. Suraj asks them to leave him. They leave.

Chakor gets shocked and shouts to him. Suraj asks goons who are you, why did you get me here. Nisar says this man shouldn’t run away, that woman is going to give us much money. A man comes to Karan and says I have found everything about that woman. He gives the file. He says this woman is Imli, she is Chakor’s sister, she is Rajvanshi’s bahu, she killed her husband and ruled on Aazaadgunj, she married a mad inspector who helped her. Karan gets shocked. The man says Imli is very poisonous, she isn’t a woman, when many poisonous Naagins die, such a Naagin is born. Karan says you may leave. He sees Imli and Vivaan’s pic. He says Imli Devi…. you are a big liar, you yourself are a lie…. its fine, I m also wicked, lets see who is more wicked.

Chakor looks for Suraj. A man gives her phone and goes. She gets a call. She answers. Nisar says Chakor…. She asks how do you know my name. He says just ask me if your husband is alive or dead. She asks what nonsense. He says I have kidnapped your husband, he is captive….. She gets shocked.

Suraj and Chakor romance. Kismat se tum humko mile ……plays…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Safiya Hosein

    Ummm…..how does Imli have so much influence & power?
    I keep saying they are downgrading Suraj’s character. I want old Suraj back!
    And i like that Karan dug up info on Imli….he has a soft spot for Chakor.

  2. Sukor nok jhok was so cute. Saanvi is adorable, loved how she was busy eating and playing in the boat.
    I’m happy Karan found out Imli’s truth, it’s time he starts to take control instead of being bossed around.
    I hope Sukor realize someone they know is behind the kidnapping, I guess they’ll suspect Karan not Imli.
    I didn’t like how Chakor was running in the streets shouting Suraj’s name, she should’ve asked for the police, he’s kidnapped not lost.
    The precap is giving me a weird feeling, hope no harm falls on Sukor on this trip.

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