The Journey Of Togetherness – Sequel To THE FLASHBACK STORY – Episode 2

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Shivaay ‘’there is something running in your mind Ms.Surpanka. Let me know before I find it out myself. And you know very well that Shivaay Singh Oberoi doesn’t let anything to be unknown’’

He spoke while Anika was working something in her laptop.

Anika ‘’relax Mr.Ritchie Rich…I have nothing running in my mind’’ she replied without looking at him.

Shivaay ‘’don’t lie Ms.Surpanaka..and by the way I have something more important to talk to you’’

Anika stopped working and looked at him with frowned eyebrows.

Shivaay ‘’don’t get me wrong Ms.Surpanaka, and I don’t have any wrong intentions while saying this…I want you to be independent and never want you to stop working…but’’ he took a pause

Anika ‘’but?’’

Shivaay ‘’but… If you can work for Oberoi industries instead for those who Oberoi industries gives would be more than happy for us’’ he completed his sentence while a bit of nervousness took over him.

Anika didn’t reply and just stared at him…

Anika ‘’you were asking me what I was working at sometime before…you know what I was doing?’’

Shivaay ‘’what?’’

Anika ‘’I was typing my resignation letter to the Belgian company , where I took up my work..i mean the new client you have given the work to’’

Shivaay ‘’that means you will be joining our ..’’

Anika ‘’no Mr.Ritchie Rich…I have decided to disassociate myself with Oberoi Security projects and in short any work related to Oberoi Industries, I have decided to disassociate’’

Shivaay sprang up from bed in shock and surprise

Anika looked at him clamly

Shivaay walked towards the window without saying any words not before having a look at Anika naah his Ms.Surpanaka

Anika understood his feelings….and walked upto him and tried to place her hands over his shoulders, when he moved away ….Anika took her hand back, smiled calmly and stood beside him holding the window rods, looking at the same pool Shivaay was looking at….

Shivaay ‘’why Ms.Surpanaka?’’

Anika ‘’Mr.Ritchie Rich…I have only onething to say, if you can understand what I mean…everything that is yours is mine and we both are not two different entities, we are one by every means’’

Shivaay looked at her proudly, he understood what she meant…he now understood why she returned the property shares to Tej, he now understood why she disassociated herself from Oberois work related things.

He pulled her towards him and hugged her tight, nuzzling her neck while she reciprocated the hug as tight as possible.he kissed her on her nape and came towards her ears and whispered

Shivaay ‘’I am sorry’’

Anika broke the hug and looked at him, caressing his face , she kissed his forehead and spoke

Anika ‘’you must be sorry, because you thought of making my first rasoi a disaster other than that you should not be sorry for anything …anyone in your place will understand the same way you did..’’

Shivaay ‘’I am not sorry for the rasoi thing but I am sorry to misunderstand you for the weird decisions..’’

Anika frowned and placing her both hands on her waist on either sides spoke ‘’I will take revenge for this rasoi thing Mr.Ritchie Rich and that too very soon, just wait and watch’’

Shivaay ‘’we will see…’’ he folded his hands and bought them towards his bust, while saying

Standing for a while in those positions they broke into laughter and moved towards each other getting lost in each other’s eyes…involuntarily their lips met and took their sweet time to break the kiss….

When they turned they saw Rudra and Om with their hands closing each other’s eyes and mouth O shaped.

Feeling the shock of embarrassment , Shivaay cleared his throat while Anika ran away being shy from there.

Shivaay ‘’you two, what have you two been doing here and from how long have you been here?’’

Om ‘’first tell me , can we open our eyes’’

Shivaay pulling their hands spoke ‘’yes, offcourse…don’t do drama…after all I and Ms.Surpanaka are married now’’

Rudra ‘’bhayya one small correction…Anika Bhabhi is now ‘’Mrs’’ not Ms. So I think you must call her ‘’Mrs’’ whatever you call her as’’

Shivaay ‘’no way ..if I call her Mrs.Surpnaka will I not be Surpanaka in that case…’’

Rudra did his usual logic wala sign and said ‘’Growing up with me you became very sharp’’

Om ‘’exactly, this should be the truth, but alas it’s not’’

Rudra was about to retort when Om stopped him and said

Om ‘’Shivaay, I have something important to talk to you , do you have sometime to spare’’

Shivaay ‘’yes, why are you asking so’’

Om ‘’Shivaay , we want to make Bhabhi feel special…she has bought so much of happiness with her…so I have planned something and in this I need your help’’

Shivaay ‘’before that I need your help for giving her a surprise, as she filled the void in my life’’

Om ‘’yeah Shivaay ..what can we do for you?’’

Shivaay ‘’ I have decided to travel with her and be with her side in all the places she resided during these ten years…and we start with Belgium, book two tickets to Belgium for tonight and meanwhile call our caretakers of villa in Belgium and ask them to make our Villa ready and beautiful before we reach there…this is first step…then call all our caretakers in japan, Singapore, US to do the necessary arrangements…also don’t forget I will be on a month break form Office duties…I need to give her all the happiness she deserves…’’

OmRu looked at each other and signalled each other to keep quiet….Shivaay looked at them

Shivaay ‘’can you do this for me please?’’

Om Ru ‘’anything for you Shivaay/bhayya’’

Shivaay hugged both and they had an Obro moment.

Shivaay ‘’now tell me what did you want to say?’’

Rudra ‘’nothing…’’

Shivaay ‘’don’t even try to lie…tell me what is the matter’’

Om ‘’nothing much, we came to tell you that you must surprise Bhabi..but we were surprised when you already made plans…and more than that happy because our thoughts still match’’

Shivaay ‘’ ‘’Still match’’ how can you say that…OmRu ..Ms.Surpanaka is definitely my life, but you both are my lifelines…your place can never be taken by anyone not even Ms.Surpanaka and I am sure Ms.Surpanaka will also think and agree for the same’’

A pair of eyes and ears looked at them and heard them and a pair of legs left from there before being noticed.

Om and Rudra patted Shivaay’s shoulders and said ‘’we know this fact and we know this can never change…we also understand Bhabhi can never think or do wrong about our relation or our family or our happiness…she is perfect, just perfect as you are’’

Saying this and feeling the happiness that build up within themselves, they both left from there while Shivaay slipped into thoughts….


Anika ‘’Om, Rudra ’’ she called them from behind

Om ‘’Ji Bhabhi…’’

Anika ‘’I need a help from you…will you help me?’’

Rudra ‘’aapka hukm saraakhon par Bhabhi…request nahi order karna agli baar se’’

Anika smiled and said ‘’I am planning a surprise for our family for gifting me so much of happiness…and so I need help from you…will you help me’’

Rudra ‘’aap b’’

Om closed his mouth

Om ‘’bhabhi you say’’

Anika ‘’I want to you to help me in arranging a party for tomorrow calling all closest friends and business associates …the party must be khidkitodh and smile must not skip from everyone’s lips ..will you ?’’ she looked with a hope in her eyes

OmRu ‘’tomorrow?’’ they screamed

The same pair of eyes and ears looked and heard the conversation, this time a smile adorned the lips , while the legs left from there before being noticed.

Anika ‘’why are you screaming? Is it not possible? I mean I can call all closest friends but business associates, I can’t because I have not directly contacted’’

Om ‘’bhabhi…can you give me an hour time, we will let you know’’

Anika ‘’it’s okay OmRu…’’ she felt sad, that they didn’t say instantly that they would help her…

Rudra ‘’bhabhi…please don’t feel bad, it’s not that we don’t want to help you, but just understand we are in a fix now…so we asked time….in a hour we will be back to let you know everything…please trust us’’

Anika ‘’I understand Rudra..and I am not feeling bad…it’s just that I want to surprise Mr.Ritchie Rich…but I will wait for your reply, while I make plans meanwhile’’ she motivated herself with the last words.

Om ‘’please don’t plan anything Bhabhi, till we come back to you…you just relax’’

Anika nodded and started walking towards her room.


While walking towards Dadi’s room

Rudra ‘’O what about our surprise that we thought of discussing with Shivaay bhayya?’’

Om ‘’we have one hour to sort this out. I hope we find a solution soon. ‘’

Rudra started laughing, while Om gave a ‘’Iska kuch nahi honewala look’’

Om ”why are you laughing?”Rudra ”O tujhe aise pareshaani mein dekh ke mujhe hasi hi aati hain,

isliye has raha hoon”

Om ”badi hasi aa rahi haina, ruk ab kya karta hoon mein” saying this he raised his hand to start beating Rudra , while Rudra ran from there.


Precap : Who will give surprise to whom? And the underlying mystery to continue.


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This story will be posted once in a week. Please do bear with me. My parents have arrived to Belgium and i am busy with them.

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