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Chapter 39

It was a normal day in Rawat Mansion unless for an unexpected home coming of the most loved person of the mansion.

Pari as usual was feeding Anisha and Ananya who were giggling over the dining table.

Adarsh was reading a news paper.

Kishan was sleeping in his room and Anjali stuck the first note on the sticky note board for the day and walked out of the room.

Annapurna was having the breakfast along with Durga Prasad.

“Ani” they heard a scream and everyone’s heart recognized the voice even though it had been three years that they had seen him.

He might have put on weight or reduced some pounds. Grown a beard or clean shaved with a new hair style. Might have etched with one or two wrinkles.

But his voice had remained in their memories still fresh and it took them a bit time to realize that they all are not having a mass dream but he is really back.

As everyone’s gaze turned or they walked to the door they found him – Sanskar standing taking deep breaths like he had run some marathon. He dropped his bag yelling one more time “Ani”

“Chachu” her eyes sparkled when she heard her chachu. Pari looked at her surprised though she was small to keep such tremendous memory she still recognized her Chachu like he was never gone.

She jumped off the chair and ran to the direction from where she heard the voice of her beloved Chachu.

“Ani” he collapsed on his knees when he saw his little bundle of joy running in his direction. She stood at a distance.

Time had made changes to his face which her mind could not recognize. But what made her fallen face to turn to a face with huge smile was his stretched arms and those tears in his eyes finding her.

Only her chachu can have them for her.

Leaving behind all the reluctance she ran and jumped to dangle her hands across his neck. She has been waiting for this from ages it felt. A never ending wait was finally over to meet her chachu. Sanskar covered her and closed his burning eyes. And tears just flooded out.

He stood up lifting Anisha in his arms and kissed her face lovingly. “You scared me” he said in between his sobs. “Sanky” Pari stood with little Ananya who was holding her mother’s finger. Sanskar shifted Ani to his one arm and looked at the other angel of his life.

She slightly moved behind her mother fearing a stranger. Though she had seen his photos but his face has changed with time and correlating him with those changes looked a bit difficult for the toddler. Pari followed Sanskar’s gaze and looked at her daughter who was hiding behind.

“Anu. Chachu” she brought Ananya front who again looked at Sanskar who was smiling at her through his tears.

“Chaku” she said with her yet not completely twisting tongue. “Chachu” Pari corrected her.

“Chachu” she finally said and Pari smiled at her. She pointed her little hand at Sanskar and Pari nodded her head.

Ananya slowly walked towards Sanskar leaving behind her mother’s hand. Sanskar remembered his moments with Pari when Ananya was in her womb. Her little steps made his smile broaden. She reached his legs and looked up at him.

“Chachu” she said and gave the most cutest smile on the earth. He grabbed her in his free arm and stood admiring two halves of his heart right now.

Pari smiled through her tears and Adarsh stood beside her holding her shoulders. Annapurna had tears of happiness which were supported by her husband standing beside her.

Anjali who was descending the stairs found Sanskar holding Ananya and Anisha in his arms and her face found the smile she missed all these years.

Though her life wasn’t easy but she considered no less than her kid and seeing him back after years really cheered her dismayed soul.

She hastened her steps and reached the other family members who were watching him with all those happy tears.

“Sanky” she said and Sanskar smiled at her through his tears. “Anji Bhabi” he left Ananya and Anisha down and covered her in his embrace.

Pari and Adarsh looked at them and joined the hug. Annapurna and DP stood watching them. Finally the scattered pieces were back in the place. Though there were cracks in the family all these years Sanskar was the adhesive which glued them and now when he was back the scattered pieces glued like they were never apart.

“Sahil called me and said Ani is not having food and she said unless she sees me she won’t even drink water. Then he sent me a video where she was coughing. It really stopped my heart beat. I booked the first flight” Sanskar was narrating how he landed here.

“Sadu Sahil at least did something good in his life” Pari chuckled and wiped that tear drop at the corner. “Actually that video is last month’s when Ani had caught cold” said Adarsh and Sanskar frowned.

“That was such a bad joke. I’m not gonna leave that idiot” said Sanskar whining. “Chala jana. But not today. You have finally come back and I want you to spend this day with us” Anjali stuffed a parantha in his mouth. “Haa today whole day chachu will be with his princesses” Ani sat in his lap.

“Ani let him take rest na baby” said Kishan who was sitting on the dining table for break fast. Anjali cast him a look and turned to Sanskar. Sanskar could guess that the coldness between them had not reduced over the years.

“Okay as you say Princess” Sanskar kissed Ani and Ananya’s cheeks. “Sunday…. Playground…” screamed Ani and Sanskar smiled nodding his head.

“You don’t want to meet her?” asked Adarsh in his ears. “And say what?” asked he and Adarsh smiled at him consoling. The mention of her was making his heart sour and he did not knew how he will be in the same city.


Ansh was on the swing and Ragini was pushing him and he was enjoying the play. She was all smiles looking at Ansh.

Then they went to the sea saw and played there for some more time. The pricking sun made Ragini realize that it will soon over the head and the heat will be intolerable.

“Ansh let’s leave” said she. First he was not happy. Which kid likes to get out of the playground before the sun sets?

He pleaded her a lot. “No your Sadu father will complain that I tanned your skin and you will not get nice bride to marry” said Ragini pulling him along.

“Maa.” Ansh complained. “What? That’s your father’s IQ level. He thinks that way and I can’t help it” she shrugged her shoulders.

“Please na maa” he pleaded. “On one condition” Ragini bent to his height.

“Call your Sadu Dad this time. I want to take a break” she said tired. “Okay done I will get him. You can relax in the car till then” said Ansh running.

“Ani careful” said Sanskar getting out of the car. Anisha ran inside the playground and missed Ragini who was on the right side walking towards the exit.

Here at the exit cum entrance Ansh missed Sanskar who stood there after Ansh was gone.

As both of them walked unaware of each others presence under the same sky at the moment; time just wished to stop when she stood very near to him ready to collide.

Finding someone so close she looked up to find a man wearing a sports wear covering his hairs with the hood and eyes with sun shades. Suddenly there was a pause in her heart beat.

He stood numb. He was really not prepared to face her now. And he did not knew how he was controlling his urge to hug her and shower his love he had suppressed within him. He did not knew how he will not let that tear escape which was the result of his heart bleeding inside. He did not knew how will he not collapse on the ground with the emotional weight building inside his heart.

She just stared him for some more moment. Why she wanted to search her memory lane to know him was a jigsaw puzzle to her. Her hair strands moved with air and it made her finally come out of her deadened state.

“I’m sorry” he heard her voice and his heart again leaped high this time. She passed him and he felt his death coming back to him after the momentary life.

Tere ishq se hogi na rihayi meri…

He removed his shades which perfectly hid the pang in his heart. He was still not crying but was dazed.

His lips tried a lot to control his emotions by pressing each other as hard as possible. When he further walked his lips gave up and opened to let out a painful cry which was silent.

But it was loud enough to break his soul inside and shatter him. His eyes twitched and tried holding the pain but could not.

He did not knew what was he feeling right now. A pain which was always destined to him. It was destined to him from the time he fell in love.

“Ragini” he whispered painfully. He bent to leave Ananya down who ran to her sister who was on the swing.

His body crumbled to control the scream which wanted to escape his throat. And in the process he bent and touched his head to the sand. The pain just went on increasing.

Ruswayiyan hai…. Tanhayiyan hai…..

Tere ishq se rihayi hogi na meri…

Tu mila tu mila sajde ka hai sila.

“Chachu” Ani and Ananya rushed to him and he hugged them and let out his pain with that silent cry.

“Sanky” he heard a cheerful voice of Sahil after some seconds. His face stiffened. He stood up wiping his eyes. His eyes were filled with anger and pain. ‘thud’ and Sahil held his cheek which was blessed with Sanskar’s slap.

He immediately hugged Sahil and let out all his emotions. “You are a real Sadu” said he sobbing. Sahil smiled through his tears.

“Waw kya pehchana hai” he heard Ragini’s voice and lifted his head to find her standing behind Sahil.

They both drifted and stood looking at her.

“You know he is the Saduest person in the world. You must be wondering what it is. Let me tell you. It is the superlative degree of Sadu. I know in hindi there is nothing like that but then we are in India where people like talking english so so much some times people like me have to find englishified Hindi words like this. But still you cannot define the depth of his Saduness. But I have my ways. After all I’m Ragini Asthana sister of Vikram Asthana. Other than me who can do discoveries like this…”

“Break” Sahil said and she stood with her folded lips. He was fuming listening her and Sanskar was just listening her.

“No don’t stop” he said and Ragini smiled at him widely. “See people like listening to meaningful conversations. Not like you interrupting me all the time. If you weren’t Ansh’s father na I would have thrown you into a gutter. Because there all your genetic friends are there those rats. But Ansh is the one good thing of your life who saves you always. But you don’t have little courtesy to let people speak”

“Look who is talking. You don’t let the voice reach the brain and will be ready with the next sentence and you are saying I don’t let people talk” he said mocking.

“Now you only say Mr.” she turned to Sanskar who was smiling looking at her. “Sanskar… Um Sanskar Rawat” said he. “Nice name” she smiled at him and turned to Sahil. “See that is name. What do you have. Sadu Sahil” Sanskar chuckled hearing her.

“Oh I’m sorry” he apologized when they both looked at him. “No that’s okay. Actually that name deserves a chuckle” said Ragini smirking at Sahil who rolled his eyes.

“You know what? Spare me . I’m going when you finish just call me I will pick you and Ansh. Better than that I will tell Vikky to do that. Fact is Ms. Collider I cannot handle you more” he said walking from there.

“You can’t handle me? Hello I’m the one who tolerates you Mr. Volcano” she screamed looking in his direction.

Sahil raised a thumbs up and walked away. “Maa” she heard Ansh’s voice and turned. “See Ansh your Sadu father is again gone. It’s okay I will have his share of ice cream” she said taking two cones of ice cream from him. Ansh walked and stood beside her. He was busy tearing the wrapper and did not notice Sanskar.

“Oh I’m sorry” Ragini said and forwarded a cone to him. “Oh no that’s okay” he said.

“Ansh Bhaiyaa” said Ani grabbing his attention and Ragini’s attention.

“Ani” both screeched and hugged her and Ananya. “Ananya has grown so much” Ragini handed one cone to Anisha and the other one to Ananya who smiled at her . Ansh looked up now to find Sanskar.

“Chachu” his eyes turned glassy after he finally recognized Sanskar. Sanskar lifted Ansh in his arms. Ansh immediately hugged him and burst into a bitter cry.

“Ansh baby, what happened?” Ragini approached him. But he was too full of emotions to say anything. “Um he met me after so many years so” said Sanskar. “You are his chachu?” asked she.

“Yeah. Sahil’s cousin” said he. “Adarsh Bhai’s brother?” asked she and he nodded his head. “Oh” she said realizing.

“I’m sorry my memory is bad. Have we met before?” asked she hoping that he might be a person from her past because her heart was saying that she was connected to him somehow.

“No I was in Singapore from many years. Just occasionally visited India” said he and her heart was disappointed. “Um okay” she said and smiled formally at him.

“I will be back” he said and took Ansh with him. Ragini sat watching Anisha and Ananya play and eat the ice cream.

She found a ice cream cone in front of her and looked up to find Sanskar smiling at her.

“No. It’s okay. Thank you” she said. Sanskar left Ansh down who joined Ani and Ananya. Sanskar sat beside Ragini.

“At this age you are eating ice cream means you like it a lot. You gave your ice cream to Ani and Ananya so take this” he said and she reluctantly took the ice cream.

“One minute. You said at this age. What do you mean ha? Am I 100 year old lady who has lost her teeth and still eating ice cream. Even if I’m at that age you are not supposed to judge me got that?” she fumed and he smiled closing his eyes.

“Oye hello. Did you heard what I spoke? Or have you lost your hearing power?” asked she a bit loud. “Okay.. Okay I can hear and I’m sorry I will not say that again” he said surrendering. “Better”she turned and ate her ice cream and he sat admiring her.

“So what do you do for living” she turned to him while eating. “I’m a businessman” he said and looked up at her. A small amount of ice cream was pasted on her nose.

He signed her to wipe it but she couldn’t do it properly. He leaned forward and wiped it. His touch immobilized her and she looked at him blank. Her heart leaped and she did not even blink her eyes. He looked up at her and before he could drift his eyes they were captured by her eyes.

There was something connected her to him instantly and she was not understanding what it was. Somewhere deep in her heart she knew that he meant something to her; denying all the arguments her mind made.

Her phone ringed and they both jerked and drifted away. “Bacha I’m outside the park. Sahil texted me to pick you” she heard her brother’s voice over the phone. “Hmm Bhayyu coming” she said and took Ansh with her and walked out. Vikram who was at the entrance watched Sanskar.

He was about to run to him but Sanskar signed him No and then signed him Ragini. Vikram’s shoulders collapsed feeling helpless.

“Bhayyu” Ragini shook him and he started his bike where Ragini sat behind him holding Ansh. As he turned the bike Ragini saw Sanskar and her hand moved up to wave at him. His heart fluttered finally and he waved at her with a bright smile. Ansh also waved at him.

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