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The episode starts with Arnav starting the car with Sid,Swadhu,and shruti..

Shruti : Arnav.. Go fast..

Swadhu : I don’t know how we are gonna convince her…

Shruti : Ya dear.. It’s going to be difficult..

Sid : Ya.. It’s very difficult to convince these girls..

Swadhu : U never miss a chance to taunt me nah??

Shruti gets irritated.. She holds Sid’s neck from behind and  strangles him..

Sid : Bhai.. Look at ur wife.. She is trying to kill me..

Arnav : She is doing my work.. Can’t u be quiet for sometime??

Swadhu : (to Arnav)Haan bhai.. He is always doing like this..

Shruti : (to Swadhu)Warning for u too.. U too never miss a chance to argue with him.. Keep quiet..

Swadhu purses her lips..

Sid : Bhai.. This is unfair.. If it goes on,then ur wife will go to jail in murder case.. I can’t even imagine u being alone..

Arnav : That’s ok.. At least I can be free..

Shruti widen her eyes and looks at Arnav.. She releases her hands from Sid’s neck.. He coughs..

Shruti : Arnav.. What did u say?? If I go somewhere,u will be free,Haan?? How dare u?

Sid : Hello.. Lady don.. Don’t do what u did with me now with ur husband.. If u hold his neck,then he will lose control over the car and four of us will go to paradise..

Shruti : No Sid.. Do u think I will do so with my husband?? I won’t Sid.. I am not so cruel..

Sid : more cruel than doing so,right??

Arnav: U are right Sid..If Shruti is calm,then u have to understand that some storm is waiting for u..

Sid : Ya bhai.. Calm before the storm nah??

They laugh..

Swadhu : Stop it guys.. Why can’t u be serious?? We are going to meet Ritu.. Be prepared in how to convince her..

Shruti : (to Swadhu) Ya dear.. These boys.. They don’t have seriousness.. They always do like this..

Arnav and Sid smirk..

Shruti : Arnav.. Go fast.. Go fast.. Go fast..

Arnav : I am going fast only.. Do u come and drive if u want faster??

Shruti becomes silent and grins..

Swadhu’s phone rings.. But she did not take it.. It rings some more times too,but she did not take it..

Shruti : dear.. Take the call.. It might be something important..

Swadhu : Not an important call Darlo..

It rings again..

Sid : Take it and talk.. Who is it calling u continuously??

Swadhu : Its Rakesh.. My cousin.

Sid turns away.. Swadhu sends him a message that she would call him later..

Shruti feels tired and closes her eyes.. She feels that the car has stopped..

Shruti : Arnav.. Why did u stop the car?? Seems like u will reach the airport only after Ritika reaches Mumbai.

Arnav : Stupid.. It’s signal.. How can I go?

Shruti sees out and grins at Arnav.. Sid and Swadhu laugh..


They reach the airport.. They manage to find Ritika..

Arnav : Ritika.. What happened to u??

Shruti: U are leaving the city without even telling us nah??

Swadhu : U called us as ur sisters but u are leaving without our knowledge..

Sid : This is unfair Ritu..

She tells them everything..

Swadhu : Have u gone mad?? Why are u doing like this??

Ritika : Di.. I don’t want anybody’s life to get spoiled because of me..

Sid : Who told u that Abhi’s life spoiled because of u??

Shruti : If u don’t come now,then only his life will be gone..

Ritika gives a confused expression..

Shruti : Do u know?? Abhi ate poison after u left.. He had called his parents.. They called us.. We have admitted him in the hospital.. He is blabbering ur name.. Doctor told us that he will be alive only if he meets u..

She says everything without pause.. Ritika looked at her in shock.. Arnav,Swadhu and Sid too looked at her with confused expression.. Shruti pinches Arnav and signs him to support her..

Arnav : Haan Ritu.. His life is in ur hands..

Swadhu goes to the next level by faking tears..

Swadhu : Ritu.. Please come Ritu.. We want our Abhi back..

Sid,Arnav and Shruti are amazed by Swadhu’s acting skills.. They could not control laughing but they did not show it in front of her.. Swadhu winked at them..

Sid : Please come Ritu…. If u come,its second life for him..

Ritika got tears and she agrees to come..
They go with her and make her sit in the car..

Shruti : Guys.. I want to go the washroom..Swadhu.. Are u coming with me??

Swadhu : Let’s go dear..

Sid whispers in Arnav’s ears..

Sid : Bhai.. These girls are gonna plan something without us..

Arnav : Let’s see..

Shruti and Swadhu go to a corner.. Swadhu calls Abhi.. She puts the phone in speaker..

Swadhu : Hey Abhi.. Go to GK hospital and get admission..

Abhi: Why?? What happened??

Shruti : Duffer.. We have told Ritu that u did suicide attempt.. So go and get admitted in that hospital..

Abhi : Have u both gone mad??

Shruti : We don’t have any other option to get back ur wife..

Abhi : Stupids.. I can even move now.. I was very hungry and ordered biriyani and just now had it.. I am full and I can’t even move..

Shruti : How dare u?? We are struggling here to convince ur wife and there.. U are having biriyani happily.. This is ridiculous!

Swadhu calls Arnav and Sid too in conference.. Arnav and Sid come out of the car and talk to him..

Swadhu : Abhi.. U don’t have any other option.. Come to the GK hospital in half an hour..

Abhi : How can they give admission to me when I am alright??

Swadhu : I have a friend over there.. She will take care of everything..

Abhi : Hey.. That hospital is too far from my place.. It’s very difficult to come in 30 minutes..

Sid : At least come with in an hour.. We will manage until then..

Arnav : Take ur dad and mom too..

Abhi : Guys.. Do u know how strict my dad is? U are making him too to act in this drama!!

Shruti : He has to.. If he want to save his son’s life..

Abhi agrees.. They come to the car.. Shruti tells Arnav to take the longest route.. Ritika’s father too comes with them..


They reach the hospital in an hour.. Swadhu and Shruti fakes tears.. Ritika too cries.. They reach out the room in which Abhi is admitted.. Ritika finds Abhi’s mom and dad standing outside crying..

Arnav could not control laughing on seeing them..

Arnav : (to Shruti ) See.. We can give Oscar award for their acting skills.. How amazing!!

Shruti too controls her laugh..

Ritika goes inside the room where Abhi is lying.. She finds him sleeping..

She holds his hand..

Ritika : I am really sorry Abhi.. I should have listened to what u said.. I was very adamant.. I thought I am not a suitable match for u.. And u are living with me as u gave commitment with this marriage.. I wanted to free u.. I did not even expect that u will go to this extent to get me.. Why have u taken such a stupid decision?? If something had happened to u,do u think I will live then?? I would have died too.. I can’t live without u.. Ur this decision made me understand it.. U are the lucky charm of my life.. I saw happiness only after u came in my life.. U are my sunshine.. U gave me the rays of hope.. Please don’t go away.. I am extremely sorry.. I love u to the core Abhi..

She cries holding his hand.. Abhi opens his eyes..

Ritika : Abhi.. Are u alright?

Abhi nods..

Abhi : Why did u not listen to me Ritika?? Who made u believe that u are not a suitable match for me?? U are born for me and I am born for u.. We are meant for each other.. Do u think appearance only matters?? No. Absolutely not.. Ur heart is the most beautiful thing in the world.. I really don’t care about ur appearance.. U may be short.. Fat or anything.. That does not matter to me.. All that matters is ur heart and ur character.. U are very beautiful in those aspects.. And I did not want to be with u,only because we got married.. I was attracted to u as I have not seen a girl so different as u.. That’s why I was keen to know about ur past.. When I came to know that,I had some feelings for u which I named as friendship.. I could marry u only because I cared for u.. And later I realized that that care is nothing but love.. So.. Don’t think much and don’t listen to people talking about u and me.. All these is because,I did not tell this to u..(he gets up and sits) I don’t bother about what people talk about me.. U are the perfect match for me and I am in love with u.. Completely.. Will u be there for me??

Ritika nods with tears in her eyes.. Abhi smiles and hugs her..

Abhi : Don’t u say anything to me?? Like the heroines in movies “ I love u too darling “,sort of things??

By then Abhi burps.. Ritika parts from him and stares him..

Abhi : Actually.. I ate biriyani.. That’s why..(grins)

Ritika : They told me u ate poison..

Abhi grins again.

Ritika : Which means it’s a drama??

She begins chasing Abhi and he runs around the bed.. Finally she pants and he hugs her again.. She beats him..

Abhi : so tell me that u love me too..

Ritika : If it is drama,u might have been acting nah?? So u might have heard whatever I said when u were acting like sleeping..Then why are u asking me??

Abhi : Actually.. I ate so much and I was literally asleep when u came.. I woke up only when u cried..

Ritika : U idiot..

Abhi : Don’t worry.. U don’t have to say that again.. I had switched on video camera in my mobile.. I will listen to whatever u said..

She opens her mouth wide on seeing the mobile phone mounted over the table..
By then Arnav,Shruti,Sid and Swadhu come inside..

Ritika : U guys have cheated me!!

Arnav,Shruti,Sid and Swadhu : Its all for both of u..

Abhi gives flying kisses to them..

Sid : So.. Let’s start the celebration..

PRECAP : Abhi and Ritika’s reception..

Hey guys.. How is the episode??3 more to go.. So the next three are celebration episodes.. I will be back on Monday.. Take care guys.. Drop ur likes and comments..

  1. Awesome episode overloaded. …???..I can’t stop laughing after reading this…y abi can’t be serious during this time…and there will be a Huyndai n every gang whose skill will reveal in most wanted time…in my gang it’s Me..???…really awesome…??????….all deserves a Oscars award ??. ..waiting fa next. ..3 more to go..?????..

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u dear.. Hahaha.. Thank u for ur lovely long comment d.. I know u are that on ur gang..??will get Oscar award for them at least from shop..ya d.. 3 more to go..

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