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I  had no idea I would take this much of time to come back with a new chapter….

So a quick recap to make some sense before moving on to the next chapter…..

Dhaani and Viplav patched up…They stepped a level up in their relation where there was hesitation, filling it up with immense adoration and respect for each other. Viplav read the last letter by Richa to Dhaani… And made a promise to never give up on each other…..

What I think is everytime there is no need of mushy romance, cheesy lines to be romantic, sometimes, a moment of trust and adoration along with respect becomes precious than any other thing…..

Moving on to today’s chapter………..

Viplav and Dhaani are in their respective workplaces busy in their work. Dhaani is shown working on new designs of clothing along with Shaalu and team. She instructs them something and goes to the other side when she gets a message from an unknown number. On hearing the message tone, she glances at her cellphone to find a message saying “Now that I have found your paradise… me being me … I am ready to burn it… Your Viplav is now gonna be going….very very very….. You know what I mean right..”  Dhaani begins to sweat.. She gets tensed… She quickly dials the number from which she received the message… She massages her temples in nervousness when the phone is switched off… She then hurriedly dials Viplav’s number.

On seeing Dhaani’s call, Viplav excitedly picks up the call.. Without letting Dhaani speak, he says “Hi Wifey…. missing me??” Dhaani sighs..and smiles a bit… Hearing Dhaani’s sigh, Viplav asks if she is okay… Dhaani replies that she is okay… Viplav does not believe it but chooses to talk about it once he reaches home. In an attempt to make Dhaani smile, he talks cheesy.. Dhaani smiles… and asks him to take care. After a brief conversation,they hang up. Dhaani prays to keep Viplav safe…

On the other hand, Viplav thinks about what could be the matter. Soon, he gets a message from his private investigator that Deven’s number which was on tracking since their last encounter got active a few minutes ago to send a message to one location,after that it was switched off.. Viplav looks on… He tries to connect the dots and guesses something… He calls his private investigator and comes to know that the message is still to be decoded but the location is of Dhaani’s boutique. He gets angry knowing that bastard Deven had the audacity to come in their lives again. He instructs private investigator to not stop keeping track and hangs up the call.

Just then Raj comes to his cabin and finds him tensed. On knowing the matter, Raj too panics thinking Deven is trying to scare them by targeting Dhaani. Knowing how is Dhaani, they discuss that she will panic for him and their kids…

Moments later, Dhaani is seen thinking about the message. She too visualizes the past happenings and concludes that her so called brother is doing it… She panics if she will not be able to take care of the kids.. She then hurriedly goes. On her way, Shaalu asks if she is fine.. Dhaani says “she will make everything fine…” and hurries. Shaalu looks on…

Soon Dhaani reaches kids’ school where she sees Rishi and Suhaani coming from far. She sighs and smiles with tears in her eyes… Kids run to her after that and she hugs them… She caresses their hair and sob. Kids ask her not to cry. She smiles when their little fingers wipe her tears. She holds them close and carries them to the car… Kids get busy in their talks and Dhaani starts the ignition. She drives off thinking she would have to be with her kids…She can’t let anything happen to them… She looks at them in the mirror and smile weakly. On reaching home, kids run inside to Kanak while Dhaani calls Shaalu to inform that she hurried to pick kids from school. Shaalu asks her not to worry about work and hangs up. Kanak gets busy with kids while Dhaani gives her a smile and goes to freshen up.

Viplav and Raj are in their cabin. Viplav is thinking about the possible threats and his confrontation with Deven. Raj sees this and asks Viplav to go home for now.. He says that he will do the rest and head for home.. Viplav sighs and Raj hugs in assurance. He pats his back and sends him and sits to work.

Soon Viplav reaches home and rushes to his room. On the way, Kanak asks him if everything is okay … Viplav goes to her and hugs her… Kanak senses the tension.. Viplav asks if he is capable of taking care of his family. Kanak gets puzzled but caresses his hair and assures him that he is the best son any mother could ever have… Kanak says she is sure that her son will make everything alright.. Viplav smiles… and goes… Kanak prays in heart to keep every problem away from her family.

Viplav rushes to his room to find Dhaani leaning by the side of the window pane… Dhaani gets alarmed when Viplav stands by her side… She smiles a bit.. Viplav too smiles slightly. He then holds her hand and makes her sit on the bed. Dhaani looks on… Viplav hugs Dhaani and says “I will not let anything happen to my life…okay?”

Dhaani looks on… She breaks the hug to ask something..but Viplav cuts off saying he does not want to talk about anything that stresses her… Dhaani smiles weakly… She leans her head on his shoulder and asks if everything is gonna be okay… Viplav keeps his one hand on her shoulder and intertwines his other hand with hers. Jeena jeena plays in the background… He says “Everything is okay Dhaani…No one can harm them no matter what.” Dhaani closes her eyes and Viplav smiles watching her….He rests leaning on headboard careful enough not to wake Dhaani up.. Soon he too dozes off …

Later kids come to their room and see Viplav hugging Dhaani by shoulder and Dhaani leaning on his shoulder… They giggle watching their parents sound asleep.. They go towards them and Rishi adjusts the duvet for them while Suhaani waits for her brother to come.. They turn to find their granny dear looking at them with adoration. She smiles and hugs them… Taking them in her arms,she glances at Viplav and Dhaani… She smiles and tells kids “We should let your mommy and daddy rest for some time okay…” and goes with them….


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  1. Hello Sujie,

    I just checked randomly. What a surprise Sujie.. At last we heard from you after such a long time.
    Thanks so much for the update.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!! All the best in the year ahead.

    Hope your health is fine. Have been praying for you always!!

    The episode was so good. It felt nice to read about our dear Vidha after such a long time.

    Do not worry. It was up to the mark. YOur usual style of writing. NOthing has changed.

    Now waiting for the next update. Do try and come soon !!

    Take care dear. Love to you.

    1. Renimarenju

      Happy makar sankranthi janice, so glad that we are lucky to read sujie’s in love again

  2. Renimarenju

    Dear patakhagudi, first of all thanks a lot for coming back at this new year, I am so glad that you penned this one during all mess which means a lot to us dear, even I took also much much time for coming here as I mentioned in private msg about my health issues and all abt to you, I am so happy u replied me there and thanks for telling me about your ff’s update……Whenever u writes in this page that will boost me also to write for vidha and this time also my OS and ur ff’s update both came in almost 2 weeks gap…. Patakhagudi, I can understand during all toughness it’s really hard for you to come up with update, but as usual u have given a wonderful episode and this was so thrilling to read, waiting to see viplav handling situation and also worried for dhaani very much…..Her moment with kids were lovely dear, and the last part viplav taking dhaani in arms…so lovely dear…….. Do update when u gets time dear , hope your health is fine now…..Happy makar sankranthi dear and happy new year also….. Love u lotss….Take care…..And sorry I read it bit late as my mom’s health went unwell due to fever and today only she became fine

  3. dear Reni. .happy makar sankranti to you. .Yes great to hear from you. .stay active always. .love to see you on this page. .waiting for your ff update. .come soon. .love you

  4. Hello sujie.. Hope u r doing well…really happy to see u again in tu…
    Nice episode dear… Though it is short, but i have enjoyed it while reading… So the villian is back.. Now we can see our viplavs heroism.. I am really excited about next episode yaar…
    Plz come soon sujie…
    Bye dear..
    Keep smiling…
    Love u dear… ??

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