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Chapter 40

Ragini roamed in the clinic looking around the kids. She was smiling, giggling and making faces to cheer the kids. She played with her pony tail bringing it front and making a mustache with it and the kids giggled looking at her.

Sanskar smiled nodding his head. He wondered how her craziness has not reduced over the time but only has increased. She remembered anyone or not was secondary she did not forgot her nature that was way comforting for him. He did not had any hope that she will fall in love with him again. What he wished was that she stays happy all her life.

Ananya who was in his arms pulled his cheek and he landed in the real world. He was walking looking at Ananya when he collided with Ragini. “Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t looking” she was straightening her apron not looking up. “Neither was I” she looked up to find Sanskar smiling at her.

“Hey hi” her eyes twinkled and the smile spread on her lips. She did not knew why was she so excited to meet him. Certain things can’t be explained not when you have no traces of your memory.

“Hi” he greeted her. “You here?” asked she. “Um actually I came to meet Yohan and Ananya was feeling uneasy from morning so I brought her with me” he said shifting Ananya from one arm to the other. “Oh” she shifted her gaze to Ananya. “What happened to my bacha” she took Ananya in her arms and she clutched Ragini’s neck.

“You be in Yohan’s cabin. I will get her. His cabin is…” “ I know” said he interrupting her. She looked at him confused and he cursed himself in his mind.

She smiled at him formally and walked to the examination room.

Sanskar walked to Yohan’s cabin hoping that she won’t get any clue. “Finally you got time to meet me?” Yohan got up from his chair and walked to Sanskar who entered his cabin. Sanskar held his ears apologetically and Yohan hugged him and Sanskar reciprocated the hug.

“You have become a lot formal” complained Yohan sitting back on his chair and Sanskar sat on the chair in front of him. “Looks like a lot has changed over the years but life seems stranded in time” Sanskar looked blankly.

“If you want to be stranded there you will be always Sanky Bhai. This is why I told you to be here. Like she accepted all of us she would have done it with you too” Yohan looked at him with pain.

“That’s what I did not wanted her to do. I did not wanted her to accept me out of compulsion. Love isn’t like every other relation Yohan. It has to be natural. What if she felt suffocated if she was not able to return me the feelings?” Sanskar looked at him.

“Now I feel that awkwardness growing between us like I’m somewhere stuck in time and not able to move and she has moved very far from me” “Bhai” Yohan looked at him shocked.

“She is all happy in her life Yohan and I feel that she will never become my dumb girl again and that time is lost somewhere in the dessert. I miss her calling me Dumbledore so badly I can’t tell you. I did not wanted to come here for the very reason. Somehow I was adjusting myself to live only with her voice at least but now I feel that hollowness inside me. I’m craving to get her back in my life though I know she might be in my life or may not be. I’m craving for  that old crazy Ragini who made me smile when I did not wanted to. I miss her so much. She is so near to me and I’m craving to cover her in my embrace and love her but it feels like hell that I can’t do it” tears fought to drop down his eyes.

“I don’t want to disturb her calm life where she is all happy” he rubbed away that drop of tear on his cheek.

“You really think she is all happy Bhai?” Yohan looked at him with painful eyes.

“She is just smiling for the people around her. She is being crazy to forget her pain. Pain that she doesn’t have a slightest idea what she has missed. Pain for that feeling in her heart which is reserved for someone whose face and name also she is not aware of. She is waiting for someone who will fill her life and place the missing pieces and will complete her life. Though she doesn’t know whether it will ever happen or not” Yohan looked down.

“You don’t even know what she is going through Bhai. She is all alone in the crowd waiting for someone to hold her hand and she doesn’t know for whom she is waiting” Yohan smiled sadly.

“Yohan” both of them wiped their faces when they heard Ragini’s voice. “Don’t tell me you both are crying like girls after meeting each other” she chuckled and Yohan smiled at her.

“I checked Ananya. She is having some allergic reaction to the food” said Ragini and sat beside Sanskar. She turned to Sanskar. “What did she have in the morning? I want the full details” Ragini took the note book to note down.

“She had milk with the Junior Horlicks and then a watermelon small piece and I think Ani was making her eat ground nut. She did not eat it but tried chewing. As her milk teeth aren’t strong enough she spat it out” Sanskar listed the things.

“Pari Bhabi or Adarsh bhai is allergic to anything out of this?” asked she and Sanskar looked at the list. “Adarsh bhai is allergic to ground nut” said he.

“So Ananya is also  allergic to ground nuts. I have given her antibacterials. Be careful from next time” said Ragini and wrote a prescription.

Sanskar nodded his head and took the slip. “Nurse get Ananya” said Ragini and the nurse brought Ananya and handed her to Sanskar. “I will take your leave now” Sanskar stood up from his seat. For a strange reason Ragini did not felt it good and looked at him blankly.

“Sanky bro. Can you please drop Ragini home. Her shift is over and I have an important patient to attend” said Yohan and Sanskar glared him. Ragini’s heart jumped in excitement.

“Actually..” “Please” Ragini pleaded him and Sanskar stood looking at her cute face. “Um okay” he said and Ragini’s smile widened and Yohan smiled widely looking at them. ‘You want to run Sanky bro. But I’m not gonna let you go this time’ Yohan smirked repeating in his mind.

Ragini followed Sanskar till his car. Sanskar sat in the driver seat and was struggling to hold Ananya. “Let me help you” said Ragini and took Ananya in her arms. Sanskar wore the seat belt and Ragini sat playing with Ananya and he ignited the engine. “Waise Mr. Rawat” Ragini initiated the talk. “You stay in Singapore with your wife?” she did not knew why the hell she needed to ask that question.

“Wife? I um yeah” he said mischievously and Ragini’s heart felt a pang in her chest. “Oh and how many kids do you have ?” asked she not depicting her disappointment. “I have five kids” said he and Ragini’s jaws dropped to ground. “Five kids? Have you ever thought about population explosion Mr. Dumbledore?” he stopped the car with a jerk listening her.

“Say it again” he said looking at her with hope in his eyes. “Dumbledore dumbo. Anyways your hands are long like chudail but I can’t call you that na. So Dumbledore. But sad part is you are not smart like Dumbledore. Your head has nothing but the hard skull. But still I could have called you something better. Leave it. This suits you the best. Waise I will not ask you did you like the name because you don’t have any other choice. It’s me naming and I don’t give option…..” she said looking front and continued her talks.

He couldn’t define his happiness when he heard her calling him Dumbledore. All his memories traveled in his mind like a movie.

“What?” Ragini asked puzzled when he kept staring her. “Will you call me this always?” asked he as his heart filled with emotions.

“You are getting excited like I’m giving you some Padmashree” she shrugged her shoulders. “It is way better than any rewards” said he looking at her hopeful. “Fine now onward I will call you Dumbledore. Happy?” asked she and Sanskar nodded his head and ignited the engine feeling overwhelmed.

“So when are you going back to Singapore?” asked she and Sanskar smiled. “Soon. My wife will be missing me” he looked at Ragini’s annoyed face through the mirror.

Still the same jealousy Ragini. I can’t tell you how much I missed you and how much I’m craving just to cover you in my embrace and let you know what you are to me’ his mind poured down the thoughts.

“By the way I did not tell you my address” Ragini looked puzzled when he stopped the car outside Asthana house. “Um Yohan had texted me” he covered one more lie and Ragini wasn’t understanding why she felt that he was not saying the truth.

“Um okay” she got out of the car placing Ananya on the seat. She was trying hard to lock the seat belt. Sanskar found her struggling and leaned surprising her and locked the seat belt and looked up to find her face near to him and she blankly staring him.

He moved away and she landed out of her thoughts and tucked the hair strand behind her ear. “Thanks” she uttered and while dragging herself back she hit her head to the car door. “Ouch” she stood wincing in pain holding her forehead.

Sanskar loosened his seat belt and walked out to reach her. “You are okay?” asked he worried. She was just rubbing her forehead. “Ragini” suddenly her memory halted at a time. Like as if she knows this voice and she has heard it before also.

He dragged her near and rubbed her forehead. He found a small bruise and bent inside the car to get the first aid kit. He took the ointment and applied it on the bruise. She stood numb.

“Thank god it wasn’t deep” he sighed placing the box back in the car. “Hey are you okay?” he asked again and she just nodded her head. “Thank you. Bye” she turned to walk to her house. Sanskar stood watching her.

His voice calling her name oscillated in her mind and without her knowledge a tear tripped her eye. She took the tear drop in her finger and looked at it surprised. What connection does this man have with her. When she has met him for the first time and know him only from few days how can she feel that connection with him like he was always there in her life.

She felt a weird pain in her heart which squeezed like as if it guessed Sanskar’s pain.

She looked back and found Sanskar still standing and watching her. He gave her a small smile when her eyes met his.

She don’t know what made her to do that but she felt she was not in her senses when she ran back to him and surprised him with a hug.

Sanskar was taken a back.

“How did you know that I needed this?” he remembered how she had surprised him always with that hug of her like she guessed it exactly what he needed. “I don’t know I just felt that way” he remembered her reply that day and a small tear tripped his eye.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know why I did that. I’m such a stupid” she dragged herself out and looked down feeling embarrassed. “It’s… it’s okay” he fumbled. “Um shall I leave?” he asked her still in the trance. She stretched her lips unwillingly and nodded her head.

“Bye” he waved at her and she waved back at him. “Shall I go?” he asked again and she nodded her head turning. “Really?” she looked back at him confused. “You want me to go?” asked he and she nodded her head in yes. “Pakka?” asked he and she rolled her eyes. “No I want your body to disappear and soul to remain here” she said annoyed and he smiled at her retort.

“My soul isn’t but sure my heart will be here” he said and sat inside the car finally. He ignited the engine and drove off leaving her still confused.

“What was that supposed to mean?” she walked to home with confusion in her mind.


Vikram was walking inside the home when his phone buzzed. His lips formed a wide smile looking at the caller name. “Haa Sriti” he picked the call and relaxed his fast beating heart.

“Vikky. Ragu is fine na? I’m calling her from afternoon. She isn’t picking the call” Sriti’s words sure stopped his heartbeats. He panicked running inside the home.

“Ragu…. Bacha” he was hell worried. “Damn Bhayyu. You spoiled my milkshake” Ragini walked out of the kitchen holding the glass of milkshake whose some part was covering her t shirt. He apologized as he knew that she spilled the milkshake hearing his scream.

“Why aren’t you picking the call? Sriti is complaining” said he pointing his phone. Ragini raised her one eye brow warning him. ‘I will tell you first finish talking to her’ Ragini mouthed him and he smiled sheepishly at her.

She is asking me’ he mouthed her. She rolled her eyes looking at her Majnu bhai. “I am angry on her. She said she will come to meet me yesterday” Ragini walked to the dining table and sat drinking the milkshake.

“Yew bacha change your dress first” Vikram said and Ragini did not give any heed to his words. “Give her the phone Vikky” said Sriti from the other side of the call.

Vikram forwarded the phone to Ragini. “I’m too messed up. And no buttering this time. I will not speak to her unless she comes home” Ragini said with attitude.

“Sriti” he placed the phone near to his ear. “Vikky. Will you pick me up from hospital? I know that dramebazz is not gonna listen to me. My car is gone for servicing and you know I don’t trust cabs” she said cutely and his heart fluttered with joy.

“Um” he suppressed his excitement. “Okay. I will be there in another 20 minutes” he said and disconnected the call.

“You know you are the best sissy in the world” Vikram kissed Ragini’s cheek hugging her. “I want five star while you are coming back. I don’t do free services” she said drinking the milkshake casually.

“But you ate one in the morning” he complained. “So?” she shrugged her shoulders. “So I’m not getting you one more” he showed his index finger. “I did so much for you bro. That’s not fair” she whined. “Fine I will refuse her. Nothing is important to me more than your health” he sat with stiff face.

“Bhayyu” she dangled her hands across his neck. He twisted his lips and she kissed his cheek. “I was joking. I don’t want any chocolate for another week. But please don’t do this with my hone wali bhabi” she said and he blushed smiling.

“Tu na. Nautanki hai ek number ki” he said smacking her head slightly. “Ouch that hurt” she said rubbing her forehead then only Vikram noticed the small bruise on her forehead. “What is this?” asked he worried.

“That um” she swallowed hard not wanting to tell a lie to her brother. “Actually” she squeezed her eyes. “Bolegi bhi?” asked he worried analyzing the bruise. ‘If he gets angry on Sanskar?’ she thought in her mind.

“Tu bolegi abb ki class lu Yohan ki?” asked he and she held his hand which was ready to dial Yohan’s number. She pleaded him not to and he waited for her explanation.

“Bacha you should have been careful na? See how this bruise has formed a mark” he said looking at it worried. “You aren’t angry on that fellow?” asked she.

“Who Sanskar?” asked he and in next moment he realized he shouldn’t have said that name so casually. “You know him?” asked Ragini. He thought for a while. She had seen him unaffected in the park even after seeing Sanskar. And if  he told her that he knew him then she will ask why he did not meet him.

“Um yeah I had seen him in Yohan’s marriage” said Vikram looking away. “I was there in Yohan’s marriage na that means I know him too?” asked she and it surely scared him.

“You were gone to Delhi for some medical camp immediately after the marriage. He arrived on reception day” said he and the sweat droplets started covering his forehead. “Oh” she slowly murmured and Vikram looked at her carefully. “You are okay bacha?” asked he and she nodded her head smiling at him weakly.

“You are getting late Bro. You don’t know Bhabi she is so particular about timings” said Ragini and he remembered that he had to go to pick Sriti.

“Bhayyu” Ragini called out when he was at the door. “Ragu. How many times I have told you. Don’t call like that when some one is going outside” Sumi yelled from the kitchen. “Sorry” she smiled sheepishly. Vikram smiled at her and walked back to reach his little life.

“Drive slowly okay” she forwarded the helmet. He kissed her forehead taking the helmet and walked out with a smile.

He started his bike after wearing the helmet and drove to the hospital.

“I’m sorry. I’m late” he apologized to Sriti who was waiting for him at the gate. “It’s okay. I know Ragu might have held you with her demands” she said sitting behind him.

As her hand rested on his shoulder he smiled looking at it. “You are okay?” asked he and she nodded her head and he started the bike again. There was this huge smile on his face as he drove her home.

He parked and locked the bike as Sriti entered Asthana home. “Ragu” Sriti walked to Ragini who was jumping with her head phones in her ear. Ragini stopped and opened her eyes and found Sriti.

“You know you are” she looked at the wall clock. “Almost 30 hours late than the promised time” said Ragini removing the cordless head phones glaring Sriti.

“Sorry” she held her ears cutely and Vikram stood blushing looking at her. Ragini folded her lips looking at her Majnu Bhai. “You know how important is your arrival in this house?” Ragini walked to Vikram. “People impatiently keep waiting for it” she held Vikram’s shoulder and he choked on air and coughed badly.

Ragini was controlling her laughter. Sriti who was looking at her confused got concerned looking at Vikram. She swiftly walked to the dining table to get the water in the glass and brought it near his mouth and made him drink. Vikram stood watching her worried face.

“I meant mumma. She keeps waiting for you as we both are Nalayak kids of hers and you are sadgun sampann” said Ragini. “Sarvagun Sampann” Vikram corrected her.

“Wow Bhayyu Sanskrit and all ha?” Ragini raised her eye brows in mock appreciation. “You know I can’t understand this Bhayyu baccha code language” said she placing the glass back on the table.

“Seriously Sriti beta. These two will make me mad someday with confusions” said Sumi walking out. “The best Saas Bahu duo in the world” Ragini whispered in Vikram’s ear who glared her.

At last he could not stop himself from smiling and hugged her. Though she was dangerous at times but that made his life a worth living. His cute little life who made his dead life a worth living one.

After leaving Sriti back to her home Vikram walked to Ragini’s room where she was sleeping with a bright smile on her face.

He kissed her forehead and covered her with the quilt. Then he walked to his room and Ragini’s smile widened in her sleep sensing her Bhayyu’s care. Her eye brows shrunk when she heard Sanskar calling her name again.


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