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Hey guys.. How are u all??
U can read the previous episode here..


Let’s peep into today’s episode..


It’s a morning.. Swadheenta is busy in cleaning her room.. Her phone rings.. Sid gets ready to go to his office.. Swadheenta gets up and takes the phone.. It’s from rakesh..

Swadhu : (thinks) Oh God.. If I talk to him,this Sid will come and fight with me.. But what to do?? I have been avoiding his calls for long.. If I don’t take this now,this Rocky idiot would come here directly.. That would bring me more problems.. Its better to talk to him..

She takes the call..

Swadhu : Hello.

Rakesh : hi Swadz.. I asked to come to dinner yesterday nah?? Why did u not come?? Seems like u are avoiding me.. Is it so??

Swadhu : No Rocky.. Not at all.. Yesterday I went to one of my friend’s house.. It was an emergency.. So could not take ur calls..

Rakesh : Did ur husband say something??

Swadhu : No no..

Rakesh : I guess he would have said something.. He was very angry at me yesterday..

Swadhu : Ya.. He is angry.. But he did not say anything..

Rakesh : Ok.. Do one thing.. Take him to the Spicy corner restaurant in half an hour..

Swadhu : Are u kidding Rocky?? He is getting ready to go for work.. He is already angry. If I say something about this,he will kill me..

Rakesh : I don’t know about all these.. It’s all ur problem.. U have to bring him.. That’s all.. Ok see u there..

He hangs up..

Swadhu :Oh God.. I don’t know how I am gonna convince him..

She sighs and goes to Sid.. She stands in front of him..

Sid gives an irritated expression and moves.. She again goes and stands in front of him..

Sid : (irritated) what is ur problem?? What do u want??

Swadhu : I want u to come with me to a restaurant..

Sid : Are u mad?? I want to go for work..

Swadhu : I need only one hour of ur busy schedule Mr. Angrybird..

Sid : Arnav bhai will scold me if I go late..

Swadhu : I will talk to him.

She talks to Arnav and gets permission..
She asks Sid to take his bike and she sits back.. They reach the place..

She goes inside..

Sid : Hello.. Just now I had my breakfast.. I can’t eat agin. Let me go..

Swadhu : Chi.. Do u think I brought u here to eat?? Stupid..

Sid stares at her angrily..

Swadhu : Sorry sorry.. I am the stupid.. Come with me..

She grabs his hand and takes him inside.. He does not know where she is taking him.. She takes him to a table where Rakesh is sitting.. Sid gets angry..

Sid : U took me here only to meet him??

He releases his hand and is about to move..

Rakesh : Siddharth.. Will u please listen to me once??

Sid did not listen.. Rakesh grabs his hand and makes him sit..

Rakesh : Siddharth.. I am extremely sorry for whatever happened..

Sid looks up..

Rakesh : Actually.. It was my mistake that I did not apologize to u when I collided with u when we met first.. I should not have done so.. I was in work tension and I was in no mood of apologizing.. When u shouted at me then,I was really angry at u and that reflected when u gave me the wrong file..I was angry at u.. I agree that.. But I am no worthy of taking revenge .. My anger on u flew away when I came to know that u are Swadheenta’s hubby.. She is like my sister.. I always tease her saying things and I just said that her taste is bad referring to u only to tease u.. I was unaware that that comment would have hurted u.. I am sorry for that.. So.. I want u to live happily with Swadhz..I guess u might have had some fight because of me..(Sid looks at Swadhu.. Swadhu shakes her head) No no.. Swadz did not say anything to me.. I just guessed.. So,please forgive me..

Sid : That’s ok bhai.. I understand ur situation.. Forget it..

Rakesh : That’s so sweet of u..

Both of them hug..

Swadhu : Wah.. It looks like I am watching a sentiment movie..

Both of them laugh.. Rakesh leaves the place as he has to go to the flight..

Swadhu : Do u agree with me now??

Sid : Agree on what??

Swadhu : That Rakesh is a nice guy..

Sid : Hmm.. Sorry that I fought with u..

Swadhu : Hmm.. Apology accepted.. Now promise me.. That u will not fight with me for anything or anyone.. That is Nobody can separate us using their tactics..

Sid : Ok Madam.. I promise u..

Swadhu : Hmm.. I too promise u..


It has been a week since Ritika and Abhi shifted to Abhi’s parents’ house.. His parents have decided to arrange for a reception to announce Abhi’s marriage and to introduce ritika to their relatives.. It is the day of reception.. Arnav and Sid are running here and there ordering the workers to do the works.. Shruti and Swadhu are busy in adorning Ritika..

Ritika :Di.. How did u think of an idea to get me back??

Shruti : Actually Ritu.. I don’t have any idea.. That was a mess.. When I came to ur home Abhi told me that he was dizzy.. This Swadhu and Sid were fighting.. How can I think of an idea??

Swadhu : Ritu.. Don’t trust her.. She was sleeping in the car when we were coming to the airport.. She got up and asked Arnav bhai to go fast when there was red signal..

Swadhu and Ritika laugh..

Shruti : Swadhu.. I was little tired and that’s why slept.. That’s it Ritu.. I thought u would come on seeing us.. But u did not.. That’s why I just said that lie spontaneously.. I thought u would come if I say that Abhi is going to die.. And that worked well..and this Swadhu,Sid and Arnav too acted to support me.

Swadhu : I even shed crocodile tears.

They laugh again..

Ritika : I suspected that u might be lying when u both got down to go to washroom.. But when I thought of Abhi,I really forgot to confirm the suspicion..

By then Abhi’s mother comes and takes Ritika out..

Abhi stands on the stage wearing a silver colour sherwani.. He is mesmerized to see Ritika in a silver colour lehnga which matches his dress adorned beautifully.. He looks at her without blinking..

Shruti and Swadhu come and stands near Arnav and Sid respectively..

Sid : U are looking like a flower..

Swadhu just smiles..

Sid  : Don’t u compliment me?? How I am looking??

Swadhu : So,u complimented me only to get my compliment back,isn’t it??

Sid  : Not really.. But sort of..

Swadhu : Oh.. So,I tell u that,u are looking very very very very..

Sid  : tell me nah??

Swadhu: Bad in this costume..

His face drops..

Swadhu : Sid.. Do u remember?? During our fresher’s party in college I commented bad about ur dress??

Sid : Ya.. I do remember.. Am I looking worse than that??

Swadhu : No.. Better.. U are looking better than that..

Sid : But still bad??

Swadhu : No.. Dashing.. U looks so good in this dress.. I just wanted to see ur cute face when I comment bad.. That’s why I said so..

Sid : But still.. U are very bad Swadhu.. U make me mad..

Swadhu : I am bad and u are mad.. We are ek dum perfect,isn’t it??

Sid makes faces..

Swadhu : Very bad dialogue nah??

Sid nods.. Both of them laugh..

Shruti holds Arnav’s hand..

Shruti : Look.. Mr. Arnav.. See how happy they are!!(pointing to Abhi and Ritika) do u remember who we were in our wedding pics??

Arnav : Hmm.. I was like a strict military officer.. And u were like a mad girl..

Shruti : I was not looking like a mad girl.. I was just sad.. Don’t call me mad.. If u do,I will kill u..

Arnav : No Madam.. I won’t call u so anymore.. I am not ready to die in the hands of the greatest lady don of the city..

Shruti pinches him..

Shruti : Arnav.. What will we say when our kids look at our wedding pics and ask us why we were sad??

Arnav : No idea madamji.. I will tell them that my parents compelled me to get married to u..

Shruti : Then I will say that u threatened me..

Arnav : Do whatever..

Shruti : No.. It will not be nice nah??

Arnav : Of course..

Shruti : Arnav!! Why don’t we get married again??

Arnav : I don’t want to do that sad thing again..

Shruti : Marrying me seems like a sad thing to u,isn’t it??

She twisted his hand.

Arnav : Oh meri Ma..please leave me.. I won’t say anything bad about u.. I am sorry..

Shruti : Hmm.. That’s good.. Do u remember how many times u have twisted my hand like this before marriage? I am taking revenge!!

Arnav : I am extremely sorry.. I won’t do it again.. Please forgive me.

Shruti : no. I —-

Before she could complete,Arnav comes closer to her and kisses her in the cheeks. Shruti did not expect this and she blushes.. He whispers in her ear.

Aranv : I am sorry.. I love u..

He moves from her..

Ritika talks to Abhi..

Ritika : How I am looking??

Abhi : Like a beautiful balloon..

Riika : Are u saying so as I am fat??

Abhi : Do u ha ve any doubt??

Ritika : it has been long since I  beat u.. So I think u have got so much courage..

Abhi : We were alone then.. So u beat me whenever I tease u.. But now,we are in my parents house.. If u beat ur hubby,wont they think wrong about u.

Ritika : We are in the same office,remember that.. I can do anything..

Abhi is scared inside..

Abhi : (thinks) This girl can do anything.. Imagine what will happen if she punches u.. Oh God.. No.. I can’t take that.. I have to convince her now.. (To her) How am I looking??

Ritika did not answer..

Abhi : U look like a princess in this dress..

Ritika feels happy inside but did not show it out..

Abhi : So,tell me,how am I looking??

Ritika : what is the use of me saying?? If I say good or bad,u will boast urself.. That’s gonna happen.. Why should I comment on ur dress?? Anyways.. U are gonna say that u look so handsome and all the girls will come head over heels to u.. Bla bla..

Abhi holds her hand..

Abhi : No Ritika.. I won’t say so.. Even if so many girls come,u are my girl.. U are my only angel..

Ritika blushes and they have an eyelock..
They come to senses later..

Abhi : Even if so many girls come to me on seeing my looks,u should not be jealous,ok??

Ritika : I will kill everyone.. And u too..

Abhi : No no.. I have told u nah?? I won’t look at any girl except u.

By then Arnav,Shruti,Sid and Swadhu come to the stage for photo..

Abhi : Hey guys!!where is the gift??

Sid : What gift??

Abhi : Marriage gift..

Arnav : Do u want gift from us??

Abhi : of course.. See everyone is giving gifts.. And here u are coming with bare hands.. Even if we are friends,u have to give something nah?? I expected a very big gift from u..

Swadhu : Big gift only nah?? Wait..

She grabs Ritika’s hand and makes her stand in fron t of Abhi..

Swadhu : This is our gift..

Shruti : She is right.. Remember,we only brought ur wife back to u.. In fact,we have given u the gift which nobody can give u..

Swadhu : I shed my tears too..

Arnav and Sid : Ya.. We have struggled so much.. How dare u ask for gift??

Sid holds Abhi from behind and Arnav is about to punch him.. Abhi shouts..

Abhi : Stop it.. I agree.. I won’t ask for anything.. Please leave me..

Sid releases him.. All of them laugh.. By then,Vicky comes and tells them that he is getting married next month.. All of them congratulate him.. They talk and have fun..

They dance on rab rakha song..
Rab Rakha Rab Rakha Rab Rakha
Rab Rakha Rab Rakha Rab Rakha
Rab Rakha Rab Rakha Rab Rakha
Yeh Khushi, Yeh Khushi Ka Samaa
Dil Mein Gunji Hai Sehnaiyan
Yeh Khushi, Yeh Khushi Ka Samaa
Dil Mein Gunji Hai Sehnaiyan
Yeh Haseen Yeh Dil Nashee
Ek Mohabbat Ki Hai Jo Dastaan
Rab Rakha Rab Rakha Rab Rakha
Rab Rakha Rab Rakha Rab Rakha
Rab Rakha Rab Rakha Rab Rakha

Tamil : Idicha pacharisi pidicha maavilakku araicha sandhanamum manakka..plays..

They dance and enjoy together..

PRECAP : A couple of celebration episodes are waiting for u..

So guys.. How was today’s episode.. Tell me in comments.. Drop ur likes too..
A very happy pongal/ Sankranti to all of u.. Keep smiling..

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  1. Sufija

    Awesome episode yarr…their conversations???..if you r bad I’m your mad..Lil sounds like mari..dialogue (tamil movie)..waiting fa next masti episode ?????❤❤..2 more to go dhidhi

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u dear.. Yes it is like mari dialogue only.. ??A big surprise is waiting for u in the next episode..Wait for it..

  2. Grt episode….trio coupe conversation is awesome…their friendship is also awesome…really very lovely episode….????

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u for commenting after a long time prachi.. ??Only two more to go and I want u to comment on both.. Hope u will do..??

  3. AryanBhattacharya

    Very sweet episode di ?and the conversations were awesome ?specially “I am bad and you are mad” ??…. Happy Makar Sankranti di ??

    1. Anokhi21

      Hahaha.. Thank u Aryan.. Happy makar Sankranti to u too..??

  4. Woww sisssss…wowww jst woowww…grt epi….i loved it much to d coreeeee…..these 6 are ssly love…..i hope they live like dis frever…big eg of frndshp nd love….I understand the true meaning of ur stry now…..sry sry sry soo much coz i cldnt cmt to u bfr…but im soooo fortunate to read ur stry….lobbb ur stry to moon nd back…nd u tooo….waiting fr next epi eagerly…..tat gift scene wowww….nd ritu shru swadhu talk…haahhahaaaa….pls update soon

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u so very much dear.. That’s OK.. Don’t feel sorry..Ur words mean a lot to me.. It boosts me up.. And love u too to the core.. Thank u so much dear

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