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THANKS ALOT DEAR JASMINE sia anuva anu tanshi Thanks for all appreciation regarding last episode I hope u will enjoy all the twists n turns i have planned

Thanks a tonne silent readers

Recap-Harshvardan’s lawyer is unable to prove Harshvardan innocent during hearing Infact wasim too speaks against Harshvardan

Harshvardan remembers that wasim had got the documents signed from him when adi was in hospital but Harshvardan doesnot reveal anything in court

Harshvardan is heartbroken judge is about to announce punishment when zoya comes N shows ccTV footage in which wasim has got documents signed also she convinces n requests Mr Kumar to come from Singapore n give his witness.Court punishes wasim

Wasim is taken is police custody

Adi n Arjun are too shocked

Zoya’s eyes are welled up with tears

Harshvardan looks at zoya

Zoya looks at police taking her abuu

Wasim looks at zoya in anger

Wasim-Iam feeling ashamed to call u my daughter

Zoya (firmly )-abuu Iam ashamed very ashamed to be called ur daughter. How could u stoop so low.papa has always supported u.from 6 years u were business partners best friends n now in laws how could u do this?

Wasim-So what u expected me to do zoya Lifelong be assistant to Harshvardan I cannot be some one’s servant All decisions were always taken by him.All profits were gulped by him what I got??

Harshvardan  (shocked )-wasim I never sensed u felt all this u could have openly discussed with me I would have happily allowed u to run business

Wasim -ohhh pls stop ur drama of being mahaan

Zoya -Papa is great He is not like u

Wasim about to slap zoya

Adi holds his hand

He gestures no to wasim

Adi-Dare u touch zoya I respect u so Willnot say or do anything even after realising what u have done with papa but if u touch zoya I will forget every respect n cross all limits

Zoya looks at adi with tears in eyes

Wasim makes faces

Wasim -Dnt forget Iam ur abuu

Zoya-papa is also my father Hooda family is my family n if anybody will try to harm or hurt my family is will not spare that person even if that person is my father.Inspector pls take him

Police drags wasim

Wasim(yells)-U r doing very wrong zoya

Adi looks at zoya with love n admiration

Zoya excuses herself

Adi goes behind her

Arjun hugs Harshvardan

Zoya is walking fast

Adi calls out-zoya wait pls wait

Zoya-pls leave me alone for sometime pls

Zoya goes n sits on a bench

She is crying

Adi sits on his knees near bench

He keeps his hand over her hand

Zoya looks in his eyes

Zoya-Iam fine Aditya pls Leave me alone for sometime

Adi-Do u leave me alone.U have always stood by me in my difficult time how will I leave u Iam going no where zoya

Zoya turns her face on other side

Adi goes n sits there

Zoya-Aditya I just cannot face u papa maa Arjun after knowing what abuu had done

Adi-zoya its not ur fault Infact u have saved papa today zoya look at me once Pls stop feeling guilty zoya u need to be strong pls

Harshvardan n Arjun come there

Harshvardan sits besides zoya

Zoya looks at him

He hugs her

She breaksdown

Tears fall from Adi n arjun’s eyes

Zoya-Iam sorry very very sorry papa

Harshvardan -pls dnt say sorry zoya beta Pls

Pari Anjana n Roshnaq are praying

Doorbell rings

Anjana rushes to door

She is glad to see Harshvardan back home

She hugs him

Roshnaq n pari smile

Others are upset

Anjana -R u fine

Harshvardan nods

Scene shifts

Aditya is telling  all that happened  in court

Roshnaq is shocked

She breaksdown

Anjana hugs her

All are still shocked

Roshnaq comes near zoya

Seems that she is upset with her

Adi feels scared

Zoya is also nervous

Roshnaq hugs her-Iam so proud of u U did right Wasim deserved it.proud of u beta u supported truth

Anjana hugs zoya

Anjana -I dnt know beta how should I thank u

U are an angel for my family

Adi smiles

Adi’s pov-Maa is right Zoya is really an angel for me n my family

Scene shifts

Zoya is sitting near window

Looking at moon

Tears keep falling from her eyes

She remembers how wasim was yelling  at her

Adi looks from outside

He feels helpless

Adi goes somewhere

He goes to pari

Pari is busy coloring

She sees adi n runs to him

Adi-princess I need ur help Zoya mumma is very upset we need to make her smile pls help

Pari gets thinking

Pari goes to zoya’s room

Zoya is still sitting near window

Pari silently sleeps on her lap

Zoya feels nice

Zoya-pari beta

Pari (very sweetly )zoya mumma pls dnt cry pls pari doesn’t like to see tears in zoya mumma’s eyes

Pari wipes her tears with her small fingers

Zoya hugs pari

Pari shows zoya a drawing

It is a smiley face with wide eyes n fancy horns

Pari-Papa n I made it together for u

Zoya smiles looking  at it.

Adi looks on from outside

Zoya looks at adi

Adi gestures her to smile

They share intense eyelock


Harshvardan is talking to some lawyers on phone

Adi-Papa u still want to get abuu out of jail

Harshvardan -Beta zoya did this for me I can understand how difficult it might be for her but she did it for us beta for her we should try n get wasim out.

Harshvardan n adi are shown talking to a lawyer they meet mr kumar n discuss something

Adi presents bail pprs

Wasim is stunned to see that adi got his bail done.


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  1. Wow amazing , hey I want u to add a scene after all this mess , it’s like after all this harsvardhan throws a party and zoya wears a short dress in this and was looking very cute and adorable , adi too stares her , every ekn in the party stares at her , adi get insecures and so was standing beside zoya all the time in party by keeping a hand on her hip ??? u know type of make it an intense one ??????? please

  2. It was amazing yaar , hey I want u too add a scene after this arrest all , it’s like harsvardhan throws a party after rthe mess , and put a theme of boys coat as usual and girls short black dress , and zoya does that and was spooking too beautiful and cute , adi was stunned , in the party every men was staring zoya because of her beauty and were nearing zoya , adi was feeling insecure so he was standing close to zoya by keeping a hand on zoya s hip so that all the men gets to know that zoya belongs to him , all the time he didn’t leave zoya for a second also , like just make it intense ???? please

  3. Wowww its super!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pari is so cute and loved adiya eyelock

  4. Anuva

    Awesome epi, i like it very much. Adi is with Zoya in odd times as like her. Harsh, Anjana n Roshnaq understand the reality. Loved Pari, everything going in right Path. Lovely…

  5. Wow it was superb.the twists are amazing.the precap was hopeful..think wasim change his mind.Adiya eyelock was romantic.pari was so cute…

  6. Jasminerahul

    wassim zoya scene was painful.adi stopping wassim from slapping zoya n his dialogues were nice.zoya’s scene with roshnaq anjana harsh were emotional. adi consoling zoya n hug were emotional. zoya pari scene n adi gesturing her to smile was so cute

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